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NY ban of buying cigarettes online

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  • NY ban of buying cigarettes online



    Sheila Hansen received a whopping tax bill.
    Smokers, beware: City Hall is coming for your wallets.

    The city has quietly launched a crackdown on New Yorkers who have bought tax-free cigarettes via the Internet, the Daily News has learned.

    Some 2,300 city smokers were hit this week with warning letters from the city Finance Department, threatening severe penalties unless the back taxes are paid.

    It's the first big crackdown of its kind in the city, officials said, with the smokers' names coming from a landmark Virginia court decision involving the now-defunct Cigs4Cheap.com Internet site.

    "You owe $900 in New York City cigarette tax," read the letter sent to Manhattan resident Sheila Hansen.

    "If you fail to pay," the note continued, "the Finance Department may also require you to pay interest on the tax due and penalties up to $200 per carton."

    In Hansen's case, that would be a penalty tipping $12,000.

    "How dare they ask for $900 in 30 days. Do they think I'm [Mayor] Bloomberg?" Hansen told The News. "The tone of the letter is so threatening. I didn't even know I was doing anything wrong."

    The city and state boosted taxes on cigarettes to $3 a pack in July 2002, driving the cost of a pack of smokes to $7. That drove many smokers to tax-free cigs on the Internet, where 10-pack cartons can be had for less than $30.

    City officials said sneaky smokers now cheat the city out of more than $40 million a year in unpaid cigarette taxes.

    And they said the 2,300 smokers - representing nearly $1 million in lost tax revenue - are just a start.

    They're planning to send another 1,800 letters to parties who appear to have resold the cigarettes they purchased on Cigs4Cheap.com.

    People who bought tax-free smokes from other Web sites still owe the city money, but they won't be getting letters - not yet, anyway.

    "This is the first time we've done this. It's part of a new, long-term effort to ensure we're enforcing the cigarette tax laws," said Finance Commissioner Martha Stark.

    And although the city's efforts have been unpublicized, they won't be for long: A newspaper ad campaign designed to educate smokers about their tax obligations will soon be unveiled.

    Once the ad campaign starts, Stark said the city may decide to charge interest on any tax owed.

    She said the enforcement is necessary to "level the playing field" for cigarette vendors in the city and safeguard the goal of the $3-per-pack cigarette tax.

    "The tax was increased because we wanted to keep young people from starting to smoke," Stark said. "Going on the Internet and purchasing packs without the tax evades the strategy around saving people's lives."

    New York State tax officials also have the option of going after the puffers to collect the state's portion of the unpaid taxes.

    Hansen admitted she did buy some cartons off the Web several years ago, but said the Web site said the purchase was completely legal. She quit smoking in November 2003, she said.

    "I'm losing sleep over this," Hansen complained. "They could have at least offered a grace period, or maybe an amnesty.

    "The whole thing is just such an outrage. How are they going to punish just 2,300 people when there are hundreds of thousands of others doing the same thing?"


    So I am just wondering, how are they are going to know if you are ordering cigarettes online cause on my credit card it appers as buying something from a site call jumbomall or something like that.

    Oh, and if you are just going to reply with a message saying that cigarettes are bad for you etc.. please dont bother, its a waste of everyones time.

    And im pissed (arguingsm (arguingsm (arguingsm (arguingsm (arguingsm (arguingsm

    I know cigarettes are bad for you, but so is coffee and McDonalds, and cell phone use, and i can keep on going on, but I dont see them taxing or banning these things.

    And if they are doing this to ban kids from buying cigaretts online, then they dont realise how easy it is for an underage kid to steal some cigaretts from their parents or their friends parents or just ask someone to buy it for them.(BTW, im 18)

    Source: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/loca...p-231891c.html
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    "And if they are doing this to ban kids from buying cigaretts online, then they dont realise how easy it is for an underage kid to steal some cigaretts from their parents or their friends parents or just ask someone to buy it for them.(BTW, im 18)"

    no, they want thier tax money.
    WOO WOO WOO, You Know it!


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      Hehe, yeah, that is probably the main reason. Im not that knowledgeable in economics, but doesnt world economics have to do with how some countries are able to produce certain things more efficiently than others?

      The USA is better at producing medicine(im not sure on that actually, but im sure that we are good at something heh) and russia is able to make cheaper cigarettes, so wouldnt it be logical that USA citizens will buy russian cigarettes and russians would buy medicine or watever we are good at making from us?

      That was makes a strong world economy and makes things cheaper for people to buy and makes and overall more efficient world.

      I know it sounds that i might be going a little too deep with this issue, but wat is stopping the government from making other laws like this. Just a thought...


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        This is very stupid because instead of getting them off the net people will just go back to getting cheap cigs the old fashioned way, shipped from North Carolina or hijacked off trucks.
        "The world is changing and there are new opportunities for those who are ready to join forces with those who are stronger and more experienced" -Lucky Luciano (1897-1962)


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          I don't agree with smoking cigs, or anything addicting for that matter.

          I smoke weed, i've probally smoked about 3 to 4 blunts a day for 3 years straight , Mostly after work cause my job is a bitch. For my 20th birthday i smoked 20 blunts and was feelin good as fuck, but since then i haven't smoked anything. I just quit, walked away, because i felt i needed a break.

          Why would you smoke cig when you can't just quit.

          Aww well i don't see the point, but then again some don't see the point in weed.

          In the end its your life and your choices, and i think NY if fucking stupid for this shit, Most of those people probally saw a site saying cheap cigs, not thinking they are doing anything illegal, and now NY is going to try to punish them. Why not see the website for not putting a Tax on the price.

          - ALEX SMITH the next GREAT QB


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