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  • AJ

    Coming from someone who still is active and wrestles in Japan, why is MMA dying over there?
    Oh man, I don't know as far as MMA. I don't know whats going on. I think they put a lot into a few names but with all these other organizations people started disappearing on them. When I go down there to wrestle every few months it's great, they always sell out.

    Why do you think that is? Why has pro wrestling been able to sustain while MMA has not?
    Pro wrestling is never gonna die, part of the reason is with wrestling, you know you're going to be entertained for as long as the show goes. 2 hour show, 2 hours of entertainment. In MMA it's so unpredictable no one ever knows what's going to happen. So it's a toss up with what they are trying to do. Do you have good match ups or do you highlight your stars and keep the entertainment aspect of it. I think some promotions don't know which way to go and it's confusing to the crowd.

    Will you ever wrestle in a North American promotion again?
    Yeah I probably will, I love pro wrestling, right now all of my heart and dedication is to fighting, so I wouldn't say right now, it's always a great time but right now I'm dedicated to fighting. It's fun putting on great shows in front of large crowds, i will never say I would never go back to pro wrestling.

    What do you think about the reports of Vince Mcmahon trying to block MMA in Connecticut.
    Wow, I did not know that. Well, I don't know how much power he has to do that, or it may not be totally him. A lot of the time the blame is pointed towards Vince when he has a whole staff of people working for him. He gets a lot of heat for thing he may not really be involved with. I haven't heard anything about this, I remember one time when I was wrestling I brought up MMA and he was all for it, so I don't think Vince is against MMA at all.

    So when you had that conversation with Vince McMahon about MMA, was it to wrestle and fight?
    No, I think it was just MMA. I think he was trying to tell me to hold off so it could be under this banner. A different promotion.

    Can you talk about the bank robbery that happened around you a few years back?
    Oh yeah, it was pretty crazy. I was getting ready for the Olympic trials in 2003. I was preparing for team trials, I was ready to move forward and wrestle. So I was heading to the bank and I got in the back of the line and I was getting ready to make a deposit into my account and right after I walked in it was BOOM. The first bang noise was the guy kicking in the door and the second bang was him firing. I was not more than 10 ft in front of the guy, he had his arm extended out and he was firing and when he was firing I saw out of my peripheral that everyone was diving so I took a dive also. When I was down there I remember praying like 'this cannot be it, this isn't it, no way no way' At that point I stayed down, I heard more gunshots, they were firing more, no one got shot but they ended up escaping. The reason I know so much as far as what went on, and how close they were is that I got to see the surveillance camera after, when I saw that I couldn't believe how close the guy was to me and that he missed me. When I got up, my knee was just completely destroyed. It ws the industrial carpet with concrete underneath it. My knee was just destroyed, I had to have surgery, it ended my amateur wrestling career, it was a mess. The one thing I could say I learned from that is life is short. Go out and do what you want. When I first started MMA there were a bunch of critics saying 'this guy this guy' if you have an opportunity to do something you have to go do it.

    How did you get hooked up with Titan FC.
    A buddy of mine owns an MMA clothing store in Kansas City and he had done some work with them, so on Facebook I mentioned something about getting a hold of them for me because I hadn't fought in a while and I don't have management. I got burned a few times before with managers so I do it all my own. So I saw him and he gave em a call and Joe Kelley (CEO) called me and seemed like a real cool guy and he told me they had a bunch of fights lined up for this year and he would love to have me on the card. So, at that point I was like sign me up.

    So would you say you are going to take on Abe Wagner or Tim Sylvia in the near future?
    I don't know the details about my future just yet, but I know I'm still under contract with Strikeforce. I found out through Coker and those guys, I'm still under contract with Strikeforce til late April I guess, after that I can renegotiate or look for other fights.

    So the Strikeforce door is still open then?

    You talk about building yourself up, do you think you've built yourself up enough? Is it time?
    After 6 fights? You could say that, lets go by some of the top guys in Strikeforce, how many fights does Bigfoot have? Fedor? 30? Overeem is at 40 something. You cant replicate that experience in the ring or cage. At 6 fights I'm here right now and the more fights you have the more comfortable you're going to be in the ring and the more ring generalship your going to have and you will be comfortable in there. At 6 fights I think I'm still in the infancy of my career and I would like it to be where I have 10 15 20 fights. So yeah I want to get a handful of fights before I go back out there and try to get the big fights. I know what I am capable of doing and my coaches know what I am capable of. But the thing is the experience, you cant match that with anything else, you can practice year after year but in the cage, in that cage it's different. You need to get experience that way and get more comfortable.

    That's interesting, you have critics out there that thik you should just jump right in and you've been ready. To that you said I want to fight lower level guys, cans maybe? Or fight for the belt.
    I never said I want to fight "cans". I think that's a problem I have with critics, you get in a ring with a can you'll know that's ignorant. I have respect for every guy who steps in there. I don't think there is anyone out there to be considered a can. I think one person on paper might be better than another or on a different level, but you put 4oz glove so on anyone I don't care if you're 145 pounds you can get hit and dropped, really. so i don't look at cans but there are different levels. you got the JDS, Cain, Overeem. Those guys are the top higher level, and before I get to that level I want to fight maybe you can call them mid card guys but I think with the opportunity to get several fights this year I can grow. In stead of being stuck in a contract where people aren't allowing me to fight I can get some fights in this year. If I can fight every couple months, I'm gonna fight every couple months. I said this before, but because of contracts and other things I was in I couldn't dictate when I could fight or what I wanted to do. I will not put myself if that situation again. Now I'm in a situation where I can stay active, I need to go out there and get several fights this year.

    Would you say a lot of the fighters aren't getting enough fights in Strikeforce?
    It just depends on who you are. some people have in their contract that they can fight in Strikeforce or other places on their off time. Cormier was fighting a fight every month, some people get the opportunity's to take the fights like that some don't.

    Who has the better UFC division right now UFC or Strikeforce.
    Man...I cant even answer that. I think Brock is tough, Cain is tough, Fedor's tough. Overeem is tough, Josh Barnett is extremely tough. I think Kharitnov, Cormier. I could list a ton of good looking guys, Shane Del Rosario. I mean there are a lot of guys on that list and then you go to UFC, JDS, Shane Carwin all of these guys haven't fought each other and until they do we will never know.

    Everybody loses in MMA, from the outside it looks like you're taking the loss to Chad Griggs kind of tough. What if it wasn't a flaw in your game and it turns out Chad Griggs is the greatest of all time, would that help put your sole loss in perspective?
    No. Not at all, because I didn't look at that loss as him beating me, there were a lot of things that were going on that I was dealing with at the time. My performance suffered, but there was no point where I feel he took over. I mean I wish the best for him and I hope he does do something great but I don't see him beating the upper echelon of that weight division at all.

    That whole card was crazy with the athletic commission...
    (interjects) the standup from full mount position, allowing the strikes to the back to the head, yeah a lot of stuff completely off the wall.

    Did you know Chadd Griggs called you a sore loser
    I could care less about what he has to say.

    Would you say you're going to stay away from Texas for awhile?
    I wouldn't say I'm going to stay away from it but if I have an opportunity elsewhere and an opportunity in Texas I will probably go somewhere else than back to Texas.

    Do you think you are represented well in EA MMA?
    I don't know, I haven't really seen my character.

    You shoot a lot.
    Yeah see I'm trying to fix that a bit, in my time off I've been working with my hands so hopefully I can show the fans and the MMA world something different.

    When you first hit the MMA scene you were given the nickname 'The Galaxy Collector' any chance you will ditch 'Dominator' and go back to that?
    Galaxy collector? I don't know about that. I've never heard that.

    You said you wanted to train with Josh Barnett, did anything come of that?
    Ahh, Josh has extended his hand out and said he wanted to work together. We worked out a little in Japan and ever since then, I live in Denver and I have kids so I cant just pick up and leave anytime, this fight came up quick so I keep my training here in Denver. But when this fight is over I'm gonna try to get a fight really soon after so I can go out there and train with them. I'm gonna see if I can help train him for his fight too because I see him as the sleeper in that tournament and I think he could take out everybody and win it, hopefully. So hopefully I could get something out of that camp and help him also.

    What do you have to say to all of your haters?
    I don't even comment to those guys man. I look at it like this, I think a lot of the times, haters are from different camps or these jealous people. I think those people are always going to be there. A comedian said something I thought was really true and funny: if you have 10 haters now you should want 20 by the end of the year. The more success you get the more haters you're going to get. I'm not going to go on the forums, The Underground and give myself little aliases to try to make myself feel better bashing on other fighters. I think I have a little more appreciation and respect for the MMA fight game in order to not do that and I think it's the most childish thing you can do. It's sad that the fighters and we have managers agents and all kinds of people jumping on these forums and doing that and it doing this, that's just not me. So to all my haters keep hating. Ha, you are helping sell my career so keep on going.

    Are you and Phil Baroni going to be partying it up?
    Well he's from that AKA crew, a real great group of guys and fighters, I don't know him that well personally but if he's any thing like those AKA guys I will definitely be hanging out with them when I'm down there.


    sengoku shutting down

    SRC Report: Future activities of the emergency;

    Emergency previous report (released February 1, 2011) As we know the history behind it, but we now are critical crossroads, we face a tough decision. Then, Don Quixote, who is also the parent company of our sponsor (the company below) from, SRC has been made official representations to the effect that withdrawing from the business.

    It has also led to this, we express the truth intentionally, and if the company [million years despite large deficits, but only in a dream has continued to support and love of martial arts, but the thought Naka Naka Not only convey, ranging to be dragged into such a situation and some mindless media article on the contrary, is disgusted Hotohoto] you really like.

    The company most, rather than a full withdrawal from the actual martial arts community, Pancrase and Shooto activities sponsored organizations that support current and amateur wrestling or are planning to continue, even and other groups, "If tapped Future (help) and not willing to consider, "I said. But we organized, SRC from big businesses such as Sengoku decision to pull out of the company is refusing to be changed.

    Indeed shameful that the inside will pour out, as we have been doing business entirely dependent on sponsors and parent support is not without its own box office on its own can be terminated if it is no longer present and if Ikan stuck with a difficult situation I have to say.

    The only hope is the emergence of a sponsor to replace Don Quixote. The company also "has a love for martial arts, if there is funding us to target certain (for inheritance) willing to cooperate fully" with the intention to accepting. Even if we do something in that direction, we hope to find out the possibility of 一縷. But if it is fulfilled, you must be prepared for the worst that can be dissolved.

    Even with the lack of any company, SRC fans, players, of course, put a great deal of inconvenience and worry like all the related parties, lay down here and I apologize.

    Warudobikutorirodo Inc. March 11, 2011


    MFC is hosting their first ever event held in a cage and they want you to name it for them. In exchange for providing them with the winning insanely creative and witty name for their shiny new cage, they will provide you with premium tickets to the fights, airfare, ground transportation, hotel accommodations, pre-show and after-party passes.

    Too enter the MFC Cage Name Contest or for more information send your entry, name, address, phone number and email address to mfc@maximumfighting.com


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  • AJ


    You may not understand the genius that is James Toney. In fact, some of thought you would never see 'James Toney' and 'Genius' in the same sentence. It's alright. Your approval is not a requisite for James Toney to make an extraordinary amount of money in his MMA debut. According to Dan Wetzel of Yahoo! Sports, Toney made an estimated $750,000 to $1,000,000 at UFC 118.

    James Toney gave an interview to BJPenn.com and among the expected Rampage Jackson call-outs, Toney briefly touched on the IRS yanking all of his money at the TD Garden.

    "I learned to keep my emotions in check. I lost my attention span in that fight. I was dealing with all that b******* before with the IRS and that’s what happened. When I heard the IRS was after my check right before that fight. It was like 35 minutes before that fight I found out they wanted to come take my money so my mind wasn’t on the fight, it was on that situation."

    "Just because I lost the fight with Couture doesn’t mean I’m done with MMA. I’m still going to go back in there. I have just been handling big business right now. I’m looking forward to getting back in there hopefully against Rampage Jackson."


    Keith Jardine on rashand and jacksons

    "One thing to remember is Rashad is instrumental in this whole Jackson phenomenon starting," Jardine said. "Without Rashad, who knows if it ever would have happened? He was one of the first guys to come in from out of town and join the team. And he was a guy who, when the sport was growing, he was winning fights and everybody was looking at him as he was getting better. People were calling Rashad up and he was bringing people to town, and without him, who knows if any of that would have ever happened? Without Rashad Evans, maybe this Jackson's phenomena never happens."

    "You know, I haven't thought about it too much, but no question I would be supporting Rashad," Jardine said. "He's one of my closest friends in the world. I have a lot of loyalty and friendship with him."

    "It'll never be the same, you know? This gym, when the UFC broke out in 2005, was built on me, Rashad, Nate Marquardt, Joey Villasenor and Diego Sanchez...It all started from that interview that Jon did talking about the possibility of fighting with Rashad [with Ariel Helwani on Versus:]," Jardine said. "That's just something that doesn't need to be said. Of course they could have been made to fight, and they both knew it. But for Jon to go out and say that made Rashad look like a punk, and that's kind of what happened to start it all. It was already sensitive, so it blew up after that."


    Titan Fighting Championships has been forced to seek a new opponent for former Strikeforce heavyweight Bobby Lashley’s promotional unveiling at Titan FC 17 in Kansas City, Kansas a little more than a week from today. According to an official statement from CEO Joe Kelly, Lashley’s originally scheduled foe, James Jack has “essentially gone MIA” and was pulled after a series of missed photo shoots and unreturned phone calls.

    Stepping in for Jack will be John Ott, a middleweight most of the time who walks around at 225-pounds between fights based on an interest in bodybuilding. Ott is 8-7 overall but has won three of his last four fights including a win over Brian Imes at Bellator 26.
    Lashley has not been seen in the ring since August 2010 after dropping his first professional fight to Chad Griggs at “Strikeforce – Houston” by way of an inability to continue beyond the second round. Prior to the loss he had compiled five straight wins to open up his career including victories over Wes Simms, Jason Guida, and Bob Sapp.

    Titan FC is set for a live HDNet broadcast on March 25 and will also feature the debut of newly signed Phil Baroni who fights Nick Nolte in addition Abe Wagner taking on Aaron Rosa.


    Bellator Fighting Championships today announced the signing of undefeated Bulgarian Heavyweight and world-class Sambo competitor Blagoi Ivanov. Ivanov won the 2008 Combat Sambo World Championships, notably defeating Fedor Emelianenko in the semifinals, reportedly ending an eight-year undefeated streak for Emelianenko in Combat Sambo. Ivanov has also competed in Judo as a heavyweight national representative for Bulgaria. Since transitioning to mixed martial arts Ivanov has gone undefeated with an impressive 8-0 professional record including three (T)KO’s and three submission victories.

    The fast rising 24 year old is expected to make his U.S and Bellator debut in 2011 LIVE on MTV2. Ivanov currently trains out of the TapouT Training Center in Las Vegas and has recently spent time training with the likes of Randy Couture, Roy Nelson, and Vitor Belfort. Ivanov also recently spent time working his hands with former boxing champion and uncle to Floyd Mayweather Jr., Jeff Mayweather.

    “Blagoi is a great signing for us at heavyweight,” said Bellator Chairman and CEO Bjorn Rebney. “He brings an incredible Sambo background to the cage and is developing his hands with some of the best in the business I’m very happy that he and his management have decided to move his career forward under the Bellator banner.

    Although many changes will come with his newly minted Bellator contract, Ivanov says that he is more than excited to get started.

    “I can’t wait to have the chance to show what I’m capable of to all of the Bellator fans watching on MTV2 all across the United States,” said Ivanov. “I’m already hard at work preparing for my first fight with Bellator. My ultimate goal is to fight Cole Konrad for the Bellator World Heavyweight Championship. My mission is to become the Bellator Champion, and that’s what I intend to do.”


    King Mo” recently took to his Twitter and announced he’s planning to fight on June 18 at the American Airlines Center in his home-base of Dallas, Texas. No opponent was mentioned.

    Also, while nothing official has surfaced from the promotion, ESPN’s Josh Gross previously confirmed the date/location of a Strikeforce event with Texas’ athletic commission matching up with Lawal’s statement.

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  • Big John

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  • Redsoxx
    ya i am special thanks u can go back to world of warcraft now bro

    and jeevz thats what im guessing

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  • AK
    Originally posted by Redsoxx View Post
    still slacking ive known about it for a while just came here to see if anyone was talking about it
    well arent you special, you can check an MMA news site faster than anyone on the board! thank god you decided to come back, dont know what we would have done without you.

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  • AJ
    Has he dropped out for family and friends ?
    because dana said akiyama was fine, was due to travel on sunday/monday to the u.s

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  • Redsoxx
    oh ya and Akiyama dropped out of the Marquardt fight to to the events in Japan, Dan Miller will step in for him

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  • Redsoxx
    still slacking ive known about it for a while just came here to see if anyone was talking about it

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  • AK
    Made a thread at 12:53pm, you posted at 12:54pm, WHOSE SLACKING NOW?!?!?!?

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  • Redsoxx
    know i said i wouldnt post here any more but the UFC just bought Strikeforce lol yall are slacking

    Last edited by Redsoxx; 03-12-2011, 09:57 AM.

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  • TheNyNe
    anderson silva talks shogun vs jones and gsp, plus he's probably out his mind cause he says he wants to fight 10 more years http://pastebin.com/Z7XMMfsS
    here's the vid if you understand portoguese http://www.mma-core.com/videos/_Ande...017622&tid=101

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  • AJ
    alpha and red need to realxxx

    anyway s.. check out a guy called gunnar nelson .. he's gonna blow up soon .. got his black belt from renzo gracie in 4 years

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  • AK
    I love how all the studio leaks members post here, yet this board is shit, its dead, sl has much more engaging topics etc..

    lol @ "ill leave when i want"

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  • AlpHa_OmegA
    Rumors of Hendo Vs Fedor? Interesting.


    Hendo is a bad ass mofo he doesn't care he'll fight anyone. Dude has fought 4 HWs already so I can see it happening. Even though Fedor looked uncharacteristicly horrible in his last fight, it'd still sell out a stadium. I'd like to see it.

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  • AlpHa_OmegA
    LOL this dude seething

    lol @ admitting I'm smart. Not the best way to insult someone.

    Stop with the homosexual slurs, shit is creepy. I'm not even going to insult you. I'm going tpo apologize for clearly hurting your feelings. You pos repped me recently, I neg repped you in a misunderstanding and now you're clearly hurt by that action.

    I ruined this section. lol. Is that why I got positive reps from you constantly until a misunderstanding? Check them emotions, homie.

    And lol @ a peasant disrespecting an MMA legend. 3 fight winning streak with 2 wins in a row over former world champions upon leaving the UFC. Yeah, he couldn't hang in the UFC
    Last edited by AlpHa_OmegA; 03-06-2011, 09:01 PM.

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