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Vince Russo can do it...you can do it too! Book TNA 3 hours Impact!

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  • Vince Russo can do it...you can do it too! Book TNA 3 hours Impact!

    The goal is to book the TNA Impact live 3 hour head to head with RAW from January 4th...and do it in less then 6 weeks.

    I am going to wrap my mind around it and book what I think should of happened on the show going against RAW that night.

    -You can use all available TNA wrestlers to your disposal.
    -You can use all talent that showed up on TNA that night (but you can't use like RVD since he didn't show up).
    -Since you would hypothetically be in the booking meeting, you can keep matches and stuff that aired and not change them if you wish.
    -TNA had 7 matches, in 3 hours with commercials that seems about right so stick to 7 matches and maybe 8 if you really need to.
    -Try to break it down per hour since that's how they usually script a show, especially when hour 2 goes head to head with hour 1 of RAW.


    ...i'll be back in 6 weeks with my booking, just kidding!! lmao

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    *Promo of the 7 1/2 year existence of TNA*

    For new viewers this is important and shows that they missed out on a lot. TNA did right with this.
    **Taped fans reaction and comments about the 3 hour live IMPACT debut on Monday**

    This was also a nice touch by TNA, although they concentrated too much about the "war" with the WWE, they should of kept it subliminal
    ***Show starts off with footage of Hogan and Bischoff arriving to the arena earlier in the afternoon and being greeted by the TNA wrestlers and staff.***

    The whole limo arriving to the arena and then a black limo and the fake "hype", Russo is still stuck in the Attitude Era or WCW, it actually comes off as they are trying to imitate the WWE, the WWE could pull it off they have better TV production. This way its simple to show Hogan arriving early and meeting the wrestlers, which he will put over later in the show. It means that Hogan is at the arena already and that anything can happen.

    Ultimate X Match - X-Division Title Match
    Amazing Red (champ) vs. Jay Lethal vs. Consequences Creed vs. Suicide

    Amazing Red retains clean in a ~10 minute match, not too long and just enough time to tease the potential of this type of match. Crowd would be HOT!

    -If TNA wanted to start off the live broadcast with a gimmick match, there is only one match that could of started off the show with a bang, that being the U-X. I understand that the structure is apparently hard to put up and then remove, hence why previous shows has had the scaffolds up the whole show. This probably explains the reason they went with the Steel Asylum, but the match is kinda stupid and you can even see most of the action due to the thick red cage. The Ultimate X match is the best gimmick match of the past 10 years, the new generation Ladder Match and TNA needed to take advantage of this by showing the viewers watching at that point that if they change channel, they will miss out on good wrestling along with surprises.
    *First live shot from Hogan and Bischoff's luxury box in the back, sitting down and watching the match, and nodding their heads in agreement and whispering information to each other. You also hear a lot of commotion happening in the back of what seems to be another connecting room behind a black curtain...looks like Hogan has invited some friends and they are having a party*


    **Were back! Jeremy Borash is trying to get into Hogan's room but security is not letting him in, then Eric Bischoff shows up and tells Borash; "Hogan won't be talking right now, but when he is ready, he will address everybody at once." While this is happening, The Beautiful People show up, all 3 sluts, and corner Bischoff who has a big grin on his face; "Can I help you ladies?" Velvet Sky responds; "We have a proposition for you...if you scratch our back, we scratch your back"...Bischoff directs them into Hogans room as Jeremy Borash tries to enter but is denied.

    ***Camera now goes to a shot of the parking lot where a long white limousine pulls up, shot ends and goes back to ringside where you see Tenay and Taz talking about anybody can be in that limousine but tonight is a night to celebrate TNA and all the talent, puts over the opening X-Division match and talks about how the X-Division put TNA on the map in 2002 as it goes to a vignette about the history of the X-Division...as you see a shot of the crew taking down the structure.

    A commercial wrapped with promos, vignettes and etc...usually this is not acceptable to diverge away from the action in the ring but this leaves time for the ring crew to take down the structure...either way, RAW is not on yet so no worries as of yet for anyone tunning out, so they are more likely to sit through segments of Hogan when is fresh and exciting.

    *Time for the next match, Motor City Machine Guns come out for this #1 contenders match for the TNA Tag Team Titles. Eric Bischoff comes out after the MCMG come out...Bischoff talks about how he has went out and scoured the United States for the best tag teams in the industry...he says; "I found a team in L.A...Let me introduce you to...The Young Bucks!".*

    Special Attraction Tag Team Match - #1 contendership for the TNA Tag Team Titles
    The Motor City Machine Guns vs. The Young Bucks

    This one goes ~ 15 minutes, with the Bucks coming so close when they hit their finisher "More Bang for your Buck" but interupted by the Guns. MCMG over The Bucks to become #1 contenders.

    Since the WWE has no tag team division, after showcasing the X-Division you showcase the depth of the TNA tag division. Arguably two of the best teams in the U.S. right now. You give them that 15 minutes and you have them go all out, both teams come out looking strong, especially the Young Bucks...who this past Thursday had this exact match and got 5 minutes and got completely gimmick restructured, TNA dropping the ball before it ever started. No idea why the Bucks were not on IMPACT live the week before, its unacceptable unless they were on Mars, the chance to wrestle live on a Monday is the holy grail for any upcoming tag team.

    **Backstage, Desmond Wolfe and his tag team partner for the night Eric Young are being interviewed and are asked about this not so unlikely alliance (I actually wrote Nigel multiple times before I realized...). Young talks about how Desmond is actually a perfect fit for his World Elite faction and how maybe after tonight, they might have another member. Desmond replies and talk about how he is a lone wolfe and he hunts alone...but how the offer seems tempting.**

    This is setting up another tag match for the second hour and planting the seeds for future feuds and storylines ...hopefully the start of maybe a Nigel face turn as well if all goes well.


    *Tara and ODB are in the ring and the bell is about to be rung but......Eric Bischoff is out again, and says that he was approached earlier with a very interesting offer and has modified slightly the Knockouts Womens match...there will be a third entrant...Angelina Love returns!!*

    Knockouts Title Match
    Tara (champ) vs. ODB vs. Angelina Love

    This title match goes just under 10 minutes with Angelina Love at the very end hitting her finisher on ODB while Tara is out of way to WIN the Knockouts Title

    **Post Match, the Beautiful People come out to celebrate with Angelina Love while Tara is shocked and surprised...they paper bag ODB but Tara makes the save with a steel chair as Angelina Love is back and is back on top of the womens division.

    For some reason Angelina had her visa issues resolved before the 4th January but was not featured on the Live show, why??? She is by far the best female personality on the TNA roster, solid on the mic and passable in the ring, for the time being it will do until some other Knockout steps up. This would set up a feud with Tara vs. Beautiful People due to Tara never got pinned to lose the belt.

    ***Back in Hogan's room, Eric Bischoff is on the cellphone and advises Hogan that he has just arrived at the arena, "HE is here". At that moment, Kevin Nash comes out of behind the black curtain followed by Scott Hall and Sean Waltman....Nash says; "The Band is back together!" as they do their nWo salute...Hall says; "Hey Hulkster, who's HE? Who's here?"...Waltman says; "Let's go out there boss! Let's crash this party!"...Hogan replies to all with; "Brothers, you guys get comfortable over here, enjoy the show, enjoy the party...I'm going out there right now...."***

    I thought it can't be harmful to have Hall, X-Pac and etc on the show, but in a limited role for backstage promos but not the focal point of the biggest promo time of the show (start of the second hour).




    RAW Head to Head Promo

    **The locker room starts to empty out with all the wrestlers making their way to ringside. Hogan's music finally hits and he makes his way to the ring with Eric Bischoff following not to far behind

    In the ring, Hogan says; "its time for a change, its time for a new breed of pro wrestling, no longer will pro wrestling be a joke...it's time for everybody to step up and make an IMPACT!" He then goes on a rand on how he was backstage for most of the day and met with everybody on the roster one on one to get to know everybody...and then explains how there are stars in the back and future superstars..."the next Hulk Hogan may just be standing around this ring...the next Bret Hart may just be at ringside at this very moment."

    This is interrupted by music, as Mick Foley makes his way out...he is stopped by security but Hogan advises them to let him come and speak his mind. Mick Foley starts to explain that history has proved that Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff are egomaniacs and are only in business for themselves, he doesn't leave a word they are saying when they claim they are here to help TNA and elevate the young talented stars. Hogan replies that Foley came at the perfect time because he was about to introduce a really goof friend of his out here to join everybody....

    Ric Flair's music starts playing and Foley has a look of disgust on his face. Flair gets in the ring and extends his hand to Foley who refuses to shake it. Flair shakes Hogan's hand and then gets on the mic, he then proceeds to explain that the two best of all time has joined forces to make TNA the best of all time and make all these wrestlers the best they can be. Foley interrupts by calling bullshit, he then cuts shoot on how there hasn't not been two wrestlers who has played politics more, who have back stabbed more people and who have more reason to come to TNA for a paycheck...then Foley pops a divorce comment to rub it in. Hogan is now pissed and cuts him off and explains that times have changed, the priorities have shifted and that its now the time to truly give back to the wrestling business. Foley gets in both their faces and explains how he doesn't trust or believe anything any of them are trying, and that he will be keeping his eye on them from this point on...Foley then exits the ring all the way to the back while checking his back.

    Back in the ring, the Nature Boy gets the mic and starts to "WOOOOOOOOOO!!"... Hogan then gets the mic and starts to"BROTHAAAAAAA!" and we have a Wooo! vs. Brotha! off....eventually Ric Flair recomposes himself and says that he's going to be back out here to get a up close look at the the AJ Styles vs. Angle main event later in the night. He then invites Angle and Styles in the ring, he shakes then hand and wishes them good luck in IMPACTS biggest ever main event, no pressure! Angle and Styles shakes hands as well before Flair exists.

    Hogan then ask for Eric Bischoff to get in the ring to make the big announcement, Eric then starts talking about deals that he has been working out during his arrival in TNA...says that he and Hogan have made the acquisition of a big star, a wrestler who could claim to arguably having the hottest 2009...ladies and gentlemen, JEFF HARDY!!

    Hardy's music hits and makes his way to the ring, Eric Bischoff raises Hardy's hand in the air...Hogan then welcomes Hardy to TNA and ask hims if he is ready to make an IMPACT...."Yes, Mr. Hogan"...then asks him why he choose TNA to make his return..."The best competition is right here in TNA!"...then asks him what exactly are his goals in coming to TNA...Hardy then pauses and turns around to AJ Styles walks up to ropes where Styles is standing on the outside, Styles gets on the apron and we have a face to face...Hardy puts the mic up to his mouth and says; "I am here to become the TNA World Champion". Hogan gets in between the two and says that Hardy's going to get his chance, but he needs to get in line...and the line is long.

    Hogan does his usual "Whatcha gon do when TNA runs wild on you" to end the segment

    The two biggest surprises in Flair and Hardy was wasted when RAW hadn't even started yet. Instead we got a nWo reunion and a clusterfuck promo about rehashing a 14 year old storyline but now with washed up wrestlers...so I thought the best thing to do was have Flair come out first and have Hardy as the big surprise as the former WWE Champion showing up live on IMPACT. I also thought since TNA had been teasing this Foley angle, to have him cut a shoot promo on Flair and Hogan...instead of having multiple boring promos all night long of him trying to get in the arena when everyone else was able to get in. Sets up a future match with Hardy and Styles...sets up future storyline with Foley and Hogan...and sets up Flair later in the show for a long overdue encounter.


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        TNA Knockouts Tag Team Title Match
        Taylor Wilde & Sarita (champs) vs. Awesome Kong & Hamada

        Taylor Wilde and Sarita retain with a quick role up on Hamada in ~ 10 minutes

        This was 1 out of 2 matches that TNA booked correctly, so this doesn't have to change except for the outcome, build off the tag champions and Hamada and Kong could be used more effectively for the Knockouts title scene...Kong stays strong with Hamada taking the pin for the loss.
        *In the back the team of Christopher Daniels and The Pope D'Angelo Dinero are being interviewed, Daniels says that this team with him and The Pope is holy and then Dinero goes into his usual promo stuff and says that tonight is a night of new beginnings...*

        **We then get a look at Hogans room with Hardy and Ric Flair as they enter behind the black curtain and join the party...**


        Special Attraction Match
        Samoa Joe vs. Homicide

        ~10 minutes with this match ending with a DQ victory for Joe, due to Hernandez interefering and attacking Samoa Joe when he has Homicide in the choke before Matt Morgan comes out to make the save

        Purpose of this match is too give the audience a great match, Homicide and Joe have great chemistry and they can go...since Hernandez has been floating around, I think its time to reunite him with Homicide to reform LAX.
        *Back in Hogan's room, Bobby Lashley comes in with his wife and tells Bischoff that TNA has not treated him good enough and that he wants out of his contract...Eric Bischoff tries to convince Lashley that things are about to change and to be patient. At this point, Orlando Jordan comes out from behind the curtain drinking a beer and introduces himself to Lashley and tells him that the competition in TNA is about to get even better...but Lashley is not interested...Lashley explains that he can't be bothered and tells his wife that its time to go, as he turns his back, Orlando Jordan cracks the bottle in back of Lashleys head as he leaves the room with a smile on his face.*

        I hated how they handled the Bobby Lashley angle, it was pointless and time consuming, I think TNA needs to take advantage of Bobby Lashley and make him a superstar, Orlando Jordan is a guy who can feud with him and put him back on the right path before he enters a main event feud.


        **We get back from commercial and we see an infuriated Bobby Lashley getting taken care of by medics, Lashley tells Bischoff that he thinks that he's going to stick around for the time being**

        ***We get a look back in the room with Hogan who's talking on cellphone to a special acquisition who is going to debut at Genesis and the curtains open and the Nasty Boys come out and jump all over Hogan and asks him when they are going to get a shot at the Tag Belts, Hogan replies that he thinks they have had too much to drink.**

        ***We get a look at Jeff Jarrett arriving backstage***

        Tag Team Challenge
        Desmond Wolfe & Eric Young vs. Christoher Daniels & The Pope D'Angelo Dinero

        After a miscue jawbreaker lariat on his own partner Eric Young, The Pope takes advantage and picks up the win in 10-15 minutes

        *Post match, Eric Young is frustrated and pushes Desmond Wolfe who backs away and avoids conflict almost like he had planned to hit Eric Young. While Christopher Daniels gets on the mic and targets Pope and says; "Will you join me? Do you believe in The Prophecy?"...as he sticks out his hand...The Pope thinks about it and eventually shakes Daniels hand who has a evil look on his face.*

        Desmond and Young issues will be linked later on in the show in the 3rd hour. As for Daniels and Pope, its the beginning of the group lead by Daniels called The Prophecy but Daniels is not finished for the night, he will be seen again
        **Jeff Jarrett is headed to the ring, what will he say?**




        ***Jeff Jarrett comes out and gives the exact same promo he did, puts over TNA and the talent until he is interrupted by someones music....SEAN MORLEY comes out and heads to the ring as Jarrett seems confused on what is happening. Sean Morley re-introduces himself to the wrestling world and says that its time for him to be serious and make history in TNA...Morley says that he was in the back listening and he couldn't stop from realizing that Jeff Jarretts time in TNA and wrestling in general is over due. That over 10 years ago when Jarrett was in the WWF and dropped the ball, he was wrestling under the Val Venis monicker as a up and comer in the business but a decade later, he's become a well rounded veteran and no more will he waste his career with Sports Entertainment and no longer will he let guys like Jarrett who never know when to just quit steal his spot. At this point Morley slaps Jarrett in the face, Jarrett jumps him but is stopped immediately with a low blow, as Morley climbs the top rope and hits the Money Shot.***

        TNA needs to start the 3rd hour very strong, I thought the Jarrett promo he did on Jan 4th was just perfect until it was ruined by Hogan and Russo's RETARDED booking. For some real odd reason, I think that a Jarrett vs. Morley feud would be real good, they are both solid workers and Jarrett can be over as a face when he is booked right. Sean Morley would completely drop the Val Venis gimmick, with the idea to build another potential future main eventer.

        ****Backstage, AJ Styles is interviewed about his big title match later in the night and is asked how he feels about Ric Flair being out there to watch his match*****


        Hardcore Match / No DQ Anything Goes Match
        Abyss vs. Dr. Stevie w/ Daffney & Raven

        Abyss defeats Stevie Richards in ~10 minutes even after Raven and Daffney intervene

        *Post match, Raven gets in Stevie Richards face and tells him that he thinks Richards needs to get a dose of his medicine and tells him to give him the singapore cane and to turn around. Raven starts to strike Stevie until Christopher Daniels comes out and gives Raven the Angels Wings...Daniels picks up the cane and snaps it, extends his hand to Dr. Stevie and asks him to join his Gospel and he will never have to feel pain ever again...Dr. Stevie with Daffney takes his hand and they are lead to the back as Daniels once again has an evil look on his face.*

        Every 3 hour show needs a hardcore match, this though serves the purpose to have Dr. Stevie to join Daniel's cause and maybe start a feud with Raven and a new army that he assembles.
        **Backstage, Angle is interviewed about getting a shot at the world title and having the wrestle in front of a legend like Ric Flair.**

        ***We then get a shot of Beer Money and The British Invasion heading to the ring for their world title defense***


        *The Machine Guns are out at ringside at the announce table to watch the match and see who they will face*

        TNA Tag Team Title Match
        British Invasion (champs) vs. Beer Money

        Beer Money defeat British Invasion cleanly to become new Champions in ~ 15 minutes

        **Machine Guns have a stare down with the new champions Beer Money from the ramp.**

        ***As the British Invasion get to the back, they are met with Desmond Wolfe. Wolfe tells them that they will once again rise to the top of the Tag Division and that they are all 3 "British Brothers" and that they should all look out for each other.***

        This is setting up Desmond to align himself with the British Invasion as their leader, therefore screwing Eric Young as he loses 3 members of his World Elite and starting a feud with him over his Global Title...which Desmond wins.


        *Ready for the main event, Ric Flair makes his way to ringside along with Hulk Hogan to watch the match.*

        IMPACT Main Event - TNA World Title Match
        AJ Styles (champ) vs. Kurt Angle

        AJ Styles retains in ~20 minutes after failed Springboard 450, Styles Clash but finally wins with the Spiral Tap...NO MASKED MAN INTERFERENCE!!!

        **Post match, the legends enter the ring and raise the hands of the competitors for photo ops. Hogan gets on the mic and puts over the true future of the business and how TNA will rise to higher and better things in 2010. Ric Flair gets on the mic but can barely get a word out before the lights go out and Sting music starts playing....Sting is in the ring!!!!!! Sting has his trademark black bat as he lifts it up and surveys the situation by semi pointing it to AJ Styles...no! Then it gets around to Kurt Angle...no! Now the bat finds it way pointing to Hulk Hogan...no!....Sting points the bat straight to Ric Flair, who has a serious look on his face...Flair walks up straight to the bat as it hits him right in the middle of the chest. Sting lowers the bat and they go face to face..... as the show goes off the air.

        This is going head to head with the WWE's last match and Bret segment. I feel a solid wrestling match followed with the potential of Hogan and Flair involvement would make anyone stay tuned to TNA...then have Sting show up and target Flair for some unfinished business, the biggest dream match that Ric Flair can provide to TNA...this you can build right next to Bret Hart vs. Vince for months and months.
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          Give us a TNA roster please, I don't follow it that much!
          Montreal Canadiens


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            Here you go;

            you can also use;
            - the Young Bucks aka Generation Me
            - Angelina Love
            - etc

            can't use Team 3D, they were in Japan.


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              haha I like how you said AJ won with the spiral tap in that. he definitely should've, seeing 2 450s didn't impress me. people that have never seen the spiral tap would go nuts seeing that shit.
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                Putting over Venis was interesting.
                LOL @ never bring NWO back in the show

                NWO are still good for what they can do, brawl and jump others. Have "the band" be authority figures and do a few street fights every now and then. Maybe have string join after Scott Hall dissapears again
                WOO WOO WOO, You Know it!


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                  Originally posted by Helmz View Post
                  haha I like how you said AJ won with the spiral tap in that. he definitely should've, seeing 2 450s didn't impress me. people that have never seen the spiral tap would go nuts seeing that shit.

                  it just makes sense after throwing everything at Angle, he pulls out his final finishing move.

                  but I bet anything Russo, Hogan and Bischoff don't know what the spiral tap is.


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                    I'm gonna do one but nowhere near in that detail,

                    I can telll you now

                    the main event will be


                    ya want us to use current champs ?
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                      Originally posted by ASK JEEVz View Post
                      I'm gonna do one but nowhere near in that detail,

                      I can telll you now

                      the main event will be


                      ya want us to use current champs ?

                      yes, yes..it has to be realistic booking.

                      like if Russo dies a week before the show and Dixie Carter is so distraught and by chance you are walking by, she picks you to book the show. therefore real roster, all the additional talent that showed up and all titles, etc.


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