I work for a company that will be holding multiple game tournaments across the United States in conjunction with Play N Trade Video Game Retailers and the Playboy Mansion. The One Man Strong tournament will feature the title Rainbow Six Vegas 2. We will be holding multiple game tournaments (about 20) with the winner of each tournament getting a ticket to the Playboy Mansion to party it up with the celebrities and ladies(approximate value $1000). In addition to partying at the mansion, the winners will also have the chance to participate in a special GRAND prize tournament. The tournament will be played on a gigantic big screen on the facade of the mansion.
Knowing that IGN has all the goods and is usually on top of things in terms of preference and what is necessary, I felt that this would be the best place to go to get a few questions that I have for all you vets answered:
What game CONSOLE?
What are fair settings/rules for a deathmatch tournament?
What are the best maps to use during a deathmatch tournament?
Should their be any certain item restrictions?
Kill Cameras?
Game Point Limit?
Time Limit?
Trash talking?
Please tell me what the best options are so we can hold effective and fun game tournaments throughout the United States. This is your opportunity to leave a mark on the final rules that you will perhaps be participating in.
Before you ask, the tourny's have to be deathmatch as the Grand Prize for EACHtournament is a single ticket. Since they are quite expensive giving out multiple tickets is not an option. There will be great supplemental prizes for lesser places/participants.
THE ONLY RULES/INFORMATION I CAN DIGRESS AT THE MOMENT IS 18 AND OVER (sorry young'ns but for legality reasons we must discriminate) and that the entry fee is $10. Yes a measly ten bucks can be transformed into a thousand dollar ticket to the mansion.
Flyer for all the doubters/haters