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Actual Nas interview w/ FEDS: 50, Cam, Beanie, Mobb Deep, 5% etc

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  • Actual Nas interview w/ FEDS: 50, Cam, Beanie, Mobb Deep, 5% etc

    I have to start out by saying Nas is back! Where does an MC go after winning one of the biggest rap battles in Hip-Hop history? A true heavyweight battle. Nas vs. Jay-Z was bigger than "Tyson vs. Lewis." Nas came out of that fight a little black and blue but that was about it. Nas is a hip-hop icon. After winning "The Battle," Nas has nothing else to prove to his fans now now his angle is enlightenment through hot music. We kept everything for the record. Shit got so deep I forgot I parked at a motherfucking parking meter and when I finally rolled out my shit got towed ($475.00) and two big scuffs on my 23" rims. This wasn't the first time Nas laid it down for F.E.D.S. and it won't be the last. Later that night I was surprised when Nas hit my 2-way and said our conversation inspired him to write a song that night. So it was definitely worth me having to spend a light $475.

    FEDS: What's up Nasir, what's good?

    NAS: Everything is beautiful, real, real beautiful. Doing it like I got to do it. Everything right now is warrior status, becoming a man. You know what I'm saying, taking it day by day. I got alot of things going on right now. Whether its family shit, business shit, music shit, future planning, financing or whatever the fuck I'm doing, I've been busy. I'm a grown ass man, that's what I've become this year.

    FEDS: Nas you have always managed to stay out of trouble. Now it's happened. People are calling you out. Did that shock you at first?

    NAS: I always felt it would happen. When I was like 16 or whatever, KRS1 and MC Shan went at it. I just felt like Queensbridge was like a big fucking mark in early rap music that would last a lifetime. So when KRS1 and MC Shan thing happened I was like wow, it could all be taken away from you. Because you see Shan was a king. He's still a king you know. It can all be taken away if you get into a battle with another MC. So I always feared that I would have to go battle KRS1 one day because I was from Queensbridge but that didn't happen. Which was good because I didn't want that to happen and overshadow me. After that I allowed there to be a voice in Queens so groups like Mobb Deep could come out with the new generation of Queensbridge MCs. I chilled for a while with *****s that were coming up. Like BIG, Wu Tang, Keith Murray and Jay-Z. Everybody was coming up so I didn't think about it. Then tension started secretly between BIG and me. It was basically about who was that ***** in New York City. There were songs that we would say subliminal shit going back and forth. I did The Message on IWW where I was getting at everybody and BIG came back with Kick In The Door and a few other records that were directed towards me. Alot of rappers didn't know about the beef. ALot of shit he made going at Tupac, but there was some shit in there for me because we had our own thing going on. The 1st time *****s saw a rapper with R. Kelly was when I did the street dreams remix video. I brought Kelly to the hood in Cabrini Greens out in Chicago, when he wasn't wearing any jewelry. The gang *****s gave me a pass to shoot the video even though they were mad because Kelly never came through the hood. THat all changed when I brought him through for the Street Dreams video. He got acquainted with some of the dudes out there. I'm not taking anything away from R. Kelly, but I had the big chain on out there before *****s in rap music were wearing crazy shit, then R. Kelly started wearing the jewelry. Anyway, BIG and Kelly had the song "Fucking You Tonight." They wanted to smash it with that song first but Kelly was feeling like he wanted to get closer to GOD and what I was talking about was more positive. But the Fucking You Tonight song was incredible so it had to come out anyway. But because I had the first look with R. Kelly that made BIG come a little harder. I felt it, he was the only rapper that I feared would smash a *****, not really lyrically but his aura and the power he brought with his voice lyrically. I thought it was a big problem and I didn't want to go that route with BIG. That would have been the biggest battle of my life.

    FEDS: How did it feel when the "Battle" with Jay-Z started?

    NAS: With Jay I felt it coming. He would always act funny around me. Back then he would come to the studio, he got big when Biggie took him in, which was later on. I was pimping with BIG when he was broke. I was popping with Illmatic when BIG started popping, then Jay-Z came into the picture. Jay was up and coming, so he was sort of like affiliated with the New York dons. I never appeared on his album but he wanted me to. He always called me to come down but I never appeared because I only rocked with my *****s, it was real. He was up and coming, he was an aggressive cat. He didn't want anything in his way. But I always stayed in my zone. I always felt a little weird about it because a ***** was fucking with my baby moms and hanging around my manager Steve Stoute. So I was like yo, this ***** must be trying to find out everything about me. I would hear he would be asking questions, what's Nas doing or how did Nas do this or that record. Then he came with the Sunshine record with Foxy and dressed up in suits like me or maybe because that was the trend. Eventually dude wanted to be a boss, so it was like Gambino style. You had to take off the head ***** and I was the last one in New York that he felt was in his way of being the Don. It really never blew up with me and BIG, it never blew up with any other rapper and me and it was about due for a lyrical war. Rakim and Kane never did it. And I was sort of Rakim's protege when I was coming up.

    FEDS: How did the situation between yourself and Irv Gotti start to shape?

    NAS: Well when I was on a rampage and shit after Hot 97 shitted on me.

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    FEDS: What happened with Hot 97, you wanted to hang a doll that looked like Jay-Z at Summer Jam?

    NAS: Yeah yeah, I was going to have some fun. We were going to hang a Jay-Z robot all in fun. But Hot 97 thought I had a movie. I told them I didn't have a movie about dude. I was like I got something, it's fun and next year he can do whatever he wants or we can squash it. I even had a piece at the end about peace with his picture and mine that I wanted to put up there to show them it was all in fun. But while it was going up I was going to try to tear him down, like how he tried to destroy my whole existence. But they weren't with it, they basically weren't trying to work with me or hear me. The disrespectful thing about it is, the one who was in charge of everything was Jay's tour manager. He was running the stage shit, so it was biased. So I was like how is this dude going to tell me what I can and can't do. I can see if Hot 97 said it but they have this dude putting the whole shit together and telling me what I can't do. They was basically like "Nas make up your mind and call us back in 5 minutes because we will tell them you are not coming" and then it all hit me. Then there was some billshit over The Angie Martinzes Takeover Show. If there was a song dissing Fat Joe that wouldn't have been the theme of her show because Joe is her peoples. It was personal with me. Jay did a diss theme directed toward me for the takeover. And when the battle began they were cheering for homeboy showing favoritism. They didn't even want my shit to play. Then when Wendy played the record they had no other choice but to play it because Wendy was burying them with the ratings. So now they wanted to play it but only when homeboy had a response. So when they had a response it was like a holiday for them. I didn't know that they had it out for me like that. So I said, wow, is it this serious? Damn these *****s are showing favoritism, when it should be all fair. I said ok, if you side with him then you are putting yourself in the line of fire also. But I ate that one. Then Flex got on the radio saying he was going to put up $1000 if Carmen (my baby moms) calls up and tells him the real story. That was disrespectful, he could have gotten hurt for that one. He really didn't understand. But he didn't mind jumping in it like he was a comedian, like he can do that. So I said these *****s really don't understand so I am not even gonna mash out on them like that. It's not even their fault. They really don't understand and they don't know any better. I told Flex about it and I was just feeling like this ***** is a clown. He's in my face telling me I should dis Jay on the radio but when I'm not there he's telling Jay the same thing. I'm like who are these *****s and they dictating to New York what's popping. I said naa, this is New York City, this shit is not going to go down. We real *****s, we are the realest of the real; I'm going to change the game. So when I went on my rampage I flipped the shit and changed the whole game and made Power 105 move from the 16th rated station to the 3rd most rated station in just one week from one interview, that's power. Then Flex beat up a woman. Beat her up over the interview like 4 or 5 months later. So back to when I went on my rampage, *****s was like oh shit! He's flipping on Hot 97, you know they're not going to play his records, like I gave a fuck. So the only *****s that publically said something was Murder INC. I kept reading magazines and Irv was like "yo, Nas should be down with us, it would be like family. He's like Pac we can be like Tha Row." I kept reading magazines with him saying that shit and I was like its kinda bugged he was say that shit when he's cool with Jay. Then that ***** started stepping up on radio stations while they were on tour. I would get the calls saying Irv and Ja riding with you, so I said all right shit, there's strength in numbers so we monopolized a plan to get through alot of the bullshit that was going down. I drove Flex and Angie crazy over there. Life is crazy right now because of my one interview and I didn't really dig into them. I though Murder Inc. ok fuck it these *****s are from Queens and these *****s are popping plus Irv produces his ass off. So I said let's see what's popping. He flew to Miami; we sat down smoked cigars and just talked about everything. We talked about him being affiliated with super ugly and how I felt about it. We talked about shit, we laughed about shit, and then we said ok lets get some money, lets go! And that's all Irv needed. I went back into my zone working on my album and finishing the tour. Irv was telling everyone Nas is with Murder Inc. I told Steve to tell him to chill. I called Irv. I said Irv chill, everybody saying I'm on Murder Inc. Irv said "fuck that you got to ride with us son." So I said I'm riding with you if yall riding with me, but let's chill. He said yeah no doubt, then the next week 30 more things. This dude is a machine, he's a monster. I couldn't stop him so I said fuck it, go. Then he said let's do a song, and blast this shit off with us. I said let's do it rap is boring right now, let's make some noise.

    FEDS: So what's the connection, are you signed to Murder INC?

    NAS: No, we are like allies. It's important to have that.

    FEDS: Did you hear Jay-Z when he went on the radio and said, "Nas used to be a boss and now he's under Murder Inc."?

    NAS: That was like me wilding out because he was hanging with Steve Stoute. Like yo, you got Dame Dash already, so why do you need Stoute because Damon really don't know what he's doing. You really feel like you're carrying a dead horse so you get around a ***** like Steve Stoute who is really smart. Now you're getting in so you can know how Nas does his thing, so now I'm not that special anymore because you have my other half that was helping me out. Basically he's mad because Irv helped him get on so he thinks Irv is going to tell how he moves, how he thinks. I just drove Jay crazy, I just drove *****s crazy then went back into my zone and chilled the fuck out. It was all a plot to drive *****s crazy. Irv and I never had any beef, he put himself into it when he was with Jay. Then Jay shitted on him when it came to touring and other business.

    FEDS: You come with alot of messages, alot of wisdom, are you a 5 precenter?

    NAS: I was 5 Percent when I was like 9 then I got into Islam. At this point in my life I believe God is the sun now. I look at it like the Egyptians.


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      FEDS: How do you describe your music?

      NAS: Well some *****s walk around with white t-shirts and big platinum watches with thugs but they are making every song that you can wiggle your ass to. Some *****s are ill at it. Like Ja and Nelly, they are ill at it but some *****s are just doing it to go on Oprah. It has nothing to do with the struggle. There's *****s talking about they got hundreds of million of dollars while *****s are starving in their hood. *****s need lawyers, *****s moms are fucked up on drugs, and you got *****s still glorifying being a gangster. I'm not a gangster, I'm an artist but because of the shit we grew up around that's the shit the comes out in our music. It's reality, all the people I know are from the streets. But I don't want props for that. You got *****s like Cam'ron who gets locked up for a gun, a 22! I don't know who he was shooting; I guess he was shooting dogs or something. If he didn't shoot the ***** that took his watch or the ***** that beat him up in his own hood then why you got a half-loaded 22? I didn't know they still made them things. *****s got to realize when its time to stop fronting. Real *****s are trying to get it, they ain't trying to hang with you to make you feel you are a tough guy. Real *****s, you put them around you and they are going to hold you down because they are men and they are loyal. If you don't understand what that means and you got them around you because you ain't a tough guy something is wrong. That's why I dont fuck with clowns. I used to read that Beanie was waiting and he had guns waiting for me, what Beanie needs is a hug. Beanie let's be real, I'm sure Beanie was listening to my shit growing up in Philly and it helped to inspire him. So what Beanie needs is a handshake, a hug, a stern look in the eye and a real talk. How can we progress? How are we going to go out for shooting a ***** if we got 200 *****s in the hood we are responsible for? To me that shit don't make sense. My shit is about reality. So my music is about reality and what I'm feeling and right now I'm feeling free.

      FEDS: How's your relationship with Mobb Deep, they are also Queen's natives, didn't yall have a fall out?

      NAS: I don't see them but I want to sign them *****s, *****s just need to refocus. Those are some bad motherfuckers. They came in the game young and showed *****s what the street shit was about. I think the focus got lost throughout the years but it's time to come up out of that. My label would be perfect for these *****s. *****s were lost, *****s were out telling a story that wasn't real. It's time to stop living a lie. Because of that, Nature made a record and my little man stomped his head in the ground. My whole thing about build and destroy is getting your act together. Destroy the bullshit and let's rebuild the real shit. All this real money out here.

      FEDS: What about 50 Cent? He's from Queens, how is your relationship with him?

      NAS: I don't know. I read in a magazine that he was a little mad about me doing a song with Jennifer Lopez. I didn't understand it. I never heard the song with him. But if she asked me to do the song I'm on it. I can feel him being a little mad if they took him off a song and put me on it but I got love for 50 Cent. I took him under the wing when nobody else would fuck with him. He knows better than that.

      FEDS: I heard you are a real ladies man. I heard you got em going crazy. Not just hood women, women with real paper. Would you like to talk about that?

      NAS: I learned a powerful lesson about women; you can't get a woman until you become a man. And when you are a man, you are gonna pull real women. So lately I've been seeing a woman, and I don't fuck with girls anymore.

      FEDS: How is your relationship with Columbia\Sony, you are the strongest rapper they have, you're holding that foundation down. Have you ever felt maybe you should get out of that situation?

      NAS: When you get signed to a label you are going to have issues. This is a business; you are going to have drama. There were times I had drama. I had to fight for things I wanted. That's the business. Right now I am very happy with Columbia.


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        FEDS: Is Steve Stoute your manager again?

        NAS: Yes, Steve is managing me again.

        FEDS: You had a slight fall out with Steve. How long did it last, about an album or so?

        NAS: Yeah, we did. He was hanging with Jay and them. We went through our shit. We weren't seeing eye to eye with shit. The thing is, he taught me alot.

        FEDS: You both came in the game somewhat together; you, him and Trackmasters.

        NAS: Right, almost at the same time. We were all doing our own thing, but we arrived together. We saw some money together.

        FEDS: You seem to be transforming into a Hewey Newton kind of person.

        NAS: That's a hell of a compliment. Definitely, that to me is everything. I got a song on my album called "I Can." First of all, with music back in the days you had all different styles. Today you got all these *****s sounding alike. So the kids need to know you need to sound like yourself, just do groundbreaking shit and change the whole game. So with my song "I Can" I dedicated it to the kids and its real shit. I'm not compromising anything. I'm not turning into Bill Cosby. "I Can" is about I can be whatever I want to be. It's about having that freedom not for no radio station, no magazines like Vibe or Rolling Stone. You don't need any of that shit to tell you what's going on. FEDS mag should tell you what's going on, a street magazine and real street people should be telling you what's really going on. So when you listen to my shit, I can tell the youth to do whatever you want to do and really mean it. Watch and see alot of street motherfuckers will start putting out more positive shit in their songs. That's where I'm leading rap right now.

        FEDS: What are some of the things you bought yourself that are really proud of?

        NAS: I want to see every *****s around me with houses and cars right now. I go to car shows and shit and watch those rich *****s do it up. But I'm not doing any of that shit. The most important thing that I have done is dedicate what I'm doing to my little one. So if anything happens to me, she's good. On top of that build Ill Will Records up, send *****s to school, and try to give them *****s that are lost some direction and try to guide *****s the right way.

        FEDS: Are you preparing to go on any tours?

        NAS: Yeah, we are planning to go over seas and I will be touring the states. I might bring Murder Inc with me and you know Bravehearts will be there.

        FEDS: Do you plan on working with Puff again?

        NAS: I would love to work with Puff again. That ***** is a genius. He is our generation's version of Quincy Jones and Barry Gordy.

        FEDS: Who have you not worked with that you would like to work with?

        NAS: Outkast, I want to do shit with alot of different *****s.

        FEDS: If everyone were a free agent, who would you grab right now?

        NAS: I would snatch up Crooked I, that ***** Suge got. I'm feeling that ***** crazy. 50 Cent is also hot right now. That ***** is doing it.

        FEDS: What about producers? Who are you working with?

        NAS: Salaam Remi, alchemist. big up to my man OJ doing his thing pumping the records, getting them to radio. Also my man Footie is doing his thing on the street level.

        FEDS: Anybody you want to shout out?

        NAS: Sherm the Worm (I'm praying he beats his case), Big Clif, Illmatic Ice, so many *****s, Sha, Big Trev, Beef Stick, YG, Ha, Malik Da Hitler.

        FEDS: Nas, it's been real fucking with you tonight. Peace out.

        Feds had the pleasure of chillin with Nas at the studio and watching him put in some work. After smoking and talking till the early hours of the morning we were able to understand the maturation of Nas. He has grown as a person and on the mic. All artists go through this transition but not all of them are able or willing to accept their maturation and make the game adapt to them. Don't allow the game to change you, change the fucking game!


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          thanks, good interview


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            Thanx man, very informative


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              wow pretty funny shit . Nas never ceases to amaze me with bullshit .

              I'm sure Beanie was listening to my shit growing up in Philly and it helped to inspire him.
              lol pretty full of himself
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              ^this is stupid .


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                Let me deconstruct the info which sadly nas(the artist not the d12 member) has obviously put together .

                Hot 97 denoucned the vision of a "lynching" on a stage which they represent and where most of our political black leaders reside who would have the biggest problem with a swinging black man with a noose around his neck . (This the idea of an "enlightened" rapper)

                After the whole ordeal he went to Wendy's RIGHT after on power 106 and dissed the whole Hot 97 squad for various reasons. which ended up in the pulling of his airtime which he was getting Alot of .

                Angies Show is CALLED Takeover(Callers call in and "takeover" the show with three request that they want in a row) and it came about the same time as Jayz song so she jacked the beat . (She explained this to Nas who was acting like a kid about that shit) If she had a show called One mic she would of had that beat .

                Funk Flex issue with Steph Lover "Former employee of Hot 97" had nothing to do with nas and He never touched her .

                Its funny how he left out the apology to Hot 97 that he had to make to get God son playing on the airwaves,and btw why would you have to apologize for .He supposedly made Power 105 big time .They were gonna play his records why would you need Hot 97 for? Truth is Power 105 made its own jump cause it was the "New "station promising No commercials .then broke that promise and since it doesnt have the ties like the Hot 97 Dj's for exclusives it plays Really old Hiphop all the time to fill airtime,which started to suck and power 105's ratings dropped like a rock . (The apology came a month before he dropped his album ) Then went on to say that (To be a big man)his albums was for the streets and he wasnt worried about the airplay . Of course that was before "I Can" and no matter what he says its the most radio friendly song anyone can imagine .

                Didnt mention that 50 said that he couldnt fuck with nas cause he a Hypocrite and while Nas said that he cant be like Rappers who do songs with Christina Augilerra.THen he does a song with Jennifer Lopez .Pop is Pop

                Last but not least Muslims Do Not Glorify Jesus Christ like Nas has done or wear Crucifixes .

                Now this in no way diminishes his skills as an artist but his character though is Flawed with a lot of people over here in Ny cause Like he said this is NyC we see him for who he is not his album sales .

                This dude really needs to tell a full story .
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                  Originally posted by Nas
                  You got *****s like Cam'ron who gets locked up for a gun, a 22! I don't know who he was shooting; I guess he was shooting dogs or something. If he didn't shoot the ***** that took his watch or the ***** that beat him up in his own hood then why you got a half-loaded 22? I didn't know they still made them things..

                  ROFL man how old is this article.........i remember on the diplomat mixtapes they said they caught up with Nas and shook his ass up had him saying "its just music"
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                    Nas is full of himself.
                    Now let the night be dark for all of me.
                    Let the night be too dark for me to see
                    Into the future. Let what will be, be.'


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                        thnx for all da interview


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                          "Like Ja and Nelly, they are ill at it"



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                            trekei those drag quotes in your sig is that from his new shit?
                            threads like this make me pray for the children


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                              thanks nas, nice interview
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