I figured i'd call it squaresoft first cause most of my tops
were created back when it was squaresoft, Any square game counts from any genre any gen and also post why and if you want.. post honerable mentions.


1.FF7; For 1997..for that time in the 90's a game like this to come out was crazy, At first i had rented it and just got further and beating the last boss using reg attacks and magic took me atleast over 30 min being on like level 60.
2.FF8; This was much different from the last and it was funny cause the stronger you were the stronger your enemies were and it was the hardest FF to beat.
3.Chrono Cross; Probably one of the best rpgs ever, Everything is on point and Lynx pwns the fuckin world.
4.Xenogears; A somewhat annoying camera angle that can be adjusted to, But great storyline and good gameplay.
5.FF1; I know some of you little shits had this for NES, This along with zelda and others were NES classics.

Honarable mentions:
Parasite Eve
Chrono Trigger
Super Mario Rpg lols
FF Tactics: even tho i think its ghey, i never liked this style of
battle and this game was shit to me altho I know of alot of ppl who love it.