Game's Next Street Single Track "one Blood"

Game's Next Street Single Track "One Blood"
Being that Czar Entertainment is home to the Game, one would have thought complications could arise when the company’s CEO, Jimmy Rosemond, had to settle a lawsuit over the Original Fifty Cent DVD with Curtis ‘50 Cent’ Jackson.

However, both Rosemond and 50 made sure that didn’t happen.

“Every time we got on the phone we had to set our differences aside because when it came down to Game, it wasn’t about the lawsuit and when it came down to the lawsuit, it wasn’t about Game, so we had to put those things aside and deal with the issues at hand," Rosemond told “That’s the making of true businessmen on his side and on my side, where we can have good dialect that isn’t screaming or yelling. That’s what it is about.”

In related news, Rosemond told that he’s happy about how hip hop music is moving back to mic skills instead of East coast, West coast issues. Rosemond also says the transition will be evident when Game’s second album drops.

“I think what you’re going to see is how lyrical this guy is for a West coast rapper,” says Rosemond about Game. “He’s about to change the game of how West coast rap is perceived. Now we’re moving into a realm where it’s not even about West coast or East coast…it’s going to be about who’s nice.

“I’m so happy to be a part of a turn in hip hop history, where we’re getting back to who’s the nicest.”

He later revealed that the Game has a street record entitled, "One Blood", that fans should look out for soon.

“I don’t know how much radio play it’s going to get, but it’s a hell of a street record,” says Rosemond about "One Blood". “People are going to really have to step aside and let this kid shine the way he deserves to shine.”

Although Rosemond says Game’s desired album release date of June 6 - or 6-6-06 - doesn’t look realistic because of outstanding deadlines still remaining, it’s still Czar’s target date to reach.