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Ever really hurt one of your buddies?

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    Originally posted by Hook View Post
    I have a friend who has a HUGE mouth. He will cuss off an old man or a little kid. He will ALWAYS bring up someones bad times (embarressing moments or overall just make fun of randomness about you) just to make himself feel better. And he makes it OBVIOUS hes always instigating problems between people. Sometimes i see a great amount of evil and jealousy in his personality, and sometimes hes a great person.
    Well one time he started with me so we got into an argument and i sick of it. So i just got up and punched him in his nose. Blood is now coming out and he says "I'll remember that". I instantly felt so bad when he said that cuz I thought he was gonna fight back. Till this day i feel bad for doing that.
    Anyone have a buddy who will NEVER learn?
    Was I wrong for doing this?
    If he was your best friend then yeah, if not then no.

    I severed ways with several buddies for that reason, sometimes people need a bruising to understand they are wrong, and some only learn that way only.

    Unfortunately most people's great side is not compensating for 60-70% of the other dark side, and I gradually fall out with those people, it's best not to even be affiliated with this kind of problems, because motherfuckas like those drag you the fuck down, while you are bringing them up.

    It's a constant scale equation
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    It's a very thin line between a boss and a muscle
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