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  • New Royce Da 5'9 Interview

    sorry if its been posted good interview though

    new interview Royce Da 5'9


    BallerStatus.net: With Independence Day, was your goal to be more diverse, instead of going with the dark tone like Death Is Certain?

    Royce 5'9": Yeah, the goal was to open up to my audience and show more sides to me than that. Death Is Certain was just one part of me. That mood on that album, I am not always in. But around that time, I was always in that mood. So, I didn't feel like compromising my sound. But now, my day to day is a lot different. I am a businessman now and I am dealing on a whole different level, so I decided to open up, and like you said, kind of diversify -- even though I have always done different types of styles. Even around that time when I did Death Is Certain, I had brighter records, but I didn't want to put it on the album. I wanted to keep everything dark instead.

    BallerStatus.net: So you are a happier person now?

    Royce 5'9": Yeah, I'm happier. I'm more at peace and there is not as much going on. I'm a little bit more mature now. Around that time, it was like drama, drama, drama, all the time. And it got to a point where I was just used to drama and I became comfortable with it. Now I have kind of grown out of it. I have started to think about other things like the future, and how to build a better future.

    BallerStatus.net: Was there any one event or situation that triggered this newfound happiness?

    Royce 5'9": I think just time. Time heals everything and I have never been the type of person to just stay one way all the time. I am always changing, because I'm real extreme. I'm the type of person and be like, "I'm not drinking anymore." People would be like, "Damn, why not?" And I would be like, "I don't know, I'm not going to drink for two months." So, it's nothing that happened, but I just woke up one day and decided to not deal with all of the bullsh--.

    BallerStatus.net: Do you think that trying to balance the commercial and dark underground joints is becoming trickier and trickier these days?

    Royce 5'9": Yeah, it's real tricky. If it wasn't based on opinion it wouldn't be so hard, but it's all opinion man. What one person's likes, another person will hate. And it's like, "Damn, how do you combine the two things, put them on one album and get them to work?" It was actually trickier before, and it's becoming less trickier for me now. I think I almost figured it out and I feel real close to that point.

    BallerStatus.net: What have you figured out?

    Royce 5'9": I almost figured out how to do those records, kind of like how Jay-Z does it. He has the underground and mainstream respecting him with every record. Even when it's a super radio friendly record, it's still kind of respected by the emcees because it's Jay-Z. So, I have almost gotten myself to that point. I have almost figured out how to balance the two, because if you listen, I do both. But I just haven't gotten it to the point where my underground following is respecting what I do for the mainstream listeners. It's like one or the other, they only f--k with my underground records, and the mainstream only f--ks with the other records. I haven't figured out how to bridge the gap yet.

    BallerStatus.net: Do you think with the underground -- because I know when I was 18 or 19 years old, I wouldn't like any commercial music. But as you get older, you mature and are more accepting of different types of music. Now, I f--k with commercial sh--. But do you think since some of the underground fans are younger and in their teenage years, they really can't relate to that club or commercial vibe?

    Royce 5'9": Yeah, I definitely feel it's a age thing. You grow into listening to different types of sh-- because I hated mainstream sh-- when I was that age you were talking about. When I was 18/19, I was damn near against West Coast music, because my big brother didn't like West Coast sh--. I liked all East Coast sh--, and I'm from Detroit. But, I think the 18 and 19 year olds can relate because they like Jay-Z. It's just something that he is doing that a lot of people haven't figured out yet. That is the sh-- that I am going to figure out. But right now, it looks that way; it looks like they can't relate to it, because you sometimes have to mature into it. But I think it's possible, because I always use Jay-Z as an example. He figured out how to appeal to everybody.

    BallerStatus.net: I was reading that Independent's Day was supposed to be another mixtape for you, but you turned it into an album. What made you come to that decision?

    Royce 5'9": Yeah, it started out as a mixtape. When we went to the distributor with it, they were like, "Let's do an album, because we don't want to do a mixtape." So I was like, "Cool," and I brought Carlos "6 July" Broady in and I did four or five records with him, and we turned it into an album. That is where all the guest appearances come from though, because normally I wouldn't have a heavy list of guests on my album. S,o I just took it as it's meant to happen that way and ran with it.

    BallerStatus.net: One producer I really like is Asar and I noticed he only did one track on the album. Is he someone you will be working with more in the future?

    Royce 5'9": Asar is family, so even when he is not doing beats for me, he is cutting sessions. We work together all the time, so I am definitely going to be working with him indefinitely.

    BallerStatus.net: Tell me about the song "Chips On Pistons" on the album.

    Royce 5'9": It is a joint featuring the late great Blade Icewood. I don't know if you heard about the unfortunate incident with him getting killed?

    BallerStatus.net: Yeah, I heard about that.

    Royce 5'9": But for the song, we basically wanted to go with an "I Love The Dough" type of feel. We wanted to show maturity, but also bring the titty bars to the masses as well because that is what Detroit basically is. If somebody comes to Detroit and wants to get shown a good time, I would probably take them to a titty bar. Being that is what I do a lot when I hang out -- go to the bars -- I felt like bringing that out. That is basically me and Blade's relationship. We got cool at the bars and sh--, so if we are going to do a record together, let's do what comes natural.

    BallerStatus.net: And for those who may have not known about this death, can you tell us what happened?

    Royce 5'9": Blade was gunned down in his truck about six months ago.

    BallerStatus.net: Have the cops found the killers, do they know why?

    Royce 5'9": I don't know any of those details.

    BallerStatus.net: On the latest Sway and Tech album, you did one track with Common and Chino, and another with Chino and Canibus. Were all of you guys in the studio together or were those tracks pieced together?

    Royce 5'9": Yeah, they were pieced together. Tech called me and said they were putting together a compilation and they wanted me to be on it, so they sent me a couple tracks and told me to put some verses on them. I spit a couple of verses and I didn't even know who he was going to put on there. So, when I heard the people that they put on there I was like, "Cool." The finished product came out crazy and I always trust Tech with stuff like that. He knows who sounds good with who and how thing are going to come out, so I was happy on how they came out.

    BallerStautus.net: How is the album with Nottz coming along at the moment?

    Royce 5'9": It's coming; we are working on it at the moment. We have about 20 or 30 songs, but we are going to keep cutting songs until we reach that comfort zone. You do one joint and you think it's the craziest song ever, until you do the next song, so we want to keep going until we feel we are peaking. We want to put together some classic sh--.

    BallerStatus.net: So you guys have a lot of chemistry together in the studio?

    Royce 5'9": Yeah, definitely. I usually work hands on with Nottz when I go to his studio in Virginia. That is where the best sh-- comes out. We have a couple bangers from him just sending me some beats and me two tracking them in my studio as well.

    BallerStatus.net: When do you think the album will be released?

    Royce 5'9": We don't have a release date yet, because we are not even finished with it. We are still trying to figure out what we want to do with it. Do we want to bring it to a major or do we want to put it out through my label, his label, or through joint companies? All of that type of sh-- is what we haven't worked out yet.

    BallerStatus.net: In the last Source Magazine, in your album review, it starts off by saying, "On the verge, these three words have defined Royce's career." Do you feel that way?

    Royce 5'9": Yeah, it's true. My whole career, that's what it's been, on the verge. But now with me, it's all about putting a plan together, executing and following up. If I put out something that is working or is creating a buzz, I want to make sure I follow up with something else. One problem I have always had is executing and the people around me executing. We put together a lot of plans, but didn't follow through with a lot of them. A lot of stuff got in our way, but now we have a plan, which we are sticking to, and things are going our way. So, I still feel on the verge, but my time is coming sooner than later.

    BallerStatus.net: How do you feel when you go back and listen to the first Rock City album?

    Royce 5'9": I don't really go back and listen to the Rock City album. That album was just songs. That was me being young and really getting comfortable with writing songs. I couldn't grasp the concept of making albums at the time. I knew how to make songs, but I didn't understand how to make albums. I didn't even understand that there is an art to making albums. I just thought you go in, record and pick the best ones. But now, I am conscious of how to put albums together. Rock City just got my feet wet and I learned the most from doing it. I don't really go back and listen it though. None of those songs put a dent in time, with the exception of "Boom."

    BallerStatus.net: I recently went back and listened to the album and I was feeling the Neptune's and Trackmaster party joints more than when I first heard them. Do you like those songs?

    Royce 5'9": Yeah, I mean, I like them, but I don't go back and listen to them now. They are not wack or nothing, but its not classic material. If I reflect, Death Is Certain is as far back as I go.

    BallerStatus.net: Has it been hard or frustrating breaking through the industry ceiling, as far as getting radio and video play?

    Royce 5'9": It's kind of hard, because everything costs. It's all politics and it's about who you know. I have been blessed enough to have certain avenues for stuff like that, so its been good so far, I can't really complain. It's just about putting all that stuff together and actually executing it.

    BallerStatus.net: I always hear people saying, "Man, Royce should have blown up years ago. He should be one of the biggest cats in the game." But when I look at hip-hop, and to me, a lot of emcees that really blow up are the ones that create a character for themselves. Then they blend this character with who the really are, and eventually you can't tell the difference, and they get wrapped up in their own imagination. But you have always been yourself -- no gimmick or character. Do you think that plays a part?
    R.I.P. Deshaun Holton Aka. Proof

    October 2nd 1973 - April 11th 2006

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    Royce 5'9": I think it plays a part somewhat, because people will ask, "Who is Royce?" That is what people said after listening to the Rock City album, "We didn't really get a feel of who Royce was." So, a lot of people buy into a character, but I have never really been a character. Everything has been natural for me, no matter what it is. I'm sure it plays some kind of part, because the same people who say they respect me lyrically, won't buy my albums because they feel there is nothing else there. I'm sure it plays some part, but my thing is to just stick to who I am, and eventually people will know me for being me. It will work.

    BallerStatus.net: Have any labels or A&R's ever approached you about creating a character?

    Royce 5'9": Na!

    BallerStatus.net: Corporate America has basically taken over hip-hop and brainwashed the public to think that what you hear on the radio and TV is real hip-hop. Is there any hope against the corporate takeover of hip-hop?

    Royce 5'9": I think it's hopeless, because cash rules everything. The motherf--ker with the money is the motherf--ker with the power. It's hard to go against the powers that be. Corporate America is fueling hip-hop, like the Sony's and all of those major labels. They are the ones putting up the money to put sh-- out. Your richest rapper is up under corporate America, so people just have to have faith in the music. People need to let that commercial sound have its time and hopefully it will revert back to the real underground sound and sh--.

    BallerStatus.net: Nowadays in hip-hop, do you think that how much you sell or how hot you are is based off who you are associated with? For example, look at Common. He didn't sell anything, but now that Kanye's with him everybody has jumped on the bandwagon.

    Royce 5'9": It goes back to what we were saying about being a character. Some people have a character, and that is what people like and it makes them pay attention to what talent that they actually have. It is the same with being affiliated with somebody. His affiliation with Kanye is making people finally pay attention to him -- now they are finally realizing how talented he is. They always respected him lyrically, but now they are paying attention to him and buying into him. Same thing with Eminem and Dre. I seen Em get crucified because he was white.[People would say}, "Oh man, he is wack." As soon as he gets with Dre, that is the stamp and then people know it's official. Now he is one of the greatest emcees ever, so it is what it is.

    BallerStatus.net: Growing up in Oak Park, how do you think your environment or surroundings shaped who you are as a man today?

    Royce 5'9": It gave me the opportunity to see other sides. I was born in the city, in the west side. I then moved to Oak Park when I was young, but all my family was still in the city, so I got a chance to grow up in the city and suburb environment. It made me a lot more well rounded. I have a lot better schooling and I was able to deal with a lot of different people. That is why I'm able to talk to people today. I can go into these offices, talk to people, and conduct my business. So, it definitely affected everything I am doing.

    BallerStatus.net: What is your overall vision for the future?

    Royce 5'9": To get my label off the ground and to really start a movement. I want to brand my company the M.I.C. And after my projects, I want to put out other ones. I got my little brother, Kid Vicious, so we are looking to drop albums from him. I just want to solidify myself as one of the powers that be in this game.

    BallerStatus.net: And between now and the Nottz album, are you going to drop any more M.I.C. mixtapes?

    Royce 5'9": I'm thinking about it. It's funny, I was just having a conversation with somebody before you called, and he was telling me he wanted me to do another mixtape. So, I might do it if it takes too long to hammer down the business side of the Nottz album. Because I don't like sitting around, so it's possible.

    BallerStatus.net: Any last words?

    Royce 5'9": Independent's Day is in stores now, and be on the look out for all upcoming M.I.C. projects.
    R.I.P. Deshaun Holton Aka. Proof

    October 2nd 1973 - April 11th 2006


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      Check My New EP Diversify w. UK Producer Jay Dizla
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        how much has Independants Day sold so far?
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          props.....good interview..
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            tanx neva seen dat before
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