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  • :( Love your pets... :(

    My week really isn't getting better... first, I get in a fight... then, I realize that someone who I thought was my friend, really just uses me for money, and today I check my email to find out that my beloved dog has died I got her when I was 16 (I am now 25) and she was my baby... I love her more than anything, it's amazing how you get so attached to pets... she was so old and had cancer and my mom said the vet had to put her asleep. I spent everyday with her for years before I started moving around, but I always came back to her... I've been away from her for the past 2 years and I was beyond happy to see her this February... this sux... anyone out there with a pet understands where I am coming from ...

    So people, please treat your animals with the best care, don't yell or abuse them for anything... someone's gonna have to hold me back if I see another human beating their pet... this has hit me for real, she was my first baby...

    sad stephanie deluxe

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    I know what ya mean. We've got a dog too. You really get attached to them, I know.

    We bought her when she was 8 weeks - the cuteness and fuzzyness of a puppy dog really touches ya, I know all about it. The older they become, the more attached you get. Of course I'm aware of the fact that the average age of a dog is somewhere around 10 years old, but death always surprises you, in a bad way most of the time. I don't know how I'd feel if our dog would die, she's 5 years old now, so she (hopefully) has a lot of years to go still.

    It sucks, but try to be strong. And yeah, that's a basic reply, I know, but it's all I can say really.

    Take care girl.



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      Awwwww I am so so sorry to hear dat!! Gosh, that must be fucked up!! I know how you feel though......last month while I was moving we had my fave puppy in the back of the truck and what I didn't know is some how he managed to get out and we ran over him.....god I felt so bad i actully started crying There was no other dog as cute has him. My mom felt sorry and try to buy me another that looked like him but he ran away I guess I am just bad luck with dogs.

      But anywayz sorry to hear that

      this pic is my dog that died He was so cute!
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        I know the feeling, we had to put our cat down the other week. It felt terrible, she was 13, so I knew it was gonna happen,
        but it still feels sad
        I even made a complete new name up just for her,


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          I am so sorry to hear about your dog. I have had many pets and losing each one hurt as if losing a member of the family. My sympathies are with you now.

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          And I won't put my hands up and surrender
          There will be no white flag above my door
          I'm in love and always will be "

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            Im really soory about ur dogg but i dont really like normal pets..tha only pet i like is a Scorpion(i have 1) and when my dogg died i set him on fire in my backyard just 4 fun
            Vexx, bitch.


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              Love u Delli

              I know how u feel.
              The year I was born we got a puppy and every year older I got so did she. I had never been wivout her but then she got ill and it almost destroyed me. She had 2 be injected every day.
              1 day I came home and found her on the floor not movin so I picked her up. She then started havin a fit and I had 2 hold her on the way 2 the vets. When we reached the vets I didnt wanna let her go cos I knew I wouldnt c her again.
              It hurt so bad when she died but I know shes still wiv me.
              I went 2 c one of them ppl that can talk 2 the dead and read cards and c the future or woteva (I didnt beleive in them)
              She told me she could c a dog and sumthin 2 do wiv injection, so I told her bout my dog and she said that my dogs never left my side.

              Dont know if she made it up or not but it made me the happiest person in the world and I choose 2 beleive her.

              Jus thought I'd share that wiv u. Sorry bout every1s pets xx
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                thank you all

                I really appreciate all of your feedback and sympathy... I know my dog was very happy with us and my mom took the best care of her while I was away travelling. She had an excellent life with us, and my parents have had her in and out of the vet for the past 2 weeks for tests. They tried, and they did their best. I did all I could for her and their's nothing I regret or wish I had've done. It's better they put her to sleep instead of letting her suffer and try to struggle the next few days using her last energy just to survive... she was a happy little dog and I will never forget her...

                thank you all again for being here and understanding

                much love and respect, stephanie deluxe


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                  I beleive that a pet is not jus 4 life but 4eva. When we cross over 2, we will be reunited wiv all our loved 1s! xxx
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                    last year i was goin throught a lost of shit, stress..what ever-i was fucked up my head gone!!!!

                    and my cat started getting sick, she was lecking blood from her womb but we didnt know what it was......and in the last week of her life i kept pushing her away when she came over to me for comfor cos she was in pain......and i didnt even know it......then my mom said that i should say bye to her before i go to school cos she was takin her to the vet and she might get put to sleep........but i was fucked up and if completely blanked from my mind........and when i got home form school she wanst their.......i didnt freak though cos i thought she might still be at the vet......then my mom called and said she was gone.....she couldnt stop crying over the phone but all i could do is laugh.....and my mom said arnt you sad and im like its just a cat!!!!.........i was really fucked up at the time and with everything going on i got good at not letting emotions effect me........i was heartless.........but 2 months later i broke out crying when i heard the song "angel of mine" cos when that song fist came out i would sing it to her cos that is like the one thing i have ever loved that loved me to.........and i loved her with all my heart and now shes gone..........and i never got to say good bye.........i know it just a cat but damn!!!!!!


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                      see i've had like so many of my pets die.

                      socky (damn i loved him) died 5 days after my 12th birthday.

                      The night before he died he was waiting outside the door and he was trying to come in. But for some fuckin reason i didn't let him in and then that night he was hit by a car.

                      Theres units behind our house and he jumped over the fence and got hit by a car. The STUPID neighbours wrapped him in plastic and threw him across the road (THE most busiest road in australia).

                      So when he didn't come for breakfast we were scared cos he never missed his breakfast. Then when i was walking home i saw my older bro crying across the road. Its not a good thing seeing your older bro (whos spose to be 10 ft tall and bullet proof at that age) crying. So then we run across the road and socky was there, stiff and wrapped in plastic. So then we (as in my lil bro, me and my big bro) carried him across the conjested road, trying not to get hit by passing cars.

                      Then he layed in our backyard till my parents came home from work. I remember when we rang our dad to tell him, he just stood there for 2 minutes in complete silence. And when my mum got home she was balling her eyes out. Then we dug a hole in the backyard under sockys fave tree and buried him when it was pouring down with rain. We planted white and red roses and thier in full bloom right now.

                      It seem stupid but a pet is like a friend, we didn't communicate like humans but there was still a sence of friendship between me and him. He was one of those cats that NO ONE hated, he'd always follow you and rub against you and fall asleep in your lap. He was the perfect pet. But hes gone

                      R.I.P socky...fucking neighbours. Man we tought or other pet cat to do shits in their yard.....fuckin pricks. If only they would have told us they hit him instead of throwing him across the road.
                      But we always get their mail...we dont give it back to them we just rip it up and use it as kitty litter
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                        This thread makes me so sad
                        I know a pet can be like a member of your family. I'm happy my dog is still pretty young.


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                          i feel ya'll i had these two love birds, and y'all probably know that if one of them dies the other will pine for it or something, n e wayz i knew there was something wrong with one of them coz i started to lose its fur and there was lots of blood in the cage and like before we could do anything about it (which would'nt of been much!) it just died! and i watched it, it was making these horrible noises i just broke down and i can't imagine what the other love bird was feelin just watchin! but now 2 years later the other one survived, thank god.
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                            Im really sorry 2 hear about ur pets dying all of u I think its the worst when dogs die because they are really intelligent and make you feel better when ur sad and this may sound strange but there always there for you and u feal really close 2 them well thats how i feel anyway. I mean none of my dogs have died yet i have had one of my dogs for 5 yrs and another for a year and they are part of the family i wud b sooo sad if ne thing eva happened 2 them

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                              yo stephi really sorry to haer that..

                              aight today my aunt (19yrs old, and the only family member that i actually go really well with) sent me a txt msg and she was like

                              "my dog died"

                              i called her and she was cryin, the dog was awesome, i knew him and i luved that dog,he died at the age of 3 cuz sum1 poisoned him

                              this pet was bought 2 years ago as a christmas present for her :-/

                              ah well....life goes on... :-/

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