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April/09/06--Jay-Z Chat Transcript(LONG READ)

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  • April/09/06--Jay-Z Chat Transcript(LONG READ)

    Jay-Z: Welcome everybody to the monthly chat. I'm very honored to sit down and chat with you guys. Let's have an open dialog. Holla at ya boy!

    Tha Show:Just in case you become the world's richest person, what other philanthropic things would you do with your wealth?

    Jay-Z:Wow... The greatest example of philanthropy I see is Bill Gates. He gives away one billion dollars a year. I would love to set a number and make sure I live by that number each year.... that number to give away.

    benhillshawty: How do I get my music to you?

    Jay-Z:There's many ways you can get your music to me.First off the address to the record company is on the back of the CDs.The second is to create a buzz for yourself and I'll come find you.

    NAVIN:Yo Jay what's your favorite movie?

    Jay-Z:It's split between Godfather II and True Romance.

    EsqMrskay can you tell us anything about Foxy's situation....album etc.

    Jay-Z:Foxy's surgery was a success. She's in recovery now.

    JPoloEnT:Jay-Z, Any plans to open a 40/40 in L.A.?

    Jay-Z:Yeah. Me and Magic are planning on opening one. We're looking for real estate now.

    Abbyserena:What are you thoughts about the music industry today and how it evolved to something new and great?

    Jay-Z:Today its in a bit of a struggle because of all the challenges we face within the digital world. But as long as we keep pushing the envelope creatively, we'll survive this and be around forever. Music is forever.

    steeldiplomat86: Hey Jay, how as the experience of having your mother on your last album?

    Jay-Z:It was a beautiful thing. It was actually her birthday. I just told her to meet me at the studio. I didn't tell her why. Then afterwards we went out and had a wonderful time.

    OmarDaOne:Jay, do you think you'd ever do a song with Lauryn Hill?

    Jay-Z:I respect her as an artist. I love her. If the opportunity ever presented itself, yes!

    juss_lyke_jigga:Jay can you tell us about Fabolous signing to Def Jam?

    Jay-Z:Yeah. It's a Brooklyn thing. Street Family!!!!!!!!!!

    Johnnie_Black:Who's your favourite rapper alive Jay?

    Jay-Z: Right now, I don't have a favorite rapper, but right now I'm listening to Lil' Wayne and T.I.

    Spox:What is your opinion on those milions of "colorful" remixes of The Black Album on the net ??

    Jay-Z:I love it. I encourage creativity in any form. I believe it gave a longer life to The Black Album.

    roc_army:What you think about Lupe Fiasco?

    Jay-Z:I think he's one of the most creative new guys in the game right now.

    kianicole:Which artist are you most excited about on Def Jam?

    Jay-Z:That wouldn't be fair! But I guess Rick Ross because of his major buzz on the streets. But there's too many to really name.

    Suha:What's up, "Sir Hova of Brooklyn!" How did it feel to perform with Paul McCartney?

    Jay-Z:I can't say it was a dream come true because I could never imagine being on stage with a Beatle, but it was a dream, and an honor.Top of the mornin' to ya.

    ROC THE MIC:Could you tell us about Free's project?

    Jay-Z:Freeway's project is coming along great. He's about 75% done, 50's done his part, and now next week me and Freeway are going to the studio to close out the album.

    Thiso you listen the demos that you recieve?? ?? ??

    Jay-Z: No... it's impossible. I listen to artists that have some sort of buzz on them or ones that my A&R staff find. I have the biggest A&R staff in the business. This company is creatively driven

    Guesto you ever go to the Marcy Projects?

    Jay-Zf course. It's my home

    designedbymo:Whats the latest on "Your favorite hue"

    Jay-Z:We're actually in the process of getting it submitted to the pantone chart. It's absolutely going to be an official color.

    Guest: What's Shyne's situation at Def Jam?

    Jay-Z:Shyne is a boss in his own right, so whatever he's ready to do when he gets home, we're going to accomodate him.

    M.o you like the new "Roc-a-Florida" (Slip n' Slide) artists being on Def Jam?

    Jay-Z:I'm excited about the partnership with Ted Lucas and the first act coming out is Rick Ross with his major record and the buzz he has. We're all excited about it.

    eddymac:What was your favorite album? Besides Reasonable Doubt.

    Jay-Z:The Chronic, Paid In Full, Michael Jackson's "Off The Wall", Stevie Wonder's "Songs in the key of life", U2 "The Joshua Tree", Lauryn HIll "Miseducation of Lauryn Hill" and of course, Biggie's second album.I know I'm gonna get a lot of flack, but I like the second one better. Sorry.

    This: How did you find Ne-Yo?? ?? ??

    Jay-Z: A young lady by the name of Tina Davis was thinking about signing him. This is before I was at Def Jam in the role I'm in now. She asked me to listen to him, and I gave her a bunch of thoughts over the blackberry about what I thought about each song. Then I didn't hear about it for a couple of months.I guess she signed it with LA and when I came in as President, I asked "Where's the guy, Ne-Yo." Then myself, Ty-Ty, Jay Brown, along with LA and everybody worked on the project.

    jiggamanfan06:Are the Nets still moving to Brooklyn?


    Hazard304:Going back would you ever change any album or record you have done?

    Jay-Z:I would change Volume 1. It was so close to being a classic with songs like Streets is Watchin, Where I'm From, You Must Love Me, Lucky Me, etc...I think I ruined it with two or three records.

    BigAB1789:Are you proud of your job at Def Jam so far?

    Jay-Z:I would rate myself a solid B. We actually had a fantastic year as far as all the numbers go. We ended the year at #2 market share overall. A solid B

    Rahulinho:What is your favourite track on The Black Album, (mine is "Threat")

    Jay-Z:Encore and PSA. It's a tie.

    C.Friday:What would you like to change in your life?

    Jay-Z:I wanna get up later and go to sleep earlier

    actionkeisha:Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

    Jay-Zn the beach. heh

    Suha:What's your favorite place to go and relax.

    Jay-Z:Can't really say. If I do, it's gonna get really crowded, then I won't be relaxing

    kholla: Are you looking forward to working with Nas?

    Jay-Z:Yeah, I think it'll be historic. very interesting. Just an incredible creative process. His lyricism/song making abilities coupled with my songwriting/lyricism abilities should be a great combination.

    dds43210:What is the hardest thing you've come across in your time at Def Jam

    Jay-Z:Just the routine of doing the same thing over again. There's a meeting every Wednesday. I have a meeting every monday.

    jiji:How do you think Rihanna is coping right now..being young and quite new to the biz..what have you taught her?

    Jay-Z: To be honest with you... she's working too hard. I almost feel bad. I signed her 9 months ago. She's going on her second album which comes out april 25th (shameless plug). She's had 3 top 10 singles in a row and had a worldwide platinum album (500,000 US and 500,000 outside the US). She needs a vacation!

    designeroner:Have you been working with anybody from Roc La Familia. Yes, Tru-life. We have a NORE reggaeton album coming out and a Hector Bambino compilation coming out and Aztek.

    Rahulinho: Have you peeped Jin's "F*ck Jay-Z" track?

    Jay-Z: It's clever.

    Johnnie_Black:Jay did anybody ever told you that you couldn't rap? Tried to put you down?

    Jay-Z:All the time.If you're gonna make it in this business, you gotta have a strong belief in yourself. For every two people that love you, there's gonna be two people that hate you.

    martini:Who do you think is the greatest producer around now? and who is your favourite to work with??

    Jay-Z:It's a toss up between Rick Rubin and Dr. Dre for the greatest producer. Right now, I think Kanye is the best out now and my favorite to work with, although I have a great time with Timbaland and Pharrell

    Hazard304: What is your process for making a song when first getting the beat?

    Jay-Z: I try to figure out what the song is saying and what emotion does it convey. That's the first thing I think about.

    shamarr: How do you stay so grounded, fam? What keeps you so chill? How do you stay so focused?

    Jay-Z:Wow, that's a great question. I guess because success or money don't change you. It enhances who you already were. Since I was already cool, I'm super duper duper cool. Hahahahaha...and really modest.

    Rahulinho:What was the first thing you bought after your first check in this buisness

    Jay-Z: You must not know too much about the rap business. Hahah. "Waitin on royalties..." Ghostface said.

    platinumdiva:If you could work with any artist (dead or alive) that you have NOT worked with, who would it be? (male or female)

    Jay-Z:Marvin Gaye, Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, etc... It goes on forever.

    tmontana:Jay, I just got meat suace on my pants. What should I do?


    JPoloEnT:How do you feel about acting? Any plans for any movies in the future?

    Jay-Z:Yeah... I hope to eventually get around to that.

    Birdie06: How would you describe the rap game in this time period?

    Jay-Z: It feels like it's waiting on the next movement, the next generation of stars.

    pharell360:What are your thoughts about Fishscale that faces a great start ?

    Jay-Z:I think it's one of the most creative albums in hip-hop in a long time. It's Ghost at his best. We had a strong debut.

    kianicole:What's your favorite city to perform in besides your hometown NY?

    Jay-Z:It's between Philly and Virginia.

    milmanid u start free stylin before u started writing?

    Jay-Z: No... I started writing first.

    T: So Jay, what's your favorite track off College Dropout?

    Jay-Z:Spaceship and Two Words

    dee-jay06:What made you start your own record label?

    Jay-Z:I couldn't get a record deal.

    Suha:So what was today's meeting about?

    Jay-Z:Just the radio, video, and marketing pictures on about 20 artists.

    Spoxo you remember your first concert (really first ) ?

    Jay-Z:I didn't go to concerts until I was in the music business.

    EsqMrs: You're at dinner with 5 people (dead or alive) to ask about life, love, and their experiences. Who would those 5 be?

    Jay-Z:Marvin Gaye, Bob Marley, Martin, Malcolm, Muhammad Ali

    cartiercutie:How do we really know that its you?

    Jay-Z:Put your phone number up. I'll call you back

    Jay-Z:Hold on. I'm making a phone call.

    Hazard304:Who's your favorite comedian of all-time?

    Jay-Z:Richard Pryor followed close by Robin Harris and early Eddie Murphy.

    cartiercutie: He really did just call me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jay-Z:Told you so! God Bless you too! Tell your brother to send his cd to the address on the back of any Def Jam cd.

    heemph1:What's your favorite Studio moment?

    Jay-Z:When I was going to shoot Parkin Lot Pimpin for the Dynasty album. I went over to see Pharrell. It was Friday and I was scheduled to shoot the video on Monday in LA. We made "Give It To Me" in 20 minutes. If you notice, there's a yellow car in front of the house for no reason. That was supposed to be in Parkin' Lot Pimpin, but it was too late to send it back

    legs1981: Do you sometimes wish to leave all the responsibilities behind and be the regular boy from Brooklyn again?

    Jay-Z:No, I don't have those dreams. I'm still a regular guy

    sexylibra:What is your favorite bowl of cereal?

    Jay-Z:It used to be Crunch berries, now it's just Frosted Flakes.

    jiji:Can you give me some of your money??????????

    Jay-Z:Yeah. All you have to do is go in the studio for 7 months, pour your heart out, and then put it out and listen to people say how much you suck. Wake up at 6 in the morning, do morning shows, where they talk about how wack you are, and then..... maybe.

    platinumdiva:When you finaly get "free time" what do you do? (Besides chat with us!! LOL)

    Jay-Z:Hahaha... play Playstation. boxing, football, and basketball games on playstation or go to Nets games

    wajihah:Jay, why was Blueprint 2: called The Gift & The Curse.. what's the curse??

    Jay-Z: Like I said earlier, for every two people that love you, there are two people that hate you. It's like the Kobe commercial.

    actionkeisha: Thank you for the tickets, when will you give out more Nets tickets?

    Jay-Z: Stay tuned...

    OmarDaOne: Did your mom ever spank you as a kid?

    Jay-Z: Of course! I'm from Marcy Projects.

    Birdie06:Whats your emberassing moments?

    Jay-Z: I came out to LA one time on the Hard Knock Life tour and I wore a different jersey for each city. The Rams used to be in LA but they're in St. Louis now.I wore the Rams jersey and didn't realize they moved.

    platinumdiva: Do you like the whole "Dirty South" movement?

    Jay-Z:I think everyone gets their chance to shine in hip-hop. It started in the east, then went to west, then came back to the east. Then the south had their say with Outkast early on. I think everyone gets their chance. It's a great thing.

    brooklyngirl718: I like your style who is your best designer and why?

    Jay-Z: Ralph Lauren. he sells more than clothes. It's a lifestyle, a culture.

    Birdie06: What was your first job ever?

    Jay-Z: This is my first job ever. If we don't count being CEO of Roc-A-Fella, this is my first real official job

    heemph1: Is it true that you have a personal hot wings chef that you travel with?

    Jay-Z: I have a personal chef... I don't know about the hot wings part.

    heemph1: How does it feel when you read the paper or you read a internet article and they know every move you make, and every thing you do.

    Jay-Z:That's part of the gift and the curse. You use the internet and the paper for promotion letting people know you have an album coming out and things like that. And then sometimes there's false reporting... and sometimes its real. You gotta deal with it. It's part of the game.

    Spox: What kind of music do you respect most (besides HipHop of course) ??

    Jay-Z: Rock. Hip-hop is the new rock. the rebellious voice of a new generation.

    jiggamanfan06: Do you like being rich and famous or would you rather just be rich

    Jay-Z: I'd much rather just be rich. haha. You got a job for me?

    chrishon12: How did you and Foxy meet up?
    Jay-Z:I asked Clark Kent. I had a song that required a female rapper and I asked him about Foxy. He happened to know her and he hooked it up. That song was "Ain't No *****" by the way.

    bayjean: When did Kanye do that "Impossible" song?

    Jay-Z: When he was on tour. No, wait. He recorded the song for Twista.

    Tatiana24:Whats the story behind Song Cry? That's one of my favorite songs in the whole world.

    Jay-Z: It's a gumbo of different stories

    almz_street: Do you and Russell Simmons do yoga together?

    Jay-Z: I haven't made it that far as a person yet.Give me a couple of years. LOL

    OmarDaOneo you ever feel insecure?

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    Jay-Z: No. I never had problems with insecurity.

    jiggamanfan06:What do you prefer: the Phantom or the Maybach?

    Jay-Z:The Maybach because of the comfort. You can stretch out. It's like a first class airplane seat.

    urb1_online:How did you end up making that deal with "Carol's Daughter"?

    Jay-Z:That was through Steve Stoute. He had met the lady who started it out of her kitchen making it in her pots. He asked me if i wanted to be involved. Me, Will Smith, Jada, Tommy Motolla. we all invested in it.

    wajihah:How does your mum view your success?

    Jay-Z: She's a proud mom. She was happy I could ride a bike when I was 4 years old. You can judge how much she loves me from that. She's just a proud mom.

    actionkeisha: Would you open the 40/40 club overseas?

    Jay-Z: I actually have a deal to open 3 over in China.

    steeldiplomat86: Can you see yourself doing a reality show, similar 2 Dame's? do u plan to?

    Jay-Z: No.

    C.Friday: When was the last time you actually drove a car by yourself?

    Jay-Z: After the Garden I had a meeting the next day and my assistant forgot to call a car. I actually took a cab there, and I had someone meet me with a car and I drove back.

    BigAB1789: Do you hate when people ask you about Beyonce? by the way How is she?

    Jay-Z: Not when it's clever like that. She's doing fine!

    kittycat4503: Will your house ever be on MTV Cribs?

    Jay-Z: No reality shows for the kid!

    steeldiplomat86: What is the craziest thing a fan has ever done to see or be near u?

    Jay-Z: I don't want to give anybody any ideas.

    pharell360: Would you have ever thought in the past to be in your position today?

    Jay-Z: Not in a zillion years.

    janipooh: HOV! I ditched ART to talk to you, but I'm a little late. Do you ever get to spend time with your niece and nephews?

    Jay-Z: Yeah. Actually, they come over my house for brunch on saturdays. Although they missed a couple of saturdays lately.

    sexylibra: Whats your favorite home cooked meal?

    Jay-Z:Anything my grandmom made. Especially her banana pudding

    bayjean: Are you ever gonna do a song with Prince?

    Jay-Z: That could still happen

    dee-jay06: What do you love the most in this world?

    Jay-Z:My family.

    dee-jay06: How was it working with Linkin Park.

    Jay-Z: It was fresh. They're very creative. Extremely good guys. I think the album came out incredible

    vikesh_solanki: Which businessmen do you look up to?

    Jay-Z: Bob Johnson. He created something for the culture and then was able to cash out at something like $3 billion. And Berry Gordy

    platinumdiva: How long does it take the average rapper, singer to produce a CD?

    Jay-Z: It's really a wide range.It can take from a month to sometimes five years. I made 9 songs for The Blueprint in one weekend and I kept them all.

    kianicole: What's one thing people would be suprised to know about you?

    Jay-Z: I'm really short. LOL. That was a joke. I'm not really short. My attempt at humor. I'm 6'2. Ok guys. I'll see you next month. Some of your questions were better than the ones I get from magazine writers. I enjoy chatting with y'all. HOLLA AT YA BOY!


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      No questions about Budden?




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        BigAB1789: Do you hate when people ask you about Beyonce? by the way How is she?

        Jay-Z: Not when it's clever like that. She's doing fine!
        nice lil chat thingy, imma do that next month. I wish they would have asked about buddens and redman tho.
        WOO WOO WOO, You Know it!


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          props good read...thats cool that he called that kid up
          "I'd rather die enormous than live dormant, thats how we on it" - Jay-Z

          "Wowzers I just made a mess in my trousers..." smh


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            thanks dawg


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              He does a chat with his fans every month? I just got a lot more respect for him.


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                jay z has ubermicro


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                  what site was this chat room hosted by? like where do you go to access this chatroom?
                  April 11th, 2006 - Proof that the good die young


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                    wow, that's impressive...chatting's a great way to interact with your fans. Thanks for posting.
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                      Originally posted by dErTy kEvin
                      what site was this chat room hosted by? like where do you go to access this chatroom?
                      "We gotta have fun now, there's only minutes left..."


                      BIG PROOF


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                        I was hoping someone would have thrown Chino XL's name out there to see what he said about that situation.

                        'Cause Chino had a line in a recent song [latino's stand up] that went something to the tune of "..and jay-z's tryin' to sign me"

                        Very subtle.


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                          Very cool...now maybe I skimmed a little but seriously, did no one ask him about doing a new album?
                          Originally posted by SteWonYou
                          sometimes you have to do what you have to do, and that might involve sucking dick
                          Originally posted by Temerity
                          understood that you don't fuck with Swizz
                          Originally posted by Nianco
                          Swizz...*Sighs*..I really hate you so much. I just want you to know that.


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                            I doubt they'll ask about Red and Chino.That's a AOL chat right?
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                              Originally posted by dErTy kEvin
                              what site was this chat room hosted by? like where do you go to access this chatroom?

                              co sign.

                              That's tight he does chats with his fans. He really doesn't have to open himself up like that but does anyway. I respected him before but that really elevates it IMO.
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