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  • Banks best line?

    hey yall well u know the boy wonder is bringin just curious wot yall fav line, quote meterphor of a lloyd banks song is.
    peace yall.

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    banks line

    its not exactly a metaphor but i thought this was sick

    "If theres more than one ho, sit back and blow me/
    And argue over my balls like shaq and kobe"
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      /\ crazy.. where tat from?
      cinematic adoration


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        come on peeps i know more banks fans are out there drop ya fav line.


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          "i suggest u go home cuz i won't hesitate 2 let the chrome touch ya/***** i'm never scared like bone crusha"=B-A-N-K-$
          "Fuck A Image And A Blunt...That Aint Rap Dog...Be Who You Want To Be But Let It Be Fact Dog" - Obie Trice


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            "im honest it aint no lies. ***** i dont even eat in resturants if it aint no fries. i throw combos 6 4's and 5's. dont put ya hand out if it aint for a five.
            "but as the world turns and i keep growin older, ill be livin this hip hop till hell freezes over"


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              theres tons:

              guns r like tatoos n!gga even bow wow's got one
              ur shit will never pop like 10 gold chains thats y ur bitch blowin on me like nintendo games
              i dunt argue with bitches that only adds me stress, i toss a bitch outta my mansion like jazzy jeff
              heavysmokin is the thing i do, that y my weed supply can fill up the couch of a kangaroo


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                the one in my sig
                i gotta have bucks on the waste/im hungry like a south african with flies stuck to his face
                if theres more than one hoe, sit back and blow me/and argue over my balls like shaq and kobe
                you got soldiers, but you still gotta respect the odds/we got more 4-5's and 9's then a deck of cards.
                you want stripes, put on a foot locker uniform/ill fuck around and put a lump on ya forehead, you look like a unicorn.
                n!gga you can run, but the lights a beatcha/ and put red dots on you like a slice of pizza
                duck from the sk special/or ima leave ya fuckin shirt lookin the like essays dress you
                i got ends in my jeans/for benz's wit screens/cause i take money like vendin machines
                my hood is all fucked up there aint no goals/little boys turn to convicts and grils turn to hoes
                fuck kids, it aint my turn to be stressed/ a bitch worst nightmare is a paternity test
                acknowledge whenever we round/and as far as bouncin back, im like ben wallace on the rebound
                now all the vechiles is long enough to stash the streep sweeper/this shit can get uglier than a master p sneaker
                you dont wanna know how much this cost/n!gga im ballin, my dick been through every color lip gloss
                dog im focused/ so even if i slip off beat I'm right...back...on before you notice
                if you aint thumpin or dumpin then go the hell home/ cause the only clip on ya hip holds a cell phone

                so many more
                i have a belly full of white dog poop and you lay this shit on me?


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                  we got more foriegn shooters than the Sacremento Kings
                  I'm hungry like a South African with flies stuck to his face
                  I'll put chalk around your head like a pool stick
                  your temporary like baby teeth
                  I'll leave twelve shells in your mouth like a carton of eggs

                  Here's a good one from Porno Star
                  Damn this bitch thick
                  she's on that Lil Kim shit
                  see her hair match the color of her lipstick
                  now this chick, learned to love ***elry like Slick Rick
                  and she had a walk on her that'll leave you with a stiff dick
                  her jeans had a sick fit
                  to make a long story short, this ain't the type of bitch your gonna stick with

                  Arch Dogg

                  PS. To all Lloyd Banks fans... his debut album, The Hunger For More is droppin on Tuesday, May 25 on G-Unit Records. There's a track on there called Fire, produced by Eminem. This is supposedly the illest Lloyd Banks solo track to date. Someone find a link!
                  RIP PROOF


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                    Here's a REAL hot one...

                    But at light/ with no lights/ she'll have you wondering/ if there's a lightning bug in her mouth/ or a glow in the dark tongue ring!

                    Banks is the future.

                    Arch Dogg
                    RIP PROOF


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                      "the bigger the rim, the bigger the tire, hollowtips make it feel like a n!gga on fire"


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                        not exact but..... my name known in hot places/ im startin to heat up, so my dick get more tounge than shoe laces.... crazy line


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                          Sometimes I'm in Atlanta
                          Where they Bank Head bounce
                          And you can come
                          But after you give Banks head...bounce.

                          Love that line!


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                            "Run, move startin a' wave
                            I'll leave twelve shells in ya mouth like a carton of eggs" - 'Banks Victory'

                            "I know to watch botherin ya vision
                            You reach and I'll put a dot on ya head like its part of yo' religion" - 'Banks Victory'

                            "You ain't rich, but we glad to snatch ya
                            I send cars to crib like I'm a cab dispatcher" - 'Banks Victory'

                            "They comparin' me to veterens *****,
                            and I'm too young to buy liquor" - 'Round Here'

                            "Rap it get your face stuck on them bricks
                            I don't really like to exercise but I'll push up on a bitch" - 'Bad News'

                            "First a coward is braggin' and didn't clap their mark
                            You deserve a beatin' faster than a fat mans heart" - 'Where I'm From'

                            "I'm burnin' unfamiliar bud, I pack a shotgun like Elmer Fudd,
                            that'll blow-off and leave you hella blood" - 'Order Of Protection'

                            "Eat where they sell lobster,
                            my eyes slated like Pharrell's partner" - 'Order Of Protection'

                            "You aint stoppin me dog
                            Only time you left ya hood is on Monopoly boards" - 'That's What's Up'

                            "Beef, you a target
                            Cause when we come at yo ass, Aladdin wont be the only one the carpet" - 'That's What's Up'

                            "Slow down punk *****, don't exceed your speed
                            Cause I will put G's on your fitted like the Negro League" - 'Poppin' Them Thangs'

                            "Nuttin but bling bling in your face boy; that's why my neck shine
                            like one of the shirts that Puffy and Mase wore
                            I done found a nympho as soon as I pop a broad
                            She had my balls, head first like a soccer star" - 'Poppin' Them Thangs'

                            "Threw me a combo with two cups and,
                            I'm in your bedroom, fuckin up your sheets like the Klu Klux Klan" - 'Groupie Love'

                            "I'm tired of you *****s with your maybe beef
                            We gonna be here forever, you're temporary like baby teeth" - 'Beg For Mercy'

                            "And I don't mean a soda
                            The 16 top shot loader'll bend ya ass up like yoga" - 'Lay Ya Ass Down'

                            "***elry got me in heavy gray pictures
                            Plus I light up trees like every day's Christmas" - 'Lay Ya Ass Down'

                            "I know my history, my family tree done said "master"
                            Fuck livin positive, cause negativity spreads faster
                            A celebrity has ta, bulletproof his car
                            Cause big hits come flyin through ya door like Casper" - 'Banks Workout'

                            "You only gon wind up dead tryin to prove shit
                            I put chalk around ya head like a pool stick
                            I gotta have bucks on the waist
                            I'm hungry like a south african with fly stuck to his face" - 'Banks Workout'

                            "You could either get bucked or get ya ass jumped
                            The only tigger you touch is on a gas pump" - 'Banks Workout'

                            "Fuck, I really hold the rubber
                            I send Sparks at you and I don't mean Emilio or Bubba" - 'Banks Workout'

                            "I know you hate me and would like to jump me
                            'Cause I run around arces like Michael's monkey" - 'Bad News'

                            "Open ya chest out, enough to pop buttons/Buddens" - 'What's My Name Pt. 2 Freestyle'

                            "I know ya kind, get in the ride and leave the city quick
                            *****s Bleed just like us, I'm on that Biggie shit" - 'Bangers'

                            "Can't hang out all night like I used ta
                            Never gotta diploma but I'm as bright as my future" - 'Freestyle'

                            "Y'all ain't got no aim, bunch o' cocky sprayers
                            Hittin' up the wall more than hockey players" - '2004 Warm Up'

                            "Ya fingernails and ya toes is polished
                            But ya brains on freeze, in other words, frozen knowledge" - 'Porno Star'

                            "Your top seller gettin' sticked for his shine
                            Either I'm blind, or Ashanti's sideburns is thicker than mine" - 'What Goes Around'

                            "I get brain like every female in my pads intelligent
                            And takin' more nuts than ya average elephant" - 'Fall Back'

                            "And I learned to overcome the new faces
                            I'm startin' to heat up, so my dick get more tongue than shoe laces
                            You can catch me in the 'hood, coupla Gs and I'm bangin' thangs
                            I'm high 'cuz I go through more trees than urang-atans" - 'Fall Back'

                            "God's been wonderin' where my ass been,
                            probably 'cuz I'm on vacation in South Beach gettin' head like a aspirin" - 'Banks Workout II'

                            "You know it's a pimpin' affair when the car enters
                            Why you give ya hoes mostly ice like bartenders" - 'Fall Back'

                            Hopefully that's enough, Banks is dope


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                              lloyd's debut solo album.

                              When's Llyod Bank's Solo album comin out?
                              llyod the best member of the g(orilla) unit.
                              Bring on the NFL season. Let's go Bucs!!!
                              Xbox Live & PSN: biggiejerseys
                              Be sure to send me a message telling me who you are.


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