It’s taken me days to find the words I feel represent the pain I’m experiencing for the lost of one of my favourite MC’s. If I had only one wish it would be for that tragic day never to have happened. But I can’t turn back time.

Sometimes words aren’t worth the paper they’re written on and I didn’t get the honour to personally meet you but Proof “you are the man”

Rest peacefully Deshaun funny man Proof Holton you are a true artist who rose, entertained and inspired millions of people like myself each in our own way. Not only are you King of Detroit hip hop but also a King of hip hop worldwide.


Proof be proud, only special people can touch the hearts of those they have never met and I thank you for this. My heart aches & eyes water for Proof’s family and friends.

20 December 2004, St James Theatre, Auckland, New Zealand. D12 (minus Em) rocked the house “hell yeah” thanx for coming to New Zealand.

Eminem, Bizarre, Kon Artis, Kuniva and Swift there’s been an usually bright star adorning the sky these past nights, I’m not religious but I feel its Proof watching over you all. I’m sorry for the loss of a close friend but I know Proof would want you to keep strong, stand tall, chin up and all that shit. Your voices & words are respected by millions of us. May the force be with you. We’ve gota back, just holla. Not much of a comfort I know but we mean it.

Thank you for all the sacrifices you’ve made to make us sing, rap, laugh, dance, celebrate and find the strength to keep going when lifes fucked up. There’s not enough words to express my gratitude but sometimes you guys make life worth living. You speak the truth and louder than any politician. 4 all the haters, you’re fake with clouded eyes, wake up and listen, its only entertainment injected with a whole heap of truth. Just admit it hurts and you can’t handle the truth, they rap from the heart, you’re only puppets.

Em you are the most talented artist ever to walk this earth. Much love to all of those who have helped and supported you over the years. I hope one day I will have the privilege to meet you. WARNING: ill probably cum, puke, melt and black out but hey…….
Dam this is some crazy shit I’m writing “but I just don’t give a fuck”

I want to pay my respect to all Shady Soldiers, thank you for staying true.

“We ain’t goin” Shady Records got it locked la lalala la la la la

I love you guys……..RIP Proof 40oz baby

PS: This piece was influence by sadness, happy proof memories, the help of a lil joint (i can say that coz no1 gona read this far) and the dumbass neighbour singing his tits off rite now to westlife "without wings"