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swizz beatz says eve album is crazy

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  • swizz beatz says eve album is crazy

    dont know how many of you are eve fans, but here you go anyway

    Swizz Beatz
    What he's up to in 2005
    By Ifè Oshun
    Over breakfast, I casually mention my impending Swizz Beatz interview to my husband. He looks up from his Honeynut Cheerios, face lit up and says, "Oh, yeah! I remember him."

    For most artists, comments like this are the result of becoming a has-been, someone whom the music buying public has fondly relegated to the annals of CD purchase history. But in this case, it's the footnote in the next chapter of an artist who is back stronger than ever.

    At the age of 26, the producer, whose real name is Kaseem Dean, ranks as an industry veteran. In the ten years of helming records featuring mega-stars such as Mary J. Blige, Nas, Jay-Z, DMX and many more, the Bronx native has sold an astonishing 80 million+ records.

    You'd think with all those sales, which started at the age of 16, the former Ruff Ryder would follow the lead of numerous other rap impresarios and "retire," but he's at his production apex.

    After a stint of being off the mainstream radar, Swizz is back in the studio producing hit songs for a slew of artists including Beyonce, The Game, R. Kelly, Busta Rhymes, Whitney Houston, Fat Joe, Nas, Ice Cube, Foxy Brown, Christina Milian, Lil’ Kim, Styles P., Redman, Memphis Bleek, Mary J. Blige and Joe Budden just to name a few.
    He has five videos and eight singles on rotation, including hits such as the DMX banger "Pump Ya Fist," Memphis Bleek's "Like That," Young Guns' "Set It Off" and Cassidy's "I'm A Hustla," which he claims has been the biggest record, so far, of his career.

    So what's the "The Monster" been up to for the past couple of years?

    While taking a break from recording, Swizz established himself as a entrepreneur. He's co-owner of popular Arizona nightclub CBNC (Coyote Bay Night Club) and a new Las Vegas exotic car dealership at Caesar's Palace. Also, as owner of Full Surface Records, he's experiencing great success with his first signee, Cassidy, singer (and wife) Moshanda and a slew of up-and-comers including R&B singer Lamagic whom Swizz describes as "crazy." On top of everything else he's doing, he somehow manages to study painting with legendary pop artist Peter Max.

    Swizz credits his prolific work schedule to sleeping just a few hours a night. We talked about how this affects his marriage, as well as working with Eve, his favorite artist collaborations and a slew of other fun topics.

    On working with Eve, Whitney Houston and Beyonce
    Swizz, what's among the million things you've been up to so far today?
    I [was] working with Eve and I have Twista coming by today. And Nas might come through.

    Oh, is that all? What hotness can we expect from Eve?

    It's ridiculous. I mean Eve is so focused she surprised me. I wouldn't even be out here if she wasn't focused. I would have given her a beat CD and told her to get back to me when she's ready. But we ended up with five songs and she's focused and it's gonna be amazing. So [people would] definitely be surprised at the Eve album. It's crazy.

    So you were ready to accommodate her hectic schedule with shooting and all that and she just dropped it on you like that?

    Yeah. Came out the gate focused. I was supposed to go right back (to the East coast) I had to push everything back cause she was so focused

    Ok, what's on the plate with Twista?

    He wants me to do his first single. So I'm gonna listen to his album today and see what he doesn't have. And then hopefully bring that to the table. I wanted to work with him but I never gave him like a single or something. I've worked with him on other people's albums???

    And what's the deal with Whitney Houston?

    That schedule right there is pretty much up in the air but I have some writers that we're gonna team up and make something real major happen for her when she's back on the schedule.

    What's on tap for Beyonce?

    That's crazy right there.

    Oh yeah? What's so crazy about that one?

    That's crazy because of the tracks that she's taking... I never would think that she would take those tracks. She's going a whole 'nother style this album. A lot of energy, a lot of party sounding tracks, a lot of anthem sounding tracks. Probably going to be [just a few] ballads on this one.

    So what's your process? Do you create beats and dole them out or customize according to the artists you're working with? Or is it a little of both?

    I make so many beats, and I have so many beats that's on file. You know it all depends on the energy that the artist gives me. Like say Beyonce, her time might be [limited] so I have to get straight to the point. Not sit down and vibe and make the beat right there. She might have to catch a plane or something. So I got to get right to it, just put a CD in or just go through stuff I already have made, just to [sketch out] the introduction. And when I see the style of track that they pick from the CD then I'll know... I'm like ok she's looking for this. So when I go in to make beats from scratch for her or any other artist I have more direction. Especially with any artists I've never worked with before. Whereas with the artists I've worked with before I can come up with something right then and there on the spot. I can pull up something and know what to go straight to. I'm not gonna put 20 random different beats I think the artist is going to like. I'ma know what they like off the top.

    So, say like with Whitney, a legend who's been around a few decades. Do you let her history direct you or do you just start off like she's never done anything, like fresh and new?

    I mean I just put myself [in the a particular state of] mind. You know someone who just looks at it from the outside and don't have nothing to do with music. And I'm like 'Man, what would I like to hear Whitney Houston on?' Then I just put those cards on the table. like I would love her to sound like this, I would like her to sound like this and I would want to do a song with her like this. And out of those options right there, just come up with the best and just go with it. Like I can hear her on a reggae track like. the Wyclef sounding track, that track worked out good for her. Struggle songs. Just good vibes. I don't really prepare to go in the studio. I just go on there and let's just make something happen.

    Who he likes to work with and his entrepreneurial ventures
    Out of the many folks you've worked with, who have you enjoyed working with the most? Who do you say 'Wow, I really enjoyed working with that person,' or maybe there's was someone you didn't particularly like working with.
    I enjoy working with 95% of the artists I work with. Most of the artists I work with them by choice. People have a lot of respect for me, even though I'm still young, they look at me in a different way for some reason. The energy and the creative vibe that I give when I go into the studio with them, it just makes everybody almost equal. But like as far as the artists that stand out is like Jay-Z, you know he doesn't write on paper. He comes in the studio and he's just hyped up, it's a big action pack picture. It's like you're in a movie, you know? And working with Busta, he's just painting a picture for you with his hand movement, face gestures.

    And then, being an artist, when I work with Eve it's like I'm working with my sister. She's the little sister that don't really... that's not really cool with everybody. She keeps her distance, but you got that key right there where she'll open up to you and, you know, that's a good feeling as well. I've got good relationships with all the artists I work with. Everybody... like even some of the artists like Young Gunz, Memphis Bleek and Cassidy, artists that's not even on the multi platinum level I enjoy working with them and I can go in the studio with Young Gunz where they're not on everybody's radar, or Bleek that's not on everybody's radar and put them on everybody's radar, and what they do from there is on them. I accept any challenge.

    You own a number of businesses. Speak on the importance of entrepreneurship from your viewpoint.

    I'm 26 now but I've been in the industry for ten years already. And I had a lot of money early, cuz when I was, what, seventeen, sixteen I sold my first million records. When I did that, all the money was coming in. I had like 700,000 on a debit card, in a checking account. I didn't know about accountants or anything like that I was just, you know having fun with it, you know spending, blowing a bunch of money. I would always sit back and be like, "Yeah I'm gonna own that building, I'ma own this I'm own that, but then I'm buying 300,000 cars, million dollars worth of jewelry and not doing nothing I said I was gonna do.

    So it got to a point in time where I said "You know what, let me try one of these investments. Let me see what's going on with this. It was a risk, but I did it. I started off with real estate, [worked] property for a long time. Profit in that was definitely good and I was down in Arizona and I was working on DMX's album and I was like, 'Man I wanna get me a car.' So I went to this car dealership and it was an exotic car dealership and the prices in there was nice and they weren't trying to rob me because I was young and give me astronomical numbers. This guy was the first person to be fair to me. And this guy right now is now my partner, and so we started an exotic dealership. Well he already had it, but I went and bought so many cars from him and hooked him up with people that he brought me in as a partner, 5%. Then as time went on, I bought another 20% which made it 25%. And then I was like I didn't want to get too deep in the car thing, I was still new, I didn't want to put my money out there in a major risk like that. I was just warming up I didn't want to go all hard and just be a big-shot. I wanted to take my time.

    So then this [other] guy went bankrupt, got himself divorced. My partner called up and was like 'There's this club that's getting ready to open. You got the industry, I got the car industry and we bring both worlds together and make this crazy club.' I was like all right. I went to the club, I hated it. It was like some room, it just wasn't there. We had an architect come in and design the place on how it could look for xx [sic] amount of dollars, and I was loving it then. I was like, 'Since it looks like this then we can make it happen.' Now it's the No. 1 club in Scottsdale, Arizona. We just grinded that one for a while. My partner hew was the No. 1 Lambourghini Ferrari in the west coast. We had this big deal come across with Caesars palace, we just happened to be at the right place at the right time, having the right funds available to make this thing go down majorly. We got 20, 000 square feet in Caesars Palace with all exotics. It opened up April 5. Its the biggest dealership in Las Vegas. We had the E! channel, Elton John, Mary J. came out, it was a real upscale event. I got a sneaker situation going on with Pro Keds with Dame Dash. My art stuff going on with Peter Max.

    lovesong for wifey and favorite artist collabos
    Where do you see the rap industry going?
    I see it escalating to be bigger than what it is. The world is upgrading with all the technology and things like that. [ASCAP] was saying how they're teaming up with technology to advance everything with the music. Not only with downloading but just advance with music so like you'll be able to work with people in Africa like for real for real. And listen to their music. The way technology is going to bring everything together it's just gonna be like... you might hear a freestyle coming all the way from Africa.

    So it'll make a smaller world and expand collaboration opportunities for people...


    So you don't see the rap industry continuing to be dominated by the U.S?

    No. The only [thing] that's gonna slow it down is probably the language but as far as it just getting out there and becoming bigger than it already is, it's definitely being accepted a lot more places.

    it's not going anywhere/ There's a little bit of emotion a little bit of violence here and there. But you know look at the world. Look at where we live. You got the president bringing the whole world to war for some oil.
    True that, and lying about it, too. Let's talk about your sleeping habits. Is it true you only sleep four hours a night?

    Probably less than that.

    How's Moshanda with that? I don't sleep a lot and my husband hates it.

    My wife feels the same way.

    (All around yuks and laughter.)

    We got an opportunity to make history, we doing it. There's no time to sleep. You sleep, you lose. Got to always be on top of the game even when other people are sleeping and I think that's what kept me doing what I'm doing. Everybody's going on vacation and when they come back I got ten singles on the radio. Why because I'm just putting in that extra work. Work you put in is the work you gonna get out.

    True that.

    That's very important. You gotta use your time while you're here. Use all of it.

    If you were going to create the perfect song just for Moshanda what would the tone be, what would it sound like?

    I think that every verse would be a different verse because her style is so versatile. She messes with jazz, she messes with hip-hop, she messes with R&B Soul, she messes with reggae, so that song would be a different type of song. It'd be changing up every minute.

    That's sweet.

    It'd be hot. I might do a song like that.

    Just give me a point. Shout out to Ife. Something. Any artists on your wish list?

    I don't have a particular list. I just work with whoever loves working. whoever's taking it serious and ready to make history.

    So, Swizz, there's no artist in the whole wide world, in or outside of rap, that you just say, 'Wow I'd like to work with that person.' Nobody.

    I'd like to collaborate with Quincy [Jones], I'd love to collaborate with Chic Corea, I'd like to collaborate with the African jazz artist Fela.

    You mean Femi.


    Femi Kuti. Fela's dead and gone.

    But I'd still like to collaborate with him.

    Yeah that's true. I didn't say they had to be alive. My bad.

    (More yuks)

    Well wrapping up, what advice would you give to the many upcoming producers out there?

    Stay creative. [Do] not let the political throw your creative off. Don't let the politics and the money throw your creative off. Don't let friends family throw your creative off. Don't let other artists throw your creative off. Stay creative, stay focused, stay humble, stay dedicated. Stay in tune with the music.

    Last shoutout?

    Look out for the Swizz Beatz Some Kinda Monster album.

    Thanks Swizz!

    Source: www.about.com
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    out of all the people on aftermath people talk the least about eve


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      Good rep to whoever knows what I have to say about this
      "The world is changing and there are new opportunities for those who are ready to join forces with those who are stronger and more experienced" -Lucky Luciano (1897-1962)


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        yo u should hav just said "swizz beat interview" or sumthing, goo dinterview anyway
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          Originally posted by game08
          But we ended up with five songs...
          It sounds like Eve's album is going to be an expensive beer coaster...
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          THE RAP CELLA


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