Earlier this year, Atari released Marc Ecko's Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure for PlayStation 2 and Xbox. The title put players in control of a graffiti artist named Trane and challenged them to spray-paint the walls of a bustling city. The game earned a solid 7.0 rating from IGN's editorial team.

In a recent interview with Game Daily, Ecko indicated that a new version designed for the Revolution and its controller was not out of the question. "We're all over it," he told the publication. "We are doing our due diligence now. I mean, the mechanic is great, but it almost sets ourselves up for needing a separate SKU. We've gotta do some tests... obviously the Revolution is very, very exciting. When we think about it, we get all geeked out."

Neither publisher Atari nor developer The Collective have announced official support of Nintendo's new generation console, but Ecko's latest words are certainly promising.