i used to say i never met a girl like you before
still aint got a fuckin clue as to who you truly are
almost went as far as introducing you to my daughters
til you went as far as going and snooping thru my drawers
now i just feel stupid for the loop that you threw me for
cant belive i almost flew the coop for some stupid whore
you used to say all you wanted was for me to be yours
all i ever wanted from you was a few booty calls
if you recall i used to treat you like a groupie broad
when we fucked, i refused to even take my ***lery off
but it threw me off the first time i called and you blew me off
it was a shock, struck me as odd but it turned me on
you started getting moody on me and pretty soon we'd argue
and the ruder you got the more beautiful you got to me
and who woulda even knew that who woulda even thought possibly
cupid could shoot another one of those goddamn darts in me
its true that i got shot in the heart
but when someone seems too good to be true
they usually are..
but see, when you're in it its too hard to see
until you pull up and see some other dudes car parked and reach
up under the seat as your heart starts to beat, before you make a decision thats life altering...
and just as you halt and you turn and start to leave, you hear them words echoing, almost haunting, that taunting ring

"spend some time with me"