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01.12.10 - 7.0 Quake Hits Haiti; Damage Could Be Catostrophic

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  • 01.12.10 - 7.0 Quake Hits Haiti; Damage Could Be Catostrophic

    A major earthquake struck southern Haiti on Tuesday, knocking down buildings and inflicting a catastrophe on the impoverished Caribbean nation, its ambassador to the United States said.

    "The only thing I can do now is pray and hope for the best," the ambassador, Raymond Joseph, told CNN.

    The magnitude 7.0 quake struck about 10 miles (15 kilometers) southwest of the Haitian capital Port-au-Prince shortly before 5 p.m. Joseph said he had little information about the extent of damage from the quake, but one government official -- the only one he was able to reach -- told him houses had crumbled "on the right side of the street and the left side of the street."

    "He said it is a catastrophe of major proportions," Joseph said.

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    A hospital collapsed from the quake, The Associated Press reported.

    Frank Williams, the Haitian director of the relief agency World Vision International, said the quake left people "pretty much screaming" all around Port-au-Prince. He said the agency's building shook for about 35 seconds, "and portions of things on the building fell off."

    "None of our staff were injured, but lots of walls are falling down," Williams said. "Many of our staff have tried to leave, but were unsuccessful because the walls from buildings and private residences are falling into the streets, so that it has pretty much blocked significantly most of the traffic."

    The quake was centered about 6 miles (10 kilometers) underground, according to the USGS. A magnitude 5.9 aftershock followed soon afterward, about 30 miles further west, followed by a 5.5 aftershock closer to the location of the first quake.

    "There is a kind of wail as people are very frightened by it," Williams said of the aftershocks. "But most people are out in the streets and just kind of looking up."

    A tsunami watch was posted for Haiti and parts of Cuba, the Dominican Republic and the Bahamas, but there was no indication that a tsunami had been generated. Historical data suggested a destructive, widespread tsunami was not a threat, the USGS reported.

    The quake could be felt strongly in the eastern Cuban city of Santiago, about 250 miles west of Port-au-Prince.

    "It was very strong. It lasted for almost a minute," said Marlon Romaguera, who runs a bed-and-breakfast there.

    Source: CNN.com

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        R.I.P. To The G.O.A.T
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            Iím here, Iím present, Iím suffering



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              I just caught wind of this. I heard Haiti is getting destroyed.

              Barely any warning. Terrible shit.
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                heard DR felt the aftershock, hope my relatives are ok...Haiti didn't deserve this shit...


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                  shit is real out there. thats crazy
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                    yeah..all u can do is hope for the best...
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                      crazy shit...damn shame.


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                        why is it always the poo countaries


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                          2012 is coming

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                          Real Salt Lake 7-1-1
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                          so stoned but leave no stone unturned


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                            From ABC News Australia:

                            Darkness has fallen in Haiti, where panic-stricken locals are using their hands to dig through rubble in a search for loved ones after their country was devastated by a massive 7.0-magnitude earthquake.

                            There is no electricity and phones are down in the capital, Port-au-Prince, where thousands are feared trapped under destroyed buildings and witnesses have described chaotic scenes of bodies lying in the streets.

                            The quake is said to be the largest in Haiti's history and has been followed by at least 24 huge aftershocks, with experts warning that the tremors could continue for weeks, even months.

                            Looting has already been reported in the impoverished Caribbean nation, which is the poorest country in the Western hemisphere.

                            Terrified witnesses say they do not know what to do or where to go.

                            Michael Bazile, a Haitian in Port-au-Prince, says he is trying to find his sister-in-law.

                            "We don't know where they are and everybody is yelling, they are praying, they are crying," he said.

                            "Many houses are down. We really don't know what's going on and every 30 minutes we feel [tremors] again.

                            "We are worried because we think it's not over. I pray it's over but we don't know. We feel [aftershocks] maybe four times after [the first quake].

                            Major office buildings, hotels, houses, shops and even the presidential palace have collapsed throwing a pall of dust over the city.

                            Officials say the president, Rene Preval, was not in the palace at the time and is not hurt.

                            The headquarters of the United Nations Stabilisation Mission in Haiti was also reduced to rubble.

                            "For the moment, a large number of personnel remain unaccounted for," Alain Leroy, the head of the UN department of peacekeeping operations, said in a statement.

                            Red Cross spokeswoman Nan Buzard says there will be widespread casualties.

                            "You see the fear on people's faces. This is going to be a catastrophic disaster... Right now it's dark, electricity is out. Phones are out. It's chaos and confusion."

                            Australian Ian Rodgers, from the Save the Children Foundation, is in Haiti and says there are sounds of grief around him as people search for relatives.

                            "It's quite a surreal sound. There is mixed emotion. You are hearing the grief of people as they realise they've lost their children... they can't find their families," he said.

                            "The situation is dark. We can't carry out any assessments at this second, but what we're worried about is in the morning that most of the roads have collapsed or been covered in rubble."

                            The epicentre of the quake was located inland, just 16 kilometres from the capital, and was a shallow 10km deep, intensifying its impact.

                            Australia's Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) says it is working to try and find any Australians who may have been caught up in the disaster.

                            Most of the roads in the capital are blocked by rubble from collapsed buildings and power is down, severely hampering rescue efforts.

                            Former United States ambassador to Haiti, Timothy Carney, says foreign assistance is desperately needed.

                            "I can see the need for helicopter support. It may be that our forces at Guantanamo Bay [in Cuba], which is literally just a hop, skip and jump away ... they might be able to contribute some immediate assistance in the form of helicopters," he said.

                            "That needs to be done very, very urgently."

                            "There has never been to the best of my recollection an earthquake of this magnitude in recorded time."

                            Hundreds of thousands of Haitians living in Miami and across Florida in the US are frantically trying to reach relatives.

                            People in tight-knit Haitian communities have gathered around radios and computers eager to hear the latest about the plight of their loved ones.

                            "Most of the phone lines are down in Port-au-Prince. I don't have news from my relatives," Leonie Hermantin told AFP.

                            "People are trying to get some information on friends and relatives by the internet and via Facebook."

                            US President Barack Obama says his government stood "ready to assist the people of Haiti", as the State Department, USAID and US Southern Command mobilised "to coordinate an assessment and any such assistance".

                            In Paris, foreign minister Bernard Kouchner said France "expresses its complete solidarity" with Haiti, adding that his ministry's crisis centre had begun working "to mobilise and dispatch without delay urgent aid to Port-au-Prince".


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                              any pics yet


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