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The battle of the dashboards is on.This could be the coolest thing ever for the 360.

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  • The battle of the dashboards is on.This could be the coolest thing ever for the 360.

    Playstation 3 fans are like pigs in mud today after their beloved console received firmware update v2.40, which saw a whole host of features added to their machines. However, rumours emerged today over the long-awaited next Xbox 360 dashboard update. If the speculation proves to be true, this could wipe the smile off the faces of Sony and the PS3 fanboys quick-sharp.

    As we’ve discussed at length over the last few days here on Blorge, the PS3 firmware update v2.40 has now been released, and it includes many of the features demanded by Playstation 3 owners since the console was released. This includes the new in-game XMB, and the heralded Trophies system.

    Either by sheer coincidence or some clever marketing by Microsoft, talk of the next big Xbox 360 dashboard update has spread like wildfire across the Internet today, and almost taken the focus away from the PS3 update. So what is all the fuss about?

    The next Xbox 360 dashboard update is going to be big, with Hexus listing over 80 new features or options being added. Most of these are small and quite insignificant, and as diverse as new payment methods for international users, to new effects for the Xbox Live Vision and dashboard background. Wholly underwhelming I’m sure you’ll agree.

    But one in particular is causing huge excitement. Kotaku are reporting that a second interface option is going to be added, which utilises the as yet unannounced motion-sensing controller to navigate. What’s more, the interface will be 3D, replacing the cluttered blade system with one more in keeping with the system in futuristic Tom Cruise movie Minority Report. Oh yeah, now we’re talking.

    If this all seems a bit far-fetched, then be in no doubt that the technology already exists, and has been demonstrated at trade shows just this year. While it had nothing to do with the Xbox 360, it did show that its possible to recreate the Minority Report navigation system.

    This also means that the long-rumoured motion-sensing controller is a reality and must be very near to being announced. The Wii Remote-style controller could add a new element to gaming on the Xbox 360, and give the console a much-needed boost in demographics, adding a whole layer of casual gamers to the more traditional hardcore Microsoft fanboy.

    There has yet to be a date set for this Xbox 360 dashboard update, and the 3D interface is just a rumour at this point in time, but if and when it happens (E3 possibly), it will up the stakes yet again.


    Lets face it the PS3 has ripped the 360 off with there update this could raise the ante.

    Wii controls,Xbox 360 now we are talkin.I would wet myself if i could play games like COD 4,Gears of War etc with wii controls.
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    I've never seen Minority Report... am I missing something?

    I like how Microsoft waits for Sony to complete the 360 rip offs to announce this though.


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      Originally posted by Confusious View Post
      I've never seen Minority Report... am I missing something?
      I like how Microsoft waits for Sony to complete the 360 rip offs to announce this though.
      yup...let your rival catch up to you and then one up em

      kind of like what apple does to the industry


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        Rumour has it that the next big Xbox 360 dashboard update will include a new 3D interface option that will utilise the rumoured motion-sensing controller.

        In addition to a huge list of other features and enhancements, including faster loading times and new payment methods, Kotaku claim that the new dashboard will will "recreate the increasingly cluttered dashboard "blade" system in a 3D environment that will be something more akin to the Minority Report than a filing cabinet. The motion controls will allow users to sort of slide through the different levels of this floating menu system."

        Now this we can't wait to see!

        The full list of rumoured features are:

        1. Option to delay sign-in to Xbox LIVE upon booting console (to allow user to set Online Status).
        2. Option to promote Child Account from Family Settings.
        3. Disallow Child Accounts (over 18) to override Family Settings by launching Privacy Settings through a title.
        4. Option in Family Settings for Child Accounts to enable child-oriented/non-mature advertisements.
        5. Introduce a group chat (4) for Private Chat and conferences through Video Chat.
        6. Support to indicate media being watched to gamercard status (video content from Marketplace only).
        7. Extend height for Bio field in Personal Profile, easier navigation through text.
        8. More fields present in Personal Profile - recent achievements, interests, games, movies, links, custom section.
        9. Compact Personal Profile for new fields (navigating to field will open it up).
        10. Mandatory option to delete duplicate titles from gamercard (excludes Games for Windows - LIVE). User disconnected from Xbox LIVE when booting any title until action complete.
        11. Option to remove payment information from gamertag.
        12. New payment methods for international users.
        13. Download History on Account Management better organized - games, genre, type, download date, miscellaneous.
        14. Long descriptions of items on Marketplace can be scrolled using right stick.
        15. Better organization of free content on Marketplace.
        16. Option to 'ping' when testing connection.
        17. Allow re-connection to Xbox LIVE if Ethernet cable is re-inserted whilst powered on.
        18. New strip colors available to developers, staff gamercards.
        19. New corner icon available to ambassadors.
        20. Re-introduce Messages button for Inside Xbox updates only.
        21. Option to store up to 10 messages permanently on server (excludes invites, status messages).
        22. Increase character limit for text messages between friends only.
        23. Option to disable invites from non-friends or all players.
        24. Option to disable invites from titles not on gamercard (excludes demos).
        25. Option to have smaller items moved up in Active Downloads.
        26. Automatically re-connect to Xbox LIVE if disconnected unexpectedly (set intervals).
        27. Option to download gamer picture (if available) from a gamercard being viewed.
        28. Display random tips to replace static text on Xbox LIVE and Games blades.
        29. New button on Marketplace for optional dashboard features - uses Storage Device memory.
        30. Option to donate Microsoft Points to anybody with a Windows Live ID.
        31. Option to purchase Membership for charities (includes benefits).
        32. Integrate file-sharing for selected titles on Xbox LIVE and Games for Windows - LIVE.
        33. Disable notifications to friends of user repeatedly signing into service (set period).
        34. Option to see 'snippet' of text message in notification.
        35. Windows Live Mail integration - includes support for Xbox LIVE Vision.
        36. Web feeds integration - text, images, audio. Includes support for specific item codes on Marketplace.
        37. Option to display gamer picture or standard picture as display picture in Windows Live Messenger.
        38. Support for headset, Xbox LIVE Vision in Windows Live Messenger.
        39. Support for limited 'winks' that display on dashboard interface. Option to disable 'winks' and 'nudges' added.
        40. Notifications separate from Windows Live Messenger to Xbox 360 notifications.
        41. Disable multiple languages from being used in any Xbox LIVE editable fields.

        1. Option to delete titles from gamercard with 0 gamerscore and 0 achievements (excludes some titles that will be re-added to launch another title).
        2. Organize My Games at the Games Library section better (includes disc-based titles) - sort by genre, platform (Games for Windows - LIVE), percentage completion.
        3. Support to display friends leaderboards for disc-based titles.
        4. Show dates of an achievement unlocked when comparing.
        5. Preload Games Library upon dashboard bootup for faster access.
        6. Game updates now shown as items in Memory, increased amount of updates on Storage Device.
        7. Option to delete game updates, removed 'cheat code' as no longer needed.
        8. Support for more titles to display banner when accessing guide in-game.
        9. Option to re-introduce awarded gamer pictures from titles that do not have their own re-introduce feature (requires saved game).
        10. Disable gamer pictures from being awarded from trials.
        11. Support for titles to store installation data on Storage Device for faster loading.
        12. Synchronization to achievements offline/online that were deleted and then re-added from developers.

        1. Option to hold LT and RT for rewinding/fast-forwarding video content.
        2. Option to delete individual music tracks from storage device.
        3. Option to rip music CD at different quality.
        4. Copy non-protected files (pictures, music, videos) from USB storage devices, CDs and computers to proprietary storage devices.
        5. Support for menu, top-menu features on video content downloaded from Marketplace.
        6. Section added for audio delivered through feeds (podcasts). Option to stream, download to Storage Device.
        7. Support added for video titles/description to gamercard status.

        1. Option to navigate quickly out of several menus back to respective blade home (applies to Games, Media, System).
        2. New blade trim styles added.
        3. Introduce expanded Inside Xbox as a portal to news, weather, entertainment, help and community features.
        4. New sounds for various functions (notifications, blades, navigation).
        5. Calibration options for display/sound.
        6. Calibration options for motion sensor devices.
        7. New effects for Xbox LIVE Vision and dashboard background.
        8. Disable changing of Theme when on Memory to prevent 'hanging'.
        9. Preload recent, limited items upon dashboard bootup on Memory.
        10. Faster loading of Themes section on guide.
        11. Option to see what items will not work offline due to DRM license changing from Memory.
        12. Option to automatically associate new DRM to items downloaded for free.
        13. Indicate 'charging' status on guide when Play & Charge kit is connected.
        14. Option to change text colors on guide to better contrast some backgrounds.
        16. Language improvements.
        18. Word censor updated for fields.
        19. Privacy Settings/Family Settings updated for new features.
        20. Voice, picture messages can be read at Xbox.com (Gold accounts).


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          Should this not be in the threefixme section?

          And going over that list you posted, the PS3 already has a lot of those features.. so its really not a big deal, aside from the motion sensing, which should stay on the Wii.
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            If you scroll through the menus like Minority report thats all we need.Its good the way it is but these changes will put the 360 on the next level again.

            They really have taken the shine off the PS3s update.Im sure it will be revealed at E3.

            If you dont want to use motion sensing you dont have to buy the controller RE5 is a must play game with motion sensing just like 4 was on the Wii.
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              IMO sony took the shine off themselves as ms has in the past by bricking console both conles have pro's & cons so hope it will keep them 1up'ing eachother


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                Timing is everything and it seems to be the key
                Let the PS3 steal your old ideas then release plans for better ideas immediately

                PS3 will hardly have the cheek to copy this,or will they???



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                  lol @ claiming Sony "stole" these "ideas". take this shit to the microsoft forum.


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                    5. Introduce a group chat (4) for Private Chat
                    maybe the only thing i need atm
                    Originally posted by Royce Da 5'9"
                    Soak with writin; cause 5-9 is back
                    and he's about to spit thunder and shit lightning!
                    Originally posted by Sheek Louch
                    J-Hood is still gonna be a star and is a hot rapper


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                      u can do that on the PS3, microsoft is ripping of sony!!!!!!!!!!11111



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                        As far as inovation goes its Nintendo>>>Microsoft>>>Sony.

                        Nintendo have given us analog sticks(where would we be without them),motion sensing,vibration etc before any of these

                        Sony exec"Lets call achievments tropies then nobody can say we stole the idea."
                        Didnt they say that motion sensing was stupid then implement that very thing themselves???
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                          The Way of the Samurai
                          Good movie btw.
                          Originally posted by Royce Da 5'9"
                          Soak with writin; cause 5-9 is back
                          and he's about to spit thunder and shit lightning!
                          Originally posted by Sheek Louch
                          J-Hood is still gonna be a star and is a hot rapper


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                            Originally posted by AK View Post
                            lol @ claiming Sony "stole" these "ideas". take this shit to the microsoft forum.
                            Yeah, because the whole "trophies" thing is completely uncharted territory.

                            Hooray for you few idiotic Sony bandwagon hoppers!


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                              Lol @ you thinking the idea of rewarding players for completing objectives is unique to Microsoft


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