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  • things u hate in hip hop

    1.fake internet thugs (i dunno even how this in invovled in hip hop )especially when they do dedications 2 their homies

    2.people who say underground is wack because the mcs/djs/producers arent all that famous and thus commercial must be better cuz u see them on mtv every day

    3.the apparantly poor quality of sound at some live shows

    4.people who dont like hip hop that think hip hop is all bout bein in the ghetto and hoes ,drives bys etc
    and slag u about liking it cuz they envision hip hop as this

    5.its a bitch to learn to scratch

    6.when u buy a record without actually lookin the cover and when u get home its a different record

    7.people who like the d12 album , im sorry i just can see how anyone could like that excuse for a album

    8.djs who play battle records at dj battles

    9 people who dissmiss non american hip hop

    10. buissnessmen who know nuthin about hip hop and just want to make money out of it

    11.people who think old legends like ll and run dmc are wack ,

    12.life after death albums

    13.people who lthink puff daddy is a good producer

    14.mcs gettin deals cuz they know suits

    15.when u listenening 2 a record at a store and person behind u in line starts sweatin you , tellin u 2 hurry up

    16. people who use the word hoe

    17. the easternconferencerecords t-shirts , the 1s i have seen are pretty wack

    18.12"inches with only 1 song (double a sides )

    19.eminems production (i doubt he is invovled much in it either )

    20.people he say they know proof cuz he replied to 1 of their posts

    21.people on this board who diss tennieboppers when d12 is teeny bopper music , once u on top of the pops thats it

    22.when eminem says sumthin like "tryin to gfind out what tit size britney is , oooo i pissed u off again didnt i bitch , " its really pathetic

    23.em,elton john collabs

    24.the fact that i was born in a time when i cant get all ll cool js run dmcs , ultramagnetic mcs , black sheeps , diamond ds , doug e fresh , atcq , beastie boys , i need a lot of records by those peeps and others like epmd , etc , all old skool shit i want but cant get

    25.puff daddy pretending to rap

    26 . back up dancers

    27.the fact i cant get the wake up show , halftime show etc on my radio

    thats all i can think of now i will add more later

    o wait

    28.people who think 2pac is still alive

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    old men from ireland should be shot !!!!

    Your an idiot.
    O an Your a hoe how u like that .
    "Why cant you understand, that the day my father left, I quickly became a man, I've had to withstand, hold place and draw up a plan, cuz I didn't want my mom to look at me the way she looked at my dad as he ran"



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      i agree with most of the shit on here...

      but we must remember....this is just an opinion, and opinions dont matter...so back up hater...


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        you can order those CD's you want. As for record and tape traider and places where you can get used CD's you wont find the shit there and for good reason.

        As far as putting my opinion on all your shit i aint wasting any more of my time on this, no offence.
        The Good Die Young
        Deshaun D. Holton

        Thank you for lettin me know your still here with me.
        I love you bro,


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          My opinion is that his list succs dicc besides the obvious puffy bullshit it was wacc . just an opinion soo bacc up hater.
          "Why cant you understand, that the day my father left, I quickly became a man, I've had to withstand, hold place and draw up a plan, cuz I didn't want my mom to look at me the way she looked at my dad as he ran"



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            Every1 has theyre own opinions and tho most of ur 1s are positive i respect that but still theres some jerky 1s u added in there lol.
            "Only GoD can Judge Me" - 2Pac


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              things i hate

              :clownz that think they are rappers
              :rock bands that think they're rappers
              :washed up old fucks that think they're rappers
              :no names that think they're rappers
              :stupid ass big fuckin chains
              :stupid fuckin rappers that wear 80 chains
              :any fuckin rapper that says he's from the ghetto but flosses millions of dollars in jewelry
              :anyone that calls themselves a fan but hates the music their group puts out
              :and every single mothafucker that wears gold caps on they teeth
              :no limit and cash money (not like there's a difference)

              fuck all dat bullshit - i'm out
              "He Who Makes a Beast Out of Himself, Gets Rid of the Pain of Being a Man."


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                Well, what I hate is that when u turn on the T.V. and hear that people are being rapped, murdered, robbed, etc. they tend to blame rap for all of the problems that are going on, such as, murder, rape, and robbing. To me, rap "Ain't Nothin But Music." If one is going to say that hip hop negatively influences people, then what about movies and rock n' roll? I mean, come on!!??!!
                Hip Hop(and of course rap) is only art and music. That's all!!! One has to know the difference between reality and entertainment. I listened to rap music when I was little, and I even listened to NWA and some of 2 Live Crew. It didn't influence me and I never did the stuff that was said in the music. I mean I knew it was only music and entertainment and just b/c there is something said in the music, doesn't mean that one should go out and do what is said in the music! Reiterating, rap "Ain't Nothin But Music," art, and entertainment!!
                I mean, that's how I feel about it!!
                Last edited by pklz; 07-16-2001, 09:06 AM.


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                  1. People who say hip hop is music, when it is in fact RAP that is the music
                  2. Dickriders
                  3. Many of the people on this site(and across the globe) who swear allegeance to tupac...he was dope, but let him rest
                  4. The people on this site who say underground rap is wak
                  5. The people on this site who say that people in the mainstream actually have talent (some do)
                  6. Many of the people on this site
                  7. Teenybopping pieces of shit that alsways look for the new ruf ryder album
                  8. The faggot ass uptown shkae dance
                  9. Puff diddy doo wop
                  10. The repitiveness of most rap music videos these days
                  11. Rappers who can't spell their own name without going through writer's block, making more money than me
                  12. Basically, rappers who are idiots making a lot of money for getting lucky
                  13. People who swear they off the block when they don't shit
                  14. Guns, bitches, drugs- it's cool, but it's very repitive
                  15. rappers who blame america for their misfortunes
                  16. rappers who scream racism when they've never encountered it
                  17. rappers who love to shout out great political figures, as well as african american figures and so worth, when they don't know shit about the people they are shouting out
                  18. Rappers like shells
                  19. Rappers who were dope but lost their skills over the years
                  20. Tv shows like DFX, 106th and Park, Source sound lab shit, which fucking suck
                  21. Magazines like the source, which showcase most mainstream rap morons, and also showcase fashion...
                  22. Rappers who are talking about raping, killing, doing drugs like 40 times in their songs and then when rap is to blame for the real thing, they turn and get offended, as if they're smart enough to actually to debate the topic...

                  that is it for now...
                  Last edited by Tone Riggz; 07-16-2001, 05:19 AM.


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                    1) Watchin BET, 106 and Park...and whenever the video for a song ends...that big foreheaded mutherfucker with the cornrolls...says some shit like, "The album is out in stores, and the shit is hot, you gotta go get it", like its a mutherfuckin plug for the album...jesus, thats commercial shit right there...that fucker is a fuckin fake...he dont think every fuckin album is hot...shut the fuck up...

                    2) how "the wakeup show" went off the air, bullshit...

                    3) Puffy thinking his crew is bad boys...

                    4) Master P callin his people "souljas"...if you wanna be a soldier...go join the fuckin army, rap dont need souljas...

                    5) People referring D 12 as eminems hometown crew...

                    6) People who think i have no taste in music because i listen to underground shit that doesnt bump and repeat the same obnoxious meaningless shit over and over like the dirty south bullshit...

                    7) People who confuse rap with hiphop..
                    rap is a commercial brand of the music side of hiphop...hiphop is a culture...graffiti, dj, emcee, breakers...

                    8) Repetiveness...i dont know how artists in the mainstream or any artist can be repetative in music, but it happens, and they till make money off of it...

                    9) Teenieboppin bitches who like an artist and his music because she thinks he looks good, or their cute...but...its alright for guys to think an artist like britenny spears is hot, cuz we dont like her music in the first place, u with me...

                    10) People who try to rap and cant drop shit...but still think they good...i hate that...

                    11) online biters...just the other day a kid i was battlin was usin old eminem battle lyrics...thinkin i wouldnt recognize them...fuck that

                    12) rappers putting out half ass albums every year...cough ough JAY Z cough cough

                    13) and finally, people who wonder who is better, lil romeo or lil bow wow, when they dont understand, these kids are...kids...they havent even learned cursive yet...shit....the question should be...who is better? master p or durmaine jupree...and in this case, they should both be shot for sellin the shit thye call music...


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                      things i hate:

                      People that post on this site that think their some kind of bad ass MC. Dont get me wrong, im sure there are some tight MC's that post here (example Clip) but there are also those that arent (example scarface). Says my rhymes are wack, yes i agree they are, but then he says "im 100 times the MC you are". hrmm well alot of people on this site have that kind of, im a bad ass MC attitude when their really not. In scarfaces example hes just some dumb faggot from ireland who posts rhymes on the internet, and says D12 sucks, blah blah blah, shut your faggoty overseas mouth. In all actuallity you will never ammount to anything in the hiphop, rap world or whatever you trying to accomplish by saying you an MC. Dont say your an MC when yer not. Im sure you are"100 times the MC i am." and you should be damn proud of it considering im not an MC or a rap superstar like you think you are. Yea oldskool rap is tight, but how long can you dwell in the past. Scarface maybe you should make a hiphop album and show us all what "real hiphop" is. stupid bitch.


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                        dan -g u wanna be a racist thats fine by me , but i must say only a nation of fools could elect george bush as their president,LOL , and drop the sad internet beef i only said i didnt like your rhyme and u shoudnt critise others about theirs so severly , then u started sobbing like a little bitch with a scabbed knee and shit when i said i was 100 times better than u i was simply defending my selse and using a figure of speech , althou i do belivee im better mc than u , as xplicit says if u dont consider yourself an mc why u give out these great fuckin lectures and post audio , u really sensitive man did your mother not kiss u good night when u was a baby r sumthin ? (i know now ure gonna say sumthin real intellectual like no but your mama kisses me everynight or sum wack thug shit like that), how u know i will never amount to anything in hip hop ? there is a developing scence in ireland and uk like their was in america all those years ago and its cool cuz everyone knows and talks to each other and shit , their is a real sense of cumminity and people do it cuz they luv it and aint concerned about makin money like in america , lame ass holes , zzzz online beef dan g just drop its sad an makes u look pathetic , i just said i didnt like your rhyme , and that goes for everyone aaswell i say i dont like the d12 album u call me a hater ! fuckin hell it was wack and u dont let anyone express an opinion at all , I JUST THOUGHT IT WAS WACK , and everyone will always look back at 88 - 96/7 and think they were the illest years for hip hop , i could list a 100 classics from those years , and in the 5 years siince then their hasnt been a whole load of classics droppin , so dan g drop the pathetic online beef , and cartoon aswell its my fuckin opion and your wack comment aint gonna change it ,

                        continuing my list

                        29.online beef

                        30.the way greg nice ruins good beats by shouting "greg nice in tha house etc "over it

                        31 people who say they like hip hop but dont know its a culture with 4 elementz graff/mc/dj/breakdancin

                        32.racist people like dan - g

                        33.people who have d12 , eminem , bizarre , proof , swifty , etc in their screen name .

                        34.people who say they only like east , west or south , etc hip hop if its good its good !

                        35.the chance of hearin necro over a cage beat is very very fuckin slim ,

                        36.people who say hater

                        thats all i can think of now

                        thats it for now , all these are genuine dislikes of mine , if you dont like it u can eat a dick , ITS MY FUCKING OPINION AND 1 OF MY RIGHTS AS A HUMAN BEING .



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                          Yo Dirty_yeroc and Tone Riggz I agree wit u both u guys took the words right out my mouth.oh yaeh don't forget stupid pop bands that try to be rapers but they realy sellout pop stars *cough*N'stink*cough* see that fuck'in pop vid by them I fuck lost my breath when I saw that shit!
                          DAYZ IS SHORT AND LIFE IS SHORTER.
                          Keep it real.

                          www.cvsfinest.com <---real hiphop


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                            "how u know i will never amount to anything in hip hop ? there is a developing scence in ireland and uk like their was in america all those years ago"

                            yea your prolly right, your gonna be huge, next dr. dre thats you.
                            I dont consider myself an MC anymore then you should. I heard other people on this site make a few audios, and i saw an open mic board so i wrote a few rhymes to put on it, oh so all of a sudden im an MC now? dam. I came to check this message board out because I like D12 and not because im an "MC". and if my nations so stupid, then why does your fucking nation copy off our music.
                            fag, i dont care if theirs a beef or not, im just respondin to your posts.
                            one more thing too, your saying your a good MC, why dont u post some rhymes or make a few audios, shit maybe you are tight, hell id like to hear or see somthing.

                            Last edited by Dan-G.; 07-16-2001, 02:31 PM.


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                              SCARFACE IS A FUCKIN FAG

                              NAMES OF OTHER ARTIST LIKE EMINEM AND SHIT!!!AT THE
                              SAME TIME YOUR SCARFACE!!!REAL ORIGINAL FAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                              SCARFACE IS A RAPPER!!!!YOU STATE YOU DON'T LIKE THE NEW
                              D12!!!WHY YOU HERE THEN!!!HOW COULD YOU FEEL THE NEW D12
                              PEOPLE SAY HATER!!!THEN STOP HATIN!!!LOL!!BASICALLY YOUR A
                              EVER SEEN ON HERE!!!!!


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