Focusing on issues facing animals throughout Ireland.

It will be a useful aid for anyone wanting to know more about Irish industries regarding animals, including areas such as pet trade, sports, agriculture, and society as a whole. The information is presented so that the reader can make better-informed decisions regarding Animal Care and Welfare, to raise awareness of issues and highlight areas we need to improve on in Ireland specifically and the UK.

This book can be used as a guide and reference point for those studying Animal Care Courses and subjects related to them throughout Ireland and the UK as it is following the QQI level 5 learning objectives and has additional information that will be useful in practice and theory.

This book will help those at ground level, either studying Animal Care as a whole or those already within rescue/charities. The information is there for those who choose to use it and I encourage readers to use their voice, one person can make a difference, and together we are stronger.