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  • Eugene
    I am a big fan of MMA! Love to watch fights and train myself too. But it's hard to combine education and sport when you're a student. Recent times I have a lot of essays and other writings to be done. That's why I use https://www.essay-company.com/research-paper-writing to get all the work done in time and to have top-grade research papers!

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  • AlpHa_OmegA
    Shogun/Forrest 2 confirmed for UFC Rio.

    Nick Diaz says he may be done with MMA and will be making his pro boxing debut late this year against Fernando Varges or Jeff Lacey. Already signed by Nick, just waiting on one of them to sign.

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  • AK
    stopped watching when he power bombed him, wtf was that lol

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  • AJ

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  • AlpHa_OmegA
    Fuck, Jeeves. Them mega posts freezing my shit.

    Dan Henderson Vs Fedor Emelianenko targeted for summer.


    Fedor has gone to Holland to work on his striking (rumor is he's at Mike's Gym which has trained K1 champions like Badr Hari, Melvin Manhoef) and will be traveling to work on his BJJ as well.

    This is good news. Fedor was just so successful and so far ahead of all other HWs for so long that he got too comfortable and stopped evolving. Now you got a guy like Bigfoot who is 300lbs, great sriking and legit BJJ BB and you gotta evolve more as a small HW.

    I am a huge fan of both guys and I hate it when 2 of my favorites fight eachother but this is a great fight between 2 of the GOAT. Best of luck to both guys.

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  • AK
    def not.. it killed me watching the Lesnar fight. he had that fight won, and he punched himself out.

    also, i think it was you Jeevz who wanted the Jay Leno show with Jon Jones


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  • Keigan
    i just hope carwin workin hard on that cardio .. i dont wanna see him gas out again

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  • AK
    Hope Carwin DESTROYS this faggot


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  • AK
    Shane Carwin making his return at UFC 131 versus Jon Olav Einemo.. hope to see Carwin back on his usual bullshit of knocking out whoever steps in his path.

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  • AJ

    - Scott Coker: "This is a historical day for the sport of MMA."
    - "Silicon Valley Sports & Entertainment wanted to get back to their core business (hockey). I wanted to stick around in MMA."
    - "We have around 140 fighters under contract in Strikeforce."
    - "HWGP delay had more to do with finding the right location for the fight. This deal had nothing to do with it."
    - "I think fans are eventually going to get to see the fights they want to see."
    - "We had booking approval for guys with non-exclusive contracts."
    - "Fedor fights for Strikeforce. Fedor fights on Showtime. I can't get into the specifics."

    - Dana White: "Right now, we're looking to run Strikeforce on Showtime. Business as usual."
    - "I'll never say never to anything, but right now Strikeforce will continue to run on Showtime. Showtime runs the production for Strikeforce. There's things we can do to help out, but they're running production."
    - "There's always going to be competition. We're just looking to expand and grow the business. We need more fighters."
    - "I wouldn't count anything out with regards to fighters crossing over. As of now, we're keeping things separate, but it's a work in progress."
    - "There are a lot of people who aren't big fans of mine, but we can still do business." (Re: Barnett, Daley)
    - "All you have to do is have some money and some big balls to get into the MMA business."
    - "My thoughts on women MMA is the same. That's Scott's deal, not mine."
    - "We're open to the idea of the HWGP final being on PPV."
    - "We have the largest MMA video library in the world."
    - "A fighter's union is up to the fighters. The problem is that this isn't a team sport. Guys at the top might not want to kick money down to the guys at the bottom."
    - White dodges a question about multiple champions in each weight class.

    - Lorenzo Fertitta: "It's a positive for the fighters to work for Zuffa. We have vast resources and will honor contracts."
    - "There are plenty of promoters around the world for fighters."
    - "We haven't had a chance to meet with Showtime yet. Strikeforce still has a contract for 16 fights with Showtime. If Showtime is interest in something beyond that, we're interested."
    - "So far, we have not been able to do a deal with a network that makes sense for us."
    - "Strikeforce will continue to use the hexagon. Strike WILL ADOPT the Unified Rules. Elbows on the ground will be allowed in Strikeforce."
    - "Showtime contracts runs through 2014. Showtime controls production which includes announcers, etc. We'll offer input, but that's all."
    - "We put this together in short order, and we don't have all the answers yet."
    - "It's important for fighters to remain professional. We're honoring our side of contracts."
    - "There's a lot of "unfinished business" over in Strikeforce with regards to matchups."
    - "We're not worried about opening ourselves up to anti-trust suits. There are 1000s of other promotions."
    - "Scott does not have an equity stake in Zuffa."
    - "We started talks in mid-December."



    I had the luxury of hearing of this possibility about two weeks ago so I have had time to brace for impact. However I thought it would happen later in the year or next year... I am aware there are a lot of possible negatives but I'd much rather hear what the positives are going to be, and dwell on that. At this point, it should be embraced. Complaining isn't going to undo anything.

    - My first thought was all the great possible match-ups we will get to see. I understand they will be operating separately for some time but I hope when they say cross-promotion they are saying mega-fights will happen, not just strikeforce will have a booth at the fan expos.

    - Some of the greatest fighters in the world won't have to hear the dreaded question of when will you get good enough to be in the UFC and instead get the respect they have already earned.

    - Another step in gaining the same respect the NBA, NHL, NFL, MLB etc.

    - Strikeforce will now have the money to put on more shows meaning guys won't have to sit on the shelf for long periods of time... More shows means possibly more free shows.

    - More pull within the japanese market due to strikeforces good relations which might save Japanese mma.

    - The naysayers can now be ignored an we can rest assured that the tourney will go on... Also the greater possibility of more tournaments in the future as a feeder into the big shows.


    YouTube - UFC Fighters Discuss Alien Invasion


    YouTube - Anderson Silva and Lyoto Machida Sparring at Black House


    Three-time UFC tournament champion and UFC Hall of Famer Royce Gracie (14-3-3 MMA, 11-1-2 UFC) is in continuing negotiations with the promotion to appear in a retirement fight at the Brazilian event, which is expected to take place Aug. 27 at HSBC Arena in Rio de Janeiro.

    Mike Kogan, the U.S. representative for the Japan-based Fighting and Entertainment Group (FEG) and Gracie's longtime manager, today informed THE MEDIA

    Although negotiations are far from over, Kogan said he and Gracie are talking directly with UFC president Dana White and UFC executive Lorenzo Fertitta about the prospect of bringing the 44-year-old MMA legend back into the octagon one last name against a specific - but undisclosed - opponent.


    A couple years ago I met Bas Rutten at a Hooters which was the same day I realized that a buffalo wing is a garbage concept. There is no way a buffalo can fly with those things. The best thing a buffalo wing can do is be dipped in ranch. Bas Rutten doesn't have time to think about the inability of a Buffalo to fly. He's too busy appearing on Ustream, talking to Joe Rogan about MMA for two hours. How many of you knew that Bas Rutten nearly fought Wanderlei Silva at Pride in a K-1 match with 4oz gloves? This broadcast is filled with so much awesome that you may not watch the entirety of this recorded stream now, but at some point in your life you will -- and you'll thank me for it.

    bas rutten, brian redban, Recorded on 2/22/11 Joe_Rogan on USTREAM. Comedy












    "I don't want to demean UFC, because they've done a marvelous job of marketing. But it's the same audience over and over. It's white males, and they have never been able to expand their demographic."

    "So the future success of UFC is limited. The success of boxing is not, because boxing reaches those groups. The only demographic that boxing has lost is the white, young males, period."


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  • AJ
    According to TATAME, on UFC's official Brazilian website, fans can choose between an army of Brazilian fighters to vote on who should be fighting at UFC: Rio on August 27th. Here's the list offered by ZUFFA thus far.

    Diego Nunes - Caxias do Sul (RS)
    Rany Yahya - Brasília (DF)
    Renan Barão - Rio Grande do Norte (RN)

    José Aldo - Manaus (AM)
    Raphael Assumpção - Fortaleza (CE)

    Charles "Do Bronx" Oliveira - São Paulo (SP)
    Edson Barboza - Nova Friburgo (RJ)
    Gleison Tibau - Tibau (RN)
    Rafael dos Anjos - Rio de Janeiro (RJ) Thiago Tavares - Florianópolis (SC) Yuri Alcântara - Ilha de Marajó (PA)

    Carlos Eduardo "Tá Danado" Rocha - Cabedelo (PB)
    Paulo Thiago - Brasília (DF)
    Renzo Gracie - Rio de Janeiro (RJ)
    Thiago "Pitbull" Alves - Fortaleza (CE)

    Alexandre Ferreira "Cacareco" - Rio de Janeiro (RJ)
    Anderson Silva - São Paulo (SP)
    Demian Maia - São Paulo (SP)
    Jorge Santiago - Angra dos Reis (RJ)
    Mário Miranda - Niterói (RJ)
    Rafael "Sapo" Natal - Belo Horizonte (MG)
    Rousimar "Toquinho" Palhares - Dores do Indaiá (MG)
    Thiago Silva - São Paulo (SP)
    Vitor Belfort - Rio de Janeiro (RJ)
    Wanderlei Silva - Curitiba (PR

    Light Heavyweight:
    Fabio Maldonado - Sorocaba (SP)
    Luiz "Banha" Cané - São Paulo (SP)
    Lyoto Machida - Salvador (BA)
    Maiquel Falcão - Pelotas (RS)
    Mauricio "Shogun" Rua - Curitiba (PR)
    Rogério "Minotouro" - Salvador (BA)

    Junior "Cigano" dos Santos - Caçador (SC)
    Rodrigo "Minotauro" - Salvador (BA)


    YouTube - UFC's Phil Davis Talks 2011 NCAA Wrestling Tournament, Cael Sanderson, Penn State


    The story behind that video, that was January 2008, it was an event called the Northeastern Grappler's Challenge and was hosted by Team Bomb Squad in Ithaca, New York - which was the team that Jon Jones was originally from. It was actually a pretty big tournament and it was the first time that the American Sambo Association had put together its competition team, its grappling team (no gi). We had on the team Doug Fournet who you see in the video, who is a world class grappler who has been in the FILA grappling world championships many times and the Sambo world championships many times. He originally started off in Judo under Christophe Leninger, a UFC guy in the original days (UFC 3, fought and lost to Ken Shamrock) ... we just know each other through the Sambo community and so at that event I was coaching him but he's not my student.

    That was the first time I saw Doug get submitted by anybody so it was pretty surprising. Also on our team was Reilly Bodycomb, who's now kind of famous as well in the grappling world. That was Reilly's very first time doing no gi grappling. Also there was Anthony Sansonetti, Jeremy Paiser and Josh Alti, those were the five guys on our team. We were making our debut as Team American Sambo and we did the Pro Team Challenge and some of the guys did individual tournament brackets as well, but in the Pro Team challenge we actually came in 2nd place only because of Jon Jones beating Doug, and Anthony actually lost to Tamdan McCrory who was also young into his career. But it was just great, it was a fun time and I mean obviously we didn't know who Jon Jones was going to develop into. January 2008 was really early into his career outside of wrestling. We had no idea who he was other than he was really good and he beat Doug and Doug is totally a top level guy, you know? So what was cool about the tournament also was for most people it was the first time they had seen Sambo. It was pretty common place for people throughout the tournament to come up and say to us "What the hell are you guys doing?" because you know it's definitely not like a BJJ style as what we did was a very aggressive style.

    Over all it was a pretty great day on a lot of levels and it's pretty cool 3 years later to see what Jones has grown into. He's from New York and I think it's important for people to see, especially those battling for legalisation in New York to really see the history of how these guys become who they are.

    YouTube - Before you were famous: Jon Jones


    YouTube - Urijah Faber gives the "Korean Zombie" an English Lesson


    YouTube - 25 of the Greatest Insults in UFC History


    YouTube - Georges St-Pierre Training with Freddie Roach in Los Angeles

    and hes training bjj with braulio estima


    YouTube - Risk / Black House (Graffiti Legend Risk Stops By Black House)


    To: Joe Silva, Matchmaker Extraordinaire, Ultimate Fighting Championship
    Re: Spitsbing & his tainted victory


    If you get a chance to talk with him, please mention to your idiot-in-residence Michael Spitsbing it’ll be a little tougher to knee ME in the head when I’m charging at him like a runaway train and mincing him through the fence like a boiled potato, should we ever have the pleasure of each other’s company for a few (VERY few) moments in the Octagon.

    Oh; and I’d suggest to him being a little careful about spitting on any of MY cornermen, since any one of them can beat him up as badly as I can. Thanks ever so much.

    Hope all is well.

    -Chael Sonnen


    The acquisition could mean only one MMA video game going forward.

    Last year's EA Sports MMA was licensed by Strikeforce, using its rules, many of its fighters, and venues where major Strikeforce cards have been fought. The two had a hand-in-glove promotional relationship leading up to the game's release, including bouts fought during E3 under Electronic Arts' sponsorship.

    Though EA Sports MMA did not perform to analysts' sales expectations, a producer vowed in November that the publisher would make a sequel. That may be off now; UFC President Dana White has made no secret of his contempt for EA Sports. Further, the UFC and THQ, publisher of the UFC Undisputed Series, have an exclusive partnership lasting through 2018.


    According to Brian Ebersole, the arrow on his chest is pointing to his chin to let opponents know how to defeat him. That's the equivalent of a me having a neon sign pointing to my empty wallet whenever I go on a date to alert the chick they will eventually pay for everything. My friend Eric told me he hasn't brushed his teeth since he was 21. I promptly responded with 'Hey Eric, I will never share a burrito with you again'. Some stuff is inexcusable, but Brian Ebersole's cartwheel kick at UFC 127 gets a pass solely because he pulled it off in a previous bout and KOd his opponent with it. Check out this video of Ebersole KOing Shannon Forrester at XFC - Return of the Hulk. See, it's not that ridiculous, folks.

    YouTube - Cartwheel Kick MMA KO Knockout


    Anderson Silva
    The UFC middleweight champion has signed with 9ine, the upstart sports marketing firm of soccer great Ronaldo, the three-time FIFA Player of the Year. 9ine is a partnership venture between Ronaldo, entertainment entrepreneur Marcos Buaiz, and London-based advertising powerhouse WPP.

    The company, which officially launches in March with offices in both Sao Paulo and London, has already thrown its weight behind its new client. Silva will still be managed by Ed Soares and Jorge “Joinha” Guimaraes, while 9ine look to secure sponsorships and opportunities to develop the brand of “The Spider.”

    “9ine has a concept of exclusivity, which means working with only a few athletes and brands, just the best,” Ronaldo stated in a press release. The 34-year-old superstar currently starts for Sao Paulo-based soccer club Corinthians, which happens to be Silva’s team of choice. “This is the case of Anderson Silva, one of the greatest competitors in the MMA world.

    It appears that Silva is pulling an average of $80,000 - $100,000 per sponsorship on his shorts.


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  • AJ
    urijah faber on jones

    told him he could be a mix between Jordan and Ali," said former WEC featherweight champion Urijah Faber, who saw Jones' appeal early on and had his clothing line sponsor Jones. "He's got a lot of character, a great personality and he's a good person. I remember the first time we sat down and talked. I talked to him about sponsoring and he didn't even know there was money involved."

    I'm seriously stoked to have one of my brands behind him on a guy who is going to bring the sport up. I was impressed. He looked awesome."


    YouTube - Jose Aldo: Managing ED Soares


    Former 3x ADCC and 4x World's Jiu-Jitsu champion, Murilo Santana, has a strong inclination to believe that Brock Lesnar's jiu-jitsu coach is not only a better teacher than the Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, but he believes Lesnar will submit Junior Dos Santos in the second round at UFC 13

    "I think the ground game will be the deciding factor in this fight. Brock will take Dos Santos down immediately and then we will see who has trained the hardest. Both have great coaches. Even though Comprido is more accomplished than Nogueira in Jiu-Jitsu, I don't think this will matter. It's about the student and their willingness to learn. I know Comprido very well and I know Brock Lesnar has a very strong Jiu-Jitsu game for MMA thanks to Comprido of course. Dos Santos also has very good hips and is hard to hold but in my honest opinion, I don't think it will be enough. A lot of people overlook the fight with Frank Mir who has very strong Jiu-Jitsu. I knew immediately that Comprido prepared Brock well for Frank. There are a lot of things that they did on the ground that most people who don't know Jiu-Jitsu cannot see. For example, the 'lockdown'. Frank tried to use the lockdown on Brock, but Brock shut it down perfectly. I'm sure this was something they prepared for. I know Robert Drysdale sat down with Frank after the fight and watched the tape. They went through every technique Brock used and what Frank should have done to counter or avoid it. It was perfect top control from the half guard. The reason he is adapting so well to Jiu-Jitsu is because of his wrestling background. If it wasn't for that, it would have taken him a long time to learn the stuff he has already learned in the four years he has been training Jiu-Jitsu. In the end, I trust Comprido and I know he has a surprise for Dos Santos. My prediction for the fight is if it stays standing, Dos Santos will take it. But once they go to the ground, that will be the moment where Dos Santos will lose. I have Brock winning by submission in the second round."


    The Korean Zombie, Chan Sung Jung, has stepped in on extremely short notice for an injured Nam Phan and will be banging his undead heart out against Leonard Garcia only 10 days from now at the UFC Fight Night on March 26th! Wow! Watch the video below for a little refresher course.

    YouTube - Leonard Garcia VS The Korean Zombie Highlight


    dana White said St-Pierre vs. Silva may not be as close as we originally thought.

    "This fight isn't happening," White said. "It's not a fight yet. It's still a big fantasy fight. There are still things that need to happen in the meantime before we sit down and discuss where this fight would be, what weight it would be at, how it would work. It's all just fantasy yet.

    "I literally have not talked to Georges St-Pierre or Anderson Silva about this fight."

    The same obviously goes for Jones vs. Silva. White admitted numerous people stopped him on the way to the post-UFC 128 press conference to ask about Jones vs. Silva.

    "With what I saw tonight, [Jones] looks a mile ahead of everyone else," White said. "In my opinion, not only is he the No. 1 light heavyweight in the world, he shot up the pound-for-pound (rankings) as well."

    But that doesn't mean he's ready to throw him into a fight with Silva just yet.

    Besides, Silva really has no interest to fight at light heavyweight, White said. He only did so before (in wins over James Irvin and Forrest Griffin) because he largely had cleaned out the division and was pushed by White.

    "Anderson Silva has made it very clear to me that he doesn't want to fight at 205 pounds," White said. "That's why originally when I was always talking about him trying to go for another belt at 205 pounds. ... He stuck his big toe in a couple of times because I was pressing the issue. He made it very clear he doesn't want to fight at 205."

    However, like White and other true MMA fans, he thinks Silva might be lured after what we've seen from Jones, MMA's next big star, in the past couple years.

    "Who knows?" White said. "Maybe he sees a guy as talented as Jon Jones, and he'll want to try it."



    Can you explain your dislike of Chael Sonnen?

    Cocky man, he's doing what he likes to do he's selling talking shit and messing with a guys mind. It's OK, he talk too much and he doesn't have any ground so he shouldn't talk too much.

    If you were booked in a match with him, how would you deal with the smack talk mentally? Would he get to you?

    Never, never. He can spend his time talking shit and not being in the gym. I will be in the gym, let him talk the shit.



    "It excites me, The UFC is the No. 1 event on earth. The best fighters in the world are there. I would love to fight there."

    "I'd love to fight Brock Lesnar and send him back to pro
    wrestling because I don't accept the fact that [he's] ranked No. 2. It's not personal; I don't know Brock. It's just professional."

    This is what he said previously

    "Man, I think he must return to his fake fights that it’ll be best for him. I’ve always said that, he’s not a better fighter than Fedor, or Minotauro, or Cigano… He’s not the number one. I’ve said that when Werdum beat Fedor, who would become the number one? To me, it must have been Wedum because he had just beat the number one, but no. they put Brock Lesnar as the first, Werdum on the second place and Fedor in third. For sure now the top position is on good hands because Cain is a great fighter, he’s complete, has proven to have a good ground game, a good Wrestling and h’s a good exchanger. Now it’s on good hands. It was ridiculous for us, fighters, to see Brock Lesnar with only four or five bouts being considered the top athlete on earth, it’s ridiculoius. And people like Cain Velasquez, Cigado, Fedor and Minotauro coming after Brock Lesnar… He’s a fake fighter."



    - Antonio Rogerio Nogueira: I was already far into my camp for Tito, but Phil's a wrestler too, so my training doesn't change too much.
    - Nog: This is definitely a great moment in my career. It's a big step for me.
    - Nog: This fight is just as tough as it would have been with Tito. Every fight is tough.
    - Nog: Davis and I trained not too long ago. Very strong wrestling, very strong ground skills.
    - Nog: I've dedicated the last year to wrestling.

    - Phil Davis: It's an excellent opportunity to fight a legend in the sport. I'm thrilled just to be in the Octagon with him.
    - Davis: Nogueira is a threat everywhere.
    - Davis: I took a lot of thought before agreeing to this fight. Great opportunity, but it's a huge challenge.
    - Davis: I don't know if I'm close to fighting for a title. That's not for me to say. I have to worry about Nogueira first.
    - Davis: I'm definitely taking time off after this fight to improve my fight. This fight came sooner than I expected.
    - Davis: I take inspiration from Jon Jones. He accomplished so much in such little time.

    - Dan Hardy: Anthony and I are friendly. No reason to fabricate trash talk. I've invested my energy into my training.
    - Hardy: I always like to put pressure on myself. I perform better. I've put myself in a situation where I feel like I'm fighting for my job.
    - Hardy: The Monday morning after the Condit fight I was back in the gym. I was annoyed that I let myself and my fans down.
    - Hardy: I got back to the UK just before Christmas. I've done my camp with Team Rough House.
    - Hardy: It's always good having Paul Daley around. We've been together for 9 years.
    - Hardy: I've knocked out enough people that it was bound to happen to me.
    - Hardy: I'm annoyed that Condit thinks he's a better fighter than me. He isn't.
    - Hardy: I wasn't quite sure how the medical suspension works. If someone tells me I can't punch for 30 days, I'm not going to listen to them.

    - Anthony Johnson: Dan's already been respectful to me. I like watching him fight. We're top athletes, we don't need to go back-and-forth.
    - Rumble: I said I was thinking of moving to 185 to get people talking about me while I was out. 170 pounds is my home.
    - Rumble: I don't think GSP is giving up the belt any time soon. There's still guys who want to get a piece of him.
    - Rumble: I got pretty big, pretty lazy being out with the injury. My weight is great now.
    - Rumble: I'll be under 200 pounds in cage. Maybe 180-185.
    - Rumble: Hell no. This fight isn't going to the ground. You're talking to two guys who like to bang.
    - Rumble: We don't like that lovey-dovey stuff. That's why we should be in the main event.


    he UFC's deals with Spike TV, Versus and ION Television (not to mention Facebook.com) are now coupled with Strikeforce's Showtime and CBS partnerships, creating a widespread MMA presence across a variety of television platforms.

    But could the purchase of Strikeforce, including its fighters and extensive tape library, signal the coming of the UFC's own television channel? UFC president Dana White admits it certainly make sense.

    "It's a different world out there right now," White told Mike Straka on this week's new edition of HDNet's "Inside MMA." "Going out and starting your own channel isn't as easy it was six or seven years ago. It's a lot tougher than it used to be.

    "But does it make sense? Yeah, it makes sense."

    MMA fans have long salivated over the prospect of a 24-hour network dedicated to the broadcast of UFC programming. With the PRIDE, WEC, Strikeforce and EliteXC video libraries now under Zuffa's control, it would seem there is now more than enough stockpiled footage to make that dream a reality.

    White, himself, even spoke on the potential for a UFC channel in an October 2010 interview with Broadcasting & Cable.

    "SportsBusiness Journal just came out with a survey asking big names in the industry which sport could start its own network, and four out of five said us," White told Broadcasting & Cable. "They are right. I agree. That will happen within the next couple years."

    Of course, exactly when that will happen remains a mystery. Some MMA pundits have suggested that while an all-UFC channel is certainly possible, the real crux behind the UFC's acquisitions of promotions like Strikeforce and the WEC is the access to their TV deals, thus allowing White to pit networks against each other in their bids for his programming.

    White dismissed that notion.

    "It makes me laugh sometimes when I'm cruising through the Internet and I read some of the stories that some of the reporters write," White told Straka. "Nobody knows what we're doing. We know what's going on. We're the ones that built this industry. We're the trailblazers that are out there making all these things happen.

    "We know what we're doing. We know what the future is. We know what's going on, and it's funny to sit around and read some of the ideas that some of these websites throw out there. Trust me, we know exactly what we're doing for the next five years."

    Instead, White stuck to his "business as usual" mantra in regards to current broadcasting plans. And as far as Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker is concerned, that means a continued presence on Showtime, as well as a return to network-television partner CBS for the first time since a post-fight brawl marred the April 2010 broadcast of "Strikeforce: Nashville."

    "It's definitely still a possibility," Coker told HDNet's Bas Rutten. "We all know what happened last year, and we said we'll revisit it this year.

    "Under the new regime, honestly, we haven't had a chance to sit down. It happened so fast. ... We really haven't had the time to sit down and create the overall master plan in detail."

    The UFC's recent purchase of Strikeforce was unquestionably a game-changer in MMA, and the sport's most powerful promotion further distanced itself from any potential challengers for its market share. But what exactly that means for the sport's presence on television remains to be seen. White declined to reveal the company's current plan, but he admitted his promotion is an extremely enviable position.

    "To be where we are right now in such a short amount of time?" White asked. "We bought the company literally 10 years ago, so to be sitting here now and talking about all this stuff and to be where we are today is pretty amazing in 10 years."


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  • AJ
    CHECK OUT THIS AWESOME ufc in the moment with jones show that aired last week, from jones perspective

    YouTube - UFC In the Moment: Jon Jones - Full Episode

    YouTube - UFC Fighter Jon Jones Pro Debut in MMA


    YouTube - Phil Davis Mistaken For Jon Jones LMFAO


    rashad on jon nones

    ""I mean it's one thing to say something in an interview but the least you could have picked up the phone and been like, "man I did an interview today and they kind of put me on the spot with a rough question and I answered it this way." At least give me the heads up so that way I know and not look at it if he's Judas or something. You know who Judas is? That interview was some backstabbing s**t but now it's like whatever because now I know the game he is playing. Then for Greg to sit back and say he doesn't want to have anything to do with it....why not? You f**kn created the situation. Be his coach and be in his corner. That's what you want so do it. I don't care if coaches against me. It doesn't even matter."

    "Greg brought this situation about. He brought Jones on board a while back against my wishes are here we are today. I decided to leave (Jackson’s MMA) because I felt like he didn’t have my best interest anymore. Greg is not the same coach he used to be.”


    cro cop waasnt allowed to bring a japanese flag into the cage

    YouTube - Mirko Cro Cop UFC 128 Entrance


    YouTube - Junior dos Santos - Showtime Kick


    YouTube - Lyoto Machida: Wrap Up From Belem


    jon jones on being remembered

    "“I think being remembered for standing for something is a lot more important than just for a cool move that you did. Right now I’m standing up for Christ, and if I find something that I’m passionate about as I learn more about myself and the world, I definitely want to step up and help. Being great is one thing, but being remembered is another thing. To be great, magnificent and remembered, you have to stand for something and change the world in a way. I want to change the world. Ali stood up for the Muslims and for not going to war and he made an impact. People don’t remember Bruce Lee as “that Asian guy.” No one cares that Bruce Lee was Asian, they love him all over the world, and I want to have that same impact. I don’t want me being African-American to ever play a difference in anyone’s mind. I don’t want anyone saying ‘I like that black fighter.’ I want people to love me because of me. I’d rather be known as that Christian fighter or that peaceful fighter or that fighter that’s spreading positivity and kindness and confidence and way more than tactics. It’s important.”


    YouTube - Anderson Silva talks George St. Pierre, Jon Jones win over Shogun, & the UFC in Brazil


    NINJA on his brothers loss

    "Yes, I was very surprised with (Jones’) game, Shogun trained a lot, Jones was able to neutralize my brother’s game, I think he studied Shogun’s game a lot, so congrats to him. Shogun now needs to go back to Brazil and analyze the fight, see what went wrong in the fight and go from there, ball forward."

    "I think (Jones) has a brilliant future ahead of him, he’s a very young athlete, but in this weight class I think it’s very hard… people don’t seem to be able to keep the title for more than one fight. Everyone wins and then loses the belt so it’s a very tough weight class and there are a lot of great fighters, so we’ll see, he’s a young guy and will stay strong going forward, but Shogun will be able to make a strong come back, for sure."

    "I think (what went wrong during the fight) was that the very first strikes Jones landed on Shogun, that knee and the head kick, may have taken his gas away."


    Some 400 hopefuls turned out today at the Newark Liberty International Airport Marriott in Newark, N.J., to audition for the 14th season of "The Ultimate Fighter."

    Seen in the crowd were a few familiar faces: UFC vet Din Thomas, who appeared on the show's fourth season, and WEC vets Wagnney Fabiano, Micah Miller and Ian McCall.

    "The Ultimate Fighter 14," which begins production this summer and debuts in the fall on Spike TV, is expected to feature bantamweight and/or featherweight fighters. It's the first time the reality show has featured competitors in the UFC's lightest weight classes.

    Although not confirmed by the promotion, bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz and Urijah Faber are believed to be frontrunners to coach the show. UFC president Dana White confirmed this past weekend following UFC 128 that the two bantamweights are set to meet sometime this year, though he stopped short of confirming the bout as the traditional season-ending fight between "TUF" coaches.

    In what's become a customary part of the reality show's tryouts, lines ran long and time ran short for fighters to show their stuff. Each hopeful had a couple of minutes – tops – to grapple and strike before White, UFC matchmaker Joe Silva, and officials from Spike TV.

    But there was added incentive to impress, at least during the grappling portion of the tryout: a cash bonus. White plunked down a stack of $100 bills at his table and offered a C-note to anyone who earned a tapout.

    "I didn't have a chance to tap (someone)," said 39-year-old bantamweight Alexis Villa, a former Olympic wrestler from Cuba who now resides with American Top Team in Coconut Creek, Fla. "You only have two minutes that you can do it. But I controlled the position the whole time. I was controlling the guy."

    Vila had made it through the initial tryouts and was waiting for the interview portion of the audition.

    "He's probably on paper the No. 1 guy here," said Ron Foster, a former matchmaker for Shine Fights who now works with STARS MMA and ML Management. "The guy's a monster."

    With his thick Cuban accent, Vila is a prime candidate for subtitles.

    26-year-old featherweight Josh Tyler, a former Golden Gloves champion and wrestler at Old Dominion University, was still waiting to get in the room.

    "I guess with being a fighter and competitor, I feel like everywhere I go, I find myself sizing people up," he said. "I don't know if that's because I'm 145 and a little guy and that's just what us little fellas do.

    "You can get a pretty good idea of people and where they are – not so much their ******d appearance, but their attitude. The look in their eyes. I think you can tell a lot from that. There's so many people out there that will surprise you."

    Pablo Alfonso, a 28-year-old bantamweight, was certainly shocked when he grappled for White and the remainder of the judging panel. His partner was 177 pounds and normally competed at lightweight.

    "I tried to entertain Dana," Alfonso said. "They didn't call my name. But you know what? I'm motivated right now. I want to continue fighting and prove them wrong."


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  • AJ

    For those of you who are completely out of touch with the MMA world and especially the saga of the fighter formally known as Krazy Horse and Chute Box back in Pride, here's a handy guide to get up to date. First, watch this video of Krazy Horse fighting Cristiano Marcello backstage in Pride FC.


    At some point at the beginning of this year, Kid Khaos claimed the video footage was actually cut and he knocked out Wanderlei Silva after he was choked out. Within hours, Cristiano Marcello made this video which directly addressed Kid Khaos and his allegations. Later that night, Wanderlei Silva went on a Twitter rampage (twitterage?) and vehemently denied that he was ever knocked out by Kid Khaos.







    Anthony Robles - an inspiring story, he's the one-legged wrestler who can't be told no. Robles was born with one leg, but hasn't let physical impairment get in his way. His seeding at number one comes with some controversy, but he nevertheless had an unfefeated season at Arizona State University and is something akin to the people's champ.

    Arizona State senior Anthony Robles is seeded No. 1 in the 125-pound class at the NCAA Division I wrestling tournament. He aims to finish No. 1. He's never been daunted by the fact he was born with one leg.

    "I plan on going all out. I'm going to be throwing the kitchen sink and everything else out there with it," Robles said Wednesday.

    Robles, 22, who started wrestling as a high school freshman in Mesa, Ariz., and won two state titles, is well known to NCAA tournament fans. They gave him standing ovations after performances that earned him All-America status the past two seasons.

    He will take a 31-0 record into the tournament Thursday through Saturday at the Wells Fargo CenTER

    YouTube - NCAA Wrestling National Championships Division 1 Anthony Robles vs. Matt McDonough (Full Match)



    Do you think you’ve got enough time to prepare for someone as dangerous as Nick Diaz?
    Well first I wasn’t going to take it because I wanted some downtime after this training camp but my team spoke about it and we’re confident that we’ve got a good game for this fight and this is the right decision for us.
    I’m going to smash him, take his belt then I can take all the time off I want.

    There were situations outside of your control that contributed to the weigh in situation at BAMMA but are you confident that you can hit the 170 mark at Strikeforce?

    Yeah the BAMMA situation was pretty messed up because the hotel had locked the Sauna off and that situation made it pretty impossible. In the end I only missed it by 0.4lbs and with a sauna that would have come off pretty easily.

    There’s no downtime so I don’t have to do as big a cut so I’m very confident that Strikeforce won’t be a problem.

    Do you honestly think that Nick Diaz will stand up with you?

    There’s no way he’ll stand up with me. He might think he wants to but his coaches won’t allow it; Cesar Gracie’s a great coach and he won’t want him trading punches.

    What holes do you see in Nick Diaz’s game that you can exploit?

    His boxing and his lack of wrestling. I’m a better athlete than he is. He’s a really dangerous grappler but he’s got to get in close enough to make it work and I’m not going to give him the chance.


    YouTube - The Story of The Sengoku King (Miami Hustle Prequel By Genghis Con)


    After reading this article, you will be awarded with the 'Highly Touted Newcomer' card to be placed in your back pocket. You can redeem this card at anytime, preferably in the midst of a late-night conversation about MMA. When this card is redeemed, people will instantly drop their beverage of choice and stand in awe at your MMA knowledge. You don't even have to credit us. Just pretend like you knew about Derek Brunson before you read this MiddleEasy article. We really don't care. Either way, you will be one of these. Derek Brunson is a three-time All-American wrestler hailing from The University of North Carolina. He has finished all of his fights in the first round, and usually through some incredibly violent knockout. In fact, the longest he's ever been in the cage is 2:27 and if you add the total time in all of his six fights, it only comes to a little bit over six minutes. According to his Twitter account, Derek will be making his Strikeforce debut on an April 1st Strikeforce Challengers card against one of those mysterious TBD/TBA guys.

    Derek Brunson auditioned for The Ultimate Fighter and for some insanely complex reason, he was not selected to participate in the show. It's alright though, we still have his TUF audition reel and now it's time you check it out.

    YouTube - Derek Brunson . Official TUF audition film


    A place called The Center in Oklahoma is now nestled comfortably inside a Wal-Mart, which essentially means you can work on your sprawl while your mother's holiday pictures are being developed in the photography department. While The Center has multiple locations across the country, it appears that their El Reno, Oklahoma establishment is the first mixed martial arts gym that is housed entirely inside of a Wal-Mart. If you're in the area, you can try a class out for free with a promise that 'you'll want to be a member forever'. Here are a few pictures of the establishment via The UG. Let's just hope these guys are using Dollamur Mats.


    YouTube - MiddleEasy.com | Fabricio Werdum says he's only going to fight for 2-3 more years


    There's an embargo on this MMA Supremacy news, but I'm leaking it out early to you guys in an attempt to bring you the news first, and to put MiddleEasy in a potential lawsuit. IGN ran a story on MMA Supremacy being the first videogame to feature women's MMA (something that I knew over a month ago), but they don't quite have the content that we're presenting to you guys. Felice Herrig and Michele Gutierrez will be featured in the game and most likely beating every morsel of facial recognition out of each other. After we interviewed Felice Herrig nearly two years ago, she told us to throw away her number and never call her again. Apparently she thought we were stalkers and that our interviewer, Noel, sounded just a little bit 'too creepy'. We were stuck in Biloxi, Mississippi at the time to watch a newcomer to MMA called 'Bobby Lashley' take on 'the biggest challenge of his career', Bob Sapp. Later that night, we accidentally dialed her up and just stayed quiet as Felice repeatedly said 'Hello?' over the phone. In retrospect, we really should have taken her advice and trashed her phone number. Ah well, at least we can occasionally stalk Felice on her Twitter account.

    Check out these exclusive screen shots of Felice Herrig and Michele Gutierrez tearing it up in a digital world along with a video of them playing their digital representations in the real world. My god this simulacrum...




    I have said it many times, M-1 is doing everything to get attention and they know they only get media attention if they say stupid things so they will demand crazy things to get there voice out there. I’ve always said that I will do my test like every other fighter. I honestly believe that Fedor lost the fight because of ‘bad’ karma. I’ve heard stories what M-1 did to their own staff and what they are demanding. They used Fedor to get what they want. What goes around comes around and that’s Fedor losing. I seriously like Fedor and I had mixed feelings when he lost. On the one hand I wanted to see Fedor in the semi finals but on the other hand I’m happy so M-1 is not co-promoting any event where I will be fighting in."



    PRO MMA NOW: Rumor has it that your contract with Strikeforce was up and you chose not to resign. Can you talk about why you and Strikeforce parted ways and clear up any rumors that might be out there?

    BOBBY LASHLEY: "It was basically that. I think Coker is a great guy and I think that he has a great organization. The last card was incredible. It was a great fight show. I have no bad words to Strikeforce or Coker. I think he is great. I just felt the need to just get away from that relationship for whatever reasons and start over and build myself back up. I’ve been talking with Joe Kelly and he has been an incredible person to talk with and an incredible person to work with and I see his vision with his organization and I just want to be a part of it. Then having an opportunity to be able to fight in Kansas and really build back up and get ready I think it was just the right fit for me."

    PRO MMA NOW: Could you ever see yourself fighting with Strikeforce sometime in the future?

    BOBBY LASHLEY: "I don’t know about that."



    “I think his boxing is phenomenal. He’s a great striker and he’s a guy that comes to fight. It was a great display of that in that fight. He was fighting with Cyborg standing up, Cyborg took him down, and he carried on fighting and submitted him. As a fighter, Nick Diaz is phenomenal.”

    “Although he’s fought a lot of guys standing up, he’s not fought me. I don’t mean to be arrogant and I don’t mean to continue piping on about it, but I’m a whole different animal when it comes to the stand-up game and I’ve continued to get better.

    “I don’t do it for publicity when I say his expiry date’s going to be up, that’s genuinely how I feel. I think the build-up could be interesting. I think if Diaz lets his mouth flow away with him, I think it could be quite entertaining.”


    Last edited by AJ; 03-23-2011, 11:13 AM.

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  • AJ

    Coming from someone who still is active and wrestles in Japan, why is MMA dying over there?
    Oh man, I don't know as far as MMA. I don't know whats going on. I think they put a lot into a few names but with all these other organizations people started disappearing on them. When I go down there to wrestle every few months it's great, they always sell out.

    Why do you think that is? Why has pro wrestling been able to sustain while MMA has not?
    Pro wrestling is never gonna die, part of the reason is with wrestling, you know you're going to be entertained for as long as the show goes. 2 hour show, 2 hours of entertainment. In MMA it's so unpredictable no one ever knows what's going to happen. So it's a toss up with what they are trying to do. Do you have good match ups or do you highlight your stars and keep the entertainment aspect of it. I think some promotions don't know which way to go and it's confusing to the crowd.

    Will you ever wrestle in a North American promotion again?
    Yeah I probably will, I love pro wrestling, right now all of my heart and dedication is to fighting, so I wouldn't say right now, it's always a great time but right now I'm dedicated to fighting. It's fun putting on great shows in front of large crowds, i will never say I would never go back to pro wrestling.

    What do you think about the reports of Vince Mcmahon trying to block MMA in Connecticut.
    Wow, I did not know that. Well, I don't know how much power he has to do that, or it may not be totally him. A lot of the time the blame is pointed towards Vince when he has a whole staff of people working for him. He gets a lot of heat for thing he may not really be involved with. I haven't heard anything about this, I remember one time when I was wrestling I brought up MMA and he was all for it, so I don't think Vince is against MMA at all.

    So when you had that conversation with Vince McMahon about MMA, was it to wrestle and fight?
    No, I think it was just MMA. I think he was trying to tell me to hold off so it could be under this banner. A different promotion.

    Can you talk about the bank robbery that happened around you a few years back?
    Oh yeah, it was pretty crazy. I was getting ready for the Olympic trials in 2003. I was preparing for team trials, I was ready to move forward and wrestle. So I was heading to the bank and I got in the back of the line and I was getting ready to make a deposit into my account and right after I walked in it was BOOM. The first bang noise was the guy kicking in the door and the second bang was him firing. I was not more than 10 ft in front of the guy, he had his arm extended out and he was firing and when he was firing I saw out of my peripheral that everyone was diving so I took a dive also. When I was down there I remember praying like 'this cannot be it, this isn't it, no way no way' At that point I stayed down, I heard more gunshots, they were firing more, no one got shot but they ended up escaping. The reason I know so much as far as what went on, and how close they were is that I got to see the surveillance camera after, when I saw that I couldn't believe how close the guy was to me and that he missed me. When I got up, my knee was just completely destroyed. It ws the industrial carpet with concrete underneath it. My knee was just destroyed, I had to have surgery, it ended my amateur wrestling career, it was a mess. The one thing I could say I learned from that is life is short. Go out and do what you want. When I first started MMA there were a bunch of critics saying 'this guy this guy' if you have an opportunity to do something you have to go do it.

    How did you get hooked up with Titan FC.
    A buddy of mine owns an MMA clothing store in Kansas City and he had done some work with them, so on Facebook I mentioned something about getting a hold of them for me because I hadn't fought in a while and I don't have management. I got burned a few times before with managers so I do it all my own. So I saw him and he gave em a call and Joe Kelley (CEO) called me and seemed like a real cool guy and he told me they had a bunch of fights lined up for this year and he would love to have me on the card. So, at that point I was like sign me up.

    So would you say you are going to take on Abe Wagner or Tim Sylvia in the near future?
    I don't know the details about my future just yet, but I know I'm still under contract with Strikeforce. I found out through Coker and those guys, I'm still under contract with Strikeforce til late April I guess, after that I can renegotiate or look for other fights.

    So the Strikeforce door is still open then?

    You talk about building yourself up, do you think you've built yourself up enough? Is it time?
    After 6 fights? You could say that, lets go by some of the top guys in Strikeforce, how many fights does Bigfoot have? Fedor? 30? Overeem is at 40 something. You cant replicate that experience in the ring or cage. At 6 fights I'm here right now and the more fights you have the more comfortable you're going to be in the ring and the more ring generalship your going to have and you will be comfortable in there. At 6 fights I think I'm still in the infancy of my career and I would like it to be where I have 10 15 20 fights. So yeah I want to get a handful of fights before I go back out there and try to get the big fights. I know what I am capable of doing and my coaches know what I am capable of. But the thing is the experience, you cant match that with anything else, you can practice year after year but in the cage, in that cage it's different. You need to get experience that way and get more comfortable.

    That's interesting, you have critics out there that thik you should just jump right in and you've been ready. To that you said I want to fight lower level guys, cans maybe? Or fight for the belt.
    I never said I want to fight "cans". I think that's a problem I have with critics, you get in a ring with a can you'll know that's ignorant. I have respect for every guy who steps in there. I don't think there is anyone out there to be considered a can. I think one person on paper might be better than another or on a different level, but you put 4oz glove so on anyone I don't care if you're 145 pounds you can get hit and dropped, really. so i don't look at cans but there are different levels. you got the JDS, Cain, Overeem. Those guys are the top higher level, and before I get to that level I want to fight maybe you can call them mid card guys but I think with the opportunity to get several fights this year I can grow. In stead of being stuck in a contract where people aren't allowing me to fight I can get some fights in this year. If I can fight every couple months, I'm gonna fight every couple months. I said this before, but because of contracts and other things I was in I couldn't dictate when I could fight or what I wanted to do. I will not put myself if that situation again. Now I'm in a situation where I can stay active, I need to go out there and get several fights this year.

    Would you say a lot of the fighters aren't getting enough fights in Strikeforce?
    It just depends on who you are. some people have in their contract that they can fight in Strikeforce or other places on their off time. Cormier was fighting a fight every month, some people get the opportunity's to take the fights like that some don't.

    Who has the better UFC division right now UFC or Strikeforce.
    Man...I cant even answer that. I think Brock is tough, Cain is tough, Fedor's tough. Overeem is tough, Josh Barnett is extremely tough. I think Kharitnov, Cormier. I could list a ton of good looking guys, Shane Del Rosario. I mean there are a lot of guys on that list and then you go to UFC, JDS, Shane Carwin all of these guys haven't fought each other and until they do we will never know.

    Everybody loses in MMA, from the outside it looks like you're taking the loss to Chad Griggs kind of tough. What if it wasn't a flaw in your game and it turns out Chad Griggs is the greatest of all time, would that help put your sole loss in perspective?
    No. Not at all, because I didn't look at that loss as him beating me, there were a lot of things that were going on that I was dealing with at the time. My performance suffered, but there was no point where I feel he took over. I mean I wish the best for him and I hope he does do something great but I don't see him beating the upper echelon of that weight division at all.

    That whole card was crazy with the athletic commission...
    (interjects) the standup from full mount position, allowing the strikes to the back to the head, yeah a lot of stuff completely off the wall.

    Did you know Chadd Griggs called you a sore loser
    I could care less about what he has to say.

    Would you say you're going to stay away from Texas for awhile?
    I wouldn't say I'm going to stay away from it but if I have an opportunity elsewhere and an opportunity in Texas I will probably go somewhere else than back to Texas.

    Do you think you are represented well in EA MMA?
    I don't know, I haven't really seen my character.

    You shoot a lot.
    Yeah see I'm trying to fix that a bit, in my time off I've been working with my hands so hopefully I can show the fans and the MMA world something different.

    When you first hit the MMA scene you were given the nickname 'The Galaxy Collector' any chance you will ditch 'Dominator' and go back to that?
    Galaxy collector? I don't know about that. I've never heard that.

    You said you wanted to train with Josh Barnett, did anything come of that?
    Ahh, Josh has extended his hand out and said he wanted to work together. We worked out a little in Japan and ever since then, I live in Denver and I have kids so I cant just pick up and leave anytime, this fight came up quick so I keep my training here in Denver. But when this fight is over I'm gonna try to get a fight really soon after so I can go out there and train with them. I'm gonna see if I can help train him for his fight too because I see him as the sleeper in that tournament and I think he could take out everybody and win it, hopefully. So hopefully I could get something out of that camp and help him also.

    What do you have to say to all of your haters?
    I don't even comment to those guys man. I look at it like this, I think a lot of the times, haters are from different camps or these jealous people. I think those people are always going to be there. A comedian said something I thought was really true and funny: if you have 10 haters now you should want 20 by the end of the year. The more success you get the more haters you're going to get. I'm not going to go on the forums, The Underground and give myself little aliases to try to make myself feel better bashing on other fighters. I think I have a little more appreciation and respect for the MMA fight game in order to not do that and I think it's the most childish thing you can do. It's sad that the fighters and we have managers agents and all kinds of people jumping on these forums and doing that and it doing this, that's just not me. So to all my haters keep hating. Ha, you are helping sell my career so keep on going.

    Are you and Phil Baroni going to be partying it up?
    Well he's from that AKA crew, a real great group of guys and fighters, I don't know him that well personally but if he's any thing like those AKA guys I will definitely be hanging out with them when I'm down there.


    sengoku shutting down

    SRC Report: Future activities of the emergency;

    Emergency previous report (released February 1, 2011) As we know the history behind it, but we now are critical crossroads, we face a tough decision. Then, Don Quixote, who is also the parent company of our sponsor (the company below) from, SRC has been made official representations to the effect that withdrawing from the business.

    It has also led to this, we express the truth intentionally, and if the company [million years despite large deficits, but only in a dream has continued to support and love of martial arts, but the thought Naka Naka Not only convey, ranging to be dragged into such a situation and some mindless media article on the contrary, is disgusted Hotohoto] you really like.

    The company most, rather than a full withdrawal from the actual martial arts community, Pancrase and Shooto activities sponsored organizations that support current and amateur wrestling or are planning to continue, even and other groups, "If tapped Future (help) and not willing to consider, "I said. But we organized, SRC from big businesses such as Sengoku decision to pull out of the company is refusing to be changed.

    Indeed shameful that the inside will pour out, as we have been doing business entirely dependent on sponsors and parent support is not without its own box office on its own can be terminated if it is no longer present and if Ikan stuck with a difficult situation I have to say.

    The only hope is the emergence of a sponsor to replace Don Quixote. The company also "has a love for martial arts, if there is funding us to target certain (for inheritance) willing to cooperate fully" with the intention to accepting. Even if we do something in that direction, we hope to find out the possibility of 一縷. But if it is fulfilled, you must be prepared for the worst that can be dissolved.

    Even with the lack of any company, SRC fans, players, of course, put a great deal of inconvenience and worry like all the related parties, lay down here and I apologize.

    Warudobikutorirodo Inc. March 11, 2011


    MFC is hosting their first ever event held in a cage and they want you to name it for them. In exchange for providing them with the winning insanely creative and witty name for their shiny new cage, they will provide you with premium tickets to the fights, airfare, ground transportation, hotel accommodations, pre-show and after-party passes.

    Too enter the MFC Cage Name Contest or for more information send your entry, name, address, phone number and email address to [email protected]


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