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Hotest "video games" ever ???

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  • Hotest "video games" ever ???

    name some...whatever systems...old to new

    01. super mario cart
    02. the punisher
    03. mortal komat 2
    04. ms.pac-man
    05. street fighter 2
    06. marvel vs. capcom 2
    07. rival schools
    08. nba street vol.2 and vol.1
    09. street fighter alpha 3
    10. syphon filter 1
    11. syphon filter 2
    12. metal gear : solid
    13. super smash bros
    14. silent hill 1
    15. spider man: speration engsitity
    16. killer instinct original
    17. contra original
    18. resident evil 2
    19. duke nukem time to kill
    20. grand theft auto II
    21. grand theft auto : vice city
    22. final fight
    23. lethal enforcers
    24. x-men original
    25. ninja turtles ( the one you can throw the foot
    soldiers to the screen...lol )

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    what about some final fantasy 7 for old school playstation.... that game is the best sellin RPG of all time.. shit is hot n i still play the bitch


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      Extreme beach vollyball RAWWWR thats HOTTT


      Vice city is my fav
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        some of my favorites:

        altered beast (genesis)

        beavis and butthead (genesis)

        street fighter 2 special champion edition (genesis; memories playing this at the arcades)

        NBA Jam (arcade, cause the consoles couldn't capture the feel of playing NBA Jam on the big screen arcade...if anybody knows what i'm talking about)

        teenage mutant ninja turtles; the hyperstone heist (genesis)

        batman returns and batman forever (genesis)

        sonic 1-3, sonic and knuckles (genesis)

        mortal kombat 1 & 2 (both in the arcades and genesis)

        tekken (ps1)

        tomb raider 1 & 2 (ps1)

        street fighter alpha 1 (ps1)

        metal gear solid (ps1)

        resident evil (ps1)

        resident evil 2 (ps1)

        cruisin USA (arcades)

        x men vs street fighter (arcades; not to sound stereotypical but all of my chinese friends busted my ass on this game...either i'm not good at it, or they just play that shit for hours)

        gta 3 (ps2)

        metal gear solid 2 (ps2; not as good as the first solid installment, but still dope)

        NBA street (ps2; brought a revolution to street ball video games)

        zelda; ocarina of time (n64; i forgot about this...definitely dope)

        goldeneye (n64)

        DJ Boy (genesis; i think that was the name haha...i got this from a cousin; it was stupid but fun back then)
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          Top 10

          My top ten.

          1. Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (N64)
          2. GTA 3 (PS2)
          3. Mortal Kombat 3
          4. Soul Calibur (Dreamcast)
          5. WCW/NWO Revenge (N64)
          6. Unreal Tournament (PC)
          7. Sonic the Hedgehog (Sega Genesis)
          8. Super Mario 3 (NES)
          9. Resident Evil: Code Veronica (Deamcast)
          10. Marvel vs Capcom 2

          **Bonus Game, Super Smash Brothers: Melee**
          Beg 4 Mercy


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            i love games.. games were my baby sitter from like age 4-10.. the longer my dad wanted me to just stay there playing video games the more games he'd get me.. i still play like 3968236 games.. i'll post my list later.. but heres some stuff just off the top of my head

            Shadow Run (SNES)
            Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (64, woot HooDlyM)
            Resident Evil 2 (PS1)
            Rival Schools (PS1) *i broke mine and cant find another *
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              alright nice thread.....

              (all resident evil series 1,2,nemisis,code veronica) ps 1&2
              if you like the resident evil games i suggest playin....Parasite Eve 1 & 2 for PS 1.
              Tiger Woods golf
              Vice city and GTA 3- you gotta love these games
              that's all i'm really into for the PS2 right now.

              Zelda for nintendo, wasnt feelin the second one, or the one for SNES but Ocarina of time made a huge comeback.
              Army men-Nintendo 64
              Mario party-nintendo 64-(you might think thats corny but get 4 people and play that shit)

              Michael Jackson's Moonwalker-sega genisis-(pure fire kids)

              Mike tyson's punchout
              tecmo superbowl
              super mario 3
              kung fu
              contra-( up up down down left right left right b a start-30 guys baby)
              way to many to name so fuck it, i love arcade games also, i wish i could get a few classics.
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                too many for me to name but right now
                Zelda Wind Waker on cube, that game is bad


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                  Ninja Guiden (NES)
                  Halo (XBox.. best fucking multiplayer)
                  Mario 3 (NES)
                  Mario 64

                  Those are probably my favorite games... dont' play much anymore though, unless its a huge game of multiplayer Halo...HOLLA
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                      1. All metal gear solids
                      2. All GTA
                      3. Shenmue series
                      4. FIFA'S
                      5. Monkey island series
                      6. Broken Sword series
                      7. Donkey Kong country
                      8. Madden 2k onward
                      9. Gran Turisimo series
                      10. ISS PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER series
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                        My top ten list would have to go like this (in no order):

                        GTA 3 (PC) - Freeroaming, moddable and great fun.

                        GTA: Vice City (PS2) - See above. When it comes out on PC, shit is gonna be crazy!

                        Mario Kart 64 (N64) - 4 player mayhem. Piss off your friends by hittin' the shortcut in Wario Stadium. Can't wait to play Double Dash. If ya ain't seen nothin' about it, go to IGN and check it out.

                        Perfect Dark (N64) - Is there anything more fun than pullin' a pair of .357's and shootin' your friends in the face? I think not.

                        Legend Of Zelda: The Wind Waker (GCN) - Perhaps the best graphics of any video game ever.

                        Legend Of Zelda: Ocrina Of Time (N64) - First Zelda game in 3D. Need I say more?

                        Eternal Darkness (GCN) - One of the better stories I've seen to a game. Not to mention that the insanity effects will fuck you up!

                        NHL 2003 (GCN or PC) - The best hockey game I've ever played. The manual deke just makes the game.

                        Hitman 2: Silent Assassin (PC) - The only thing this game is missing is bulletholes on the bodies. Great fun.

                        Tenchu 2: Stealth Assassins (PS1) - A stealth ninja game with a level editor. If ya haven't played this yet, I suggest that ya get on it right away.

                        EDIT - I forgot 2 games:

                        Wrestlemania 2000/No Mercy (N64) - Best wrestling games ever, hands down. Solid from start to finish.

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                          ^-- nice list
                          Thank You. Post Again. Just Not Here. The End.


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                            Blades Of Steel
                            Wrestlemania 2000
                            Grand Theft Auto 2
                            Ken Griffey Jr.'s Baseball
                            Super Mario World
                            Mario Kart
                            Tony Hawk's Pro Skater
                            NFL Blitz

                            i dunno, those are the games i always used to play and got really addicted to, so yeah.....


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                              Originally posted by Sid-Rage
                              ^-- nice list
                              Thank you sir.

                              As you can probably tell, I'm a Nintendo junkie. I've been followin' them since back in the NES days.


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