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Track by Track Review of D12 World.... add your opinions too!!

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  • Track by Track Review of D12 World.... add your opinions too!!

    01 Git Up- we've all heard eminem's verse from this track a few weeks ago, and i really didnt like it... but now that i hear it again without a dj yelling over it and with the rest of D12.. i actually like it... the really like the chorus on this one too... surprisingly enough, this is one of the better tracks on the album... 4/5

    02 Loyalty (ft Obie Trice)- this is one of the best tracks on the album, in my opinion... i really like eminem's little intro at the beginning... really gets me hyped up for the track. chorus aint that great, but i can overlook that because everyone verse is hot, even bizzy comes nice... and obie drops some hot shit too... 4.5/5

    03 Just Like U- now i wasnt really expecting much from a solo bizzy track.. and i didnt get much from it... the beat was incredible (cheers to hi-tek) but bizarre's verses were predictable, "fucking old ladies" and "smack bitches".. nothing special. he really shoulda stepped it up on this track so people could actually look at him as an MC and not just some joke artist... but that didnt happen... i still dont laugh at his lyrics... i guess he has no problem being the one in D12 with no talent... 2/5

    04 I'll Be Damned- this track is alright.. nothing special, sounds like the typical track that would be on a snoop dogg album... swifty drops a nice verse and bizzy continues to drop wack shit, again. it's not bad, but then again, it's not good either.. but to each his own.... 3/5

    05 Dude (skit)- hilarious skit... "whats your name again?" lol... good shit... 5/5

    06 My Band- we've all heard this track, worst verse goes to eminem.. when bizarre drops a better verse than eminem, you know he's falling off .. i'm already sick of it... 2/5

    07 U R The One- now THIS is the snoop dogg track.. but this one actually works, kinda... i like the beat... and of course, the only person to drop a wack verse is bizzy, but that's expected.... 3.5/5

    08 6 In The Morning- are you serious? how could D12 drop this track after it was on a Green Lantern mixtape? i dont care if certain people might not have heard it... this track was never that hot.. to me, this is just bullshit filler... 2.5/5

    09 How Come- hot shit! this track is incredible... i wish the whole album had tracks like this! i dont know where to begin... the beat is amazing (i believe it's Dre) and the verses are insane... it's obvious eminem is talking about Royce... great track, nothing more to say... 5/5

    10 Leave Dat Boy Alone- eh, i dunno... this track just seems kinda dull to me. i dont really like the chorus or the production... i dont have a lot to comment about with this track... seems like another filler track to me... 2.5/5

    11 Get My Gun- my personal favorite track on the album. i had heard this track awhile ago and i was dying to leak it, but i didnt want to get into any shit.. either way, this beat is hot and i love the concept of the track.... def gets me hyped.... 5/5

    12 Bizarre (skit)- another hilarious skit... even if you hate bizarre, you'll laugh your ass off.... 4.5/5

    13 Bitch- this is probably my second favorite track on the album... it really speaks the truth about bitches too. eminem drops an incredibly hot, yet short verse, as usual... the beat is hot as fuck too.. this would be a hot single, but i highly doubt it would get any airplay. proof's verse is crazy hot too... 4.5/5

    14 Steve's Coffee House (skit)- sounds like some campfire song type shit.... nothing special.... 3/5

    15 D-12 World- now i was expecting a lot from this track, and i was kinda disappointed... but not too badly though.. the only shit that kinda pissed me off was the fact that i really wanted to hear Eminem spit on a Kanye beat and of course he backed out... and i didnt like the chorus at all.. i thought it was wack as fuck.. other than that, it was a pretty good track. i've heard people talk shit about the production, but i like it.. i think Kanye dropped some hot shit, but thats just my opinion... and everyone drops some hot verses too.... 4/5

    16 40 oz.- yea we've all heard this... all i can say is that it's a better single than my band... i'm not sick of this track yet, but close... 3.5/5

    17 Commercial Break (skit, kinda)- hot shit... young zee drops some sick shit... def some hot shit, i wish bizzy got kicked off the album and zee replaced him... 5/5

    18 American Psycho 2 (ft B-Real)- hate this song... if it wasnt a sequel and i had nothing to compare to, then it would be a different story... but since i am comparing it to the first american psycho, the only thing i can say about this one that i liked, was the beat that Dre did... other than that, this track is wack as fuck. what i really didnt like was the fact that eminem didnt even stick to the title of the song.. he totally goes way off topic and it has nothing to do with being a psycho... to me, Em ruined the track... with a wack verse from Bizarre and Eminem, you really cant save the track.... 1.5/5

    19 Bugz 97- not many people know who bugz was, but those who did know about him probably know how hot of a rapper he was and this just showcases that for a second... shit, if all the bizarre verses on this album were replaced with old bugz verses i'd be much happier with this album... think about it, bizzy's verses never make sense or have anything to do with the song anyway... so what's a 5 year old verse gonna possibly do but upgrade the track? either way, this is hot to death.... 5/5

    20 Good Die Young- this is actually the ONLY track where bizarre doesnt make himself or D12 look incredibly immature and stupid.... this track is the most serious on the album and i really like it a lot.. the only thing that kinda upsets me is that eminem decided to bail on this track... being the only serious and thoughtful song on the album, it seems that eminem could've been on it... we all know he's lost people close to him... so why back out? this track would've fit him perfectly... but whatever... other than that, this track is incredibly thoughtful and intelligent... if only D12 put this much love into the rest of their songs, we'd have a 5 mic album here.... 5/5

    21 Keep Talkin'- YAY! more filler! now here we have ANOTHER track that was released on a Green Lantern mixtape about a year ago... if D12 has been in the studio for the last 3 years working on this album, you'd think they'd have more to show for it... but i guess not.. shit, they shoulda dropped 'Doe Rae Me' on here too... i mean, i like this track and all... and i will still bump it because it has hot verses but this track is almost a year old... give us fans a break... they could've at least edited out the part where eminem yells "and this is just mixtape shit you fuckin morons".... yea, it was mixtape shit, a year ago... but i'll rate this as a newbie, like i have with the other tracks.... 4/5

    this took me forever to type, so forgive any mistakes i've made.. i'll fix them later... but overall i'll give this album a 3.5/5

    it's not great... it's def nothing even close to a classic like Devils Night was... i do know that D12 was trying to stray away from DN and make something fresh... but i really believe that if D12 was in the studio for the last 3 years, they could've come up with a lot more classic tracks instead of sticking a bunch of crap (6 in the morning, just like u, leave that boy alone) on there... but this is just one mans opinion.. i do realize that a lot of people may love this album and think it's the best shady records release since Cheers

    but i am not one of those people... i personally dont think Shady Records has dropped an incredibly HOT album since Devils Night... this whole review is just my opinion, i'm not trying to push it on anyone.. just wanted ya'll to know what i thought... peace.
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    good review, i agree wit u on alot of the shit except the track d12world, i dunno i jus wasnt feelin that shit AT ALL, i thought every member of the group should have flowed on it and the beat wuz wack as FUCK

    i think the CD would hav been jus as good as devils night if dre and eminem produced some more tracks, and they didnt use the mixtape tracks, and if eminem wuz on good die young and loyalty(they jus sounded lik tracks he'd be good on to me)

    my rankin fo the album- 8/10

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      i agree with a lot of this shit except you were too generous.

      i think em's verse on american psycho did stick to the topic, unlike what you said. maybe its just me but he talks about having screws loose and smashing bottles of piss on someones head.

      bizarre sucks, a few others stepped up their game..

      i give this album a 2/5 and u can thank a lack of creativity and bizarre for that shit, plus lackluster eminem

      loyalty, how come, get my gun, bitch, my band - tracks i like or dont mind
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        i def agree about loyalty and good die young... my thoughts exactly... it's wack as FUCK that eminem wasnt on those tracks... not because im some groupie who must hear eminem on every track.. but because those are some D12 tracks that he just shoulda been a part of....

        edit:: responding to the thread below my first one.. D12Detroit or something like that....


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          Nice review Monk

          My Favourite Tracks Are: Get My Gun, How Come, D12 World & Loyalty
          My Worst Tracks Are: U R The One, 40 Oz, Leave Dat Boy Alone & I'll Be Damned

          I would give the album anywhere between 2.5-3.5/5.

          For more detailed random comments, see my post in Luis T's "D12 World Review" thread in the Hip Hop forum: http://www.d12world.com/board/showth...35#post1294235
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            ^^ good stuff Rondell... we seem to have the same ideas on this album... i dislike and like the tracks you listed above... seems we have the same general tastes in music, as far as D12 is concerned....

            just got done reading your other post.. thumbs up man.. you def had a lot of true statements in there!


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              i have a feeling eminem didnt enjoy this album.....
              maybe casue he didnt do as much production as i thought


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                only a few good tracks (Loyalty, Good Die Young,Get my Gun, and maybe Bitch)......IMO the album wasnt woth all the wait....but somehow thats no surprise.....Em has fallen to new lows....Kuniva and Swifty have stepped up their game a little....another run of the mill album for 2004
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                  3 and a half mics from the source i say.....


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                    ^and this time they'll be justified.....maybe even too liberal
                    Palabra a tu madre


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                      lol I dont even think the Source will review it, it will seem too biased.
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                        good review!!

                        i like the album, altho some song are old.
                        i think 2 many ppl are comparing it 2 DN.
                        its just a whole diff album, thats why i like it!
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                            Git up- 4
                            Just like you-3.5
                            I'll Be Damned-3.9
                            My Band-2
                            U R The One-And it gets a 1
                            6 in the morning-4.5
                            How come-5 (Best track on the album IMO)
                            Leave Dat Boy Alone-5
                            Get My Gun-5
                            D12 world-2
                            American psycho 2-5
                            Good Die Young-5
                            Keep talkin-3.9


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                              good review monk! i agree with most of it. I guess i was expectin a little to much, hopin for another Devils Night, a cd i could actually put in my cd for months at a time and not get bored. But so far i really do like the cd, but it doesnt have the affect on me that devils Night did. Plus i like the title track 'Devils Night' much more than 'D12World', but i still like it.
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