It was you

Let my words be like that of your favorite song
I love you much, i know what i said was wrong
I didn't mean it suga, in my life its only you that belongs
Can't you tell? its not a secrete, my feelings are way to strong
I'm not turning back, with you i want to keep moving on
Yes I did say it's a turn off, but im your light so you can always turn me on
Do you get the picture? cause if not with these words it's going to be drawn
How did you do it? my heart no longer beats it makes the sound of a horn
I wish i can speak with you now, waiting till tonight seems a little to long
I feel you with out you touching me as if in you im going to be born
Before you i want to die, just so i can protect you in a spiritual form
Your gaurdian angel, my wings are starting to form
In my life you are like nature, in my stomach you always creating a storm
Forever looking for someone to love and it was you all along . . .