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Anyone every think of buying a gun?

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    It would be great if guns didn't exist and nobody had them, that would be a perfect world. People do have them though and thats why I also have one....to level the playing field so they can't just walk into my house with their gun and easily do whatever they want. At least give myself a chance.

    And I hate the argument that guns do more harm than good. Of course they do...but my gun will do absolutely no harm unless of course I shoot an intruder in which case I prevented even more harm by stopping his streak of crime. My gun is kept very safe, I'm very skilled at operating it, and there is no way whatsoever for a child to get their hands on it....and really this is the case for the majority of gun owners. The people that DO cause harm with guns are the reason that everyone else needs a gun, and they're going to have guns regardless of whether or not they are legal as it's extremely easy to get an unregistered gun.
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      Baydestrian, you are sorta right. Yes, guns are easy enough to get illegally. If i wanted I'm sure i could source one in the week, but it's not about people having guns, it's about gun culture. Americans will never understand what it's like to have gun control, they take menial measures which do fuck all because gun culture is synonymous with american culture. In australia, gun ownership used to be the norm, nowadays it isn't. It is because we saw most weapons for what they were, machines designed for nothing more than criminal acts. By banning them, your average fuckwit can't or won't go and grab one and do stupid things with them. The rest of the world is laughing at that sort of attitude, and with good reason. Guns are not toys. I have no doubt most of you would be perfectly legitimate users who never abuse the privilege. The simple fact is that those that don't will always ruin it for everyone else, same as with every other aspect of democracy, we have to make sacrifices. Please give me some justification for owning a semi/automatic weapon. They are not needed for any purpose outside of the military and crime.
      Americans will continue to live and die by the gun cos they are too stupid(yes, you'll hate me for this) to ever change their ways. This cycle is perpetual and will never cease until one day, some of you wake up with a loved one gone from the abuse of a firearm.
      I hate when americans argue that a world without guns is unrealistic. If we can do it, so can you, only difference is australians saw most guns for what they were, while red necks still think they need automatic weapons to keep the homosexuals away from their women.
      This is not an anti-american statement. I like the people from the US, but c'mon, guns kill people. Glad to hear you are responsible, but there will never be a justification to carry a concealed weapon or an automatic weapon. Until america realises this, they are doomed to suffer as a result of their gun culture. You reap what you sow.
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        Better to live intelligent than die philosophical

        Guns don't kill people, people kill people. A person with a murderous intention is no more dangerous with a gun than he is with a pencil.

        Everyone here said they wanted a gun to make an even playing field, not to have an advantage.

        If guns were banned tomorrow, the law obiding citizen would be at the mercy of a criminal. I mean it's cool banned arms worked out well for Australia, I'm sure everyone from the US wishes our country could follow that example, but until then it seems like it's better to have it and not need it, as opposed to need it and not have it.


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          So many people in this thread are ignorant, especially the people saying guns are for pussies- ESPECIALLY any American saying guns are for pussies.

          The 2nd amendmant is to ensure revolution is always on the table for citizens if the government becomes too corrupt and stops fighting for the people. it also includes a provision for the right of citizens to band together and form militias for this purpose.

          You think that's outdated? You're obviously not paying attention to todays world and geopolitical situation.


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            I live in Toronto which has a very long process to legally own a gun. Also when you get your license, it must be kept in a safe while at home and you may only bring it out on the way to the gun range and back. If you are to bring it out the gun must be locked up and SEPARATED from the bullets. If someone runs in your house WITH a gun you are NOT allowed to shoot him/her. Guns in Toronto are basically only used for the gun range or to go hunting. I also heard that handguns are banned and you may only have rifles and shotguns or some shit like that. Unfortunately, you may still find people in certain places that carry illegal/unregistered handguns. (obviously not as much as in the US since yall are straight gudda!!)
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              Originally posted by Kon View Post
              I agree. They definitley shouldn't be legal.
              Wayyy too easy to get..I literally went to the county offices, filled out a little form, got a card in the mail a week later, and then was able to purchase a gun anytime for the next year..(I think there was some kinda limit, but I dunno..only bought one.)
              and even after the year is over, you can just get it renewed..
              also I was pretty surprised that there was no fee to get this permit..Thought there woulda been something. It was free.
              LOL you need a card to get a hand gun? wowww here we just walk in buy it an they do a over the phone check with the fbi an within 15-20 mins your walking out with it... in phoenix its even easier..
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                Originally posted by Andy Terror View Post
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                wasn't it six?
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