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Tech n9ne Interview (HUUUGE)

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  • Tech n9ne Interview (HUUUGE)

    Tech N9ne
    Interview by Pig Balls

    When did your last album come out?

    My first album was Anghellic, the one J-Core went bankrupt on. We put that out again. We went and snatched that from them in New York. We rereleased that and called it Anghellic Reparation, repay me for what you messed up because they went bankrupt and took all our money. They took like four hundred thousand dollars of me and Travisí money, J-Core did. After we put Anghellic Reparation out, we did Absolute Power. Anghellic gave me the fire and the fuel to do Absolute Power. A lot of me and my homeboys were falling out. Absolute Power came about from Anghellic.

    That album opened doors for you, even though you didnít make money.

    Yes it did. We lost money but at the same time, I experienced so much that I could talk about it on the next album. Iíve been touring on Absolute Power for two years now. Everybody is loving Absolute Power and my fan base is growing rapidly. Itís a beautiful thing.

    What is the reason for your fan base growing?

    My fans love me for being me. Iím being real. I talk about the stuff I know about. I ainít selling no big dope so I donít talk about that. I talk about my experiences. I talk about stuff I know about. My fans love it because they can tell thatís real. My fans know that itís not fake. They know that when I talk about the Tech N9ne experience taking ecstasy and Ďshrooms , I describe it to a "T" because I went through it. They can feel that. Thatís why I got that longevity because itís everyday life. A lot people say White people like my music and Black people donít like it. Black people go through the same shit I go through. Iím Black. Black people go through things that I go through. My fans like it because itís reality. Itís everyday life for real.

    Why do you think people say you have more of a White audience than a Black audience?

    I think itís the image, for one. Iím a Black dude with red spiked hair. A lot of *****z donít dye their hair. I guess Iím a different type of *****. I did a lot of drugs. Maybe five years ago I might never have did this. The drugs drove me crazy. I started going to a lot of rave parties. I got with the Drum & Bass. I got with the Rock & Roll shit. Iíve been into Rock & Roll since I was a little boy. Iím just a well rounded MC. A lot of muthafuckas are closed in just on their block, they donít know nothing outside their block, but Iíve experienced a lot in my life. Iím thirty-two years old. Iíve been through the ringer. They say that Black people donít listen to our music but they do even if they donít admit it, they know my shitís real. Letís talk about gangsta shit. You would think that "Yada Yada Yada" a song I got about Don Juan is a gangsta beat, gangsta shit. Iím talking about how, ***** if you fuck with me, Iím going to fuck you up. Just because my album is not filled with that same shit, my shit ainít gangsta? My shit is gangsta as a muthafucka, when you think about it. Itís the imagery and the way I spit it thatís different. A lot of *****z donít like shit thatís different. They like the same old shit. What I try to let muthafuckas know is that you can listen to this. And I can say it in a different way to where you wonít get tired of it. My one gangsta song can knock out a lot of these gangsta muthafuckas, all their songs. One of mine can knock out their whole fuckiní album. But just because Iím well rounded and I talk about a lot of other different things, I ainít totally gangsta, or I wear spikes in my hair, so I ainít totally gangsta. My homeboys, the 57th Street Rogue Dog Villains, are the hardest *****z in the town. The Zou, the hardest *****z in the town, gangsta *****z. I grew up with these *****z.

    Was that your crew before?

    Yeah. The fact that my whole album is not talking about the same shit that theyíre used to hearing then, "Tech N9ne, heís for the White folks." But muthafuckas donít understand about eighty-five or more percent of the average consumer of Rap music is White. Thatís real shit and thatís what *****z donít know because they ainít journeyed off their block to realize or gotten to sell those numbers so theyíll know. When I was on tour with Jay Z it was all White folks everywhere we went, fifteen cities. That was Jay Z, gangsta as a muthafucka. Thatís gangsta shit. The average consumer is not Black. The thing is this music starts in the street. Then it spreads out into the suburbs. What *****z donít understand is that is a blessing, when other people can get involved in your music, and love you and pay you to do your thing.

    People want you to stay in the hood. When they see you spreading around they are scared that they are losing Tech N9ne.

    They got to understand that when you start doing bigger things, you are always on tour. I canít sit in the hood no more like I used to because Iím out there trying to make money for my kids. They love me. Iíve been out there touring on Absolute Power for two years. All it takes for muthafuckas to be upset with you, is your not coming to the hood no more. If I could sit in the hood with Scoobie and Mike and Bakarri and T Will, all the Rogue Dogs who I miss so muchóI miss those *****z like crazyóif I could just sit in the hood with them and drink Bud Light like we used to do every day, I would. I miss that shit. But Iím out here grinding for my children and for my life because Rap is all I got. I donít sell no dope. I did that back in the day and it wasnít me. My hustle is Rap. Therefore, Iím on the muthafuckin road every day, missing my family, missing my people, because Iím out here trying to get this money doing verses, doing sold out shows, doing interviews.

    Do you think you would ever be able to go back and be with your people?

    Theyíll never be able to close me out because Iím a real muthafucka and if they look into my eyes, all my homies know Iím a real muthafucka. Thereís no way theyíre gonna be able to shut me out of the hood. Iím from Wayne Minor on 9th Street. Me and Rich The Factor are from the same spots.
    Everybody was born to hustle
    It's a very thin line between a boss and a muscle
    - Xzibit

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    You and Rich The Factor are from the same neighborhood?

    Heís from the Dime and Iím from the Nine. Heís the Tenth Street and Iím Ninth Street. I grew up from one until eleven years down there on Ninth Street, then I moved up to the Fifties. Thatís how I met Scoobie and all those. Thereís no way theyíll ever be able to shut me out of the hood. They know Iím on the grind and Iím workin. A lot of muthafuckas donít want you to grow. Thatís a trap. Donít feel like youíre losing me. Feel like you are spreading me, or youíre sharing me with the rest of the world because Tech N9ne is global. Iíve got a lot of stories to tell. If I could sit on my ass in the hood and kick it there, I would. But Iím out here getting my money and experiencing life. They need to come and do it with me. All them muthafuckas got to do is follow me. I got a good heart. I got talent. Skatterman & Snug Brim is my new group. They got a new album out called Urban Legendz. I signed them to my label. Iím vice-president of Strange Music. Travis OíGuin is CEO and president. We are fifty-fifty on everything. Itís a beautiful thing. I just happened to be the first artist on Strange Music. The first group we signed was Skatterman & Snug Brim. We just signed Kutt Calhoun. Heís coming out on May 18th. Iím doing a lot of things now. I just moved from Kansas City to Los Angeles, California. We have new office space on Sunset in the CNN Building. Itís hard. You got to go where itís poppiní if you want to be the star. Everybody knows where Iím suppose to be. Iím suppose to be bigger right now. Iím suppose to be where 50 is right now. Iím suppose to be where Nelly is right now. Iím suppose to be where Jay-Z is right now. Everybody whoís come in contact with me knows that Tech N9ne is a star. He has it all. Heís well rounded. He can flow. I got one of the hardest flows.

    Lyrically you are a master.

    Thanks man. All my homies know it. All these *****z talking this shit that Tech N9ne is for the White folks, Tech N9ne is for all folks! Come on in.

    I donít think you should worry about it.

    I donít! What hurts me is that I wish my Black folks would come to my shows. Theyíre afraid to come to my shows because they thought I was a devil worshipper after Anghellic. The imagery scared them, me on the cross. Black folks donít like to play with religion. I wasnít playing. I was trying to tell them that I am good and bad. Iím a little piece of love and a pit full of demons. Iím trying to fight my way out and free me from all this shit around me. Everybodyís turning on me. All my peopleís turning on me. What am I doing wrong? All Iím doing is offering a hand and these muthafuckas are turning on me. I ask God to take me away from this muthafucka because nobody understands me. I said, fuck that, Iím going to go out there and make my money, do what I love doing, and take care of my family. My wife is happy. I got her her first house right here in Sherman Oaks right here in California. We just moved here a month ago. Sheís happy. She wishes I was there, but sheís sharing me with the rest of the world too. When *****z talking about this shit, they feel like they losing me. I say, just join me. Iím sharing myself with the rest of the world. I writing my life. Thatís what I wanted the Rogue Dogs to do. I wanted the Rogue Dogs to come with me and share their stories. Theyíve got a lot of beautiful stories. Theyíve been through the storm. Scoob deserves to have a beautiful life. Michael White Bear, Bakarri, he deserves to have a beautiful life. T Will deserves to have a beautiful life. Short Nitty, he went to jail for rape, but he deserved to have a beautiful life. Itís fucked up that it didnít get to go down. Maybe theyíll do another album, I donít know. But I wish they were with me telling their story. Thatís how I planned it, but money tears people apart.

    What God are they trying to protect? The God who made us into slaves? Thatís the God whoís fucked us over and over.

    Exactly. Thatís real shit. Thatís how I feel. I think itís the way a lot of Black folks grew up. In the church, you donít play with Christ, you donít play with this. A lot of Black muthafuckas donít even know the Bible. Iíve read the Bible. Theyíre just going on hearsay, and they think Iím saying Iím Satan. I didnít say Iím Satan. I said Iím good and bad. The picture they have painted in the Bible, which man wrote, to me I feel like the Bible was written to coral people and keep people in line and control people. But thatís just my opinion. You got people who say, heís trying to go against our God. No, I ainít trying to go against our God. I ainít trying to go against nobodyís God. Iím just trying to say, Iím good and bad and your image of good is a white angel, your image of bad is a red devil, like on a fucking hot sauce bottle. I just took their imagery, which I donít believe in anyway, and I put them together. Iím good and bad.

    You are a free personófree from God, free from Satan. You are free from all that.

    Exactly. Iím an individual. I donít know what they are trying to protect. They just wrote the Bible to keep us in line. They say Shakespeare wrote some of the Bible. You never know. King James was gay. We donít know. Weíre just going on hearsay. I feel like thereís a higher power. Thatís all Iíll say. The people that are controlled by the Bible are controlled by what they think God is and what they think Satan is. They are scared because I showed the imagery that they created. They feel like I shouldnít play with that but I wasnít playing. I wasnít paying with religion. A lot of my boys back home say, we donít play with God. I wasnít playing.
    Everybody was born to hustle
    It's a very thin line between a boss and a muscle
    - Xzibit


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      A lot of people are not free. A lot of people are still slaves. You are not. You are free,

      Exactly. Iím free! I canít be a slave. Iím a leader. Iím an innovator. I go against all grains. If it says in the books that you arenít suppose to dye your head red if youíre a Black person and have spikes, then Iím gonna do it because I go against the rules. The rules donít apply to me. Iím an individual.

      A person who is free can never follow another personís rules.

      Exactly! So I go against it. But whenever someone sees me they say, thatís beautiful!. They know Iím an individual. Thereís no other like me. They got to love me. They love my music. When I do my music I donít label it. The label labels it. They think itís urban, slacker or alternative, or cross-over. I donít put those titles on it. I just write my music, my life as I see it. The executives put a title on it to market it. You got Black folks on the urban side that are listening to "Mama say stop or Iím gonna tell Papa." They love that shit. As soon as they hear "Slacker" they are like, that ainít Black people shit. I say, what is Black people shit? Is Black people shit just gold platinum chains and Benzís? Is that Black people shit? They stigmatize us like that. Thatís all we know and all we do. They say that Iím crazy, but they let Andre 3000 come in with "Heeey yíaaaall." That ainít what Black people are used to listening to. Theyíll accept that from him and they wonít accept this hardcore rap shit from me. That ainít fair. So I say fuck everybody, Iím gonna do what I feel, and if you miss, itís on you because you missing something beautiful. Thatís all I know. Theyíre gonna catch on too late. My people in Kansas City, Missouri, they missed the "Mitch Bade", a song when I first came out in í96. They missed that hardcore ghetto shit. But if they listen to all my albums as I progressed, I still got that kind of shit on my albums. Itís just not an album full of that same shit. For every beat thereís a different topic. Iím not gonna keep on talking about the same shit on every song. They want my album to be dirty, lowdown, gangsta shit but I got a lot more shit to talk about.

      Some gangsta topics have been used too many times.

      Exactly. If my *****z sit down and listen to my shit, itís the most innovative shit. Itís a ***** talking about his life in a different way. I got different tastes. You can tell that cause I got red hair. I got different tastes but itís beautiful. Take the time to listen to some of my shit. The very first song on Absolute Power, "The Industry is Punks", is bustiní. Itís just me talking about how muthafuckas donít want to fuck with me because itís different. When youíre in the music business, a lot of execs and a lot of people donít like change. They donít like to go to something different because: if the world turns to this what are the other *****z gonna do? Thatís why itís like, keep that ***** out. Heís about to change the game. I got the kind of shit that can change the game.

      Kansas City Rap has a heavy Bay influence. I donít hear that in your music.

      Kansas is totally on the Bay. They love E-40, Spice 1, Mac Mall, Mac Dre, Dru Down, the whole Bay Area. I love it too. Luni Coleone, Killa Tay, Messy Marv, C-Bo, Keak Da Sneak.
      Everybody was born to hustle
      It's a very thin line between a boss and a muscle
      - Xzibit


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        Itís good that you have developed your own sound.

        Exactly! Thatís what Tech N9ne acquired: my own style. Throughout listening to all that music I gathered my own shit. Everybody canít do that. Everybody donít got the mind capacity to do that.

        Everybodyís not free.

        Exactly. Everybodyís not free. There you go. Youíre the first muthafucka to let me know that thatís real. Youíre the first muthafucka to recognize that thatís what I am. Everybody else, theyíre followers. Iím the leader. Iím not going to lead you to hell.

        You broke out of your prison. A lot of people are still in prison.

        When I took them out of the prison, they saw that my life is beautiful. Weíre kicking it, weíre doing shows, weíre performing for beautiful people for vast, mass amounts of muthafuckas. But then when weíre not together no more, theyíre in prison again. To tell you the truth, Iíd love to run into the Rogue Dogs again. I love to get with Big Scoob. I miss Big Scoob more than anything.

        Is he older than you?

        No, Iím the oldest out of all of us. Iím the daddy but I appear to be the younger one. Big Scoob deserves to have big things. I miss him most of all. I miss rolliní with my dogs. Hopefully in the near future Iíll run into them and theyíll hopefully want to do something again. The 57th Street RDVís Ė that was a beautiful time. I had a lot of fun and I miss those *****z. I hate that money can break people up. I ainít saying thatís what broke us up, but money and people in everybodyís ear can fuck up a good thing. I lost a lot of homies in that little circle. And when Iím on stage, and Skatterman & Snug are doing their thing, and Kutt Calhoun is doing his thing, and Big Krizz Kaliko is doing his thing Ė my new homeboys. My new people are way talented, because I only fuck with the best, but I also miss my other talented homeboys, the 57th Street RDVís.

        Did you grow up with Big Scoob?

        No, Scoob and them was when I moved in the 50ís after I was eleven years old. From twelve years old on through seventeen and eighteen, thatís when I lived in the Fiftiesó58th & Forest, then there was the 57th Street right across the way, 57th and Tracy where Bakarriís from, heís one of the Rogue Dogs. His real name is Michael Whitebear but he changed it because of his Muslim beliefs to Umjad Bakarri. He was on 57th Street right on the next block. We all grew up together from fifth grade all the way up through high school, me and the Rogue Dogs. Thatís why being away from them hurts the most, because we all grew up together.

        How did the name Rogue Dog name come about?

        They got the name Rogue Dog Villains a long time ago before I was back hanging with them. I had moved away from the block when I was seventeen, running from my stepfather. My stepfather was a Muslim. He was pretty stern. I had to get out of there. I left the block. They came up with the Rogue Dog name years ago just being on their block and being roguish. Older folks around used to call them rogues. They was the 57th Street Rogue Dogs before. 57th Street Rogue Dogs and Five Six Vills are two different gangs. 57th Street Rogue Dogs is Umjad Bakarri, Tony Kennedy, Michael Whitebear, Diamond Shields. Scoobie and them were across Paseo, but still in the 50ís. 55th and 56th was Certiniti, Doc, Marco, Scoobie, T-Will, all them was on that sideóthey were the Five-Six Villians. They wore brown. We all grew up together but there was two different gangs. With the music the gangs merged into one. I brought them all together as the 57th Street Rogue Dog Villains. Put them together and made a beautiful group. After that all the gang shit stopped
        Everybody was born to hustle
        It's a very thin line between a boss and a muscle
        - Xzibit


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          How did the rap come in?

          I went away at seventeen and I got back with them *****z when I was twenty-five.

          Where did you go?

          I moved away from the block and moved in with my auntie. That was across town on Slow Parkway. I came back on the block and got with them. Don Juan and Diamond Shields gave me a record deal on Midwest Side Records. That was late í95 when I came back on the block. I was reunited with my Rogue Dog *****z. I told them *****z, you all should rap. You all got so many stories, you all should rap. Bakarri, he already rapped. Short Nitty that got out of jail, he already rapped. T Will already rapped. Scoob was the only one that wasnít a rapper. So me and Scoob hooked up and started writing rhymes together. I told Scoob, yaíll need to a group called 57th Street Rogue Dog Villains. He was like, fuck that man, we gonna bring all that blood gang shit. I said, fuck this gang shit, letís get this money. Letís just tell our stories and let me be the front man. Everybody already loved me.

          Were you part of the group?

          Yeah. We did three albums together and it worked.

          Are those albums still available?

          I donít know if theyíre still available because I think they stopped doing music. Itís On Now was the first album. Then there was a summer edition of Itís On Now. Then we did one called My Dogís For Life. That was the second, really third for real, because there was two versions of Itís On Now. The last one was Roguish Ways. I was on that one. I did four or five songs on that one.

          Who was doing the production?

          Keith and Kevin. They died last year.

          Were they from the same block as Rogue Dogs?

          They were actually from Blue Springs, Missouri. But they were always down in the hood doing beats for us. They were twins. They were younger than me. They were older than Scoob and them. They were just little dudes. They had Sickle Cell. I miss them. They both died.

          Is Kansas a big enough area for selling a pretty good amount of records?

          When we first started selling Anghellic, in three days I sold twenty thousand copies just in Kansas City. That was before all the White folks caught on. Itís a beautiful thing when other races and cultures begin to love your music. That means you are not in just one little circle. Youíre not in your prison. You broke out. Youíre free, and you are appealing to everybody else because they want to be free too. Even if they are not free they love hearing a ***** that is free, and can talk all kind of shit. They love it. A rebellious *****, thatís me! A rebellious ***** with red hair and war paint on my face. Iím a complete MC.

          Where was Don Juan from?

          He was from the block. He was the music man. He used to make beats for me and Lejo, out of Kansas. He used to make beats for everybody but he was my producer. Not anymore; we fell out. A little money made everybody fall apart. I wanted everybody to follow my lead because I figured I had the right direction. I wish they would have followed me, and not try to run me. Stop trying to run me and trust my judgment. I was so nice that *****z donít trust my judgment. They think Iím gonna do something stupid, but I ainít done nothing stupid yet. Iím still going strong. And theyíre not with me no more.

          How did you connect with your new artists Skatterman, Snugbrim, Kutt Calhoun?

          I found them in open mic bars in Kansas City. Iím vice-president. I got to bring in new groups. I went out looking and I found these cats. Grant Rice, a Mexican and White cat. Heís one of the hardest. Anybody Iím affiliated with, even the Rogue Dogs, have star quality. Anybody in my reach, anybody I used to fuck with, anybody Iím with right now, are the hardest in Kansas City. The Zoo, Rock, the Boogie Man, Legion Cane, Southside Posse, all them *****zóMoney G, heís with Southside Posse. Lejo is in our circle; heís on the Kansas City, Kansas side. Hobo Tone. All our people, everybody in our radius thatís done work with me, that Iíve been family with and done multiple songs with, themís the hardest cats. I chose them wisely because I know music. Music is me. Thatís all I know. So when I chose a muthafucka to work with, theyíre hard. Robots is hard. The Zoo is hard. Southside Posseís hard. The Doughboys is hard. Anybody we are affiliated with like that.
          Everybody was born to hustle
          It's a very thin line between a boss and a muscle
          - Xzibit


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            Whatís behind your name Tech N9ne?

            My name means Technique Number Nine. Nine is the number of completion. Nine months completes a pregnancy. A cat has nine lives. Three plus six is nine. Three hundred and sixty degrees is a complete circle. Technique number nine Ė I am a complete technique of rhyme. Thatís why you can hear me on a track with Yukmouth and C-Bo or Lynch Hung. You can hear me with Tupac and you can hear me with Spice 1. You can hear me with all these people because Iím well rounded. You can hear me with Eminem on The Wakeup Show. You can hear me with any emcee because I am the complete technique of rhyme. Iím every ***** in one. Itís beautiful.

            As an artist itís good whenever someone buys your music because it brings you money and name.

            Thatís what we do. We make a living selling music. Iím liking my life. They pay me to be me. Thatís a beautiful life. I love it. I just wish my Black folks would start coming to my shows more. I want them to see what I do. Because they be proud. Itís not scary. Itís just me up there being me. I bring the utmost energy. When Busta Rhymes comes to me and says Iím the hardest cat heís seen in a long time. I just did a show in Vegas with Busta Rhyme and DMX last month. They told me I was the hardest cat theyíve seen in a long time. Busta Rhyme gave me his numbers and everything. That felt good coming from somebody like Busta and Spliff. Spliff is Bustaís hype man. They are the hypest cats on stage. For them to tell me that me and Krizz Kaliko, my crew, are one the hardest theyíve seen since them, that was a helluva compliment. I bring a lot of energy and a lot of my people are missing it. My show is an hour and twenty minutes. I kill myself up there every night. I just killed myself last night in Santa Cruz. Sold out show in Santa Cruz. I had never been there. Itís beautiful. That means my shit is spreading out. I didnít even know about the people in Santa Cruz.

            Itís a little town but itís a college town. When you do that show the next day those kids go buy your records.

            They loved it last night. They didnít want me to go off stage. They still wanted more after an hour and twenty minutes. I kept them into it throughout the whole show. Thatís how I do it. Thatís a high right there. Last night in Santa Cruz, all those hands up, feeling me like that, and yelling through out the whole show, thatís the best high in the world.

            All that energy coming at you. All that love.

            Yukmouth, Kurupt and Dru Down, last year they took me to Auchland, New Zealand to do shows and they took me to Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Australia. I saw that there was big Tech N9ne fans. That was the biggest high, because I always wanted to be global. For me to all the way on the other side of the county, out of the hood, across the muthafuckin water overseas. They were wearing Tech N9ne shirts and "Fuck the Industry" shirts. It was the biggest high in the world. I love Yukmouth, Dru Down, The Luniz and all them for taking me there and letting me see that they loved Tech N9ne over there, letting me see that side of the world. I always wanted to travel. I made my music to travel. Yukmouth, Kurupt and Dru Down made that possible for me. We kicked it like donkeys. We performed six shows overseas. We stayed at every spot for four days, and saw everything, and went to radio stations. We were talking to the cats over there.

            You probably have fans in places you never heard of.

            When you get into the business, you got to get into it all the way. Me, being vice-president of Strange Music, and Travis, heís a shrewd businessman. He lets me know whatís poppiní. He lets me know when my shit is being sold in Australia. He lets me know when my shit is being sold in South Africa. He lets me know when my shit is being sold in Germany. We keep track of that shit. A lot of *****z that got record deals donít even know if there shit is selling over there. Especially independent. Weíre independent and we know where the demographics are and if shit is selling. Thatís why we went to Santa Cruz. We knew we were selling shit. But you never know what kind and how many people are going to turn out unless you know the exact numbers of what you are selling. You go the places and itís sold out, youíre fuckin surprised. Goddamn, they know all my music from back then! That means theyíve been buying my music since 2000. It took me this long to get up in the Bay. Now Iím about to do the Bay the whole way.

            Do you run around like a maniac during your show?

            Totally. I ainít got no deejay. We ainít added deejays to our show or nothing. On stage, thereís just me, Big Krizz Kaliko, Cut Calhoun, Grant Rice, Skatterman and Snugbrim, and BG Bulletwound. After that they caught the plane from Santa Cruz to go back home.

            All of them are with you when you do shows?

            I bring my crew for every show. I bring a beautiful show and I want my people to start coming. I just donít want them to miss it because I want to share it with everybody. I want that devil worship to go away. Black Folks: I do not worship the devil. What the fuck is a devil?

            They made up God. If God is good they need someone bad, so they created a devil.

            No doubt. The good and the bad. This is what you do and what you do not do. To try and keep them in line and control. Iíve been controlled by Christianity in the past. Iíve been controlled by Islam in the past. Iíve read books on Confucianism. Iíve read books on Shintaoism, Taoism, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Judaism, and all that shit.
            Everybody was born to hustle
            It's a very thin line between a boss and a muscle
            - Xzibit


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              All those things are to control us.

              Exactly. I didnít choose nothing. I just believe thereís a higher power. Thatís all I know. Iím not playing with what they think is God and what they think is Satan. I donít play with it. I can keep trying to free them with my music. With my "fuck you" attitude maybe theyíll say fuck it with me. That donít mean they got to dye their hair red or orange. Itís the inside of you. Just because I went crazy doesnít mean they got to go crazy. Just learn from me, laugh with me, have fun with me, drink with me.

              Now that you are in LA, you can do more stuff in the Bay.

              Exactly. I want to hook up with my ***** E-40. I havenít seen him in years. I miss 40.

              You should do something with 40.

              I will. I will. We did a Midwest thing years ago, me, 40, Mac Mall, Brother Lynch Hung, Mr. Doctor, and Tony Roma. We did three shows together in the Midwest in the winter time and it was beautiful. I didnít even get to see him when he was in Kansas City the last time. Last summer we did a show at Starlight Theatre with 40 and I didnít get to see him. It was me, 40, Kaiya, Messy Marv, Luni Coleone, Yukmouth. But I didnít get to see Forty. I havenít seen 40 for years. But I miss him.

              Where do you sell most of your records?

              In the Midwest and the Bay Area. Iím just now getting into New York and Down South. They are just now catching on in Atlanta and Austin, Texas. In Albuquerque, New Mexico, Iím a fuckiní God. Weíre the Beatles in Albuquerque and El Paso. In Albuquerque we have to run because theyíll chase us. We had to run when we were signing autographs. They mobbed me. Itís growing. A lot of Latino muthafuckas love my music. I love my Latinio people, all my Mexican and Hispanic cats. Colorado is the same as Albuquerque. All my shows in Colorado, Denver, Pueblo and all those spots, weíre fuckiní gods. We sell out all our shows there. The cat who brought me to Denver was a cat by the name of Basic. We sold out our first show there. All my shows sold out in Denver. Even in Minneapolis, it was beautiful. I just did Chicago for the first time last month, and it was beautiful. I did House of Blues in Chicago. Killed it. We just did the House of Blues in Vegas. Weíre doing all the House of Blues circuit. Itís getting bigger. Not quick enough for me though because I know where Iím suppose to be. I know Iím suppose to be in that 8, 9, 10 million spot with Eminem and Nelly and all them. So here I come. Iím building a strong fan base. Weíre the roots and once the tree is strong like itís hard to chop it down.

              Even if you chop it down, you still have the roots.

              Exactly. You see my hair is red, but I always keep the roots black on purpose.

              What music were you listening to when you were growing up in Kansas?

              I was on 9th Street from about one year old to ten or eleven, we started down there with Blowfly. Thatís the very first rap shit I heardóthe Sugarhill Gang, and all that type shit. When I moved up into the 50ís, 58th, it was more like NWA, Public Enemy, Boogie Down Productions, KRS-1, Mantronix. All that shit really influenced me to be a hardcore rapper. I love music. When you used to go to a Public Enemy show youíd see White folks, Black folks, Chinese folks, White folks with "*****z With Attitude" shirts on. It was like a big following like that. Itís always been like that. That music with power is what inspired me. Public Enemy, Chuck D, Flava Flav, S1Wís and Terminator X, Ice Cube, DOC, MC Ren, and all them muthafuckas with that hard strong music.

              Are you working on a new Tech N9ne album?

              My new album is called Eveready: The Religion. I named it like "Eveready" like the battery. Like keep going and strong. Absolute Power is still going. Eveready is strong. Itís subtitled "The Religion" because of they will believe in this album Ė that I am the truth. Thatís why I call it Eveready: The Religion. Iím gonna have all that. Iím gathering beats right now. I only got four beats selected right now. I got one from Sweden, one from a guy out of Jamaica, Queens, by the name of Robert King. I got one from Buck Wild, heís a producer on the East Coast. I got this new White boy by the name of Seven whoís doing a couple of the them for me. Iím waiting on more from the guys who did my last shit, Technique OíBrothers. Iím still waiting on them to give me some new shit. I got so many tour dates I havenít been able to work on my new album. Iím just choosing beats. After we get through with these tour dates maybe I can start. Iím gonna come with it. Iím gonna use some of these hardcore muthafuckas that Jay-Z uses. Iím gonna get Timbaland. Iím gonna get all them. Iím gonna get some shit from Eminem. Iím even gonna fuck with Insane Clown Posse on this one. I love them *****z. I love them for putting me on like they did on theyíre tour last October. I was on the "Wicked Wonder" with ICP.

              How many towns did you do with them?

              I did thirty-two cities with them. It was beautiful. They loved me. All their fans, the Juggalos and Jugglettes that listen to ICP, they come to every show, wherever Iím at, the Juggalos are always the first to be there. They show me so much love and I love the ICP fans for coming to all my shows and showing me that much support. Iím doing a big gathering of Juggalos this year in July. Iím going to Cleveland to do a four day tour with them, itís called The Gathering. I love the ICP fans for supporting me and I love ICP for supporting me and putting me on their shit. I never forget and I shall repay them for that.
              Everybody was born to hustle
              It's a very thin line between a boss and a muscle
              - Xzibit


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                Did you ever do anything with Esham?

                I just met Esham on Halloween. The last show we did in Detroit with ICP was on Halloween. I met Esham for like two seconds. He shook my hand and he left the studio. I didnít get to talk to him. But he seemed like heís cool but I wouldnít know because I never talked to him. It was just a handshake, "Whatís up, man? I heard a lot about you." and he got out of there.

                What was the biggest break youíve gotten? What opened the door for you?

                It was a person and it was a song. The person was QD3, Quincy Jonesí son. He did a lot of production for Ice Cube, Tupac, and everybody. QD3 did a song for me called "The Questions" on The Gang Related soundtrack on Deathrow. They put out Tupacís last movie called "Gang Related, with Jim Belushi. QD3 put my song on that soundtrack with Tupac. It sold millions of copies and a lot of people got to know about Tech N9ne. The reason people got to know my face is Sway and King Tech on the "Wake Up Show" put me on the Anthem video with Eminem, Wu Tang, Chino XL, Velmont, Xzbit, Jayo Felony, Bullet Loco. We all got together and did a song together called "The Anthem" and we did a video for it. That came out in í99. Thatís when everybody knew my face. Thatís how the world got to know me. Those were the major key things that happened in my life that got me in the industry.

                When did you start your record Label, Strange Music?

                It happened in 2000. Thatís when I got away from Don Juan and everybody that I had been working with for all those years, from í95 to 2000. In the middle of í99, me and Travis started Strange Music.

                How did you meet Travis?

                He was doing clothing called Paradise Clothing. They wanted me to wear their clothes because I was the big rapper from Kansas City. I said I would wear their clothes and I did a couple of shows for them. They told me the owner of the clothing line wanted to talk to me and it was Travis. I went to Travisí big ass house in Kansas City. He was like a fan of my music. He said he watched MTV and BET and he said he liked my shit and that he thought my shit was good enough to blow up, and what would it take? I was trying to get out of my deal with Warner Brothers at the time. I told him that it would take a lot and he said he had a lot, his own furniture business, houses. He asked if I wanted to do a fifty-fifty partnership. I said, hell yes! I told Diamond that I wanted him to meet this big dude. I did everything fair and square because Diamond Shields was the muthafucka who put out all my albums before I met Travis, from Mitch Bade all the way up to The Calm Before the Storm, that first independent album that we had.

                Diamond Shields is from Kansas?

                Yeah. He was the first muthafucka to put me out in Kansas City to start to get the rest of the people to know who Tech N9ne was. I wanted to do it fair and square because I knew that me, Diamond and Don Juan had exhausted all our possibilities. We had gone as far as we could go together. Travis was the muthafucka that could take it to that next level. I told Diamond that someone wanted to give me my own label, Strange Music, and I wanted them to meet. Diamond said he never wanted to be the ***** to stand in the way of my progress. He told me to do my shit but not to forget about him. I told him I would never forget about him. Me, Travis, and Diamond, we did a show down in Fulton, Missouri. Thatís how Travis and Diamond met. They came together and everybody talked and it was a beautiful thing. Through the years as me and Travis started working, I didnít get to see Diamond and them as much. I didnít get to come on the block no more because Travis had me working working to turn me into the star that Iím suppose to be. I guess Diamond and them started feeling like, this ***** dogginí us. But no, Iíve been grindiní trying to get my money. I ainít at home. Iím missing my family and my kids. Iíve got two kids in California and one in Kansas City. Iím about to move my son from Kansas City to California with me. I have two little girls with me and my wife, Aliya and Rain. My little boy in Kansas City, his name is Dontez. We call him, Donny for short. Dontez is my middle name. They call me Donny too. Iím Big Donny, heís Little Donny. I miss them everyday, because Iím sharing myself with the world to make a better life for them. What my homeboys donít understand is that Iím out here grinding, *****. Just because Iím out here grinding donít mean I forgot about you. He told me never to forget about him, and I never will forget about Diamond and what he did for me. But when *****z donít see you they feel like youíre dogginí them. You got other people in his ear saying Tech said you ainít shit. You got bitches in his ear saying, Tech said this, Tech said that. Whenever I heard something that Diamond was tripping on me, I would go to his house. Weíd talk about it like men, but since Iíve been gone so long, itís gotten to where I canít even see him no more without some shit jumpiní off because of that hurt that Iím not around no more. But Iím like, ***** let me go out here and make this money. When they see me on BET or uncut on my video, or when they got to a different town and hear me on the radio all day. they think Iím a millionaire. Iím still grinding. They think Iím a millionaire, but theyíre gonna know when Iím a millionaire because itís gonna show. Right now, Iím still in Dickies and sweatshirts. I still will be in Dickies and sweatshirts, but Iíll be wearing diamonds and shit then. I donít talk about diamonds and shit like that because I donít got the money to do it. Until I got the money to do it, I wonít talk about it. Iím building my company. Iím building my name and Iím building my money. I ainít never forgot about the *****z. But when you ainít in the hood with them everyday they feel like you dogged them. One of the things Diamond said to me that I donít come around no more, I donít drive up in the hood. They feel like Iím too big to come into the hood. No, *****, IĎm grinding! Iím trying get money. Iíll be back one day. But now *****z seem like they want to kill me before I do it. It would be a pitiful shame for me to die before I make this beautiful thing happen to me. I guarantee you, nobodyís going to kill me before I do this. The demons arenít strong enough to take me away. I was put here to do this. Nothing will stop me. Nobody or nothing will stop me. *****z know that. No matter how hard they try or who tries to do anything to me, itís not going to work.
                Everybody was born to hustle
                It's a very thin line between a boss and a muscle
                - Xzibit


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                  ok, who can sumarize that in 2 paragraphs max?
                  dO tHe DrUg DoNt LeT tHe DrUg Do YoU


                  • #10

                    Do you like it in California or do you wish you were back in the hood?

                    I donít wish I was back in the hood. I wish the hood would come with me because the hood would experience so many different things and places. Letís take the hood overseas, to England, to Sweden, to Japan. I donít wish I was in the hood because *****z wonít let you live in the hood. If I wanted to build my fifty million dollar mansion in the hood where I grew up, do you know how many *****z would come and get me? Thatís like inviting the ants to a picnic, because in my hood thereís poverty, and wherever thereís poverty, thereís gonna be crime. Because *****z are out to survive. Itís about survival. You donít drive no motherfuckiní Bentley through the hood unless youíre looking to get it took because *****z is broke. Driving that muthafucka through the hood, you teasing *****z. *****z ainít looking at it like, if you do this and you go to school and get a higher education, you can achieve this. *****z ainít looking at things like. *****z looking at like, Iím gonna take that shit, because I ainít got no muthafuckin education. As far as *****z talking about building a house in the hood, thatís bullshit because *****z wonít let you live. Not just *****z, White folks. If you build a house in Leeds, where the poor White folks are in Kansas City, Missouri, where my boy Grant Rice is from, *****z are gonna come and get me. Those White muthafuckas, they ainít got no money, theyíre going to try their best to come get that shit. You canít flaunt that shit around muthafuckas that are in pain, that donít have money to eat because they donít have no motherfuckiní job or education to have them a good job. All them *****z talking about how they want to stay in the hood, thatís bullshit. The object is to rise above that shit and make a better place for your kids, muthafucka. You canít build no motherfuckiní mansion in the hood because thatís inviting ants to a motherfuckiní picnic.

                    Why do you think so many *****z get killed on Prospect, flossing that shit? My ***** Charlie Will got shot for some goddamn wheels, for some rims on Prospect. So you canít invite ants a picnic. I will never invite ants to a picnic. Iím not gonna build no muthafuckin mansion in the hood. Iím not gonna drive no muthafuckin Bentley or 600 Benz on Spreewells through the muthafuckin hood to tease these *****z. Wherever thereís poverty thereís gonna be crime. That donít mean you canít go to the hood, but donít taunt these muthafuckas. If you are gonna go in the hood you gonna recruit some of these cats to work for you. If theyíre worthy recruit them to work for you so they can make money too, and they donít have to take your shit. Thatís what I do. I get *****z that the same love for music as me, and I say come with me and letís get this money together, so they wonít be hungry. I donít have to worry about them trying to get mine because Iím giving back to them anyway. Thereís a lot of rappers in the hood. BG Bullet Wound just got shot six times two weeks ago. Last year he got shot five times. Heís Kutt Calhounís homeboy, we about to sign him to Strange Music. Heís a real talented cat but heís involved in all this street shit. We trying to save him and get him all the way into the music. Heís on all my shows. We let him open up for us all the time. Heís a way talented cat. Youíre going to hear a lot about him. Heís healing up right now. He even did his show the day after they released him the hospital, in a wheel chair. Weíre trying to rescue that ***** from his surroundings because *****z is trying to kill him. *****z are trying to kill Fat Tone. He does a lot of shit with C-Bo. They were trying to kill but music can get him out of that. Music can rescue these *****z. Thatís what I do. I try to get these *****z that got this love for music and get them out of that bullshit ass game into this game, and make a way for their muthafuckin kids. Thatís what itís all about. Making a way for their kids and making them a beautiful education so theyíll have shit. So they wonít have to worry about them going to this gang shit like what we went through. Thatís what I want to do. Rescue BG Bullet Wound, rescue 57th Street RDVís, rescue Big Chris Calico, rescuer Cut Calhoun rescue Scatterman and Snug Brim from this prison that *****z call home. Letís take what we learn is good in our hoods and everything we learned from when we grew up because the hood is a beautiful thing when itís peaceful. But letís take that shit that we learned from the hood and spread it abroad. People want to hear these stories. Thatís why all these *****z are rich. Jay-Z telling his story. Tupac telling his story. Mac Mall telling his story. E-40 telling his story: "I remember when the world went crazy back in 1985Ö." Know what Iím saying. *****z telling theyíre stories from their hoods, getting paid. Letís journey outside our prisons and go get this money. Stop thinking Tech N9ne wonít come to the hood. ***** you come with me, fuck that. Thereís trouble right there. *****z trying to kill you because you doing your thing. The thing about our community is that a lot of people donít want to see people get ahead. Itís a disease that we got called jealousy. Thatís because of poverty. I wish that we didnít have that disease because *****z donít want to see other *****z get ahead. But thereís a lot of *****z that congratulate but not enough of us that congratulate other muthafuckas for doing good shit. I just wish that *****z would want to come with me, get out of their prison, and letís tell those stories when we were young, selling dope, gang banging, and how we came out of all that and are doing better things in life now. Our teachers thought we would be nothing, dead or in jail, but we are still hear telling our beautiful stories. Letís journey outside our prisons, get the fuck out of here, overseas. Letís get the fuck out of here in Cali. Letís get the fuck out of here in New York, in Houston, Dallas, everywhere, in New Zealand and tell our stories and make a better way for our children through this rap music because they are paying us for it and itís a beautiful thing.

                    Did you have a nice childhood?

                    Yeah. It was. My family was Christians and they nurtured me. My uncles were wild. My Uncle Ike was a good dude, a good heart. He was into women a lot. He was a womanizer. Thatís where I got that from. My Uncle Rickie was into music, beating on to tables, taught me how to do my thing, taught me rhythm. Now heís a preacher, a minister. My familyís always been good people.

                    Is that your momís side?

                    Yeah, my momís side. My dad moved to California when I was five. He was LAPD.

                    Do you have contact with your dad?

                    Yeah, I see him every once in awhile. Heís in LA. I havenít seen him in a minute because Iíve been on tour.

                    Is he surprised by who you are?

                    No, he loves it! I love him too. Heís a good cat. He walks around with a bottle of Jack Daniels in his hand every time I see him. Heís a cool cat. He looks young. That means Iím gonna age pretty good. Iím thirty-two and I still look young. I feel like Iím eighteen. I thank my father for that. My mom has always been Jesus Christ. She is such a pleasant person. When I was young they gave me morals. The drugs almost took it away. I still had that deep rooted teaching that they had that made me break out of that drug dependency. It was because of them, and because of my kids and my wife, Lecoya Lejeune. Sheís French and Black. Sheís from Louisiana. She is a strong Black woman. She brought me through all that shit. She got my head right and I owe her the world because she let me see that I need to be serious, and I need to grow up. Sheís younger than me but sheís older than me. Woman are smarter than men anyway.

                    Woman are more rooted to the earth.

                    Yeah. She let me know that I needed to grow up, take of our kids and make an example. My kids are my biggest fans. They love Tech N9ne. Their teachers love Tech N9ne. Theyíre teachers send them home with magazines. When this Murder Dog comes out, one of their teachers is gonna send them home with the magazine for me to sign for them. They do it all the time.
                    Everybody was born to hustle
                    It's a very thin line between a boss and a muscle
                    - Xzibit


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                      Thanks for posting this I didn't read all of it....but I learned a few new things I like the reason his name is "Tech N9ne" good concept...I can't wait for Everready..
                      "I've got these motherfuckers praying for my downfall, but the orange hair means time to clown y'all"
                      Tech N9ne


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                        lol if i dont read the newspaper that has more news than this u think ima read this....god damn holy mother of god shit jesus christ fuck thats like the fuckin yellow pages someone mind summarizin it...i thought u said HUGE cuz it had important news but its just huge... lol
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                          Yo that was one nice read man,hes a smart dude,and if you didnt know that by listening to his music,then you sure do now with that interview..hes so right when he said he should be in the 7,8,9,10 million basket with eminem and Nelly..and with the 80% of rap fans are white that go to shows and bUy music.

                          Very good read man
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                          ITS THAT GLASGOW/BREDA CONNECTION


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                            props ill read later gotta go to bed but from what i read it was hot peace


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                              I'm not really feeling that "Working with ICP" shit, but oh well, he is bound to drop a BADASS album as always, too bad industry not feeling it though
                              Everybody was born to hustle
                              It's a very thin line between a boss and a muscle
                              - Xzibit


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