Rapper Buddy Klein was chosen from hip-hop’s underground by Diesel to represent the grit and angst that is an integral characteristic of his latest movie "A Man Apart" (New Line Cinema). Babygrande Records, in partnership with Race Track Records, will be releasing the record featuring tracks from the up and coming rapper who channels his own street upbringing and hustling experiences into the music. The tracks are produced by Jeruz who recently signed a multi-track deal with 50 Cent’s G Unit Records. “Buddy Klein had an energy. He represents an angst that’s a real part of this film. His story and music are authentic,” says Diesel. Diesel also produced the music video for the title track, “Nothing To Lose” which was featured on both MTV and BET. “Music Inspired by A Man Apart” hits stores April 22nd.

"A Man Apart”, directed by F. Gary Gray ("The Negotiator"), stars Diesel and Larenz Tate as DEA agents. Together they team up with a former drug lord ("Scarface's"Geno Silva) to try to take down a mysterious man known only as Diablo ("Go" star Timothy Olyphant) who has taken over the powerful Baja cartel.

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