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  • Why does everything....

    bad happen at the same time.

    This past month for me has been crazy.

    Four people have passed away that I knew these past couple of weeks. Some closer then others but each one I was very close to a person who was close to them

    One of my best friends dad, one of my sisters best friend, my other best friends family friend whom she known for a long time died of cancer and a suicide occured in my senior class.

    And now Proof.

    Plus I just found out some really shitty news that I dont feel like going into right now.

    There has just been so much pain lately to where I really just want to give up ya know? So many people grieving that are so close to me and I dont know how to fix them. I lost my mom so I know what it is like to lose someone how much PAIN it is its not even imaginable. So to know so many of my friends are having a rough time all at the same time...its..God it just hurts so bad especially b/c I know there is nothing I can say or do to really fix anything. My friend that lost her dad especially has been asking me how I dealt with my mom and I just dont know what to tell her. My sister is in shambles about her friend...what do I say?

    And even though I've never met Proof - actaully all of D12- they always gave me hope you know?- Put on a D12 CD and go for a ride...it helps with the pain a bit anyway.

    With Proof gone now though it just feels wrong and selfish b/c I know they need the hope now more then anything.

    IDK I guess I just wanted to get that off my chest.

    R.I.P Proof and all our lost loved ones.
    rb forever

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    damn that sucks. just think their all in a much better place now, i guess. i haven't dealt with too many deaths, so idk. for Proof, however, just play some of his shit. that's what i did, and it helped a lot. peace
    I rap.


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      You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to SHADY_WARRIOR again.

      Thanks...ya its just a lot and I guess I just wanted to vent a bit. Especially since usually all the people I turn too are grieving too much as it is. Its just hard being the shoulder to cry on for so many people...especially since no matter what u do u cant fix it.

      Death sucks and is unfair plain and simple
      rb forever


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        I guess I see where you're coming from. You're around people who are grieving but you yourself haven't lost someone. It's a tough spot, I hope you pull through. My advice though, when I'm in a tough spot like that I just need to have a nice long chat with one of my closest friends. Maybe you can talk to a friend other than the one who lost his/her dad? I hope everything works out for you and your loved ones.
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          yeah I know what ya mean.

          The day Proof died, my favorite teacher died too. She had gone in for routine surgery and they found late stages of cancer and couldnt do anything about and basically sent her home to die. Its so sad.

          Life is crazy. Especially now for me. These two deaths got me thinkin alot about life and my future, and it really depressed me for a couple days. It took me until basically yesterday to get outta the depressed funk I was in. I'm slowly getting better I hope.

          You just gotta keep ya head up and remember everything happens for a reason. One thing happens and it always leads you to the next thing in your life, no matter what it is. You gotta get through it to see the next part, cause you never know what it could be.
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            Thanks ya'll I really apperciate it.

            I guess I do just have to wait until the next chapter in my life. Just keep moving and try and be there for my friends and family. I just know the pain they are feeling is the worst feeling ever from experience. And u know how it is when someone your love is in pain ur in pain too.

            But I guess at the same time I should feel lucky that I havent lost anyone lately and never take my loved ones for granted...
            rb forever


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              i dont even want to begin talking about all the bad things that've happened to me in the past month or two.. it gets better ofcourse but once that period comes again its just straight fucked up.
              R.I.P Proof
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                I can see that you are in a very hard situation right now. It must be horrible to see your friends suffer, but I know for myself that when I lost my grandad I didnt expect my friends to fix anything or to cheer me up. I´ve been just happy when they were there and listened. Your friends need you now and it takes time for them to get over their loss.
                Death is something you need to deal with all your life. Its a part of it. As unfair as it may seem it just happens and we have to live with it, although it torns us apart when we lose people we love.
                I hope you can make it through this! Keep your head up and think of the better times ahead! If you ever need anyone to talk to you can always send me a pm or message me!
                Janis Joplin


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                  A about 2-3 years ago i lost a lot of close family and it all happened at once, its like when ur just starting to see that your pain is starting to ease something else happens to set u back. I thought at one point, this is some jerry spinger shit.. this doesnt happen to my family.. it happens to other peoples... but not us..

                  But then i spoke to people that also went through the same situation, maybe not exactly... but they too had lost people that they thought they could never live without.
                  I now came to the conclusion that everybody in life goes through hard times, and its not just happening to me or my family, and that life brings its up's and downs.

                  All i can say is that time is a great healer, and things do get better after time. You just gotta hang in there, do all you can to keep that head up, and stuggle through.
                  With the bad, along comes good, and although you cant see it now, things will be ok..

                  Unfortunatly the only certain thing in life.. is Death.. and 'when god calls its time to go home'.

                  I hope you'll be ok, and just remember it wont be like this forever.. life does get better, and i can say that, because i have been there, and i know..


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                    Damn..it sucks that you are having such a bad time.

                    I've lost my cousin, my uncle and both of my grandfathers. I had to dealw ith my girlfriends dad having a heart attack last year too. I'm not gonna say I know how you feel because I dont. All of them things didnt happen to me all at once. But I do know that at several points in my life I've been at rock bottom. The only advice I can give is to keep yourself busy, try and take your mind off of things. I doubt thatll help any, but theres not much else I can say.
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                      Thanks again ya'll. Hearing others pov and knowing that people have gone through similar situations and pulled through gives a lot hope ya know?

                      Anyway Im gonna take a little bit of everyones advice- keep myself busy, be there for my friends even if they just want to talk...and just keep striving.

                      I apperciate it.
                      rb forever


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                        new cross hospital me my auntie and my grandpop been there all in the same time
                        its time to cut the..
                        BUll SHit


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                          I am sorry that you are going through this. I have found that prayer helps me alot. I am not good at knowing what to say when people are going through losing a loved one. I just try to be there for them and listen. If they need anything then I make sure that they have it. Letting them know that they are loved and you are there for them. I don't believe that anybody ever gets used to dealing with death. Everyone means something to you in their own way that makes them special.

                          It is good that you are reaching out and asking for advice. I would just say to let them know that you are there for them. Support them and let them know that you love them. Time can help but it does take longer for some. Keeping busy has also helped me too. God bless you and stay strong.


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                            yo my dudes 3 cousins got kidnapped n killed, then p died a few days later, also my grandpa aint doin 2 good in his fight wit cancer... this time of year is wack man


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