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XXL aftermath interview part 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!

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  • XXL aftermath interview part 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!

    First he got the White boy. Then he added the bulletproof guy. Now the legendary Dr. Dre has inducted more all-stars into the Aftermath family. You sucker MCs better run for cover. Their arsenal is more awesome than yours.
    The Ambassador Hotel has been quiet for a minute; she’s been standing silent in the mad static that is Los Angeles since 1989. It’s the place where a man named Sirhan Sirhan squeezed a trigger back in 1968. Robert Kennedy was running for his own set of White House keys. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated two months earlier and Bobby was set to revive the dream that his big brother John Fitzgerald kicked off earlier in the decade. JFK’s dream would fade back in ’63 as he rode, down in Texas, with his drop top dropped.

    Hip-hop luminaries like Dr. Dre, Busta Rhymes, Eve and the highly anticipated Compton MC The Game—believe it or not—have been shot here too (for this here magazine). Dre knows of drive-bys, but he prefers drive-time radio.

    Aftermath Records, his company, is his focus. Busta Rhymes has joined; Eve is back in the fold, The Game is set to blow. The new Aftermath is alive and well and Dre is President. Here’s what the commander in chief and his joint chiefs of staff have to say about their revolution.

    Bussa-Bus Down
    Busta Rhymes on Aftermath. Do you feel like this is some kind of rebirth?

    It’s definitely a rebirth. It kinda feels like, when you’re playing the game—whatever game—and you’ve got different levels and shit, and you get to the grandmaster level. You get an opportunity to see certain moves that could be made in a chess game—and it don’t matter how many times or how long you’ve been playing this chess game—you figure out a new way to conquer the challenge.

    First you leave J Records, and then your girl Rah Digga bounces. Is your personal good fortune the end of Flip Mode?

    First of all, there isn’t an end of Flip Mode, and second of all, I’m a loyal dude. I’m an extremist when it comes to being committed. So in terms of the Rah Digga situation, number one, I wouldn’t want something that means a lot to me to not be close to me. When I left Elektra it was the same situation—everybody came with me. Leave J Records, everybody gotta come with me. The rap game’s flushing out the bullshitters and all the unnecessary muthafuckas that have been in it for a while.

    What do you mean by flushing?

    Like just the way that the whole industry is changing, with the firing of bosses and executives, the letting go of a lot of artists on labels, ’cause they’re not really serving a purpose, they ain’t really making the money, they’re not really selling records. This flushing has been a long time coming.

    So your relationship with [J Records honcho] Clive Davis is… in the toilet?

    No, not at all. Me and Clive—our relationship is good. It’s just that their structure ain’t set up to deal with my kind of hip-hop music. I’ve been in the business for a long time; I understand how to nip shit in the bud to avoid wasting as much time as I might have in the past. I value time a lot more than I did years ago ’cause I understand the importance of every millisecond.

    How many milliseconds did it take for you to make the jump to Aftermath?

    Me and Dre, whenever we hooked up we’d talk about the possibility of being on the same team. We then had the opportunity to work on the Genesis album together; once we got in the studio I had four or five days to get as many joints from him that I could get. He had a couple of movies at the time—Training Day and The Wash—I was shooting Halloween: Resurrection… so it turned out that we could only work three or four days together. So I slept in the studio.

    Anyways, Mike Lynn [A&R] is like Dre’s right hand—he’s the point person that we deal with at the ’Math. Mike Lynn was real instrumental in making this whole thing come together. From Genesis to this point we always maintained communication and kept it open.

    That must’ve been a painful process with the contracts.

    It was about six, seven months. With me, it was a painful process in itself because it was time being lost over technicalities; that’s really trivial bullshit at the end of the day.

    How did your last record do?

    I think I did about 700,000. So that kinda thing brings out the beast out of a ***** like me, man. Now there’s no way to go other than to smash everything.

    Smash everything, meaning...

    Coming out, doing what you gotta do and not compromising the value of the thing in the slightest way, ’cause at that point you’re left with no choice. The fact that Aftermath is my new home speaks for itself.

    When are you coming out?

    I’m scheduled for July, a hot summer jump-off.

    So production on the album is gonna be all Dre or what?

    Nah, a lot of these muthafuckas don’t even got a name. That’s something that I’ve always been good at: I fuck with the dudes who are on some straight-starving, stomach-chewing on they back… and then I fuck with the A-list, high-caliber producers too.

    Are your hip-hop contemporaries shocked by your Aftermath power move?

    Nobody saw this coming—I mean, six, seven months ago I didn’t see it coming. It wasn’t until one situation was maxed out and it was time to explore another that I knew that the possibility was likely. But the nail is in the coffin now.

    It’s an honor to be inaugurated into a major family. I respect and I appreciate every team player in this family—from Game to Eve, 50, Em, D12, Obie Trice, Dre—*****s do they job. Ain’t no weak links, ain’t no loopholes, ain’t no stupid shit—everybody’s holding the fort down, everybody jellin’ and reppin’ each other’s movement.
    WOO WOO WOO, You Know it!

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    You’ve been on Aftermath before and now you’re back. Why’d you leave in the first place?

    I was 18 when I first got signed. I just wanted my album out but I didn’t know who I was as an artist and I think Dre works really good with artists who know their own directions. I was all over the place [back then].

    So it wasn’t Dre’s fault.


    ’Cause you know, Dre has this reputation of people signing to Aftermath and then…

    You know what, though? I’m not gonna sit here and front ’cause Dre’s got his ways, but like I said I think he’s really good with people that already know their direction. I think if I would have came out at that time I would not be where I’m at right now. I know that for sure. As an artist I wasn’t ready; once I got to Ruff Ryders, which was only a year later, that was boot camp. They made me spend a year in the studio—in the ciphers I mean—they really developed me as an artist. They helped me figure out who I wanted to be as an artist.

    Was that a rough ride?

    Yeah, for real, like, really, really. Especially with me being the only girl, I went through a lot of shit. I was treated like one of the guys. It wasn’t like, OK, she’s the girl, you gotta treat her extra nice or be careful—nah. Like, I was in brawls; I was up 24 hours; I rode around with them dudes; we slept in the same house. They’re still my family. They come to my TV set; they come out to support me. It’s still family.

    Who is Eve today?

    I’m on my fourth album and I’m doing a lot of different things—I’m not just a rapper anymore. I’m a slasher—slash this [actress], slash that [fashionista]. I’m an artist, so there’s a lot of things that I wanna do. I miss my music.

    What does hip-hop mean to you now, ’cause some people might be like, “You know, Eve is getting that TV money??

    But you know what? Music ain’t never been about money ’cause unless you own the label or some shit, as artists we get nothing. If I didn’t have three other jobs I’d be struggling… but you know, I made good money as an artist, I can’t lie, but it’s not great. If I didn’t love my music I wouldn’t be doing another album. Dre has a great imagination; we work really good together. He pushes my buttons and he knows how to get the best shit out of me. I’m a whiner, I’m a complainer, and he doesn’t give a…

    What means the most to you in terms of hip-hop? Do you really care what the streets think? Are you trying to be on that Kay Slay mixtape?

    Dawg, honestly, of course you always want the streets to accept you. Always, ’cause whatever the streets think is cool the world thinks is cool, and that’s real. That’s the excitement of hip-hop—being on mixtapes and shit like that. Yeah, I guess I do want to be [on it]. But I’m not gonna stress; I’m not gonna write every rhyme thinking like, “Damn, I wonder if this shit’s gonna be on mixtapes? or “Damn, I wonder if the streets is feeling it.?

    When did your transition back to Aftermath happen?

    Yo, seriously, it was kinda happening without me at first. Seriously. At the beginning, it was kinda happening and it was kinda passed through phone conversations like, “What do you think? Are you okay with this?? And I was like, “Yeah, that’s where I was, that’s where I started. I don’t have no problem going back at all.?

    What’s gonna be different about this new album?

    That third album—that was a weird time for me. A lot of shit was going on: Darrin [Dean of Ruff Ryders] had just had his accident so I didn’t really have anybody coaching me. This was the first time that I got to do everything on my own. I got to executive-produce my album so it was different. I thought differently then. Now I’m more about creating music. I’m really ready to go in there and do some different shit. I really want to see how far people will let me go [laughs]. ’Cause I just wanna experiment. I’m just at that point where I really just have to experiment and do some different shit. Not too crazy, though—nothing but bangers. I don’t wanna shock people too much.

    Singing, in other words?

    Probably. We’re thinking about it. [The label] wants me to, but nothing crazy. Not Alicia Keys or none of that shit. Just fun shit that I know I can hold the note and do it onstage and not be booed. That’s all I care about.
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      Chuck Taylor
      How did you come up with a name like The Game?

      The Game is the name that was given to me by my grandmother, rest in peace. I played basketball and ran track and was real active, and then at the same time I was in the streets doing whatever I was doing. Riding bikes, fixing bikes, I’d play with cats, dogs, I wasn’t scared, ’cause you know how little kids are sometimes scared of animals? I would pick up butterflies, roaches, whatever. She used to say that I was game for anything. The name stuck with me.

      And when did your career officially start for you?

      My career started officially in 2001 after I got shot. I got shot in October 2001; before that I never rapped in my life. So early December [of that year] is when I really started getting into rhyme.

      You got shot…

      thats it, the rest is n the magazine
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