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New Three Six Mafia Interview (Speaks On There New Album)

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  • New Three Six Mafia Interview (Speaks On There New Album)

    Interview By: TRMNDUS at Southwest-Connection

    Three 6 Mafia! Whats going on?
    DJ Paul: Whats going on!
    Crunchy Blac: Whats the bizness.
    Juicy: Just chillen, cool as a fan.

    How it feel Project Pat out?

    DJ Paul: Its good.
    Crunchy Blac: Feel real good to have him home

    Hows Pat been doing since he been out?

    Crunchy Blac: Just been chillin working, spending time with his family, but he real good.

    I heard he got a lot of material written in the three years he was away?

    Crunchy Blac: Yes!! Don’t cha know, movies, albums, he got a whole bunch of sh*t written ready to go, Pat's Back.

    Sound good, so we can expect that new album next year then I'm guessing?

    Crunchy Blac: Well he going to be chilling for a minute but he will be working on it soon.
    DJ Paul: Bout February or sometime in the first quarter of 2006.

    Most Known Unknowns coming September 27th, tell me about that?

    DJ Paul: sh*t you know its some of that same ole Three 6 Mafia flavor its jamming, bumping like a fool, Slim Thug, Eightball & MJG, Young Buck, Project Pat, Paul Wall, Lil Flip, Remy Martin, Mr Bigg, its hot.

    Juicy J: That Junt Bumping!!!
    Crunchy Blac: We just doing our thing manne, just trying to give yall some good music.

    Most Known Unknowns, good title fits yall well tell me about what you want fans to perceive it as?

    DJ Paul: We known but at the same time we unknown, we done a lot of sh*t people don’t even know we done did, they familiar with it but they don’t know we did it. A lot of hits we got out there, a lot of people don’t know how long and how strong we been in this game.

    I know the single “Still Fly” was circulating a little early, round the time Choices 2 came out, was it suppose to be out that early, was the album suppose to be out this early, or did the single just take off and you moved the album up?

    DJ Paul: Naw it was always suppose to come out around that time, actually it was suppose to come out earlier than this, we just kept recording doing sh*t over and over again. So we just pushed the album back till we felt we had it ready and right.

    I mean that’s a pretty big collaboration, Eightball & MJG, Young Buck plus yall on a track how did that come about?

    DJ Paul: Well we did some production for Young Buck, the "Stomp" song was us, and we always fu*ked with Buck that’s our dawg. Eightball & MJG them been our homies for the longest, we always said we was going to work together and do a track together, then we ran into them and let them hear the Stay Fly track, they loved it so we went ahead and finally collaborated on that junt.

    So the rumors true? Project Pat on the remix?

    DJ Paul: It’s a don dada, we got Project Pat on there, Slim Thug, and Florida’s Trick Daddy, be on the lookout for that! Stay Fly is a South song and we keeping it South!

    When you plan on releasing that a little bit before the album or we going to have to wait for the official to drop?

    DJ Paul: Its on the album, but we going to let it out to radio early next month.
    Crunchy Blac: Right now its in your pocket, get the album you get the remix!

    So what separates this new Three 6 Mafia from all the past projects you done put out?

    Juciy J: We got older!
    DJ Paul: Pretty much, that’s it we got older. We keep sh*t the same, if it aint broke don’t fix it manne. We do some little tricks here and there with the beats to spice it up but we pretty much talking about the same thing, drugs, hoes, and backrolls!

    So what are some of yall favorite tracks we should be looking out for?

    Juicy J: All of them, we got like 20 to 22 tracks on their, we love all of them I cant even bullsh*t, I love all them this time around. Dropping em, Dropping em, DROPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP.
    DJ Paul: My favorite song on there is “Side to Side” it’s a dance song for *****s in the club that don’t dance, the cat in the back with his hat down with the black n mild or blunt hanging in his mouth just chillen.

    What's y'all favorite throwback Three 6 Mafia album?

    DJ Paul: I'd probably have to say When The Smoke Clears for now.
    Crunchy Blac: The first junt we ever done!

    The Mystic Styles?

    Crunchy Blac: Yeahh.

    What about the UG tapes?

    Crunchy Blac: Juicy J, That Chronicles Of The Juice Man!!!
    DJ Paul: DJ Paul & Juicy J Volume 9 probably my favorite.
    Juicy J: YEAH!

    You got some new artists on the roster, Chrome & Boogie Man tell me about them?

    DJ Paul: Boogie Man one of our homies for a long ass time, we been knowing him he been on the road with us over the years, we grew up with him. Chrome we heard about him awhile ago, we just picked up on him not too long ago, he was in a group with his brother Shank. His brother caught a murder charge and is going to be away for awhile, so we signed Chrome and made it happen. "Straight To The Pros" coming soon.

    Shank & Chrome came out with that Daily Living song, remember that?

    DJ Paul: sh*t I dunno even remember the name of any of them songs right now, but they did have a old album out.

    So tell me what new artists like Boogie Man & Chrome bring to the table as far as the label?

    Crunchy Blac: Well Boogie Man, he a ***** just like me Crunchy Blac, we got us a album coming out called “Out Of The Closet”.
    Juicy J: You just going to have to wait to hear him, he a gutta ass *****, it’s a surprise, SUPRISEEEEEEEE. Its going to be like Christmas morning when you hear him, look out!

    When can we expect to see the albums in stores?

    Crunchy Blac: Chrome looking like October/November, and Boogieman working on his. They both out the frame manne.
    Juicy J: They bumping!!

    Ay Crunchy we on the topic all this stuff coming out, when your album coming out?

    Crunchy Blac: It's coming, I ain't rushing nothing, I'mma bring that hood sh*t on it because I'm a hood *****.
    DJ Paul: sh*t coming soon, keep looking, check the liquor stores, the dope spots, shake junts, that’s where you going to find that sh*t, crunchy that hood *****.

    Another coming soon question, it's been bout a decade it feel like, when the hell Cashin Checks coming?

    DJ Paul: Its coming, we been cashing the checks so we aint had the time to record it, but we going to bring it out in the future.

    What about Grandaddy Souf, I heard he messing with yall now?

    DJ Paul: That’s just one of our homies, he ain't signed to us, he in the crew that’s our homeboy we helping him out.

    I know y'all really been into movies lately, Choices 2, cameos in Hustle & Flow, I'm guessing more movies is coming?

    DJ Paul: Yea we got Choices 2 in stores right now, selling good, then we got Choices 3 hopefully coming next year. Then we have our first comedy dropping this year also, straight DVD release on October 18th its called the Clean Up Men. Its funny as a fool. Then we might do another junt called the “Streetz Of Memphis” which is something like the Choices movie.

    You think Hustle & Flow did a good job representing Memphis and how maybe Three Six Mafia came up?

    DJ Paul: Yea manne, watching that movie brought back memories. John Singleton did a good job representing Memphis in that movie.

    You're always known for your production, maybe not noted on it like you said but who are some artists who are getting ready to drop albums that we can see some DJ Paul & Juicy J production on?

    DJ Paul: sh*t it’s a whole lot of them, Mike Jones new album, Paul Wall, Remy Martin, Rich Boy, Youngbloodz, Playaz Click, it’s some more that I cant think of right now but those are some of the upcoming albums you going to hear a DJ Paul & Juicy J banger on.

    Aight time for rumor control, a lot of speculation on Lord Infamous and his whereabouts?

    DJ Paul: Well Lord on vacation right now, Pat just got off and now Lord taking his vacation.

    What about Lord Infamous starting his own imprint under Three 6 Mafia?

    DJ Paul: Uhhhh could be we talking, like I said I aint really talked to him about that he on a little permanent vacation right now.

    Eightball & MJG & Three 6 Mafia album?

    DJ Paul: Dunno we both busy, we going to try to make that happen in the future but not anything real soon, just some talk for now.

    Last one heard, you might be producing for acts like Ciara and other big mainstream artists?

    DJ Paul: That’s a rumor, but hell I aint counting it out I'll do it, you cut the check, we bring the hits.

    Aight manne I preciate y'all, good luck with the album give me a classic Three 6 outro.

    DJ Paul: Most Known Unknowns, in stores September 27th, Chrome this fall, Choices 2 in stores righttttt now!!
    Juicy J: “Screams wildly!!!!!” Paul Lets Eat *****!!!

    TRMNDUS at Southwest-Connection.com on the interview

    R.I.P. Deshaun Holton Aka. Proof

    October 2nd 1973 - April 11th 2006

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    that stay fly remix is gonna be sick.


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      hell yea ., propz
      Success is my only mothafucking option failure iz not!



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        Originally posted by lawn_korn47
        that stay fly remix is gonna be sick.
        Stayin' for that Trill shit.
        Somthin' you can feel shit.
        Anythang else man, I don't even wanna deal wit.


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          props,good read.


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            nice read


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              I like that Stay Fly song, yall seen the video? Ima cop it when it drops, not sure if it will drop on that date tho' cause most of the time their stuff never be out on the date given.
              ~*~*~*~*~ I Love My Baby Boy Amarzi*~*~*~*


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                Crunchy Blac: Well Boogie Man, he a ***** just like me Crunchy Blac, we got us a album coming out called “Out Of The Closet”.

                is that ***** afaggot
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                  i'll be gettin that cd


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