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[2/5] - Mixtape Monday: Nas Unearths Hip-Hop Greats; Akon Helps Khaled Be 'The Best'

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  • [2/5] - Mixtape Monday: Nas Unearths Hip-Hop Greats; Akon Helps Khaled Be 'The Best'

    from mtv.com

    DJ: You Already Know

    Representing: Parts unknown

    Mixtape: Sign of the Times

    411: This mixtape has absolutely nothing to do with Prince. The streets are getting so crazy right now, who knows what's going to happen next? A certain DJ we all know has opted to drop a mixtape and not put his name on the CD cover. What's up? Well, since the DJ Drama and Cannon arrests, people making mixtapes are still a little leery. In the words of our beloved, deceased Aaliyah, we need a resolution in the worst way. When a DJ can't put his name on a mixtape, you know there's a serious problem. In any event, at least said DJ is putting out a mixtape, since a lot of the big dogs are still falling back. It's a great time for the little guy to step up and try to establish himself or herself as a viable mixtape DJ for 2007.

    Joints To Check For:

    "Dead the Funeral" by Cam'ron. This is really one of Killa's most focused records we've heard in a while. The Harlem swag is still omnipresent, dark beats with a slight rock and roll edge, and Cam is going in with the punch lines: "Some bitched, some snitched, some owed us dough/ Piss on your tombstone, write on it, 'Told you so.' "

    ("What Makes Me Me"): by Papoose. Pap keeps it short and sweet as he rides a soul track that has plenty of movement. Pap doesn't dumb down his lyrics, but he doesn't go extra hard with punch lines and metaphors either, so nobody should get lost here especially some of y'all who don't like to think when you hear rap.

    "Head Strong" by Tony Yayo (featuring Snoop from HBO's "The Wire" and Mazaradi Fox). Officially this song is called "It's a Stick Up" and was produced by Ty Fyffe. Of course, Yayo starts the record off in full-on mode, saying F-you to his former parole officer. Apparently he's done with parole. But the surprise here is that everybody's favorite homicidal television villainess, Felicia "Snoop" Pearson, is a guest star. Disappointingly, we don't get a full verse. She teases us with a couple of bars: "I'm from B-More, n---a/ Sling raw, n---a/ My .44 will knock down your front door, n---a/ I'm really living this, this ain't HBO n---a."

    Don't Sleep: Other Notable Selections This Week
    DJ Blazita - New York, New York, Vol. 2
    DJ Exclusive and Obie Trice - Bango: The Big Bango
    Da Banga Squad - Banga Musik, Vol. 1
    Dj Delz - Aaliyah & Ciara: Soul Sisters
    DJ Mo' Fire - Ketruth: Let Me Be
    A Pinks - Get It. Got It. Good.
    Thorobredz - We Hustlaz ... You a Customer

    'Hood's Heavy Rotation: Bubbling Below The Radar
    Flo-Rida - "Birthday"
    Aasim -"Go"
    Pharoahe Monch - "Body Baby"
    Slum Village - "Bootleggin"
    Rich Boy - "Boy Looka Here"

    Celebrity Faves

    DJ Irie

    The Miami Heat's official DJ, Irie, had things on lock this past weekend during the Super Bowl parties in MIA. He gave us a quick rundown about the most popular records, starting with Jim Jones' "We Fly High." "Ballin'. This record is still a monster in the clubs," Irie declared. "People just can't wait for it to come on. It's Super Bowl weekend and 'Ballin' ' is the anthem." Next up: Young Jeezy featuring R. Kelly with "Go Getta." "There's a lot of people coming out to the club that's just makin' it happen for themselves the go gettas. This record is their calling!" Irie also highlighted Fat Joe's "Make It Rain" remix. "The money [was] in Miami this weekend! No umbrella is safe when this joint comes on," he said. "The real ballas got a point to prove, so it's competition on who can make it rain the most. Man, I'll play this joint all night! Till the money runs out!"

    The Streets Is Talking: News & Notes From The Underground


    Nobody can deny Nas when he says, "It's like a holiday ... A rap holiday." Esco and his team scoured the entire country and found some of our favorite hip-hop legends that we haven't heard from in way too long for three remixes of his "Where Are They Now." The lineups read like the roster of a Fresh Fest concert or something.

    "It was just me being real curious with the song [the original 'Where Are They Now']," he said of why he wanted to gather all these legends in the first place. "As the song goes, it's just my curiosity. I'm a fan. I had to go find these guys who were driving these cars and buying these planes before I even thought about it. It was about me being excited as a fan."

    Below, Nas gives his take on all three remixes:

    "Where Are They Now" '80s remix (featuring Dana Dane, MC Shan, Raheem of the Furious Five, Doctor Ice and Kangol Kid of UTFO, the Funky 4 + 1's Sha Rock, Just Ice, the Fearless Four's Devastating Tito, Grandmaster Caz of the Cold Crush Brothers, Kool Moe Dee and Lin Que, who's better known as Isis of X-Clan). "The first and second VH1 Hip-Hop Honors was mind-blowing. The last one, it could have been tighter. When it comes to awards, we never get the love. All of us new artists new compared to them it never gets shown in the right light," Nas said. "I love the '80s, especially because I'm a '80s baby. Them dudes made the '90s n---as wanna do it. Especially Shan, he was reppin' my 'hood before I could even stay out past 8 p.m. When I heard Sha Rock, I was blown out my socks. I love Sha Rock. I saw her in 'Beat Street' and started loving her. Then I found out about the Funky 4 + 1."

    "Where Are They Now" '90s remix (featuring Redhead Kingpin, the Original Spinderella, Rob Base, Father MC, Monie Love, Mike Gee of the Jungle Brothers, EST of Three Times Dope, Positive K, Das EFX, Doitall of Lords of the Underground, Dres from Black Sheep and Chip Fu of the Fu-Shnickens). "The people we hear from, we know where they at. The KRS Ones, people like that will pop up here and there. That wasn't the point of my song," Nas explained. "The point of my song was about people who have not been talked about, that some people don't even know about, but were real serious on the scene. My team contacted them. I heard the verse of Redhead Kingpin, I was blown away. Das EFX? Blown away!"

    "Where Are They Now" West Coast remix (featuring Breeze, Kam, King Tee, Candyman, Threat, Ice-T, Sir Mix-A-Lot and the Conscious Daughters). "I was a fan and I was paying attention to everybody on all coasts. It don't matter where you from. You could be MC Shy D from the South, MC Breed from the West. I'm a fan. My curiosity was so crazy."

    So will we see a video for any of the remixes or all three? Nas is thinking on a much larger scale.

    "First we wanted to get it out to people and just enjoy it," he explained. "Now we're thinking about going in on a TV show to find out where them n---as was at. I wanna see. These muthaf----s ain't old to me. And if they are old, that's nothing to take away from them. Man, these muthaf---s are interesting people. They're part of the whole foundation. They are the blocks, them big boulders underneath the pretty surfaces. They need to be looked at like that. Even if it's for a second, let's be real, you can't expect all these n---as to drop new albums, but it's good to see that they still here. They ain't gotta come out and go platinum, they can do different sh--. It's just good to show love."

    Nas also says he's planning a tour, but it may not be what you think. There have been rumors going on for months about a tour called "The Takeover" that would include basically all the big dogs from Def Jam, including Jay-Z, Young Jeezy, Ludacris and Rick Ross. "I'm not on any tour called 'Takeover,' " Nas insisted. He did say he definitely is going out by himself though. "So far it's tentatively titled 'Nas: One Man, One Mic, One Night.' It's in every city and every country in the world." ...


    Fiends have been waiting almost five years for another fresh fix from rap vet Scarface, but the legendary Texan said he isn't sure when he'll be able to offer up another batch of tracks. Although he admitted he's been recording, at the moment 'Face is a free agent and where he'll reside next as far as label homes go is still up in the air.

    "I wanna do an album bad as hell and I'm in the studio recording," he told us last week. "When and where and how? The world may never know. But I look forward to it, though. I look forward to doing it with Rap-A-Lot. We'll see how it turns out."

    In the meantime, 'Face is putting in production work, landing three tracks on the next UGK album. "When [Bun B and Pimp C] called me and asked me to do some stuff on their new album, as far as production is concerned, I was honored," he said. "I heard some of [the album] and it's incredible." 'Face also hinted that his long-in-the-works rock side project, Sick Ass Psycho Bastards, might see the light of day once he irons out his contractual status. "Maybe," he said of the group. "We working, but it's nothing that I'm gonna put out right now." ...

    DJ Khaled

    Last year DJ Khaled told us all to "listennn." Now that he has everyone's attention, he has a major announcement to make: "We the best!" Get used to it. That's Miami's number-one DJ's slogan right now, as well as the name of his second album which is coming out independently this June on Koch. He just released the first single from We the Best, which has an equally unabashed title, "We Takin' Over." It features Fat Joe, Lil Wayne and Baby, Rick Ross, T.I. and Akon singing the hook.

    "This record, nothing sounds like it, it sounds real big," Khaled, who spun at club Bongos in Miami all Super Bowl weekend for guests like Jamie Foxx, Fat Joe, Jim Jones and Lil Wayne. "It's gonna be a #1 record at urban radio, #1 record at crossover, #1 record at MTV. I guarantee it. We the best!"

    Khaled says as soon as he got the track from producer Danjahands, he knew it was going to be huge, and the first person he thought of was Akon.

    "I said, 'I gotta put Akon on the chorus to make it into a movie,' " he remembered. "This record is gonna change the game, man. When I got it to Akon, the minute I gave it to him, he said 'Khaled, congratulations, you got "TRL" now.' He was in Africa, Europe, I had to go find him. I had somebody hand him a phone in Africa, like, 'Khaled wants to talk to you.' When he was in Europe, somebody handed him a phone, like, 'Khaled needs you.' It's probably going to be one of the biggest records in '07."

    Obviously, it was no problem to get any of the rappers on the track. Khaled is close friends with all the MCs, and says he recorded them separately in Miami.

    "I got a record for New York City that's gonna sound so big and feel so big. It's gonna remind you of something. I don't wanna give away the surprise, but it's coming. When I was out promoting my last album, I started on this one. In this game you have to stay relevant and be in these people's faces. Fans want music. I'm making good music. This album has big records. We the best!"

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    i love the new khlaed track

    and the nas remix' are dope, its the new fashion, get like 10 rappers on a remix
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      thanks for the read


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        thanx for posting this as always!!!
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          props for the news
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            Thanks for that. I didn't even know Nas made 3 remixs for that song..thats dope how he's paying homage like that. And that concert news is exciting too!


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