Busta Rhymes (Trevor Smith) may face assault charges after a fan claims the rapper attacked her during a concert five months ago. At the time of the incident, police didn’t arrested the rapper, however Celine Giguerre, 21, decided to press charges prompting action.

Giguerre’s suit caused Busta to appear in a Fall River, Mass court on Tuesday to answer to her claims. The woman alleges that, at a surprise performance at Jake's Twin Saloons on Dec. 7, he shoved her and pulled her hair.

A court official will determine within two weeks whether or not there is sufficient cause to charge the rapper. The Long Island-bred entertainer insisted the occurrence never happened.

According to Busta’s lawyer, it is he who is in fear of his life, but didn’t expound.

"He's worried sick that someone's coming after him," lawyer Joseph Oteri said in WCVB in Boston.

source: allhiphop.com