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Confess.. All the dumb shit you believed/did as a kid..

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  • Confess.. All the dumb shit you believed/did as a kid..


    I'll start..

    Aright.. So .. when I was like.. I don't remember how old..

    But I think I was around 3, about that time where I was learning how to write my name in Armenian and English.. among other words..

    (didn't go to preschool or daycare or anything, started school at 4 pre-K)

    so yeah.. I remember when my mom would record a movie on a blank VHS, she'd write the name on a white sticky paper.. and stick it to the VHS..

    and this made me believe that ANYTHING you write on the paper.. and put on the blank VHS.. would become that movie, which you wrote down..

    So like a dumbass.. I'd write something like.. "Ninja Turtles" or w/e I wanted to watch.. just to try it out.. and I'd stick the tape in.. and I wondered why it didn't play..

    I got my finger stuck in the VCR like 10 times as a kid.. no joke.. had to wait for my mom to come and get it outta there.



    I used to believe my mom when she told me.. "if you walk outside the pedestrian lines, cars can hit you!" .. so you know.. I like to live on the edge.. so I'd hop over and back inside the lines, when crossing.. like I was some kind of rebel..

    like I got a rush out of it.. cuz I really thought cars were gonna come and hit me an shit.. lol.. like it was "taboo" or someshit..

    ..what else.. k.. hahaha.. My dad used to make me play the piano.. and I hated it back then.. cuz I was forced..

    and I came up with this idea.. to record myself playing one session @ home.. so after that I could just play the tape from the room that the piano's in.. and fool my dad, as if I was playing.. I swear I got away with it so many times too.. but I ratted myself out in the end.. cuz it's no fun fooling people, if they don't find out sooner or later.. it's almost like you want then to catch on to your sly tricks.. lol..

    Yeah this thread sucks, I suck at telling stories.. but if you understand anything from this.. tell me your story..
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      I stole a bunch of dimes, (i don't know why I chose dimes) from my parent's cupboard once.. they used to keep dimes in a jar.. and shit like that.. like a change box whenever they got home, to empty their pockets..

      So yeah.. I was going to Chuck-E-Cheese's one day.. and I stole a grip of dimes.. put it in my lil fanny pack.. cuz fanny packs were the cool thing to have back then.. and tying your sweatshirt around your waste an shit.. nah mean?

      So yeah.. my mom realized I had a heavy jingly fanny pack.. and made me open it.. and I made up some excuse... like.. "oh my friend had a bunch of dimes, he didn't want them anymore, so he let me have them" ...

      LMAO.. what a dumbass.. I was really young, again.. But yeah.. I REALLY believed it was a good alibi too.. (stupid)

      But yeah.. I had to surrender the stolen dimes..

      and I don't think I went to Chuck-E-Cheese's that day.

      ..I used to hide my money in the most random places.. like.. inside an antique tea cup in a display case.. or someshit.. broke one trying to get my money out once.. damn.. I can't believe I used to care.. like.. "omg, they're gonna find out and get mad" .. like "0h n0ez.. they might yell.. or hit me with a belt or sandal or flip-flop or some lame shit that doesn't even hurt me anymore, especially when I have long sleeves and pants on"

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        im goin to steal these stories and pass em off as my own


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          When I was around 7 I used to obsess over the 'R' rated movies that I wasn't allowed to see.

          And as a kid, I woke up at around 5 AM every day. One day, I finally man-ed up and decided to watch 'Platoon.'

          Then when my mom woke up, I went to her and said, "I watched Plantoon."

          And she said, "Ok....what do you want for breakfast?"

          Found out later she thought I was talking about some cartoon.

          Not too funny, but hey.

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            ^ haha i thought it was pretty cool story.. this is a good thread.. to bad i dont remember anything i dont even remember what i did last weekend.
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              I was five and this girl took off her bathing suit. I stared at her vulva, wondering where the dick was. After thirty seconds of intense observation, I asked, "Do you pee outta your butt?" [Huh, I guess I forgot about this in the, "first time you saw pussy thread] A few years later, I saw my first porn image and thought that having sex was rubbing your dick in her pubic hair. :-/
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                lol I remember I used to be afraid my Mom would get mad at me If I watched anything on TV that was over TV-PG. I really don't know what made me think she would get mad.


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                  lolz @ u guyz

                  "Shit wherever I want, can't deal with constipation." -WIZ


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                    Originally posted by imjondoe15 View Post
                    lmfao same

                    I would say I was about 6 and I had a dream that I was standing outside of my old house and some van stopped in front of my house and a youngish (about 20) looking guy ran out and tried to kidnap me. I escaped and got into my house, and I guess that was the end of the dream. Problem was, I didnt know it was a dream (not that it would have mattered) and I was intensely scared of being abducted for a little over a year :/ I never stayed in the car or anything while my mom ran errands; I always had to be with her or my dad.


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                      ok.. well, i used to think women were different from men, i used to think they were closer to God.
                      thats why, i didnt think women ever farted, or shitted... and i thought of them highly,
                      until one of my aunts who doesnt really care much farted in front of me...

                      my jaw dropped, i was like 7 or 8, and i was so shocked and asked her wtf that was, n she said it was a fart.... n i was like wtf, u can fart? can u shit? n she was like wtf? yes...

                      n ive been gay since
                      Originally posted by JMG
                      yeah my shoes were 130 plus tax. i make more money than anyone in here


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                        i used to say colors by the flavors they were. like yellow was lemon, purple was grape, etc....

                        so i called black people "chocolate people"
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                          Originally posted by blair19 View Post
                          i used to say colors by the flavors they were. like yellow was lemon, purple was grape, etc....

                          so i called black people "chocolate people"

                          rofls blair mate


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                            to keep me away my grandpa told me and my bro that if you put salt on a birds tail that it wont be able to fly. we spent hours a day trying to cath a fucking bird much less put salt on its tail. i was 8 and my bro was 4.


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                              I remember as a kid, i saw the first guy in a wheelchair, didnt see them on tv or hear of them.

                              and i said whats wrong with him daddy?
                              and hes like he has a disease.

                              and i said, oh, hes retarded from the waist down?

                              to this day, i feel terrible.
                              Originally posted by Joey517
                              i'm 17!! for real lol my neighbor thought i was 15 yesterday


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