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  • cz81725
    "Eminem: And there’s also gonna be a limited Edition with a DVD that show’s how we recorded the album.
    Kon Artis: And what we cut.
    Eminem. And what we cut"

    thats good news

    "Eminem: We tour on my penis"

    thats one short tour, probably one date only LMAO

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  • showgirl
    started a topic Another Interview

    Another Interview

    Ok this is old already but because of the board being down here it is (mtv germany). I haven't seen anyone post it.
    The first part was a translation so I had to re-translate it. Bumsen means to fuck (having intercourse).

    Eminem: Bumsen. You want bumsen?
    Moderator: Hmh. What about the 6th member? Is he still in the group?
    Eminem: He’s still in the band but he had to be punished. He tried to hook up with one of my girls that I had already dumped but wanted back again.
    …sorry didn't get that , it was synchronizied
    Moderator: So what’s the idea?
    Bizarre: The name D12 is already branded but they get the members confused. They’d ask Em: What up with your band, your buddies?
    Moderator: Does this upset you?
    Eminem: What we felt was they way the public viewed D12. It was like Eminems boys, Eminem’s band.
    Bizarre: Even the news song is announced as Eminem and D12 or D12 featuring Eminem on the radios, it never says D12.
    Moderator: Did the themes that you talk about on the song really happen? Do you really talk openly about everything or do you have fights?
    Eminem: We’re constantly fighting. Just like right now.
    Kon Artis: Yeah about last night’s events at the party.
    Eminem: No, no, there was no party yesterday. No we just took the song cuz we wanted to play around with the subject, like, how the world sees us. They don’t see us as a group, they mix up Kon Artis with Kuniva a lot and Swift with Kuniva…
    Bizarre: Kuniva is very popular.
    Moderator: In the new video it’s like you (Bizarre) have no limits. Whether you hang down from the roof like 50 Cent or wear Janet Jackson’s mini-outfit. Are there no limits?
    Bizarre: Well these guys encourage me to be wild.
    Eminem: He wanted to do all of it.
    Bizarre: I’m a good guy.
    Moderator: What did 50 say about it?
    Bizarre: He said he’s gonna whop my ass the next time he sees me.
    Eminem: He said he’s gonna whop him in the shit.
    Moderator: And what did Janet say about that?
    Bizarre: I called her, but she wasn’t present…but she was at the set one day, you know, of the video making.
    (they show My Band)
    Moderator: The new album! What’s gonna be the name and when it’s gonna be released?
    Kon Artis: It’s gonna be called D12 World. and we called it D12 world to just kinda like bring the public into our world and show them every individual’s character.
    And it shows growth. We didn’t call it Devil’s Night 2 because it expresses more what we think.
    Eminem: And there’s also gonna be a limited Edition with a DVD that show’s how we recorded the album.
    Kon Artis: And what we cut.
    Eminem. And what we cut.
    Moderator: And I think it was you (kon) who said that you had more space to be creative on this album. Like producing beats and with Dre… I mean, who decides how many beats and whose make it to the album?
    Bizarre: Me! … Nah, Marshall had just produced the Obie Trice album so he was kinda burned out and asked us to help him. As Kon Artis had already worked with Dre. He did the Stunt 101 and Pimp beats plus me and Proof had beattapes from different producers. So we came to Marshall with a concept and the hook laid so that he could just fall in the track. He didn’t had to do all the work and I think he enjoyed it.
    Moderator: And you (Bizarre) have a solo joint on the album…?
    Eminem: Yeah we had to give Bizarre a solo track because inside a song when you give him 12 – 16 bars .. he needs more than that to really fall open, to shine. To shine we wanted Bizarre to…he did three solo tracks and we picked the best one.
    Moderator: So what about Guest Appearances? Are there any?
    Eminem: Obie Trice – and er, B-Real ,yeah – but as gfar as guest appearances…I mean there’re more guest producer instead of appearances. There’s 6 of us in the group so it’s hard for anyone to jump on the record.
    Biazrre: And we have a verse form Bugz, the murdered D12 member. We have a track produced by Kon, it’s called the good die young and a rap that Bugz bused in 97, Bugz 97.
    Eminem: The track’s called Bugz 97 and it’s only 1 ½ minutes long but it gives you an idea of what Bugz could have sounded like, in the group.
    We used an acapella and I put a beat to it.
    Moderator: What about a tour? Will you be touring altogether?
    Eminem: If you let us!
    Moderator: I mean we’d love to but is there really a chance to make it bigger? The last was Eminem’s tour but it was the greatest Hip Hop Show we ever had in Germany.
    Eminem: We tour on my penis. So that’s definitely gonna be the biggest tour ever!
    Moderator: But is this tour gonna be smaller, with smaller venues?
    Eminem: If we tour on my penis then…(Kon grabs the mic)
    Kon: …we won’t tour!
    Moderator: I don’t want to talk about your penis!
    Kon Artis: We’ll tour in …er…fall, summer, sometime…and it’s gonan be smaller, with smaller venues, yeah. We like small venues.
    Moderator: But, when?
    Kon Artis: Fall –summertime. We put it together right now.
    Moderator: Convince my viewers to buy the album that’s coming out on April 27th!
    Eminem (stands up): You have no other motherfucking choice than come into our world and listen . D12 coming put April 27th. April 26th worldwide! You have no fuckin choice but to listen. Get the fucking album. For a limited time only you’ll get a fucking DVD with it. You’ll come into our world, whether you like it or not, and if you won’t come into our world we we’ll make you come into our motherfucking world! (i) Tell you what: You have no motherfucking choice. Bless it! (I think it was bless, I’m not sure though).

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