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Apple eNews: March 10, 2005

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  • Apple eNews: March 10, 2005


    Apple eNews
    March 10, 2005
    Volume 8, Issue 5

    In This Issue:

    1. Care to Sing a Duet?
    2. The Macs at JAX
    3. Quick Tip: Customize the Pages Toolbar
    4. A runaway success. Courtesy of the Mac.
    5. Fit More Songs on iPod Shuffle
    6. Mercury Rising with Final Cut Pro HD
    7. Technically Speaking
    8. What's New?

    You can read today's issue of Apple eNews online at:


    1. Care to Sing a Duet?

    You can record your performance while you sing and accompany
    yourself on the guitar. You can invite a friend over to sing
    harmony. Or have several musical chums back you up.

    In fact, thanks to GarageBand's new multi-track recording
    capabilities, you can record up to eight Real Instrument tracks--and
    an additional Software Instrument track--at the same time, offering
    you numerous ways to build out your newest musical composition. And
    that's not all. After you've recorded your performance, GarageBand 2
    lets you display your recording in full musical notation, enhance
    timing and tuning, change the tempo or key of a Real Instrument
    track, or lock a track for safekeeping.

    Find out how you and GarageBand 2 can make absolutely beautiful
    music together.


    2. The Macs at JAX

    At the three JAX Outdoor Gear stores Jim Quinlan owns and operates,
    the Mac takes care of business.


    When customers step up to the "register" to pay for purchases, an
    iMac runs the point-of-sale system (POS*IM) that scans bar codes,
    operates the cash drawer, records credit card purchases, and prints
    receipts. Behind the scenes, a Power Mac G5 collects the data from
    all of those sales, offering Quinlan up-to-the-minute reporting and
    analysis. What's selling? Quinlan knows.

    Thanks to the stores' AirPort wireless network, Quinlan can stroll
    the aisles with a PowerBook and a scanner anytime he wants to check
    inventory. And he not only depends on the Mac for marketing and
    advertising but also keeps the books and takes care of payroll on
    the Mac, as well.


    3. Quick Tip: Customize the Pages Toolbar

    Find yourself copying and pasting paragraph styles? Creating
    outlines? Increasing or decreasing font sizes? Or frequently
    printing documents? Then you might want to customize the Pages
    Toolbar to make such tasks easier.

    Here's how simple it is to do so:

    1. Pull down the View menu
    2. Choose "Customize Toolbar"
    3. Drag items you use all the time into the Toolbar

    You can opt to have as many--or as few--items in the Toolbar as
    you'd like. Include separators, fixed or flexible space between
    items. You can also change the size of the text with a click. In
    fact, you can even hide the Toolbar with a click of the mouse. Just
    click the Hide/Show Toolbar button in the right-hand corner of the


    4. A runaway success. Courtesy of the Mac.

    Thanks to a staff with an incredibly wide gamut of creative skills,
    the Artemis Design Group can turn high-quality work around amazingly
    quickly, says Christine David, who started the full-service
    advertising and design agency.

    "That means, if a client is going to a trade show, our people can
    design and build the booth, design and print the collateral
    materials, design and make the rep's uniforms, handle the promotion
    and PR for the event and do it all with the same quality--and often
    lower prices and faster turnaround--than most conventional agencies
    might offer."

    They do it--and consistently, too--using an arsenal of Macs and a
    seemingly unending supply of highly motivated and immensely talented
    advertising and design students attending The Art Institute of Fort


    5. Fit More Songs on iPod Shuffle

    If you're after the highest quality tunes and regularly import songs
    at bit rates higher than 128 Kbps, iTunes offers you the best of
    both worlds, letting you keep your high-quality songs in iTunes
    while exporting leaner versions of the songs, sized just right for
    iPod shuffle.

    Here's how: Connect iPod shuffle, open the iPod Preferences dialog,
    and click the iPod tab. Click the check box next to "Convert higher
    bit rate songs to 128 kbps AAC for this iPod." Then click OK.

    The next time you Autofill iPod shuffle, iTunes will automatically
    convert songs to 128 Kbps as it exports them to iPod shuffle. The
    original versions in your iTunes collection, meanwhile, will remain
    in your library at their higher encoding rate.


    6. Mercury Rising with Final Cut Pro HD

    Documentary filmmakers Eitan Weinreich and Nina Parmee weren't
    exactly sold on Final Cut Pro--until, that is, it started solving
    problem after cinematic problem.

    "The issue," says Weinreich, "often became, this is a great
    moment--but can the sound be salvaged? And Final Cut could fix it.
    Or picture issues--we'd be following a character from one
    fluorescent-lit room where his skin looked green, to the next room
    where his skin looked red, to the next where it looked purple. And
    Final Cut could fix it."

    In the end, concludes Weinreich, "We realized that the resources of
    Final Cut were amazing. Not only did we have an easy time fixing
    most of what we thought were difficult problems, but it was designed
    in a way that was very smart, really intuitive."


    7. Technically Speaking

    A mini it may be, but our newest Mac is big on connectivity, letting
    you take advantage of a huge number of printers, optical drives,
    flash drives, displays, speakers, scanners, and more. Including
    every iPod from iPod shuffle to iPod photo.

    Got DSL? The 10/100 Base-T Ethernet port lets you easily connect
    your DSL or cable modem, router, hub, or similar device. And, of
    course, you can also use the Ethernet port to connect directly to
    another Mac, a great option for file transfers. The DVI/VGA port
    lets you use many Apple displays:


    And the included DVI to VGA adapter lets you connect a host of VGA
    displays you may already have around the house or office.

    Read "Mac mini external ports and connectors" for more about Mac
    mini's good connections.


    8. What's New?

    Did you know that you can have more than one album cover per song in
    your iTunes music collection? That you can tell iTunes to begin
    importing songs immediately after you insert a CD in your
    computer--then eject the CD when it's done? That there's a secret
    way to jump back to the beginning of your iPod shuffle playlist?

    It's all true. And there's a lot more that Scott Kelby reveals in
    "The iPod Book: Doing cool stuff with the iPod and the iTunes Music
    Store." Like to get a sneak preview?



    If you'd like to add a powerful, compact, and affordable 3D video
    card to your Power Mac G5, take a close look at the new Art VPS
    PURE Card. Packed with eight raytracing processors, the PURE Card
    delivers exceptional performance and includes plug-in software for
    Alias Maya 3D. Render faster. With the PURE Rendering Card.



    Thanks to two new, highly affordable ebook titles from Jeff Tolbert,
    you can learn how to get even more out of GarageBand 2.0. The first
    ebook, "Take Control of Making Music with GarageBand," explains how
    new and experienced GarageBand musicians can create songs using
    GarageBand's Apple Loops.


    Tolbert's second title, "Take Control of Recording Music with
    GarageBand," accompanies readers into the recording studio, offering
    advice on running a recording session and applying effects like a



    Maid Marian. Will Scarlet. Little John. Friar Tuck. And Robin Hood,
    of course. You'll find all your favorite medieval characters waiting
    for you in "Robin Hood: The Legend of Sherwood," a new title from
    Freeverse Software. If you'd like to go toe to toe with Prince John,
    download a demo of the strategy game and sharpen your sword.


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