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    Oh come one man, you know I can't choose just one. Every way of smoking is appropriate for different occasions. Such as:

    Blunt - For when smoking is an 'event'. Usually reserved for when burning with others, or if I really want to get keyed by myself. Blunt smoking is king, and most popular with the marijuana users today, thanks to Hip Hop culture. The act of rolling a blunt is fun and skillful. Sometimes you'll be having a good day and you'll roll a fucking bar that you feel bad even lighting up in the first place. You hold it, dry hit it, show it off to friends while they inspect it pre-session. If you get good enough, you can use your blunt-rolling skills to show off your chops and accumulate swag in which you then use to gain pussy. Party on Wayne, Party on Garth! Roll a Chop, get fucked up.

    *this form of Weed intake garners an Official rank of: Velociraptor

    Pipe - Primarily when I'm smoking by myself because I do not have a bong (fuck). Great for movies and video games, if I ever feel as though I'm coming down, just take another fat ass toke, buddy. Pipes have an upside to bongs because they can be used while mobile. No one's hitting a bong in their car in the parking lot of the movie theatre 4 minutes passed starting time. Also a last resort for smoking with a party when no one has a bluntwrap/papers, or the means to get some. i.e: No money, No gas, No energy/motivation

    *this particular process of Tree consumption earns a Official rating of: Light Saber

    Bong - Probably the most ideal way to smoke by yourself and with others, if we aren't counting vaporizers (not on the list), just based on how much more weed you can conserve. Beats pipes because it has more range in which you can measure your desired hit. A bong is an icon of stoner culture, each with it's own style and personality akin to the buyer. A great and clean way to smoke, for when first purchased here's an early privilege, "Hey all close friends who aren't too experienced in weed smoking but love it all the same, I got a new piece!" If you space it out correctly, you could be getting smoked out for a week.

    *this method of Mary Jane devouring earns the Official accolade of: Goku

    Joint - Doobie, 'J', Bone, Fatty, Chop, Zag, Ace, 'L'. There's so many names for it because it's been around for so long. Easily the most organic, casual and old-fashioned way of smoking. In the 40's it was Jazz musicians, then the Beatniks, then followed the hippies, then our parent's in the 70's. All integral, and fundamental to the marijuana fueled counterculture and weed smoking in general, most likely introduced to the drug the first time they ever smoked. Miles Davis, Jack Kerouac, John Lennon, and Your Mom, all introduced to this fine crop for their first time with it rolled up, ever so pointy. You can't get more classic than rollin' up a humble joint. You get the fun of rolling without all the harshness of tobacco. Sit up on that sunny hilltop and puff away and add to the clouds.

    *this regimen of Grass ingestion ascends to the level of: Jeff Goldblum

    -P.S: Oh, and by the way I'm
    My Detox review could still be EPIC


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      Good post, but fuck do I miss weed. I've smoked weed twice (the times I came home for a weekend) since June 12, 2010. I was a 24/7 stoner before then. God I wish I had weed up here.


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        AKA Coxy


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          Originally posted by Big John View Post


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            blunts but i swear they gonna kill me one day lol
            Let's have gay sex together cause I'm a total faggot!


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              I thought the other day, that, what if I get irritable and easily annoyed because I've become addicted to tobacco based on how many blunts I've smoked.... I don't know.
              My Detox review could still be EPIC


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                Can't we all just get a bong and tag along?



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                  no that shit hurts my fuckin throat
                  FUCK YOU BITCH!!!! YEA YOU


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