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FBI Pursue Leads In Notorious BIG Murder Case, LAPD Probing Houston Rap Entrepreneur

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  • FBI Pursue Leads In Notorious BIG Murder Case, LAPD Probing Houston Rap Entrepreneur

    According to the Los Angeles Times, the FBI is investigation a 6-year-old theory that former Los Angeles police officer David A. Mack and Suge Knight orchestrated the 1997 murder of Christopher "Notorious B.I.G." Wallace.

    The FBI is following leads to determine if Mack, acting on orders from Knight, arranged for a man named Amir Muhammad to ambush the Brooklyn bred rapper in front of the Petersen Automotive Museum on Wilshire Boulevard, after the Soul Train Awards.

    "I have stated from the outset that I have nothing whatsoever to do with any of this," Muhammad said in a telephone interview Thursday from his attorney's office. "I've done nothing wrong. I don't have anything to hide."

    Knight also denied the allegations, claiming he had never met David Mack or Amir Muhammad.

    Investigators are seeking to determine if Knight had both Wallace and Tupac Shakur gunned down. Theories abound, but the most widely circulated is that Knight had Shakur murdered because he was attempting to leave Death Row Records, the label Knight heads up.

    He then had Wallace murdered to make it appear both were victims of a "East Coast/West Coast" feud.

    Mack was arrested and convicted in December of 1997 of robbing a bank and was sentenced to 14-years in prison. Mack owned a black impala, similar to the one reported at the scene and a witness reported seeing him when Wallace was murdered.

    A driver's license photo of Muhammad resembles the police sketch of Wallace's killer, based on witness descriptions. One witness even claims to have seen Muhammad himself outside of the Peterson museum the night of the shooting.

    Former LAPD Detective Russell Poole, who advanced the theory, will testify as an expert witness in July during Volletta Wallace's wrongful death lawsuit against the LAPD.

    Wallace, the mother of B.I.G., claims that the LAPD covered up the police's involvement in her son's murder.

    Court documents show that LAPD detectives are focusing on another theory that involves an unnamed Houston rap entrepreneur.

    Police interviewed the unnamed owner of a blue 1996 Bentley that they believe played a role in the shooting. Police traveled to Houston several times since September, interviewing witnesses about potential new suspects.

    Police are looking into the unnamed Houston entrepreneur and a friend, who were allegedly near the crime scene on the night of the shooting.

    No evidence has been produced linking the man or the Bentley to the shooting.


    its good their still workin on it...
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    Good news, I would love to see fat Suge put away for life, he clearly had a big hand in both deaths.
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      thanks for the info, very interesting.


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        Sad that Biggie's mom had to sue the police in order for them to follow up on any leads and actively work on the case. Hopefully, we will find out what really happen (Suge or not) and there will be some closure on the death of these two very young and talented men for their families,friends and fans.


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          Good read, thanks! I was surprised to see some real news in here lately.
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            damn that unnamed houston entreprenuer, maybe j. prince. maybe his and suges bond goes farther than just there companies.
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              thnx 4 the info ... hope they go somewhere ...
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                They nailed it pretty much right on.. check this out:


                One of the customer's review..
                2 True Rappers, September 1, 2003
                Reviewer: A viewer from Linden, NJ
                This DVD is amazing. "Biggie and Tupac" really convinces you that the murder was really powerfull and smart. "Biggie and Tupac" has a lot of interviews, one thing that all the interviews had in common is that the name Suge Knight was included. This whole thing started with one of Suge Knight's nephews went to the east coast before the whole east coast-west coast war happend, and suge knight's nephew got killed there. Then the whole east coast-west coast war happend. One year before Tupac got murdered he was shot but he didn't die that time. When Tupac was in jail, some prisoners told him that Biggie was the one that tried to kill you. Then Biggie and Tupac split. It was told that Tupac and Death Row records were Mob Pyrus-(Bloods). Russel Poole sais that the L.A.P.D had crooked cops, and that Suge Knight had dozens of cops on his payroll. This DVD makes it obvious that Suge Knight was the one behind the whole thing. Now come on, its so obvious, Tupac threatened Suge Knight that he would leave Death Row Records and take all his unreleased music with him. So obviously Suge Knight didn't want that to happen so he had him killed. And he killed Biggie after to cause a distraction for the case of Tupac. I cant believe Suge Knight actually fooled everyone. I hope Russel Poole wins his case when he sues the l.a.p.d so that fat [jerk]d Suge Knight can go to jail again. Even biggie's mom sais it so, when she said "Why was the LAPD taking off on the day that Biggie and tupac got shot?" DUH!! Suge Knight controlls like half of the lapd so he told them to take off so he could get away with the killings. Everyone knows it was Suge Knight, but no one wants to talk because they're scared that Suge is going to kill them. Anywayz I dont have to worry cuz its just like the Bible says "What ever goes around, comes around". So since Suge Knight is getting away with this plot now, I guess later in his life he's gonna go to jail 4 lyfe. Imagine if Tupac and Biggie neva got shot, they would still be the kings of hip-hop, not even 50 cent or eminem or dr.dre could beat them. SOLUTE TO TUPAC AND BIGGIE.
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                  That documentary will make a muther fucker scrach his head, it seems pretty convincing the way they peice it together that Suge played a big role in their deaths. Some day the truth will come out.
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                    I got that on DVD, if you aint seen it I suggest you do.
                    But I'll suffocate for the respect before I breathe to collect a fuckin' check


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                      Originally posted by sivad
                      damn that unnamed houston entreprenuer, maybe j. prince. maybe his and suges bond goes farther than just there companies.

                      thinking the exact same thing bout rap alot....suge needs to start worrrying cause the next time he goes to jail hes not coming back

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