Yes I went to see the movie yesterday and WOW! Of course it still didn’t answer a lot of my ?’s, but it made me realize that Mary was also a nonbeliever herself. Remember these r my thoughts! But, now I know who set the standard for “bad” mothers (so to speak). She didn’t even stick up for her own flesh and blood that God gave her without even having to loose anything (if u know wut I mean) for it. She gained so much from her child and she just sat back and let these horrible men take over her son. Cuz if she spoke up she would have died also. 1, for being a woman speaking up over a man and 2 for believing in him. She shouldn’t have even cared about that, but she did. Then I have new ?’s now after seeing that like, was there a Mother God and a Father God? What ever happened to Joseph? Anyway I could go on and on like I do every day, but all I know is that this movie has made me feel even stronger about myself . I just hope everyone that can, gets a chance to see this movie. I give it 2 thumbs up! OH Yhea……….last night I had a dream that the members from D12 and I and a few children (including my own) were standing on this tall, tall mountain and we were all so happy (Lustick!) cuz D12 had just bought a whole state and they were going to call it D12 World. It was weird. There were these really pretty black ladies there as well. I don’t know it was just weird!