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    hmm, not much to say about this...kinda weird. longest i've wrote i guess...*shrugs*

    Difficult Relationship

    How can it be that I see you everywhere?
    Staring at stupid things and seeing you isnít fair
    Youíre not even around no more to make me smile
    Even when youíre not my emotions become more fragile
    How do I allow myself to become so attached to someone like you?
    You make me happy and I guess thatís what makes me stick to you like glue.
    I donít know what I would do day by day if I didnít know who you are
    But Iím lucky I know you despite the miles between us being so far
    I always hoped that one day you would come to visit me just to be here
    I would become speechless if you did and grab you to hold you near
    Though I canít ever see that day coming, especially not for now
    Youíre too busy to write or even come online and talk for a while
    Even when we do speak, not much is said anymore
    I remember we used to speak for ages though times are not like before
    All we say now is ďhey how are youĒ and then silence settles between us
    Sometimes now you even ignore me and just leave without a fuss
    I feel hurt and heartbroken I never thought Iíd see you do something as such
    I thought we were close, that we were 100% and liked each other as much
    Maybe I was wrong and you donít feel the same as I do
    Could you have lead me on and laughed as I didnít have a clue
    NoÖI have to get that thought straight out of my head
    You told me that your love was solid until the very end
    Although it could be you said that just to make me happy
    Though why would you do that anyway if you donít at least care for me?
    This is why Iím so confused because you are so different every time we speak
    At times you wouldnít say anything then at others you tell me things that are so sweet
    Making up nicknames for me that Iíd smile or laugh at as you would do too
    After a while we gave each other nicknames that we both will always stick to
    When I first called you what you are now glued with forever, you were puzzled
    And thought it was something that was quite disgusting and even more shocked
    I laughed so much and told you what it meant and now that you know that nickname is locked
    Though you started this nickname business first, you came up with two for me
    And now Iím stuck with them for as long as we know each other which I hope to be eternity
    We hardly call each other our real names, might as well as been born with our little nicknames
    I sometimes call you by your name when sad or just joking, most of the time you do the same
    Anyways, Iíve just wondered completely off topic and started to talk about our connection
    Itís so weird and so strange how Iíve become accustom to your affection
    I care what you think, and usually I care what your opinion is and that is what matters
    You know, just writing this though is kind of making me sadder
    I havenít seen you in a month, and itís frustrating me so much
    Who can I tell my problems to? Who the hell can I trust?
    With you not around, my life isnít as profound as it previously was
    You werenít here all of February and thatís created such a buzz
    Iíve missed you so much and I canít go on without you here
    Like I said at the start, everything I look at indicates that I need you near
    But you never will be because you are so far away
    Saying ďIím sorry I havenít spoke to you much, but Iím gonna make a point and speak to you moreĒ
    Isnít helping this situation, especially when you havenít been here as often as before
    Saying ďIím sorry babyĒ and softening me up with you sweet words
    Sure it makes me smile, but it just then also shows that you surely care
    But when I really need you, youíre hardly ever there
    So what can we do about this situation?
    I canít let you turn back time and just set our relationship to elimination
    So then I guess we should just tackle this as best as we can
    I donít wanna give up just because I know that I give a damn
    I canít say that you also do, because I havenít spoke to you
    All I can do is hope that you want to try and also help us to get through.
    ... it's no surprise, that I got lost in your brown eyes ...

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    yep thats a tight muthafuckin poem

    so insightful

    u already know wat i fink. didn kno u posted it
    Another Fallen Soldier
    ~Rest In Piece Marvin, Mark, Leona, Proof & Kasey J~


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      I read it 2 times, I really dunno what to tell you, I wanna come up wit somethin' better then "Good job" but I don't find the right words, that's what it is, you got mad talent, woop woop keep 'em comin

      that was the smartest thing you can get outta me lol, Props ≤≤≤≤≥≥≥≤≤≤≤
      ^he's from austria, without stereotyping most central/eastern europeans are sexfiends where nothing is taboo.


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        lol thanks a lot smash. i appreciate that lol.

        and yea mystery you seen it already and commented so you dont gotta comment again ... unless you want too lol
        ... it's no surprise, that I got lost in your brown eyes ...


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