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  • The First Day...

    For those of you in school, how was your first day?

    1st hr-Bilogy...boring. My freaking teacher had atleast 20 fish tanks in her room, what a whacko!
    2nd hr-Close Up(history)-The dude gave us 5 pages of work, what a jackass.
    3rd hr-AGS 3T(math)-EASY, lol, I am taking the slower advanced class. It will be an easy A.
    4th hr-American Literature-The lady is nut. The stories I have heard is she will out of nowhere change when due dates are. Just out of the blue.
    5th hr-Jogging/Weight Training-YES! I get to work out, I am gonna be buff.
    6th hr-Spanish 3-Easier than two, but still sucks. I have to make a whole speech tomorrow, that is a pain in the ass.

    Post how your day went.

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    i jus had this convo wit rev. my first day was last week. yo here it is..
    1st - history of rock - phat class, get to learn tight shit and it leads into hip hop at the end of the year
    2nd - environmental science - tight class, fat teacher but i sleep and flirt wit this fine girlie
    3rd - consumer math - it's fucking adding subtracting, and multiplying.. touch shit!
    4th - study hall - sleep
    5th - english - aight teacher, another sleep class
    6th - study hall - another one... and yes i sleep
    7th - presidential bios - easy classes, all notes, 1 report and it's one easy mothafuckin A

    anything beyond that is nuttin but 6 minutes between classes where i get my mack on and teach some freshman what it's like to be in high school... hehe
    "He Who Makes a Beast Out of Himself, Gets Rid of the Pain of Being a Man."


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      I'm glad I dont start till next week. SO im goona get all my sleepin in and go out and do some crazy shit


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        Damn man, I wish we had that easy of classes in my old high school, shit it was nothing like that. My first day is September 5th but here's my schedule.

        No class

        9:00 - 11:30 AM General Psychology
        6:30 - 9:10 PM Freshman Writing

        11:00 AM - 3:00 PM College Algebra (Took it in high school, easy A)

        11:00 AM - 3:00 PM College Algebra (Plus it's a lab meaning if I finish all my work in 2 months, I don't have to go for the rest of the semester)
        6:30 - 9:10 PM Introduction to Law Enforcement

        No Class
        Peace 5 and 92, you're missed.


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          fuckah school
          heres my schedule fo all yah hatahs

          1st period - nuttin
          2nd period - aqua science
          3rd period - accounting(no clew blow off classs)
          4th period - english

          dats bout it dont ask me what any the classes are about cuz i couldnt tell yah.
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            Re: The First Day...

            Originally posted by The Slick Jesus
            For those of you in school, how was your first day?
            Post how your day went.
            today is supposed to be my first of school, but i got to skip it cuz i got to meet D12
            peace yall :D


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              Awww dats wacked u got to meet D12.. if only it was me.. I could've showed them a little better time..j/p..damn next time invite a homie so how'd u get to mett them anyways.. much luv ya'll melanie
              My mind is racin it's pacin
              With homicidal thoughts
              Got me distraught
              Pull a 1-8-7 on his ass
              Kck him stab him his head I bash
              Haha here's my final go
              Let's finish off the show
              Got your toy gun
              You betta run
              Cuz a toy this shit is not
              Blood pressure red hot
              Pull the trigger
              Why you trippin
              Aww did I hurt you
              TO BAD MOTHA FUCKER
              Fuck YOU and you're whole crew
              Before all your asses get capped
              You have no dick so u gotta b one
              Shows Over hoped you had FUN

              They call me mental but I'm not I'd like to consider myself crazy

              At the moment anyways..............


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                Fuck school. I don't have in for a week but when i do, i'll edit this post and say how it went.
                MOTHERFUCK SCHOOL!!!!!!
                ...Oops, I lied hehe^^^

                R.I.P Aaliyah
                We will always love and miss you, girl. You were truly an inspiration to all of us!

                I'm single *wink**wink*


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                  I had to pick up my books today, I'm going back to school tomorrow........

                  I'll post "my first school day" tomorrow.


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                    God, please dont make me go back there.....

                    School really sux, I havent learnt anything worth knowing in the past 4 years......cause i dont think that learning how to reverse algebra into a negative sum on a bar graph is gonna get me a good paying cushy job someday in tha future. Fuckin pointless...
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                      my first day is wednesday 4 some reason, the school i'm movin 2 is wack, here's my schedule though:

                      1: Team Sports
                      2: AP Calculus
                      3: Chemistry
                      4: Span. 2
                      5: World Hist.
                      6: Eng.


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                        ...my first day...

                        Maybe I should explain my school first. I'm in the magnet, which pretty much means they gave me an IQ test and stuck me in honors classes (same as regular, just more work). I moved to this new school 4 no fuckin reason pretty much, and just like my old schools the magnet counts as a separate schoool, but's inside a regular one. It's in a rich neighborhood, so there's so many rich white peeps that are snobby and shit. Aight, I'ma try 2 keep this short (I love 2 bitch so it probably won't). Today I:

                        •was 45 min early 2 school cuz of the bus
                        •was put in the wrong math class
                        •went 2 the office to change it and got fuckin yelled @ by some bitch saying i had 2 come back later
                        •found a white girl i hadn't seen in 2 years, and remembered why i hadn't bothered talk 2 her during the time
                        •met my chem teacher -- he was very interesting...he kept sniffing the markers and was like "anyone need a hit 2 wake them up? i'm killing thousands of brain cells, but hey, i got plenty 2 spare"
                        •wasted lunch waiting 4 the schedule change -- when they found out i was switching 2 calc they suddenly was sayin "we're proud to welcome such a fine student into our magnet"
                        •fell into a fucking ditch -- they doin so much construction cuz the building's from the 1920s
                        •came home and waited outside the Pic N Save stop 4 nearly an hr 4 my ride

                        Hope ur day was better Whizzman...


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                          haha i still got another week of doin shit. thank god i dont start till then


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                            Damn, I should finish school just so I could post here? Oh wait, I just did. School sucks, but finish it the first time, cause it SUCKS if you don't. Maybe I should finish school, so I could get a better job? Oh well.


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                              Yeah you were like 2 months away from graduating and never did. I told you you should've graduated with me. Now you can keep your job for the rest of your life. Pizza Pimp with no hoes.
                              Peace 5 and 92, you're missed.


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