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Interview with Supernatural-talks on new album,what really happened w/ proof and more

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  • Interview with Supernatural-talks on new album,what really happened w/ proof and more

    Okay, i just saw this today so i dunno if it's been posted.
    Source: thaformula.com

    ThaFormula.com - What exactly was the reason your first LP "Natural Disaster" never dropped?

    Supernat - The reason it never came out is just label shit.

    ThaFormula.com - Do you have any plans on releasing that, or is that something that you will just keep to yourself?

    Supernat - I might release it later. I don't know it all depends.

    ThaFormula.com - Why do you think they have laid down so many rules when it comes to battling compared to the old battles in the early 90's when MC's used to go toe-to-toe, back and forth viciously like the legendary battle you had with Craig G?

    Supernat - Well that battle that I had with Craig G wasn't planned. That was like a street fight. I caught him on the humble and we got it on. It wasn't a controlled battle. You got battles that are controlled and then you have battles that just happen and that was a battle that just happened.

    ThaFormula.com - I had a hard time understanding the end of the battle because the audio wasn't too good. Why exactly did it stop?

    Supernat - Well what happened with that is that he was upset. He stopped. He felt like he got disrespected so he stopped. That was the bottom line with that one. I don't know why he stopped. I was still standing up there. He actually stopped and left that night and jetted. He left the building that night cause he got really upset. Actually that wasn't even the first battle. That's an old battle between me and Craig. The first battle that initially went down with me and Craig G was at the New York Sheraton in 1994. People said I lost that particular battle. Some people did and some people said it was fixed you know. That battle always had a lot of controversy surrounding it so you know. Actually let me explain to you what happened. What happened was with the first battle, you know that was some shit that had got brewed up in the streets after me servin' him that particular night it was just like retribution for me. So much shit had happened before and everybody was sayin' shit prior to that with "Nat lost and Nat did this or that," so when I went back that time that particular day was my birthday. So it was a special day. The second battle wasn't for anybody else. That was for me. That wasn't for Craig, that wasn't for my homies, that was for me to get my shit off. That's what that was all about at the end of the day.

    ThaFormula.com - Now I was hoping we could get a few things cleared up. I remember a while back I approached you at a show you were performing at to ask you what was up with the Proof situation. Now you didn't know who I was, but you told me that it was over, you served him and that's that. We had a chance to speak to Proof recently and he didn't feel that way about the situation?

    Supernat - Of course he's not gonna feel that way now, but it was obvious if you seen the video. See the thing with that whole Proof thing, Proof approached the cipher like a pussy hole number 1. Because I didn't know who Proof was. When he stepped up to rhyme that day, I was sharing the mic with random cats that was coming through. We was just cipherin' so I though that Proof was just a random MC. I didn't know who he was, so I pass him the mic. So when I pass him the mic, he gets on the mic and he proceeds to start dissin' me. First of all, where I was standing at in Vegas when we were doing that that day, I was working at a booth. I was working for a clothing company. So he walked up to where I was working at and started shitting on me. I didn't even know who he was dog. So then after he did his little shit thing and I figured out who he was, well I struck back and I struck back hard. What happened was, if you see on the tape, uh, did he tell you I didn't give him the mic back?

    ThaFormula.com - Yeah, he said you wouldn't give him the mic back to spit his?

    Supernat - What I did is after I finished servin' him, I told him "Your not gettin' this back cause now I'm ownin' this mic, beat it" and the crowd went nuts. He wanted the mic back but at that point I was just like beat it, go ahead, get out of my face basically. That's just the way it went that day. He came up, he said his little shit, the crowd went "ooh!" I got a little mad at first and the first verse I said was ehhh! but then I said focus, and once I focus then I destroyed him. Just to let you know while I was rhymin he was dancin.' You know how like guys try to distract you when you're battlin'? He started doing the runnin' man and the Wop right, so right as he started doing it I caught it and I said "I'm very stunnin'/and super cunnin'/I got this punk muthafucka doin' the wop and the runnin' man" and he stopped immediately right. As soon as I caught it he stopped, so then his partner started massaging his shoulders like one of his boys right. So I said, "your dealin' with a soldier/look in the eyes of the beholder," I said "You must be a faggot with your partner massaging your shoulders," right, and the crowd cracked up again. But when he got back on the mic, he was sayin' some of the most stupid shit I've ever heard. He was sayin uh, "You wanna take it up your asshole, your gay" and shit like that. "You need Sway & Tech to build back up your rep," "your a faggot," you know it was just to the point where the crowd was even becoming offended. The people that was standin' around were lookin' at him like "what the fuck is he talkin' about?" So Proof can say whatever he wants to say, but to me it really doesn't matter cause he will remain a flunky of Eminem for the rest of his life. I don't even rate Proof. But you know what man, even after that battle was over between me and Proof I sat down and I talked to him. I told him "man the way you approached me if you really wanted to battle me, I would have gave you a shot, but you didn't approach me right, and that's the thing I don't like about Hip-Hop and cats that talk about battlin." If you really wanna battle, come with some type of respect and honor. Don't be a pussy about it. You know tryin' to sneak attack me. That's the shit I don't like and that's what happened. As far as getting' the mic back, he didn't deserve to get the mic back. He didn't deserve to get it back after I got in his ass. 'Cause at first when he did it, I was like "Oh shit, whoa what happened."

    ThaFormula.com - So he basically just caught you off guard?

    Supernat - Dude I didn't even know who this muthafucka was G. That's my word, and I was being nice. I was on some nice MC shit like "okay here let's share the mic, you're cool." I didn't know who he was. I was lettin' mad muthafuckas rhyme that day. Anybody that would walk by the booth and was an MC and was like "yo let me get on," I would pass them the mic. He brought his whole crew over there and not for nothing, if it came down to it again I would throw my shit in the street, but I can't throw my shit in the street for nothin' no more and with cats like Proof and Juice. You know I got respect for Juice. I think Juice is a cool person. I just think he was arrogant when he came to battle, but the Proof shit, yeah I heard that he said that what I did was some homo shit.

    ThaFormula.com - Yeah, but we just wanted to get both sides of the story and that's it. I know it ain't nothin' personal and no real beef so that's that. And at the end it's just a battle and that's it.

    Supernat - Yeah, but you see when you're me it's different. For Proof, it's just a battle for him. For me it's my life dog. So many muthafuckas come up to me on the daily man and want to challenge me. Like for me I have to be able to decipher and sift through and accept the proper challenges as an MC and not be caught out there.

    ThaFormula.com - Now on the real Nat, have you ever been caught slipping' and been ripped apart by an MC the way you rip them apart?

    Supernat - No, never. I would never have that. I'm the type of cat where, uh, there is 2 type of assassins in the world man. There is 2 type of killers. You got warriors and you got soldiers. The difference in me is that I'm a warrior. I'm not a soldier. A warrior deals in the art of war. A soldier is told when to go to war. So for a lot of these cats that's my mentality. I would never allow myself to be torn apart cause see a warrior is smart enough to go you know what, tonight is not my night to battle this guy. Go ahead let him go and a warrior will not allow himself to be forced in to battle by the fans, his peers, his little partners in crime. No a warrior fights when he's ready to fight and if he feels that the opponent is worthy of battle. That's a warrior and that's what I am. So if any of these little cats out here think they can just walk up and say, "Fuck Supernat! He sucks dick" or whatever and thinks I'm gonna get provoked by that, nah you gotta come better then that homie. Another thing, muthafuckas gotta get some stripes before you start steppin' to a vet. That's another thing. If you ain't got no notches on your belt for takin' muthafuckas out and I'm not talkin' about the local cafeteria muthafuckas and the cats around your way.

    ThaFormula.com - How many MC's do you think you have served throughout your whole history in Hip-Hop?

    Supernat - Aw man. I can't count em man. I can't even sit here and play with you like that right now. I battled a lot of muthafuckas. Scrubs, dope cats, would be cats. It's over like 2 or 300 probably.

    more to come..

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    ThaFormula.com - Now you seen the battling scene now with this 106 & Park bullshit on TV. What are your thoughts on the way the battle scene is now?

    Supernat - Shit, I spawned half of that shit man. Freestyle Fridays and all that shit. The way I see it now, it's healthy. It's cool and keeps talent going. A lot of these cats I see on Freestyle Fridays are terrible. A lot of them are terrible so it doesn't really impress me.

    ThaFormula.com - Now what made you finally decide to just stop battlin' after so many years doin' it and never slippin' one bit?

    Supernat - First of all, when I got into it and let me be very honest with you man. I never got into it to be a battle MC. It was something that just happened and the only reason that I don't do it now is because for me man there is nothing else that I can get out of this besides servin' another dude. Maybe extra chips, but I've lived to the point where there is nothing else for me to get out of it. I wanna make records. I wanna focus on doing music. I want people to appreciate me for that. Yeah, I know I have been the mad diabolical crazy MC Supernat the nut, but now I'm ready to just chill and just do music because that's what people think I'm all about, only battlin' and I'm much more then that.

    ThaFormula.com - I just really wish you would come out of retirement and start servin' these wack MC's cause right now Hip-Hop really needs someone like you to call these sucka MC's out that are killin' the artform?

    Supernat - Oh, well you know I'm definitely gonna address certain cats you know what I'm sayin' on records. No question. That's not even a thought in my mind. If there is certain muthafuckas that I feel need to be touched, then I'll touch them, but that's not my total crusade man. Like I said I'm trying to make music dog. I wanna sit and conceptualize a new album and do things like that.

    ThaFormula.com - Do you think it has fucked you up that a lot of people have only looked at you as a battle rapper?

    Supernat - I'm not only looked at like that. I mean certain cats look at me like that. Other cats look at me as just a freestyle rapper, but overall I'm an MC. So for the people that look at me like that, they don't really know about Hip-Hop. They don't really know what the fuck they are talkin' about because at the end of the day I'm an MC. Battle, freestyle, written, I do it all. I'm a well-rounded MC. I don't look at it as hindering me in any way because I'm still eatin' off the artform. It's almost been a decade now and I'm being exposed to new fans everyday and new people everyday.

    ThaFormula.com - Now let's talk about your battle with Juice on "The Wake Up Show." A rumor spread that the battle was fixed. What exactly went down with that?
    Supernat - Well word did get out that it was fixed, but I thought that if anything it was fixed on the behalf of Juice. That's what they thought they were gonna do.

    ThaFormula.com - Now towards the end of that battle when they switch the round up and make you go first, you said something that made a lot of sense...

    Supernat - I said do boxers change rounds like that? Basically what I meant to say when I said that was do they let the other fighter go to the corner and rest up to catch his breath when they are fighting? No. You continue with the fight till he gets knocked the fuck out, and for me the only thing that I thought was, "okay Nat keeps getting the last laugh." Well of course I keep getting the last laugh, I won the coin toss fair and square. So the thing that I thought was fucked up was how do you start changing rules up in the middle of the battle. You know what I mean? We're in the third round now, now I go first and he goes last? Nah that wasn't right. And for me, I didn't mind sayin' it either. I was like fuck that, this is the oke doke shit you know what I'm sayin'? They are trying to run the oke doke and I'm not no fuckin' fool. I'm like what do you think I'm stupid. He's catchin' his breath. Your lettin' him catch his breath now cause he's getting pummeled every time he comes out cause he's sayin' stupid shit and I'm sittin' there listening to him say it and I'm givin' it back to him.

    ThaFormula.com - Were you surprised at how easy you won that battle?

    Supernat - No, 'cause I didn't take Juice lightly for one second. I don't take nobody lightly, cause it could be a little would-be muthafucka right outside right now 2 blocks down the street from me that got lyrics, so I don't take nothin' for granted. I didn't take Juice for granted, but at the same time I didn't want him to take me for granted either and play me like no sucka cause I'm not a sucka. Especially when it comes to this rap shit, been doing it to long G. So that's that with the whole Juice thing.

    ThaFormula.com - One thing I noticed about you when you battle is that when you diss these dudes, you're dissin' them in a respectful kind of way. There is never any real hate in your tone. I don't know if you understand what I'm trying to say?

    Supernat - I know exactly where you are coming from. It's not that I diss them in a respectful type of way, it's the fact that I'm trying to teach them something. That's why I said I feel like I'm beyond jumpin' on the mic and scrappin' with muthafuckas right now. If cats knew like I knew, they would sit down and get a few jewels when they around me if anything. That's how I see it. See, cats hate what they don't understand and they wanna kill what they can't understand. So if they feel like they can disrespect me to the point where it will break my spirit then they feel like they won. But little do they know that when they're doing that, they're tapping into the dark side of the force, they're not tapping into the true energy. When I go into battle, I'm trying to tap into the real shit son. Not the bullshit.

    ThaFormula.com - How did you end up hooking up with Vinnie Paz from Jedi Mind Tricks?

    Supernat - Me and Vinnie hooked up through Chuck Wilson who is the CEO of Baby Grande and that's how that whole thing came about. I like Jedi Mind Tricks. I have only heard a few of their joints, but the unique thing about that track is that we weren't in the studio together when we recorded that track. I haven't even actually met son. I spoke to him on the phone. That was an idea of the guy at the label. He was like you and Vinnie should do a joint and he brought it to the studio.

    ThaFormula.com - Well you know what, let's get into BabyGrande. How did you hook up with them?

    Supernat - Well me and the CEO of BabyGrande go way back, he used to manage Djinji Brown, and me and Brown worked together for years so we're like brothers damn near. So that's how I hooked up with Chuck, and me and Chuck were just talkin' one day over dinner and he was like "Yo man you got a legacy out here. I'm getting ready to start this label. You need to get your stuff to the people that love you. The people that are listening to your music, you need to reach out to them." That's how that whole thing happened.

    ThaFormula.com - You know it's been a long time coming for this album man. It's considered a big thing to a lot of people who have been waiting for this day?

    Supernat - You know it is, but you know what's so crazy bro about this whole shit right now for me? I'm so cool about it that I haven't really realized how major this shit is. Everybody else around me is like, "Nat man you getting ready to do it, you know this is a prelude to the big shit." For me I'm like "ok if it happens it happens, I'm runnin' my race everyday," because the one thing that makes me good at what I do and makes me love what I do is that I remained humble all these years and waited my turn. No matter how strong the fans might of thought I was or the people thought I was, I never let that gas me and I waited my turn and I feel like now is my turn and every time I'm given the opportunity to prove myself I'm gonna do that, 'cause eventually I wanna make it into the mainstream and I wanna represent for cats like you and the kids that hit the sites. I wanna talk about the unseen hip-hop that's out here, the talent that's here for everybody. I wanna be a representative for y'all. That's what I wanna do. This isn't just for Supernat man. This is for the people.

    ThaFormula.com - Even though you haven't released an album, has life been good to you physically, mentally, and financially?

    Supernat - Man, I'm eatin' man. Have you seen me? Have you ever looked at me? Do I ever look like I'm missing any meals?

    ThaFormula.com - (Laughs) Nah man, I just wanna know if things have been good to you cause you definitely deserve it for all the dues you have paid in hip-hop?

    Supernat - Things could be better, but you know what man? I count everything that I have on this planet like a blessing and that's what I look at. You know, I could be on the corner selling crack right now. I could be dead right now, so everyday that I have a chance to live my dream and live my music, I'm thankful for that and as I grow older I'm really coming to grips with that. I'm always gonna have fans. I'm always gonna have kids that are gonna wanna hear me, you know God willin' and as long as I have that I'm gonna keep doin' it. So life for me right now has been good. I'm not livin' in a mansion, but I'm livin'. I'm comfortable. I can come home and kick my feet up like right now, I'm just sittin here blazin' on one and this is my surroundings and that feels good for me.

    and more..


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      this is part 2 if anyones interested... i just posted it up because i thought quite a few people would be interested in the proof bit http://www.thaformula.com/supernatural_part_2.htm


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        u remember TQ...He wasnt gangsta was he?


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