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Are Ken Kutaragi & J Allard completely insane?

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  • Are Ken Kutaragi & J Allard completely insane?

    Ken Kutaragi & J Allard - Battle for asylum supremecy!

    There's a lot of talk going around about the next generation of consoles. Fans are talking. Developers are talking. But most importantly, companies are talking. And even more fortunately for us, the people in charge of promoting the next-gen systems are completely insane.

    Ken Kutaragi (President of Sony) & J Allard (Corporate V.P. for MS) talk somewhere in Oregon.

    Let's start by examining the human embodiment of insanity known as J Allard.

    "When we created the Xbox, we took a frenetic approach. Within a 19-month process, we built our first system. We made our fair share of mistakes. With Xbox 1, our seams showed: The dashboard was troublesome, it made toilet bowl sounds, and the green start up glob was never used outside of that context. The controller was too big, and the system was even bigger."

    I could have told you all this stuff before you EVER bought an Xbox of your own. I assume that refunds will be forthcoming for everyone that now has this information? Plus, I'm guessing that this will be posted at retail outlets to alert consumers that the man responsible for the design of the Xbox finds it to be unsatisfactory?

    The console can sit on its side or stand up vertically, like the PS2, only without a stand. It's off-white, or as Allard says, "cool white."

    Cool white. Yeah. I'm sold.

    "I think that the capabilities we are offering with Xbox 360 are unmatched in the history of videogaming. It's a great value. And the system that most of the folks in this chat room are going to prefer. I saw a posting earlier today where someone looked up the historical prices and capabilities of games systems. It was worth noting that the ps2 launched at $368 (in Japan) with no hard drive, no online service, no memory unit, no wireless, no voice, no network adapter, no remote, and only support for two controllers. That's not the reason we priced the system this way but it does provide a comparative frame of reference for what you are getting. When you consider you are getting the most powerful games system, best CD player, digital media player, movie player, etc. it's a great value."

    Nice dodge J! When he mentions the other guys launch price, you almost think is something to do with anything. Then he takes it all back by saying that it's not the reason for their launch price. It's also interesting to note that he begins by talking about the history of videogaming and ends off talking about everything the machine does besides play video games. Plus, it's the BEST CD player! Even better than the one you have at home, you ask? Yes. Yes it is.

    Given that the Xbox 360 is a concave system, how does MS expect people to stack other systems on it, or does MS expect people to do that at all?
    Xbox 360 features a beautiful design that demands its rightful place in any home theatre enthusiast's setup. Take one glance at the system and it's tough to cover that beauty by stacking another device on top of it.

    Okay. That last one is strictly from IGN. But you have to think that Allard has done his job. He's created a buzz and completely trashed his current system (Still available! Get yours today!).

    If you think Allard is crazy, just imagine how much more disconnected from reality you have to be in order to be president of a company like Sony? Enter Ken Kutaragi.

    President of Sony or brutal tyrant of North Korea?

    "The PlayStation [3] is not a game machine. We've never once called it a game machine," stated Kutaragi at the beginning of his latest interview.

    Yes, this is indeed his opening statement about the PS3. Good to get it out in the open right away so that even the simplest person can understand.

    "The PS3 is the product we have been aiming for since the establishment of SCEI," said Kutaragi. "We haven't been creating our [past] PlayStations for the sake of games. Our belief, and the motivation behind running our company, has been to [explore ways of] applying the power of computers to entertainment and enjoyment. We equipped the original PlayStation with a 3D graphics chip, and we equipped the PS2 with the Emotion engine. The PS3 isn't designed to lean towards games. It's not a computer for children. In the sense that our goal has been [to create] a computer that's meant for entertainment, you could say that the original PlayStation and PlayStation 2 had existed as steps towards the PlayStation 3."

    Holy fucking shit, where to begin? Kenny begins by trashing his current products, which seems to be the new way to market products. Built on the Eric Cartman marketing ideals, this seems to have fooled a hell of a lot of people. I'd be interested to know how Sony fans would react to knowing that the PRESIDENT of Sony doesn't consider the PS2 (or PS3, for that matter) a gaming machine?

    "SCEI and PlayStation will openly adopt world standards that have a good reputation amongst technicians. So SD Cards and Memory Sticks are the same to us. We will treat them equally, and we won't follow an independent path."

    Naturally. The only way to do business. Wait until someone else does it. Then just go ahead and steal it. An independent path would be disastourous to Sony. You need some original ideas to try something that off-the-wall.

    Kenny also has some "unique" ideas about how much the PS3 should be costing us lucky guys.

    "Our goal for PlayStation 3 is for consumers to think to themselves, 'I will work more hours to buy one'. We want people to feel that they want it, irrespective of anything else."

    I suggest you start petitioning your work now. Maybe you can get them to increase your hours next week. Tell them that you don't want overtime pay, just your standard rate.

    "When Nintendo was selling its 16-bit machine at around 12,500 yen ($114), we sold the first PlayStation at 39,800 yen ($364)," continued Kutaragi. "The press was saying that it was expensive, but it was a huge hit. It's the same thing with the PlayStation Portable from last year. The Game Boy Advance is a same handheld gaming machine, and it costs less than 10 thousand yen ($91). On the other hand, our PSP had cost 25,000 yen ($229). But people lined up overnight to buy it, and it sold out on the day of its launch. It all depends on whether people want it. Of course, I'm confident that the PS3 is a product that people will definitely want."

    So he's bragging about the high cost of his console when compared to the competiton. That's an interesting way to generate interest. Plus, the PSP is now outselling the GBA somehow. Fascinating.

    Ken doesn't stop with the PS3. He also has some things to say about the PSP handheld that he helped to design.

    "This is the design that we came up with. There may be people that complain about its usability, but that's something which users and game software developers will have to adapt to. I didn't want the PSP's LCD screen to become any smaller than this, nor did I want its machine body to become any larger."

    It's YOUR fault the PSP controls the way it does. That's right, you heard it here first. The President Of Sony thinks that YOU are the reason the buttons don't work properly. It's intentional and to suggest anything else would just be grossly irresponsible. Surely it isn't the company who you paid $300 bucks to! Ridiculous. The only way this could possibly be more asinine is if he says something to compare the PSP to a work of art.

    "I believe we made the most beautiful thing in the world. Nobody would criticize a renowned architect's blueprint that the position of a gate is wrong. It's the same as that."

    Oh yeah, that'll do.
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    This proves that people do in fact eat shit for breakfast. I am so glad that I have always stuck with Nintendo.
    Last edited by Dr Mario; 08-24-2005, 11:40 AM.
    99% of people here consume shit as their main source of food...


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      Sony has been doing this type of shit for a loooong ass time.
      and still people are falling for their BS
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        Sony is funny, I hope they crash and burn hard in next gen. Microsoft is just as clueless about video games as they were when they started it seems.
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          That Ken guy is stupid as hell, he needs to hire some new writers (or get some writers if he came up with that himself)

          its funny that he admits he steals ideas and sells them for more than its worth.
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            Just a bump for people that haven't read this yet.


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              another excellent reason why to NOT support Sony products in the industry. I can build a computer cheaper than the PS3 is gonna cost. I think I will stick with that.
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