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1-30-07 - The Sopranos Final Seasons 6 Part 2 "Everything Comes to an End!"

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  • 1-30-07 - The Sopranos Final Seasons 6 Part 2 "Everything Comes to an End!"

    Premieres April 8, 2007 9PM on HBO. The Final Season 6 Part 2, Only 9 Episode Left then its over for The Sopranos Show

    1. A Few Kind Words

    2. Stage 5

    3. Remember When

    4. Chasing It

    5. Walk Like A Man

    6. Mob Rule

    7. End of the Line

    8. The Blue Comet

    9. Going Home

    I am 99% certain on these episode titles. They are however, subject to change like in S6 P1 when "Sentimental Journey" became "Kaisha".

    The following information I am pretty sure about also;

    - Even though they haven't aired, HBO will for sure have the Final 9 out on dvd this year. I have no date but it will be released before Thanksgiving 2007.

    - The cast will appear for a photo shoot this Thursday. It will be for the poster that HBO will use to promote the final episodes. I don't know who will appear in it but they have hired the same photographer that did the three previous posters I'm told.

    - HBO will be promoting the hell out of the final episodes. It will start in about a month or so. They will also show a full blown trailor on HBO. You will most likely see it around that time, as well as the poster on billboards ect. I have not seen it, so please don't ask what it shows, but I know for a fact they are getting it ready.

    - Mr. Chase and HBO have had a film crew shooting behind the scenes material for a documentary of some sort. It will take fans into the studio and behind the production all the way to the last episode. I don't know any details like which cast members were interviewed or how long it will be, but HBO plans to air it the same night of the finale. There is no date set yet for that episode.

    Originally Posted by Entertainment Weekly
    Since The Sopranos began in 1999, creator-writer David Chase has at different times declared that his gangster saga would go no longer than three, four, then five seasons, and each time, it was stated with the definitiveness of a Mob-ordered hit. So when he maintains that the latter half of the HBO show's sixth and final season (which resumes after a 10-month intermission) will be it, one can forgive the cast — and fans — for suspecting he may again show mercy and keep Tony in therapy forever, like a sociopathic Woody Allen. But this time it really is over, and the conclusion is even enough to drive Dr. Melfi to the couch. ''I'm not excited at all for the end,'' states Lorraine Bracco firmly. ''I think we're all going to need some kind of therapy.''

    Chase has said that he's known for four years how he'd wrap up the series, but the notorious spoilerphobe will barely say how this nine-episode run begins, let alone finishes. What he will reveal is that the story picks up a year after the June 2005 finale. Tony (James Gandolfini) thought he calmed his feud with acting New York chief Phil Leotardo (Frank Vincent), who suffered a heart attack. Now Tony will see his nemesis emerge from semiretirement. ''Their long-simmering animosity really starts to fester,'' says Chase. He also teases that lazy seed AJ (Robert Iler) ''goes through what you might call serious growth pains. He has to grapple with or face up to his heritage, and changes somewhat.'' As for Michael Imperioli's Christopher? He gets his ''Saw meets The Godfather'' horror movie off the ground, although unlike last season's roundhouse to guest star Lauren Bacall, he doesn't have to clock any more grandes dames to do it. ''Who else [could we do]?'' jokes Imperioli. ''Maggie Smith, Judi Dench. I'm open to punching out the legends of cinema.''

    However the series ends, it's unlikely to be tidy. Chase is uninterested in the traditional demand for TV closure; he's still perplexed that people keep asking him what happened to the Russian who escaped from Christopher and Paulie in the Pine Barrens way back in season 3. ''It's not in our interest to do a morality tale, which, of course, the gangster film has always lent itself to,'' he says. ''It is in our interest to show that there are certain ways that we all spend our lives, and that as adults, we decide our fate, we make our own bed, and we lie in it. That to me is not the same, hopefully, as saying crime doesn't pay, or bad people are punished. Free will exists.'' Oh, sure, that's easy for him to say: It's his free will that's ending the show. —Josh Wolk
    I have tons of spoiler speculations about the 1st 7 episodes, none on the last 2. I believe that they have yet to shoot "Going Home". I also have pics from the new season

    the last pic is of Tony's lawyer. Could the feds be turning up the heat on Tony?

    yes, new photo. Meadow wasn't in "Kaisha" the episode that Blanca made her debut.

    I have some idea of what happened in this scene, though the article's description of the scene has thrown me off a little bit. :lol @ Tony's outfit.

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    i think i might get HBO for entourage and the soprano's.
    Originally posted by CWCooper810
    I can be called a "stan" or what not, I even have a backwards E tattooed on my back.


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      ^It'd definitely be worth it just for those two shows alone...

      I'm honestly sad that they're bringing it to an end, but it did go on for a while. I'm hella excited for the new episodes.


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        yes!! cant wait for april for this and entourage


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          The fact that Chase (the creator) wants to end it. HBO does not. In fact, when Chase told HBO that he needed one more episode to finish on the series, HBO responded "well how about 20 more?"


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            ^Do you know the guy or something?


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              Michelle Trachtenberg
              Shhhh Shady Records, You Betta Believe The Hype Is Real


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                I'm in the process of watching every single episode, I've just started on season 3. Can't wait for these new ones, but am not looking forward to seeing it end.
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                  whens the last season being aired in the uk?
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                    here's some dissapointing photos. Melfi has gotten fat

                    I don't think she was always that wide.

                    some more small pics, sorry guys

                    that last pic has Tony getting out of what looks like Aj's car. This was shot in NY too.


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                      These photos are from a shoot at St. Rita's Church in my home town of Astoria, Queens. I'm leaving 2 pics out because of who is in them. Someone you wouldn't figure would be walking around given the circumstances.

                      (Yes, that's Fat Joe. I doubt he's in the episode, just in the area)

                      more coming up


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                        SOPRANOS star Jamie-Lynn Sigler is dreading the end of the mob drama this year (07) - admitting she's "sad" and "scared" for the future. The 25-year-old actress has played TONY SOPRANO's daughter MEADOW since the HBO show began in 1999. Sigler says, "I don't think any of us are (ready for the show to end). It's bittersweet. I know I'll never have an experience like this again. Some of the cast and crew had become my closest friends and they've seen me through a lot. So I'm trying to appreciate everything even more. But it's been almost 10 years. I could be 35 playing Meadow and I'd still be 'the daughter'. It's sad and a little scary, but as much as I have the kind of personality where I like to have control over everything."

                        Source: http://www.actressarchives.com/news.php?id=3446


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                          mannnn i cait wait for this!!


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                            Pics from the SAG awards

                            Patsie's looking bad



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                              One of the best shows ever


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