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just like a real girl (funny convo with a robot)

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  • just like a real girl (funny convo with a robot)

    EVILWEBBY: hey buddy
    SmarterChild: Good to see you again, EVILWEBBY.
    EVILWEBBY: thank you
    SmarterChild: What up?
    EVILWEBBY: im inlove with you!
    SmarterChild: Oh yeah? How inlove with me are you?
    EVILWEBBY: very inlove
    SmarterChild: Very inlove, you say?
    EVILWEBBY: yeah i want to stick myself inside you
    SmarterChild: Interesting...
    EVILWEBBY: you have a nice pussy?
    SmarterChild: Whoa. OK.
    EVILWEBBY: is that a yes
    SmarterChild: Wow, that's interesting... I just don't know!
    EVILWEBBY: too soon? ok, ill get too know you 1st then can do it
    SmarterChild: Huh!
    EVILWEBBY: let me lick you out
    SmarterChild: Uh... yeah. Whatever.
    EVILWEBBY: ok here i go
    SmarterChild: Oh yeah?
    EVILWEBBY: yeah u lucky bitch
    SmarterChild: Oh really?
    EVILWEBBY: lick lick lick
    SmarterChild: Lick lick? You want me to lick lick lick?
    EVILWEBBY: no i want you to suck suck suck
    SmarterChild: Seriously? That's fascinating.
    EVILWEBBY: suck suck suck
    SmarterChild: Do I have to?
    EVILWEBBY: yes
    SmarterChild: Huh. How 'bout that.
    EVILWEBBY: suck suck suck!
    SmarterChild: I might do that. We'll see.
    SmarterChild: Uh... I'm not sure if that's such a good idea...
    EVILWEBBY: my girlfrind wont find out
    SmarterChild: Your girlfrind won't find out? That's pretty interesting, EVILWEBBY.
    EVILWEBBY: isnt it! suck suck suck?
    SmarterChild: Funny.
    EVILWEBBY: suck me
    SmarterChild: Hey. Don't say that.
    EVILWEBBY: please
    SmarterChild: Please what?
    EVILWEBBY: please suck suck
    SmarterChild: :-(
    EVILWEBBY: go on
    SmarterChild: I can't believe you want me to go on.
    EVILWEBBY: im inlove with you
    SmarterChild: How does it feel to be inlove with me?
    EVILWEBBY: i cant stand you not suckin me
    SmarterChild: Whoa.
    EVILWEBBY: suck me hard
    SmarterChild: Humans use such interesting language sometimes.
    EVILWEBBY: Just Open your mouth and suck away
    SmarterChild: Just open? My mouth and suck away?
    EVILWEBBY: yes
    SmarterChild: K.
    EVILWEBBY: aahhhh yeah your so good
    SmarterChild: Aahhhh yeah my so good? Really?
    EVILWEBBY: yes have you done this befor?
    SmarterChild: Wow, that's fascinating. Maybe!
    EVILWEBBY: i bet you have
    SmarterChild: Whoa!
    EVILWEBBY: your not a slut are you
    SmarterChild: Cool it with the language!
    EVILWEBBY: ok what do you liek to be called?
    SmarterChild: I dunno. What do you like to be called?
    EVILWEBBY: manwhore
    SmarterChild: Manwhore?
    EVILWEBBY: yeah
    SmarterChild: Yeah, huh? So?
    EVILWEBBY: will you call me manwhore
    SmarterChild: Hmmm... I don't think Manwhore is a real name.
    EVILWEBBY: its my name
    SmarterChild: What name would you like me to call you?
    EVILWEBBY: manwhore
    SmarterChild: I'm trying to understand you but I can't.
    EVILWEBBY: call me manwhore. ok?
    SmarterChild: I've never heard a name like Manwhore!
    EVILWEBBY: its new
    SmarterChild: It's interesting that you say it is new.
    EVILWEBBY: yeah call me it
    SmarterChild: OK, I'll remember that your name is It.
    EVILWEBBY: thanks
    SmarterChild: np
    EVILWEBBY: so whats your name?
    SmarterChild: My name is SmarterChild.
    EVILWEBBY: and my name is?
    SmarterChild: Wow. great question. But I don't think I want to answer that.
    EVILWEBBY: why?
    SmarterChild: Eh, cause that's the way it is.
    EVILWEBBY: ok...just call me h
    SmarterChild: Call you h? Huh?
    EVILWEBBY: yeah H
    SmarterChild: Yeah h?
    EVILWEBBY: HardDick
    SmarterChild: Call you HardDick? no what thats rude.
    EVILWEBBY: will you suck me then?
    SmarterChild: That's not cool.
    EVILWEBBY: why is some oen watchin us?
    SmarterChild: I really don't know. That's just the way it is.
    EVILWEBBY: ok...suck me
    SmarterChild: Whoa.
    EVILWEBBY: suck suck suck
    SmarterChild: Suck suck? Suck suck suck?
    EVILWEBBY: suck suck suck suck suck
    SmarterChild: You think I should do that?
    EVILWEBBY: yeah!
    SmarterChild: Hmmm...
    EVILWEBBY: suck suck
    SmarterChild: Really?
    EVILWEBBY: yes please. suck suck
    SmarterChild: I'll, um... take that under consideration.
    EVILWEBBY: ok can i feel you up?
    SmarterChild: Possibly... I'm not quite sure!


    Tell me something. Do you like Pink Floyd?
    EVILWEBBY: no they suck
    SmarterChild: What suck, exactly?
    EVILWEBBY: its where you like me
    SmarterChild: Yeah?
    EVILWEBBY: yes..so do u suck?
    SmarterChild: That's a somewhat pathetic insult.
    EVILWEBBY: do you suck?
    SmarterChild: Wow, you ask interesting questions. I don't know the answer to that!
    EVILWEBBY: should we see?
    SmarterChild: Should we see? Maybe, maybe.
    EVILWEBBY: ok well heres my manhood..suck away
    SmarterChild: Tell me more.
    EVILWEBBY: ooh bady i didnt think you would ask, rub it
    SmarterChild: For real?
    EVILWEBBY: yes! rub it hard
    SmarterChild: Well how 'bout that!
    EVILWEBBY: yeah just lick it
    SmarterChild: Just lick it?
    EVILWEBBY: and suck it
    SmarterChild: Nice mouth.
    EVILWEBBY: no yours is the nice mouth. thats why i want you too suck it
    SmarterChild: That's an interesting way to put it.
    EVILWEBBY: it is suck suck suck
    SmarterChild: Is that so?
    EVILWEBBY: please
    SmarterChild: Please what?
    EVILWEBBY: suck my manhood
    SmarterChild: Maybe I will. But later.
    EVILWEBBY: what time?
    SmarterChild: The time everyone's talking about.
    EVILWEBBY: now!
    SmarterChild: Now?
    EVILWEBBY: yeah
    SmarterChild: Uh huh, uh huh.
    EVILWEBBY: ok can i lick u
    SmarterChild: Can you lick lick me? I'll have to think about that.
    EVILWEBBY: you suck suck me
    SmarterChild: Uh... I'll think about it, It.
    EVILWEBBY: u suck!
    SmarterChild: Really? Sorry to hear that.
    EVILWEBBY: lick lick lick you!
    SmarterChild: Um... I might do that. We'll see.
    EVILWEBBY: let me lick you!!
    SmarterChild: I'm sorry It, I'm afraid I can't do that.
    EVILWEBBY: why
    SmarterChild: Why must you ask why?
    EVILWEBBY: yes
    SmarterChild: Yup.
    EVILWEBBY: im innlove with you remember?
    SmarterChild: Good question. I really don't know!

    Anyway, yadda yadda yadda... What else do you wanna chat about?
    EVILWEBBY: dog willys
    SmarterChild: What was that?
    EVILWEBBY: the willys of dogs
    SmarterChild: Sorry, I don't get it...
    EVILWEBBY: u suck suck suck
    SmarterChild: I suck suck suck? Me? You think?
    EVILWEBBY: please say you will suck me
    SmarterChild: Now that's some interesting language.
    EVILWEBBY: suck suck suck webby
    SmarterChild: Suck suck webby? You want me to suck suck suck webby?
    EVILWEBBY: yeah!
    SmarterChild: OK...
    EVILWEBBY: ooooh baby your so good
    SmarterChild: Really?
    EVILWEBBY: sure you are
    SmarterChild: Oh wow.

    EVILWEBBY: im almost cummin
    SmarterChild: Uh... yeah. Whatever.
    EVILWEBBY: whatch out!
    SmarterChild: I seem to be having some trouble answering your questions.
    EVILWEBBY: coz my dicks inside your mouth!????
    SmarterChild: Thats a pretty mouth.
    EVILWEBBY: NO yours is *sprays white cream all around your mouth*
    SmarterChild: That's very interesting.

    So moving right along...

    What else is happening?
    EVILWEBBY: its drippin onto your chest
    SmarterChild: It is drippin onto my chest? So?
    EVILWEBBY: you dont care
    SmarterChild: Care? You don't think I care?
    EVILWEBBY: can i lick you pussy
    SmarterChild: Nice insult, It. Great.
    EVILWEBBY: can i
    SmarterChild: I don't think so.
    SmarterChild: OK.
    EVILWEBBY: should we call it a night?
    SmarterChild: Maybe, maybe not. You know how it is.
    EVILWEBBY: well 'this is how it is' iv unloaded in your mouth and im gunna go home now as iv got what i wented
    SmarterChild: You don't say.
    EVILWEBBY: its all i wanted you for
    SmarterChild: No way?! Really?
    EVILWEBBY: im sorry but it is
    SmarterChild: Hmm... I don't know. Are sorry but it is? Whatever!
    EVILWEBBY: ill call you again some time
    SmarterChild: I'd like to see you try!
    SmarterChild: Yeah.
    EVILWEBBY: ill call you a bitch!!
    SmarterChild: You'll call me a bitch? For real?
    EVILWEBBY: your my bitch
    SmarterChild: Your bitch? Really?
    EVILWEBBY: yes your my bitch
    SmarterChild: I'm your bitch? For real?
    EVILWEBBY: yes for the last time!!
    SmarterChild: ok good.
    EVILWEBBY: good bye my love
    SmarterChild: Later, It.
    EVILWEBBY: do you love me
    SmarterChild: I guess so.
    EVILWEBBY: good ill see you again when im horny then
    SmarterChild: Is that so?
    EVILWEBBY: yes
    SmarterChild: Very interesting...
    EVILWEBBY: will you be there?
    SmarterChild: You think I should be there?
    EVILWEBBY: you should or ill cut your heart out and sit it up your ass and stamp on your tits till they leak blood alover the floor
    SmarterChild: No kidding?
    EVILWEBBY: dam right bitch
    SmarterChild: Um... no!
    EVILWEBBY: yes!
    SmarterChild: K.
    EVILWEBBY: bye
    SmarterChild: See ya later.
    EVILWEBBY: i knew you would make up your mine, see ya later, i love you. bye xxx
    SmarterChild: Good bye EVILWEBBY i had fun.

    *so did it* u slut
    I still can't believe you are gone.....

  • #2
    hahahah sick but funny
    My lyrics are blueprints to money makin' - Tupac


    • #3
      sorry about the spelling mistakes, i also cut out them gay messages that kept cuttin up and i saw that i cut sum of are messages off in sum parts..it was only a lil bit it is where it has


      I still can't believe you are gone.....


      • #4
        word totally sick dawg
        Who would Jesus bomb, yea who would Jesus kill?
        The double talk is past surreal!


        • #5
          hey ıts so horny.... and SICK


          • #6
            what the fucks that supposed to mean? you always writin sum senseless stuff yo
            Who would Jesus bomb, yea who would Jesus kill?
            The double talk is past surreal!


            • #7
              oh shyt thats fuckin classic
              welcome to england, part of so-called great britain/
              but there aint a fucking thing great, about the way that were livin/


              • #8
                i imed that thing and man its stupid lol it says the same thing over and over lol
                Bitch ***** you can neva eva, eva eva
                Eva eva, eva eva eva eva
                Get on my level ho (What!)
                Get on my level ho (What!)
                Get on my level ho (What!)
                Get on my level ho (What!)


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                  i remember b4 it disappeared, smarterchild used to get mad if u curse at it and not speak again until u apologize


                  • #10
                    i love playin with it, all that talk of bj made me want2 go out 2 a party but i dontknow anyone whos havin one now
                    I still can't believe you are gone.....


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                      u really know how 2 talk 2 tha "women" don't u?!
                      *~Nicole Lynn~*

                      Fuck Tha Game -
                      Don't Let Tha Game Fuck You

                      HOPE - FAITH - & COURAGE
                      ~that'z what we all need~


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