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  • A New Level ~ Another Great Show

    Ring of Honor's Debut at the historic Hammerstein Ballroom in NYC, yet again they deliver a QUALITY wrestling show so I had to talk about it a bit...

    The usual NYC ROH crowd that used to pack the Manhattan Center used to be more rabid and crazed, since most of them were die hard ROH fans. This time around, the Hammerstein crowd was a mixture of those die hard fans (obviously) and regular fans who enjoyed the product but maybe a bit shy how to react. The frenzy that should of been wasn't there, but the electricity in the air and the buzz was there all night long, which made for a great atmosphere and a great crowd. Its to be determined whether the Hammerstein ROH crowd will break out of their shell and go nuts!

    The moment you see the ROH ring and set up, it definitely seems right...much like how ECW back in the day made the venue their "home", much like how WWE bringing their One Night Stand PPV's to the venue was a great idea, ROH seemed at the right place. If i didn't know better for a split second I thought it was ECW and Jerry Lynn was coming out to battle RVD. The spirit was still there, the tradition continues...

    When's the last that the Hammerstein was treated to such a great top to bottom wrestling show, with such diverse wrestling styles and matches? Probably never. The old RAW's back in the day were fun but they were really more like shows to get the product and superstars over, and the venue was the perfect place for that since it provided for a intimate atmosphere (and it worked). The ECW shows were fantastic but Paul Heyman's ECW was never fully about the wrestling, it was more about the characters running the asylum and providing a unpredictable wrestling show (and it worked). The WWE for some unknown reason at the time had the first two One Night Stands PPV's, which resulted in the year's best PPV's and the most real and crazy gathering of fans in the WWE'S history (and it worked).

    But I don't think the Hammer has seen such a wrestling show with 6 different match types in its existence, A New Level is a treat indeed.

    The question about ROH that is most of often asked is when will they get a TV deal? When is unknown, all that is known is that ROH will get a TV deal when it suits them best. BUT if they ever got the deal to produce a TV wrestling show, the Hammerstein would be the place to have those shows, much more fan friendly when it comes to casual wrestling fans and the action would translate amazing on TV, a definite channel stopper.

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    If i had a checking MOST LIKELY i would buy this dvd

    oh BTW....Masato Yoshino is my new favorite wrestler


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      who gives a fuck about this second rate show.......JOHN CENA MIGHT BE DEAD!!!!!
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        ROH sucks.
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          __________________________________________________ _________

          This is directed to the NON-ROH watchers, take the chance to download this if u must and watch it.

          FIP World Heayweight Triple Threat Title Match
          Roderick Strong vs. Erick Stevens vs. Go Shiosaki

          One (of the many) complaints about Ring of Honor's by the nonsayers is that they have long matches, which was the case back in 2004 but the present ROH is a more defined well rounded product. This opener is the perfect example of that, a short match with tons of action, proving that exciting quality matches is not impossible on TV and time isn't a factor. This FIP title match was 6 MINUTES long, it doesn't let go for a second and its quite impressive the amount of wrestling they get into that short amount of time, not to mention the beating they give each other by literally chopping the fuck out of each other. GREAT opener to an important show, you can describe this as the hard hitting match of the night, the ending was unexpected and made sense with it continuing the Stevens/Strong blood rivalry.
          Balzter Rating: (***3/4*)

          Tag Team Attraction
          The NRC of Davey Richards & Rocky Romero vs. Kevin Steen & El Generico

          This wasn't the only tag team match of the night, but it was the match that featured straight up competitive tag team wrestling between the fomer champs of the NRC and the red hot Steenrico (OLE!). The winner would come one step closer to getting a shot at the ROH World Tag Team titles, so good old faces versus heels here with no other bullshit surrounding the match, no inteference or nobody getting runned over by a car. Unlike the the opener, the match starts off with a slower pace with the teams feeling each other out and then it breaking out in the Dragon Gate style tha ROH is perfecting in the U.S. Hows the match? Well let's just say that if this exact match was done on RAW, Smackdown or a WWE PPV, people would be clamoring for match of the year or best match ever....It is a great match, booked pretty much to perfection with the momentum going back and forth to a very timely climax, 15 MINUTE MATCH.
          Balzter Rating: (****)

          Tag Team Scramble Match
          Sweet & Sour Inc of Chris Hero & Brent Albright vs. Delirious & Pelle Primeau vs. Jack Evans & Jigsaw


          Here we have the part of the show that is not fully about the wrestling and more about getting an angle over and most importantly getting a wrestler over. Although don't be fooled, it doesn't mean you can't have a good match leading to the post match angle. If you haven't seen a Scramble Match, its multiple tag teams and when a wrestler leaves the ring another can enter, tags not necessary and its one pinfall/submission to the finish. This type of contest is usually very fast paced, a lot of spots and dives and little selling, very similar to the X-Divison matches in TNA. On a side note, another thing the naysayer of ROH like to mention is how the ROH wrestlers "dont know how to sell", well Jack Evans eats two roaring elbows by Chris Hero and he sells it like he just got knocked out and wont be able to walk ever again, so another thing you can put in the over-analyzing trash can. Anyways, big angle here is Brent Albright is blinded and gives Hero a half-nelson costing Sweet & Sour Inc. a Hammerstein debut victory, which doesn't stand well with Larry Sweeney. Mr Sweeney is pissed and gets in the face of Albright and orders him to beat the shit out of poor little Bobby Dempsey but Albright is reluctant to go ahead with it. All of Sweet & Sour take their turn on hitting Dempsey until its time for Albright to do it and NO!...He starts cleaning house with every member and then they all come back for a second round...bad idea, he starts taking names and kicking asses. He gives Shane Hagadorn a Awesome Bomb to the table outside the ring to the sickest table spot of this year, I don't know how Hagadorn is not dead as he goes from the Hammerstein to LaLaLaLand in split second. Crowd gives the biggest pop of the night in a successful face turn, Albright in a matter of minutes becomes a MONSTER in NYC, as they give "Albright" chant. 8 MINUTE MATCH, but its the post match happenings that make this a great match + promo segment.
          Balzter Rating: (***)

          Special Attraction Match: NOAH vs. ROH
          "American Dragon" Bryan Danielson vs. Naomichi Marufuji

          Do I have to sell you this match? Two of the best in the world, no not Triple H or Kurt Angle...So what you think happens? A technical/wrestling maserpiece, they can wrestle each night and it would be fantastic. Actually the backstory on this was that because NOAH and ROH decided that Danielson and Morishima shouldn't be in the same ring while Morishima is GHC Champion because of the magnitude of the violence of their feud, so it was decided thet each wrestler could pick an opponent for the rival wrestler. Morishima picked one of the best in Pro Wrestling NOAH to hopefully beat Danielson at his own game. That John Cena vs. Batista match that we will probably see very soon...well its not this, this is the complete opposite of what that will be, curious how that would look like well this is your match. 21 MINUTES MATCH, I liked the submissions they traded back and forth in this match, honest to god top notch wrestling that you can't see anywhere else in the U.S.
          Balzter Rating: (****1/4*)

          You Got Cockblocked !
          Daizee Haze/Delirious/Rhett Titus Segment

          This is the only in ring and backstage segment of ALL the night. Daizee comes out to announce a ROH record for crowd attendance but she is interrupted by Delirious sporting a tie and holding a rose behind his back. He asks Daizee out for dinner but hes interrupted by the "official" debut of "Addicted to Love" Rhett Titus, who starts delivering all his awesome lines and flirting with Daizee, which runs her away as shes chased by Titus...leaving Delirious alone in the ring, as he drops the rose in the middle of the ring as he sadly exists, this starts a "you got cockblocked" chant to awesomeness.
          Is this angle have potential? Usually these types of storylines in ROH work out and are done very well, going the simple and take your time approach. The love triangle should be interesting and who knows who Daizee will pick, the importance here was established ROH student Rhett Titus. His gimmick is great, his whole persona is working and this is perfect way to get him into the ROH mix.

          Special Attraction Match: NOAH vs. ROH
          Necro Butcher vs. Takeshi Morishima

          A dream match that was talked about often last year in the ROH Board, and behold its happening...thanks to Danielson picking Necro to hopefully give Morishima a hurting. Does this deliver dream match magic? Well no, thats actually wasn't going to happen since the expectations for this was impossible to meet. I actually enjoyed this for what it was, two very different monsters going at each other, and the booking here is yet again done very well. Morishima usually has problems with faster and more athletic wrestlers because they can counter his size and power BUT in this case, Necro Butcher is straight forward with his attack...which is a punch in the face. That unfortunetely for Necros face plays right into what Morishima does best and Necro gets momentary advantage but eventually loses control to Morishima for the remender of the match. Necro takes some nasty bumps here as he takes a lariat to the face that should of ripped his head right off, including a top tope backdrop driver on the chair that is pulled off pretty good, so aside for the fact that everyone knew that Morishima won't be losing (hes GHC Champion) this match was very entertaining and by no means a disappointment. Rematch? Yes please! 10 MINUTE MATCH. If you like brawler vs. brawler this is your cup of tea.
          Balzter Rating: (***1/4*)

          No DQ ROH World Tag Team Title Match
          Jay Briscoe & Austin Aries vs. Jimmy Jacobs & Tyler Black

          Here you have two different feuds coming together to create a twisted storyline and extreme drama. Austin Aries comes into this storyline as the replacement for Mark Briscoe who was stabbed in the wrist by Jimmy Jacobs causing him to be out of action. So Jay Briscoe wants revenge and who better then Aries who was being recruited by the Age o the Fall. This lead Lacey taking the matters in her own hands to convince Aries, but the end result is Aries convincing Lacey to leave the Age of the Fall and be with him. This drives Jimmy to insanity as he stabs Mark Briscoe and then attacks Lacey as she exists her gym, which brings Aries into this situation for his opportunity to get his hands on Jacobs. Great motherfucking booking for the win. To add a bit of spice, make this No DQ and you have my personal Match of the Night, great mixture of hardcore wrestling and drama with a few memorable spots and a nasty nasty blade job by Jay Briscoe as he leaves puddles of blood in the ring. The end of the match is the cherry on top as Aries and Jay are in control and is about to take the match but Necro comes out and takes out Aries, whos then neutralized by Jimmy Jacobs. Then Mark Briscoes in arm cast and all comes out and takes out Necro, leaving Jay to set up Tyler Black for the doomsday as Mark Bricoes delivers the springboard doomsday WITH ONE FREAKING ARM, for the win. Just awesome, keep it simple and it will work. 14 MINUTE MATCH.
          Balzter Rating: (****1/2*)

          ROH World Title Match
          Nigel McGuinness vs. Claudio Castagnoli

          This was given bad reviews from the live crowd but on DVD this is quite a good world title match, its a while I've seen a match with such a clear up and down momentum through the whole match. All I have to say is, that in U.S. pro wrestling its almost unseen to have a heel champion to be the confident and dominating champion over the babyface. Usually the heel will cheat, run away and act scared of the babyface, but not in this case as Nigel came off in my opinion, looking like a real champion. He went the whole match with confidence and comported himself as a champion that is almost unbeatable at the moment, this ora says "try to take this belt away from me, I dara you". He never really lost control in this match, he was in the driver seat all along and was only in jeopardy of losing the belt once but besides that he had Claudio's number. Claudio comes off looking like a threat but clearly he plays the babyface that can be champion but justttt ain't ready yet. Good title match with yet again, no outside bullshit, the best man was gonig to win, which didn't play well with the crowd in the end when Claudio taps out pretty quickly to the London Dungeon. 25 MINUTE MATCH.
          Balzter Rating: (***3/4*)

          Watch this, top to bottom great show that really shows how ROH is really above everything else when it comes to pro wrestling.


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