50 Lands Deal For Biography - Dedicato 30.04.2003 - 08:48
After a monthlong bidding war, 50 Cent has sold the rights to his life story. Though the Queens rapper originally had a title and a writer for the book, both have been scrapped now that he has a publisher.

MTV Books said on Tuesday (April 29) that it has acquired the 50 Cent project, which had been tentatively titled "Number One With Nine Bullets" and was to be written in collaboration with XXL magazine scribe Vanessa Satten (see "50 Cent Looking To Sell His Life Story"). The book is now untitled, and MTV Books is reviewing a number of potential writers for the gig.

Despite these changes, the basic premise behind 50's proposal remains the same. The book will cover the rapper's life history and will feature previously unpublished poetry and lyrics shot directly from 50's scrapbooks. MTV Books is also giving 50 a Polaroid camera for him to snap pictures one a day for 50 days to give a behind-the-scenes look to the book.

MTV Books plans to issue the book as a hardcover, a treatment only a few of its books receive. The publisher's hardcover release of Tupac Shakur's poetry collection "The Rose That Grew From Concrete" may have influenced 50's decision to go that route, according to MTV Books Director of Publishing Jacob Hoye.

"It's going to be his story, with elements that you know and stuff that you've never heard before," Hoye said. "It'll be the story arc you know, with lots of new information, emphasizing what it's like to be 50 Cent amidst this explosion he's had this past year."