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    anyone tried tHIS ?//


    If you’ve had enough of 7:00-a.m. shower lineups, the perpetual bombardment of deadlines and the monotonous parade of residence food that would drive the heartiest of the “Survivor” cast to vote themselves off, you’re probably ready to get away - and the farther the better. The only problem: a depleted bank account that may at best get you to the city limits. But if you are able to scrape together a bit of cash, you may get further than you think. And fast…courier fast!
    The human-courier option: Does it deliver?

    Courier is a way to fly cheap by accompanying checked-in freight to its destination for a courier company. You give up your check-in luggage in return for a cheap and sometimes even free flight. How cheap? Usually, about 50% of the ticket price. But savings can range from 85% and higher. In rare cases, your flight may be free. Here are some recent examples of fares that have come up: New York to Mexico $50 US, L.A. to Hong Kong $200 US, New York to Spain $100 US. The reason: Airfreight companies in some cases find it cheaper (and faster to clear customs) to ship goods as luggage rather than as airfreight. So they are willing to pay the difference between what the flight costs them and the reduced fare that they charge you.

    Basic rules with most courier flights
    * Trips are usually to major business centers (gateway cities) around the world, such as: London, Hong Kong, Mexico, etc.

    * Most air couriers require that you are 18 (in some cases 21) or over, have a valid passport and no criminal record.

    * You usually have to dress somewhat business like, so that favorite Marilyn Manson outfit may have to forgo the trip.

    Is courier travel for you?
    The big advantage to this type of travel is the price. If you are somewhat flexible in your schedule and destination, it can be a great way to see the world.
    As with any great deal, there are some drawbacks. Depending on your travel style, though, the drawbacks could be minor:

    * Most couriers operate out of the U.S. Canadian courier flights out of Toronto and Montreal are limited. FB Onboard, which used to offer courier flights out of Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto, no longer offers these flights. The MoneyRunner has learned about negotiations on courier flights with Air Canada. However, no agreement has been reached yet . We’ll update you if they come to an agreement.
    Fortunately, there’s plenty of choice and competition in the US with cities like New York, Miami and Los Angeles as courier-traveler nirvana. Of course, how good a deal a courier flight is then, often comes down to how cheap of a commuter flight you can land to one of these courier gateways. If you can land a good seat sale to these centers, the courier route may be worth it.

    * Luggage limit is constraining. If you like to travel with this season’s complete fashion collection along with every piece of sports equipment you own, it may not work. But if you can travel light, fitting everything into a carry-on piece of luggage, it may be ideal.

    * Stays may be fixed. Stays vary, some flights have a one- or two-week limit, others, such as flights to Asia, allow you to stay as long as several months.
    Uncovering the deals
    You won’t find your travel agents pushing the courier option, since it won’t put any money in their pocket. However, there are two ways to uncover these cash savers:

    * Track down the couriers yourself. Some couriers offer a free, phone-message update on available flights. There are services that publish lists for a fee in the range of $5 to $10. Obtaining a courier listing
    * Go through a courier broker or association which charges you a fee to join - usually in the range of $25-$75.

    By joining an association you have access to flights from a number of different couriers, but so does every other member - meaning more competition for a limited number of flights. Still, if you are new to the courier game or are serious about taking a flight, you’ll probably recoup your costs after one flight. Check out each association first to see what services they offer, i.e. updates on-line of courier flights.

    If you want to leave from a Canadian destination, make sure the association you join has member courier companies that offer Canadian departures.
    To joining a courier broker association, contact:
    o IAATC Air Courier Travel Home Page
    o The Air Courier Association Inc.

    If the courier option fired up your travel engines, here are some strategies to help you win big in the cheap-flight game:
    * Coming back loaded. Try for a flight that only requires you to act as a courier on the way to your destination. This way you won’t be constrained by the strict luggage limitation on the way back, so you’ll be able to load up on those souvenir-bowler hats from London.

    * Off-season = more off. Certain times of year are best for picking up deals. You’re more likely to get a cheap courier flight in the off-season than on a Europe-bound flight in July.

    * Catch the falling price. Most courier flights recommend booking couple of weeks in advance. If you are extremely flexible and don’t mind taking a chance, you may find it profitable to book closer to the time of the flight as couriers become more desperate to line up a human courier and tend to drop the price drastically, making flights 85% cheaper and rarely (but occasionally) free. Of course, this strategy is more likely to work in the off-season than during peak season.

    * Collecting miles. Check if your courier flight allows you to collect air-mile points. Most do, so if there is no cost to join the frequent-flier plan, join. A cheap courier flight to the Orient may earn you a free flight back to school in the fall.

    * Make a double deal. If you are travelling with a friend, try negotiating with the airline for a cheaper second flight. If they won’t deal, then see if your friend can get a similar courier flight either the previous, or the next day.
    While the best part of the courier-flight, world adventure is the experiences, in some cases, your may even make you money. Byron Lutz, executive director of The International Association of Air Travel Couriers recounts one graduating female student who’s venturing into courier travel landed her more than a $150 flight to Hong Kong - a paid role in a soap opera. While not everyone will score a part on the screen, the adventures may just as thrilling…and hopefully, just as cheap!
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