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Jha Jha: Dipset's First Lady Interview

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  • Jha Jha: Dipset's First Lady Interview

    Jha Jha: Dipset's First Lady
    By Scott Gallop

    If you were to read that the first lady of Dipset was from anywhere but Harlem you may think it was a big typo. But it's true, Jha Jha is from Miami and is the first lady of the Diplomats.

    How did that happen you ask? It was a simple process of waiting under the Def Jam building on a rainy day in New York City, being approached by a stranger -- who at the time was manager of Cam'ron and Juelz Santana -- who sent her into the studio to record for the group's Diplomatic Immunity 2 album with the song "Get From Round Me."

    However, it may seem like that was an easy way to get a deal, but Jha Jha paid her dues along the way. The female emcee left college with a 3.8 GPA against her parents' wishes, and began adjusting to life in New York. Leaving the studio at four in the morning and walking home in the snow is just one example of the kind of obstacles Jha Jha has gone through to get where she is at today.

    Today she is still working hard to reach the success she wants (being that she has to live up to her own high standards), but it looks as though it's all starting to pay off. People are going to be able to get their first taste of Jha Jha visually in Jim Jones' "What You Been Drankin' On," which features Diddy. This is definitely something her parents can be proud of and see the kind of progession she's made since making the leap into the hip-hop industry.

    BallerStatus caught up with Jha Jha to talk about her experiences so far in her short career, what she's been through and what she has planned for the future.

    Ballerstatus.net: Are you working on a solo album?

    Jha Jha: Yeah, I'm working on my solo album.

    Ballerstatus.net: You have a name for it? How many tracks have you done?

    Jha Jha: I got like 200 songs and counting for my album. Basically, right now, we are going to do it and I'm a workaholic, so I never stop. I just keep putting songs on top of hot songs on top of hot songs.

    Ballerstatus.net: How are you going to decide between those 200 tracks which ones to put on?

    Jha Jha: First, I narrow them down 'cause I want my album to be full of hits. You know 50's first album, you could listen to the whole thing.

    Ballerstatus.net: Yeah, you could listen to every track just about.

    Jha Jha: Whatever album you may feel like is a classic, that's how I want mines to be. I want it to come from different areas. I don't want it to be one boxed in album that I rap about the same thing or I talk about the same thing on each track, that's not me.

    Ballerstatus.net: So you want to be as diverse as possible?

    Jha Jha: Yeah, it's going to be. I'm going to rep for like the woman's struggle and its just going to talk about everything. I get tired of just listening to an album and it's 10 tracks on an album or 12 tracks on an album, and all 12 of them sound the same -- same production, the same everything. [My album] is going to be real diverse, and real energetic. I make music that people can feel, whether it's slow or not, it's going to be on there. It's going to be hip-hop, its going to be a little rock and roll, it's going to be everything.

    Ballerstatus.net: Who are you looking to work with on the album?

    Jha Jha: I don't want to say any names now 'cause I'm going to go back and see who fits on what. [Jim Jones, Cam'ron] and Juelz [Santana], they will be on it definitely.

    Ballerstatus.net: What does it feel like being the only female artist in Diplomats right now?

    Jha Jha: Well, I'm from Miami, so I guess that means a lot to be from Miami and being the first female artist in Diplomats 'cause it's an all Harlem group.

    Ballerstatus.net: So how did you hookup with the Diplomats 'cause you said you were from Miami?

    Jha Jha: I was in college. Miami is a state where you got to go out and get what you want. You just can't create a buzz here and that's it. You have to go out to different states and create a buzz. It's a lot of stuff and politics that go along with it. I wasn't just shopping my album and I wasn't really trying to get hooked up with the Diplomats.

    It just so happened that I was at the Def Jam building. I didn't know it was the Def Jam building. It was raining, so I was just under the building there (World Wide Plaza) until Big Joe came and he was like, "What you do?" And I'm like "What? What you do?" I thought he was a pimp. He was like, "I'm Big Joe; I manage Cam and Julez." And I told him my name, at the time my name was Styles. I was like, "I'm Styles; I rap." He was like, "You hot?" And I told him, "I'm crazy [on the mic]." He invited me upstairs to listen to my music. To make a long story short, we went back downstairs and Jimmy and Juelz were there in their cars and we all jumped in and listened to my stuff. I had this song and they said, "That's the sh-t, that's the sh-t." Jimmy was like, "You going to let us sign her?" They told Cam about it and Juelz wanted to jump on the song with me, so we went to the studio and Juelz got on it.

    From there, I just stuck around there for a whole year writing; the whole year just writing. Then, I made one song called "Get From Around Me," and that's when they were like, "Naw, you going to be the first lady of Diplomats." That's when I went on tour with them, then my face was on the album and people was talking to me. That's how it happened, it was a coincidence.

    Ballerstatus.net: So you said you changed your name from Styles?

    Jha Jha: Yeah, cause there was a Styles P already out and I didn't want to go through all of that. I didn't want to get known as Styles, and then he would be like, "Ah, you claiming his name." So I just didn't do it. I just changed it before I even got known; I just changed the name to Jha Jha.

    Ballerstatus.net: How did you come up with that?

    Jha Jha: I was watching tv and you know Jha Jha Gabor? I was like damn Jha Jha. Every name that I went through I spelled it on a piece of paper like in different text and it was just hot the way I spelt it and how I signed it like an autograph. I was like, "I'm going to use that. That's hot." That's how it happened.

    Ballerstatus.net: When does your album look to be dropping?

    Jha Jha: It's supposed to drop in February. I just did my first video, it's premiered on MTV2 August 21st. I did my first video, and I wrote the song. It's called "What You Been Drankin On," and it's featuring me, Diddy, Paul Wall, and it's starring Jim Jones 'cause it's on his album.

    I was very excited 'cause it was my first video; its just hot. P. Diddy and Dipset, that's like Bad Boy and Dipset co-signing for your first video. Artist don't get stuff like that, or an introduction like that to the world. It's going to be a real big huge thing.

    Ballerstatus.net: The song "Get From Around Me" that was on Diplomatic Immunity 2...

    Jha Jha: That's going to be my follow-up single; I'm re-releasing that. I'm probably going to put Young Jeezy on it, but that's going to be my follow-up. It's just going to be a bonus for the streets. I don't think a lot of people heard that song, but it's a real crazy song.

    Ballerstatus.net: How do you feel the peoples' reaction to that song will be?

    Jha Jha: I want the whole world to give me a reaction, like the whole world is going to hear "What You Been Drankin' On." People loved it, but you have some haters too. I keep it real, but a majority of the people loved the song. Everybody was like, "That should be a single," and at one point it was going to be a single, but something happened. I'm doing a video for it and I want the world to hear "Get From Round Me." That song is too hot for only 200,000 people to hear it. That's not a lot of people, the world is so big.

    Ballerstatus.net: You mentioned that you stopped college with a 3.8 GPA, so how did your parents feel?

    Jha Jha: They hated it. I was like the perfect child, I didn't do anything wrong in their eyes. I did stuff wrong, but they just didn't know. In their eyes, I didn't cause that much problems. I did whatever my father said, and I like going to school. I was double majoring in business administration management and computer information systems. They knew I wanted to rap , because I've been doing it all my life, but they never took it serious. They were like, "It's her little hobby, let her do it," but it all happened in a bling of an eye, they had no warning. I went to New York in the summer, met Jim Jones and Joe, and I ended up moving here. Even in New York, I gave up a lot of stuff 'cause I didn't have money like that -- I struggled. I didn't have a good life like that because we ran into bumps. I ran into bumps. The hip-hop industry is not what people think it is. I didn't just go in and get lavish gifts or anything like that; I had to work. It was work hard until four clock in the morning and then walk home in the snow.

    There was certain times I couldn't tell my mother and my father what I was going through because I just I knew they was going to throw it in my face. I didn't want to stress them out because I was stressed out. There was times I didn't think I would make it, but I never gave up. It was just like I got backed into a corner and I had to scrabble my way out.

    Ballerstatus.net: How do they feel about everything now?

    Jha Jha: My father is just like, "You got a lot of guts." My mother too, they you know it sunk in. I been in New York for a year and a half, so it sunk in. My parents are now feel like I'm serious ad I'm going to do this. When they see the video with me, Jimmy, Diddy and Paul Wall on MTV, they will be like, "Ok, she was serious." Everybody knows P. Diddy.

    Ballerstatus.net: How do you feel people have received you in the industry so far? Is there people you don't like or like?

    Jha Jha: Nah, people love me because I'm just so real. I tell the truth; I don't put on a front for people. If I don't got it, I don't got it. Some artist are [front like they] got so much money. I'm just a real person. I'm a very humble person and I believe that you do onto others, as you want them to do on to yourself. I don't have a divas attitude, I'm not like that. I just want to work, create good music and let people hear my music.

    Ballerstatus.net: What’s it like working on the first album? Is it nerveracking?

    Jha Jha: Not to me. That's the thing, I've already been developed. It would be nerveracking if you wasn't a developed artist. I've been developed since I was sixteen years old. I'm 21 now. This is just a process, nobody has to tell me nothing 'cause I already know what I have to do. I'm in the studio from dusk till dawn. I just love to work; I'm a workaholic and I'm a perfectionist.

    Ballerstatus.net: So the album will be out early next year?

    Jha Jha: It's coming out in February. It could get pushed up, depending on how the buzz of this song we just did goes, but hopefully. I want it to be out next year in February because I'm a Spring/Summer artist.

    Ballerstatus.net: Anything you want to say in closing?

    Jha Jha: You can do whatever you want to do, because I did it. That's my closing argument.

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      nice shit
      i dont like her voice actually
      but that track by jim jones and diddy rules!


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        Get From Round Me is weak. Only good parts are Santana's. Jha Jha is wack.

        You want a good female rapper? Ebony Eyez...

        Dipset Bitch.
        download the newest Helmz mixtape...

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