Scitec Nutrition offers proteins made from 100% whey concentrate and isolates of very high quality, and once again demonstrates its exceptional know-how. Indeed, with a higher amino acid content (25%), whey has a better concentration of BCAAs (leucine, isoleucine, valine) than all other protein sources.

100% Whey Protein Professional is a high-quality protein blend made from whey isolate and concentrate. The proteins present in 100% Whey Protein Professional contribute to the development and maintenance of muscle mass. Obtained from milk, whey is considered a complete protein, because it provides the body with all the essential amino acids, including the 9 EAAs amino acids that the body is unable to synthesize and which must be provided by the diet. 100% Whey Protein also contains two digestive enzymes papain and bromelain to aid in the digestion of this already low lactose protein.

The ANIMALS WHEY is whey isolate micro-filtered supérie ure, formulated from protein sources of high-quality Isolates and Whey concentrated. The formula provides quick release protein to fuel your muscles around your workout and keep your body in an anabolic state for lean muscle mass building. The Animal Whey contains 25 g of protein per serving and provides 2 g of fiber with less than 2 g sugar. It sets itself apart with its one-of-a-kind formula and amazingly delicious tastes without a powdery aftertaste!

- A perfectly processed and purified whey protein;
- Balanced blend of concentrate and whey isolate;
- 20 g of whey protein per serving;
- Taurine and glutamine added;
- Papain which contributes to the intakes. In addition, 100% Whey Protein Professional has a simply delicious taste and does not contain aspartame.

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