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New Exclusive INterview with Joe Budden Speaks on Eminem, Lil Kim, JayZ, 50 Cent

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  • New Exclusive INterview with Joe Budden Speaks on Eminem, Lil Kim, JayZ, 50 Cent

    Joe Budden Debut album "Walk with me" In Stores June 17.

    SoHood Statement: Joe budden remember that name, cause he's the future of Hip-Hop and the future of Def Jam. The guy has talent with out a doubt; just listen to some of his joints on them mix tapes and ya'll be the judge.

    His Record Label: Defjam.com

    His Official Site: JoeBudden.com

    SoHood.com: How close are you to finishing your debut album "The Jumpoff"?

    Joe Budden: I might be done I think. You know what I'm pretty much done, but I'ma go ahead and maybe do four more songs just to do it you know, some extra material for the people. At first I was gonna maybe put thirteen, fourteen songs on it just cause you know, but after Fabolous and 50 Cent joints and seeing some other couple *****z joints. I'ma go ahead maybe put a couple more joints. I got over hundred songs done.

    SoHood.com: In your opinion right now, do you think you have enough hype surrounding your debut album?

    Joe Budden: No. I don't think so. I mean alot other people may feel I do, but I mean that's just me I don't think it's enough. I still don't think I get the credit I deserve yet. Maybe because I feel kinda underground and I still feel like I'm the secret maybe that's a good thing or a bad thing. But I still feel I need one strong feature before the album drops and that's what I'm workin' on now.

    SoHood.com: You seem to get played alot on a top radio Station mostly on one radio station in New york.

    Joe Budden: Oh that's a political thing you know when you put out a record it goes to mix shows and as far as relationships go and just radio in general. Hot97 has the most mix shows you know, they have the best mix shows right this second. All the powerhouse DJs especially the ones I fuck with as far as Clue, Enuff, Green Lantern that type of thing. Every other station they do mix shows mostly in the weekends they don't really do it on a everyday bases like Hot97 does. But you know when it comes time for Def Jam to spend that money it's no longer about mix shows it's about just regular ads.

    SoHood.com: If there ever was a on wax battle between you and Eminem, who would win and why?

    Joe Budden: That's a pretty good question. I don't know, Eminem, I personally think he's the best lyricist out right this second. But I don't know I can't really call it. A long time ago when Canibus was out that question was asked alot. Being that before I was signed I was a battle rapper. Like I didn't really know too much about the songs I really didn't write too many songs I wasn't thinking about ideas or anything of that nature. It was all about the BATTLE,BATTLE,BATTLE, so I sound kinda different when I'm put to the test in a BATTLE. Like I don't think people have ever heard me when I got a point to prove in a battle. So I don't know probably, Eminem, right this second, cause I'm twenty-two and I'm still learning and he's a grown man with probably alot more experience under his belt. I think experience is a big part, I can't even say I probably dig in his ass. I don't know.

    SoHood.com: Laughs.
    SoHood.com: You're from New Jersey, do you feel there should be more rappers from Jerz in the spotlight?

    Joe Budden: I think so. I think New Jersey is the future of the rap game and that's my own opinion. Every city pretty much has gotten their time to shine. Philly got it. New York has been getting it for years, Cali, I mean Los Angelas, now St.Louis, Detroit is getting it, so everywhere pretty much is getting it, except for New Jersey. I mean, Redman is out over here, Naughty by Nature, and a few other people. But nobody did it for Jersey City which is my part of town, so yeah I definitely think we need more rappers in the spotlight but in due time that will come.

    SoHood.com: So far you had a interesting life from what I read in The Source Magazine, you had alot of turmoil growing up. If some one wrote a book about your life, will anyone want to read it?

    Joe Budden: Oh definitely, definitely, definitely. I think the book will go a few times platinum. You know platinum is only 30,000 in book standards.

    SoHood.com: Oh really?

    Joe Budden: Yeah, platinum is 30,000 as far as books goes. Hell yeah, I think people will want to read it; people went and watched 8 Mile somewhat based on Eminem's life coming up. So I definitely think people will buy it, cause it's an interesting story. I mean everybody has a story to tell but I guess it's all about how you tell it.

    SoHood.com : Who are you looking forward to working with in the future?

    Joe Budden: Nobody. Nobody but my muthafuckin' self. It's that alot artists just got egos. Some people take ten hours to lay down a verse or write a verse, I don't got time for them. I think I work pretty well by myself or me and my producer and just a few other people. But I wouldn't mind workin' with 50 Cent and do a joint with him. Just because I think me and him will be the next two people to hold it down in the next decade or so. But aside from that, I can't really think anybody that comes to mind.

    SoHood.com: So who's making quest appearance on your album?

    Joe Budden: I kept them to a minimum, not many at all. You Know like I said I don't have time for the artist bullshit. Like the first album; my budget album wasn't too big at all. I rather just go in there and just knock the joints out myself, and that's what I've been doing and *****z been coming out pretty good like that. As if you notice I don't know if you been following that you be hearing me on or anywhere it's by myself. The Haters, the Calm down, Stay Focus, Get right with me, Pump it up, Thugz cry it's always me by myself.

    SoHood.com: In your opinion, who do you think is the most influential rapper?

    Joe Budden: Jay-Z. Definitely Jay-Z, the trend setter. Yeah, if I have to just say influential it would be him. Anything the man says out his mouth becomes the latest thing.

    SoHood.com: Any last words you want to leave your fans with?

    Joe Budden: Cop the album it's called "Walk with me" I changed the title.

    SoHood.com: What happen to the "Jump off"?

    Joe Budden: Fuck that! Lil kim played it, the fuck out. I was playin' that Jumpoff shit out a few years ago. And I mean, you know what, people be hearing things on mix tapes not sayin' that's what kim did. But after she came out with that; I'm not gonna come out behind her fuckin' single to her album and call my whole entire album The Jumpoff, nah' fuck that!

    SoHood.com: Yeah, cause people that never heard your song might think that.

    Joe Budden: Yeah! To alot markets I'm brand new they never heard of Joe Budden or the Jump off or any of that. I don't want *****z thinkin' that I'm bitin' or no shit like that.

    SoHood.com: Aight Joe.

    Joe Budden: Aight, cool man, thanks for your time.

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    I could have sworn that Sheek from the lox album was called walk with me...........anyway props for the interview joe buddens is up n comin


    • #3
      thanks, Joe Budden is the shit.


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        Sheek's album is supppoesed to be with walk with me, he says that phrase in like every song and freestyle... So far according to what I heard from Joe I think he's pretty nice, one of the best from the new generation of rap... i dont know about his album though, he didnt name any collabos which probably means it'll probably be nothin but desert storm on it (they fucking suck)

        lol @ jay-z the trend setter, Joey's nice but he sounds like jay wrote his rhymes sometimes
        Will Vill
        One of the best underground MC's I've ever heard... check out the audio


        • #5
          cant wait for dis album to drop


          • #6
            ye me neither
            its gon take him some time though , he gotta add somethin to his style to be more original.
            "The glock stay on me and the knife's for backup, I'm comin to the Vibe Awards, I dare you to act up!"- Young Buck


            • #7
              Word, thought sheek's joint was called "walk with me". Interesting.

              Thanx for the interview.


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                joe budden is the future of def jam, with guys like x, and jay leaving, itll only be time for his...isnt he signed under clue?? if so, fab better look out before his shit gets played out too much and joe steps up....1
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                  NAS FUCKYOU AND YOUR NEWS

                  lol how was your birthday ya fag
                  My President Is Black


                  • #10

                    Birthday was thanks man. I am still drunk I think.


                    • #11
                      Dope! I like Joe Buddens


                      • #12
                        yea Joe Buddens is 1 of the best of this generation... he better hope his album is dope cuz if not... he wont be around for so long....
                        I'm so far ahead of my time
                        I'm about to start another life
                        Look behind you, I'm about to pass you twice

                        - Jay-z


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